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Ramadhan Introduction Ramadhan Introduction In Islam, a sacred month of fasting The first revelation of the Quran is commemorated in this month 9th month of the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Ramadhan

  • Introduction

Ramadhan Introduction
  • In Islam, a sacred month of fasting
  • The first revelation of the Quran
  • is commemorated in this month
  • 9th month of the Muslim year
  • Because of the purely lunar calendar,
  • it falls in different seasons

Ramadhan Introduction
  • Month for devotion and acts of atonement
  • Fasting during the daylight hours of Ramadhan
  • Indulgence of any sort is forbidden during the
  • Increased praying and charity encouraged

Ramadhan Introduction
  • Ramadhan fast, one of the Five Pillars of Islam
  • End of fasting celebrated as one of the
  • important religious holidays of Islam, Eid ul

  • Fasting

Hadith Muslim
  • Hadith Qudsi
  • I swear by the One in Whose Hand is the soul
    of Muhammad, the breath of the faster is sweeter
    to Allah on the Day of Judgment than the scent of

Ramadhan The Principle
  • The principle behind Saum
  • is to understand the plight of the poor and
  • pledge to live a more significant and
    meaningful life

  • Prophet Mohammedsaw said
  • "if a person observing fast does not shun
    untruth, his having given up eating and drinking
    is of little value. Such a person starves for
    nothing. And those who rise in the midnight to
    recite prayers but do not give up untruth and
    evil deeds, lose their sleep for nothing

Ramadhan The Fast
  • For thirty days
  • abstain from food, drink, evil thoughts and
    sensual indulgences
  • from shortly before sunrise to shortly after
  • due reward for fasting
  • one who takes this obligation lightly is a sinner

Ramadhan The Niyyat
  • Intent of fasting
  • could be verbal and in any language
  • preferable to make Niyyat during night
  • i.e. prior to Subah Sadiq
  • without Niyyat, Saum is mere starvation
  • (time limit for validity of Niyyat for Saum
    is before the time of Nisfun-Nahar i.e. midday in
    terms of the Shariah)

Ramadhan Meals
  • Special meals of the Saum
  • Suhoor before the Fajr prayers
  • Iftar evening meal
  • often eaten communally
  • often including dates

Quran Surah al Baqarah 187
  • ??????? ????????????? ???????????? ??? ??????
    ?????? ?????? ????????? ???????????? ??????
    ??????????? ?????? ????????? ?????????? ????
    ????????? ??????????
  • ...And now associate with them and seek what
    Allah has ordained for you and eat and drink
    until the white thread of dawn appears to you
    distinct from its black thread.

Hadith Ahmed
  • The Messenger of Allahsaw said  
  • "Sahuur is a blessed meal, do not neglect it
    even if it is a mouthful of drink. For Allah and
    the Angels bless those who observe it." 

Ramadhan A Special act
  • Of all the pillars of Islam, none is more special
    than siyaam/ fasting
  • no possibility of Riya or show in fasting
  • only Allah knows the one really abstaining
  • fasting is considered a special worship

Ramadhan Benefits
  • Why fast?
  • to develop patience and self-control
  • to learn sympathy for the deprived
  • to cleanse the body and mind

Ramadhan Benefits
  • Why fast?
  • to gain appreciation for Allah's bounty
  • to demonstrate the depth of one's commitment
  • to protect against sin.

