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Update from ERCOT Retail


Title: PowerPoint Presentation Author: kcotner Last modified by: kbergman Created Date: 7/29/2002 9:45:07 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Update from ERCOT Retail

Update from ERCOT Retail Market Services to
RMS September 26, 2003
Retail Market Update
  • Topics
  • Data Variance / Data Archive
  • FasTrak D2D / DEV Update
  • Pre-TX SET 1.5 Clean up Progress Report
  • SCR 727 Training Announcement
  • Recent Data Loading Improvements
  • V1.6 Coordination Team Update
  • Texas Market Link (PRP Phase 1) Update
  • Move-In /Move-Out Market Solution to Stacking
  • Customer Protection Period 814.08 Issue
  • Flight 0703 Completion
  • Flight 1003 Status Report

SCR 727 Extract Update
Proposed Timeline for Extract, Variances,
10/1/03 Clear all old extracts from Portal
9/26/03 Post last old daily extract
10/7/03 New daily extracts
10/6/03 New extracts available
10/1/03 Stop old variance process
10/10/03 Complete existing variances w/ answers
Close remaining
12/7/03 Deadline to file variances for 1/1/03
10/13/03 Begin filing new variances Change
prioritization on variance work
2/7/04 Begin True-Up runs for 2003
10/1/03 Resettlement of 2003 dates beginning with
selected June dates
Proposed Timeline LSE Variances
LSE Variances
Proposed Timeline NIDR Usage Variances
NIDR Usage Variances
Proposed Timeline IDR Usage Variances
Proposed Timeline Service History ESI ID
Characteristics Variances
ERCOT Proposed Changes
  • Require 60 Calendar Days for complete resolution
    to all issues
  • Prioritization
  • Work Issues according to submission date
  • Issues should be submitted in chronological order
    for True-Up Settlements
  • Allow usage variances only if the variance
    involves an ADU change of at least ?? kWh

FasTrak Issue Status
  • Day-to-Day
  • Data Extract Variances (DEV)

FasTrak 2003 Day to DayIssue Stats (as of
  • Of the 321 In Progress with ERCOT, 166 are
    resolved and awaiting other party resolution
    check off
  • Total ESI IDs worked to date since January 1,
    2003 227,818
  • Of the 1,771 New and In Progress with Non- ERCOT,
    24 are for the year 2002
  • Number of ESI IDs not tracked

FasTrak Data Extract VarianceIssue Stats (as of
Pre TX Set 1.5 Data Clean Up
  • Directive from RMS 07-17-03 Meeting
  • Pre TX SET 1.5 Status Report
  • Ongoing Transaction Clean-up Process

Pre-TX Set 1.5 Data Cleanup
  • Background
  • ERCOT identified In Review, Scheduled and
    Canceled with Exception with Meter Reads that
    were not completed from early 2002 to April 11,
  • RMS Vote, July 17th, 2003
  • Recommend RMS direct ERCOT to completely
    clean-up by August 13th, 2003 the Pre-Tx Set 1.5
    In Review, Scheduled and Cancel With Exception
    that have been identified and sent to the market
    participants which should include cancels with CR
    approvals. ERCOT will provide at August RMS full
    statistics involving market participants broken
    down per issue type. ERCOT is directed that if
    the TDSP provides file names, ERCOT will locate
    and re-process if it is a valid transaction. RMS
    directs the TDSPs and CRs to provide transactions
    or information necessary to achieve the
    completion of the data clean-up.

Pre-TX Set 1.5 Data Cleanup
Ongoing Transaction Data Clean-up
  • Clean-up Process Steps
  • a) ERCOT runs the query monthly and defines the
    Action Items needed (The first run will have a
    few months data).
  • In-Review with Meter Read Notify TDSP and
    request 814_04 then completing transaction.
  • Scheduled with Meter read but not associated to
    BPI Notify TDSP and request completing
  • Scheduled No Meter Read Notify TDSP and request
    867 completing transaction.
  • CWE with Meter Read Notify TDSP and find out if
    they thought the transaction had completed. If
    so take corrective action.
  • b) ERCOT distributes the lists to MP who owe the
    follow-up action.
  • c) MP Responds and ERCOT coordinates the clean-up
  • d) ERCOT to report Monthly to RMS.

