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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A

??? ????
(2011 ?????)
In the animal kingdom, weakness can bring about
in other animals. This sometimes happens with
humans also. But I
have found that my weakness brings out the
kindness in people. I
see it every day when people hold doors for me,
pour cream into
my coffee, or help me to put on my coat. And I
have discovered that
it makes them happy.
From my wheelchair experience, I see the best in
people, but sometimes I feel sad because those
who appear independent miss the kindness I see
daily. They dont get to see this soft side
of others. Often, we try every way possible
to avoid showing our weakness, which
includes a lot of pretending. But only when
we stop pretending we're brave or strong do we
allow people to show the kindness that's in them.
Last month, when I was driving home on a busy
highway, I began to feel unwell and drove more
slowly than usual. People behind me began to get
impatient and angry, with some speeding up
me, horning (???) or even shouting at me. At the
moment I decided
to do something I had never done in twenty-four
years of driving. I put on the car flashlights
and drove on at a really low speed.
No more angry shouts and no more horns!
When I put on my flashlights, I was saying to
other drivers, I have a problem here. I am weak
and doing the best I can. And everyone
understood. Several times, I saw drivers who
wanted to pass. They couldnt get around me
because of the stream of passing traffic. But
instead of getting impatient and angry,
they waited, knowing the driver in front of
them was in some way weak. Sometimes situations
call for us to act strong and brave even when
we dont feel that way. But those are
few and far between. More often, it would
be better if we dont pretend we feel strong
when we feel weak or pretend that we are brave
when were scared.
26.The author has discovered that people will
feel happy
when ________.
A. they offer their help
B. they receive others help C. they feel
others kindness D. they show their weakness
27.The author feels sad sometimes because
________. A. he has a soft heart
B. he relies much on others
C. some people pretend to be kind
D. some people fail to see the kindness in others
28.What did the other drivers do when they
saw the
A. They speeded up to pass. B. They waited with
patience. C. They tried their best to help.
D. They put on their flashlights too.
29.In this passage, the author advises us to
________. A. handle problems by ourselves B.
accept help from others
C. admit our weakness
D. show our bravery
30.Which of the following is the best title for
the passage? A. A Wheelchair Experience B.
Weakness and Kindness C. Weakness and
Strength D. A Driving Experience
????????????,????????????, ????????????????????
347 ???,? ?1 ?????,?4 ?????,?30 ????
? it ???????the kindness in people
,?????? people hold doors for me, pour cream
into my coffee, or help me to put on my coat
,?????????? A ????they offer their help?
????????????? but ????I feel
sad because those who appear independent miss the
kindness I see daily?? D ????
??????????????But instead of
getting impatient and angry, they waited?? B ????
29.C ???????????????it would be better if
we dont pretend we feel strong when we feel weak
or pretend that we are brave when were
scared?? C ????
but, however ?????????????????????? ? ? ? ? ?
But I have found that my weakness brings out
the kindness in people.,???????????? Weakness
? Kindness?? B ????
Can dogs and cats live in perfect harmony in the
same home? People who are thinking about
adopting a dog as a friend for their
cat are worried that they will fight. A recent
research has found a
new recipe for success. According to the study,
if the cat is adopted
before the dog, and if they are introduced when
still young (less
than 6 months for cats, a year for dogs), it is
highly probable that the two pets will get
along swimmingly. Two-thirds of the homes
interviewed reported a positive relationship
between their cat and
However, it wasnt all sweetness and
light. There was a reported coldness between
the cat and dog in 25 of the homes, while
aggression and fighting were observed in
10 of the homes. One reason for this is
probably that some of their body signals were
just opposite. For example, when a cat turns its
head away it signals aggression, while a dog
doing the same signals submission.
In homes with cats and dogs living peacefully,
researchers observed a surprising behaviour.
They are learning how to talk each others
language. It is a surprise that cats can learn
how to talk
Dog, and dogs can learn how to talk Cat.
Whats interesting is that both cats and dogs
have appeared to develop their intelligence.