Ramadhan Hadith
  • The Holy Prophetsaw said
  • "Satan runs in the circulatory system of the
    son of Adam in the same way blood circulates in
    our system so tighten his passages with hunger
  • Bukhari and Muslim

Ramadhan The 3 Grades of Fasting
  • Ordinary Fasting
  • abstaining from food, drink and sexual
  • Special Fasting
  • abstinence and keeping ears, eyes, tongue,
    hands and feet and allorgans free from sin

Ramadhan The 3 Grades of Fasting
  • Extra-special Fasting
  • abstinence total disregard of everything but
  • - this kind of Fast broken by thinking of
  • matters
  • - consists of utmost dedication to Allah
  • To this third degree belongs fasting of Prophets,
    the awliya and intimates of Allah

Ramadhan Hadith Qudsi
  • "All services of the son of Adam are for him
    except fasting. It is for Me, and I will reward
    him for it. Fasting is a shield. On the day you
    fast, do not use obscenity, nor yell at others,
    nor act ignorantly towards them. However, if
    anyone abuses you verbally or attempts to draw
    you to fight with him, say 'I am fasting' two
    times. The Prophet (saas) then states I swore by
    the One (Allah) in Whose Hand is the soul of
    Muhammad, the breath of the faster is sweeter to
    Allah on the Day of Judgment than the scent of
    musk. The faster experiences enjoyment twice he
    is pleased when he breaks his fast, and he is
    pleased when he meets his Maker"
  • (Muslim)

Ramadhan Fasting
  • Fasting is a shield
  • protects believer from sin (ma'asi)
  • eating increases blood flow and energy levels
  • making easier for Satan to use ones own energy
    level to tempt to commit sins

Ramadhan A test
  • The fast is the single most important device to
  • the Iman
  • the depth of sincerity
  • commitment to the concept of Tauheed

Hadith Tirmidhi
  • The Messenger of Allahsaw has been reported as
  • "There are three categories of people whose
    supplications will not be rejected
  • - the person who observes the fast until he
    breaks it,
  • - a just ruler,
  • - and a person who has been oppressed."

Ramadhan Sunnahs of Fasting
  • 6 duties in fasting known as Sunnahs
  • - Sehri or predawn meals  - Iftar
    immediately after sunset  - Tarawih Salaat
    at night  - Feed the poor and hungry  -
    Increased reading of the Holy Quran  -
    Itikaaf during the last ten days of Ramadhan

Ramadhan Mustahabs of Fasting
  • To partake of Sehri
  • To delay the Sehri upto a little Subha
  •   To break one's fast immediately after
  •   To break one's fast with dates and water
  • To make Niyyat at night

Hadith Bukhari, Fath ul Baari No.1933
  • "If he forgets (about the fast) and eats or
    drinks absent-mindedly, then he should continue
    his fast, because it was Allah who fed him."
  • In another narration, "and there is no day
    owed nor expiation required."

Ramadhan Makroohat of Fasting
  • To chew gum, rubber, plastic items etc
  •   To taste food/drink and spit it out
  • (If husband very ill-tempered, permissible for
    wife to taste food without swallow it)
  •   Collecting saliva in the mouth and swallowing
    it to quench thirst 
  • Delay a bath that has become FARZ knowingly
    until after Subha Sadiq 

Ramadhan Makroohat of Fasting
  • Using paste/tooth powder. (Miswaak permitted)
  • Complain of hunger and thirst
  •   Taking water too much up the nostrils (when
    cleaning the nose)
  •   To gargle more than necessary
  •   To quarrel, argue, use filthy or indecent
  •   To backbite, tell a lie and swear etc. are
    sinful acts

Ramadhan Regarding Children
  • The normal rule
  • After age 7 order child to observe Saum
  • No Qadha if child breaks the
  • By age 10 compel child to fast in Ramadhan

Ramadhan Qaza saum
  • Compensate unobserved fasts
  • are Wajib
  • without needless delay
  • make Niyyat at night i.e. before Subah Sadiq
  • omission due to Haidh/Nifaas must be made up
  • Qadha saum need not be consecutive
  • Fidyah wajib if Qaza saum not posiible

Ramadhan Kaffarah
  • Penalty for deliberate nullification of Sawm of
  • fasting 60 consecutive days
  • those unable to fast can
  • feed 60 needy 2 meals a
  • or pay the amount in cash
    (Sadaqah Fitr)
  • or give 2kgs flour per
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