SCR 727 Training Announcement
  • September 29-30, 2003

SCR 727 Training 9/29-9/30
  • WHAT is the SCR 727 Training?
  • Overview of the 727 Process
  • Understanding ERCOT data flow
  • Loading the SCR 727 DDL
  • Understanding the data within the extract
  • Logging Data Extract Variance (DEV) issues using
    the FasTrak tool
  • ERCOTs policies and procedures for working DEV

SCR 727 Training 9/29-9/30
  • WHO is the Intended Audience?
  • The SCR 727 Training was developed for
  • CRs, TDSPs, and NOIEs utilizing or planning to
    utilize the SCR 727 Extract
  • Both technical and business individuals who are
    or will be working with the 727 data for your
  • 100 RSVPs from 23 CRs, 6 TDSPs, 2 Service
    Providers and ERCOT

SCR 727 Training 9/29-9/30
  • WHEN is the SCR 727 Training?
  • A two-day SCR 727 Training will be held
  • Monday, September 29, 2003 10am 5pm
  • Tuesday, September 30, 2003 830am- 5pm
  • Williamson County Convention Center
  • Wingate Hotel - Round Rock
  • (Note Location Change)

Data Loading ImprovementsPR-30125 Update
PR-30125 Data Loading Improvements
  • August 6, 2003 Implementation
  • Positive response to MRE for both IDR NIDR
  • Error response for IDR data submitted that is not
    for whole days (must start at 000000 and end at
  • Error response for IDR data submitted for any
    ERCOT-read meter
  • Error response for extreme usage (Average Daily
    Usage gt 49,998 kWh)
  • Error response for NIDR data that covers more
    than 6 months

PR-30125 Data Loading Improvements
  • September 3, 2003 Implementation
  • Allow usage to span multiple service history rows
    except in three cases
  • MRE change
  • Profile change
  • Rep change
  • Error response provided when IDR data is
    submitted but not channel/recorder set up for the
    ESI ID.

PR-30125 Data Loading Improvements
  • September 17, 2003 Implementation
  • Response files provided to CRs for usage loading
    into Lodestar (provided to CR indicated in the
    forwarding DUNS field of the 867_03)
  • Allow duplicate Transaction IDs for IDR data sent
    via 867_03s

PR-30125 Data Loading Improvements
  • Upcoming implementations (November)
  • 814_20 processing improvements to allow 814_20
    changes to load regardless of whether it
    coincides with usage except for certain changes
  • MRE changes
  • Profile code changes
  • REP changes
  • 814_20 retire will reject unless the account is
    de-energized in both Siebel Lodestar

Texas Set V.1.6 Implementation Update
Update to RMSPresented by Dave Odle
Background InformationTX SET Version1.6
  • Implementation of functionality to support
    automated portions of Competitive Meter Ownership
  • Define and set expectations on identified manual
    processes for Competitive Meter Ownership
  • Clarifications on payment and remittance
    processes as defined by the 810/820 workshop

Background on Requirements
Texas Set V1.6 Functional Requirements
  • CC 427 Meter level segments NOT USED for
    unmetered services
  • CC 458 REF1P NOT USED by the CR on the
  • CC 462 - One to One suspension and
    cancellation of delivery services
  • CC 469 - Reject Code FRB to be used by all
    MPs (Not just MCTDSPs)
  • CC 511 - Removal of special characters from
    PER.04 PER.06
  • CC 512 Meter Ownership credit on the invoice
  • CC 513 New segment to maintain ESI ID showing
    meter ownership
  • CC 533 Dependency DTMMRR, DC003 code,
    BGN.08 on the 650_02
  • CC 552 Clarification of CC 513 on when it is
  • Manual Competitive meter manual processes