They can learn how to read each others body
signals, suggesting that the two may have more in
common than we previously suspected. Once
familiar with each others presence and body
language, cats and dogs can play together,
greet each other nose to nose, and enjoy
sleeping together on the sofa. They can
easily share the same water bowl and in some cases
groom (??) each other.
The significance of the research on cats and
dogs may go beyond petsto people who dont get
along, including neighbors, colleagues at work,
and even world superpowers. If cats and dogs can
learn to get along, surely people have a good
31.The underlined word swimmingly in Paragraph
1 is closest in meaning to ________.
A. early C. quickly
B. sweetly D. smoothly
32.Some cats and dogs may fight when
________. A. they are cold to each other B.
they look away from each other C. they
misunderstand each others signals D. they are
introduced at an early age
33.What is found surprising about cats and
dogs? A. They eat and sleep together.
B. They observe each others behaviors.
C. They learn to speak each others language.
D. They know something from each others voices.
34.It is suggested in Paragraph 4 that cats and
dogs _______. A. have common interests
B. are less different than was thought C. have a
common body language
D. are less intelligent than was expected
35.What can we human beings learn from cats and
dogs? A. We should learn to live in harmony. B.
We should know more about animals. C. We should
live in peace with animals. D. We should learn
more body languages.
???????,????????????????? ?,??????????????,?????
?????, ????????????,?????????????? ????????338
???,??1 ?????,???31 ???????,?34?35
???????,??????? ??????
??????????????...they will fight.A
recent research has found a new recipe for
success.?????, ??? new ??????,???????????? ?
?????a positive relationship between their cat
and dog ?????????????,?? D?
??????????????(???)????,???? ?????????,??????????
???????, ?????????????,????????
?????????????suggesting that the
two may have more in common than we previously
suspected?? ? B ????
????????????,?????????( ??? ?),???????????????(
????),?? ????????????? A ???????????? ????
C A year after graduation, I was offered a
position teaching a writing class. Teaching
was a profession I had never
seriously considered, though several of my
stories had been published. I accepted the
job without hesitation, as it would allow me to
wear a tie and go by the name of Mr. Davis. My
father went by the same name, and I liked
to imagine people getting the two of us
confused. Wait a minute, someone
might say, are you
talking about Mr. Davis the retired man, or Mr.
Davis the respectable scholar?
The position was offered at the last minute, and
I was given
two weeks to prepare, a period I spent searching
for briefcase (?? ?) and standing before my
full-length mirror, repeating the words,
Hello, class. Im Mr. Davis. Sometimes I would
give myself an aggressive voice. Sometimes I
would sound experienced. But when the day
eventually came, my nerves kicked in and
the true Mr. Davis was there. I sounded not
like a thoughtful professor, but rather a
12-year-old boy.
I arrived in the classroom with paper cards
designed in the shape of maple leaves. I had
cut them myself out of orange construction
paper. I saw nine students along a long table. I
handed out the cards, and the students
wrote down their names and fastened them to
their breast pockets as I required.
All right then, I said. Okey, here we go.
Then I opened
my briefcase and realized that I had never
thought beyond this
moment. I had been thinking that the students
would be the first to
talk, offering their thoughts and opinions on the
events of the day. I
had imagined that I would sit at the edge of the
desk, overlooking a
forest of hands. Every student would yell. Calm
down, you'll all get your turn. One at a time,
one at a time!
A terrible silence ruled the room, and seeing no
other opinions,
I inspected the students to pull out their
notebooks and write a brief
essay related to the theme of deep disappointment.
36.The author took the job to teach
writing because
A. he wanted to be respected B. he had written
some stories C. he wanted to please his father
D. he had dreamed of being a teacher
37.What can we learn about the author from
Paragraph 2? A. He would be aggressive in his
first class. B. He was well-prepared for his
first class.
C. He got nervous upon the arrival of his first
class. D. He waited long for the arrival of his
first class.
38.Before he started his class, the author asked
the students to
A. write down their suggestions on the paper
cards B. cut maple leaves out of the
construction paper C. cut some cards out of the
construction paper D. write down their names on
the paper cards
39.What did the students do when the author
started his class? A. They began to talk. B.
They stayed silent.