Background - Categories for Version 1.6
Implementation Plan
  • Flight Testing to begin 10/13/03
  • V1.6 Must be implemented by all MPs by 12/20/03

Project Timeline for Texas Set 1.6
Detail Design
System Test
Market Test
Contingency Migration date is 1/3/04
Current Market Status
ESG ACN Energy, Ampro Energy, Andeler, ANP Power Direct, BP Energy, Cirro Group, Coral Power, Solutions, Coral Power LLC, Dynegy, Exelon Power Team, Exxon Mobile Power Gas, mPower, Strategic, Sempra Energy Solutions, Tara Energy, Tractebel Energy Marketing, UBS Warburg, NUECES (MC TDSP), SAN Patricio (MC TDSP)
ADS Republic, Calpine, Entergy Solutions, GEXA, Entergy Gulf States
Systrends APS Energy Services, Occidental Power Marketing, Tenaska Power Services, Texas Commercial Energy TDSPS PEC IOU TDSP, PEC Muni Coop, Sharyland Utilities
EC Power AEP Energy Services, Just Energy, Utility Choice Electric, Creed Power Services, VarTec Energy, Energy America Multi-family, Mutual Energy, Hino, Proviron Energy Limited, Alliance Energy, Direct Energy
ERCOT Portal Replacement Project
Update to RMSPresented by Dave Odle
OverviewPhase 1 Scope
  • Phase 1 will address stability and reliability
    issues associated with the performance of the
    current ERCOT portal along with some "look and
    feel" changes to the portal. 
  • Phase 1 will also include a new "My Page"
    functionality that allows market participants to
    create a customized page on the Texas Market Link
    consisting of links to their most frequently used
    functions.   While delivering a new look to the
    ERCOT portal along with improved navigation and
    performance, existing portal users are expected
    to make a seamless migration to the Texas Market
  • This phase of the Texas Market Link project is
    scheduled to be released to production on Sunday,
    October 5th, 2003.  

OverviewExample of Current Portal Page
OverviewExample of New Portal Page
OverviewPhase 1 Scope
  • A two week testing period with Market Participant
    volunteers for phase 1 has just concluded.  The
    purpose of this testing was to test the changes
    as well as ensure that current functionality is
  • ERCOT Client Services (Wholesale and Retail
    combined) will be hosting two orientation
    sessions via web-cast conference calls.
  • Tuesday, September 30th.
  • Wednesday October 1st.
  • Contact your Retail Account Manager if you need
    the call in information.

Phase 2 Update
  • Phase 2 is on schedule with requirements
    gathering and initial design
  • The on-site requirements gathering sessions have
  • ERCOT is in the process of consolidating
    requirements, building cost estimates, and
    solidifying timelines.
  • Next Steps
  • Market Meeting to be held on 10/2 for
    requirements solidification
  • ERCOT business to have final requirements to I.T.
    by 11/1.

Flight 0703 Completion
Flight 0703 Completion
  • Congrats the Market completed
  • Original deadline was 9/5, complete by 8/22.

Flight 1003 Status Report
Flight 1003 Status Report
  • Number of testing participants
  • 61 Market Participant systems (total of 75
    different DUNS that the market conducts business
  • 4 NEW Competitive Retailers
  • Progress
  • Connectivity started on time 9/17 due to
    complete by October 1
  • Frame 1 due to start 10/13
  • A total of 3 frames for testing
  • Flight scheduled to conclude 12/05

Flight 1003 Status Report
  • To support Competitive Metering testing
  • ERCOT is working to get answers from last of TDSP
    where meter credit will be (account loop or rate
    loop). ERCOT will add the information in the
    expected results of the scripts
  • COMET guide / forms / contacts work with COMET
    team to get information posted to the web for
  • ERCOT will host a conference call with the
    testers to walk through what is expected for the
    two Competitive Metering Scripts prior to Frame 1

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