C. They raised their hands. D. They shouted to
be heard.
40.The author chose the composition topic
probably because
A. he got disappointed with his first class B.
he had prepared the topic before class C. he
wanted to calm down the students D. he thought
it was an easy topic
???????,????????????????? ??????352 ???,??1
?????,????36? 37?40 ???????????,?????????????
?????????????as it would allow me
to wear a tie and go by the name of Mr.
Davis???????? A?
?????? ???????But when the day
eventually came, my nerves kicked in and the true
Mr. Davis was there.??? C?
??????????????????????????? D?
39.B 40.A
?????????????????? B? ?????????????????????
???????????????????,??????? ???,???????,????????
??????? ??????????????????????
In a world with limited land, water and other
natural resources
(? ?), the harm from the traditional business
model is on the
rise. Actually, the past decades has seen
more and more forests disappearing and the
globe becoming increasingly warm. People now
realize that this unhealthy situation must be
changed, and that
we must be able to develop in sustainable (????)
ways. That
means growth with low carbon or development
of sustainable products. In other words, we
should keep the earth healthy while using its
supply of natural resources.
Today, sustainable development is a popular
trend in many countries. According to a
recent study, the global market
for low-carbon energy will become three times
bigger over the next decade. China, for example,
has set its mind on leading that market, hoping
to seize chances in the new round of the global
energy revolution. It is now trying hard to make
full use of wind and solar energy, and is
spending a huge amount of money making
electric cars and high-speed trains. In
addition, we are also seeing great growth in the
global markets for sustainable products such as
oil (? ? ?), which is produced without cutting
down valuable
rainforest. In recent years the markets for
sustainable products have grown by more than 50.
Governments can fully develop the potential
of these new markets. First, they can set
high targets for reducing carbon
emissions (??) and targets for saving and reusing
energy. Besides,
stronger arrangement of public resources like
forests can also help to speed up the
development. Finally, governments can avoid
the huge public expenses that are taking us in
the wrong direction, and redirecting some of
those expenses can accelerate the change
from the traditional model to a sustainable one.
The major challenge of this century is to find
ways to meet the needs of a growing
population within the limits of this
single planet. That is no small task, but it
offers abundant new chances for sustainable
product industries.
41.The traditional business model is harmful
because of all
the following EXCEPT that ________.
A. it makes the world warmer B. it consumes
natural resources
C. it brings severe damage to forests D. it
makes growth hard to continue
42.What can we infer from Paragraph 2? A. China
lacks wind and solar energy.
B. China is the leader of the low-carbon
market. C. High-speed trains are a low-carbon
development. D. Palm oil is made at the cost of
valuable forests.
43.To fully develop the low-carbon markets,
governments can
A. cut public expenses
B. forbid carbon emissions C. develop public
D. encourage energy conservation
44.We can learn from the last paragraph that
businesses have
many chances to ________.
A. develop sustainable products B. explore new
natural resources
C. make full use of natural resources D. deal
with the major challenge
45.What is the main purpose of the passage? A.
To introduce a new business model. B. To compare
two business models.
C. To predict a change of the global market. D.
To advocate sustainable development.
???????,????????????????? ??,????(?????)????????
?????? ??????344 ???,???4 ?????,????? ??,??4
???????,????,???45 ????
?????????????the past decades has
seen more and more forests disappearing and the
globe becoming increasingly warm???? A ? C
?????????this unhealthy situation must be
changed, and that we must be able to develop in
sustainable ways???,????? unhealthy
(?? ??),????,????????????????? ??? B
?????,????????????????? ????????,???????????????
?????????????????? C?
????????????? First, they can set
high targets...for saving and reusing
energy.??,?????? ????? A ?????,????????????
avoid the huge public expenses...and redirecting
some of those expenses,?????????????????????? ?
???????????,??? B ????? ?????stronger
arrangement of public resources
??? ??????????????????,?? C ??? ?? D?
44.A ???????????,???????...but it offers
abundant new chances for sustainable product
industries (???????????????)??,???????, ???????
??,????????????????? ???? A?
???????????People now realize that
this unhealthy situation must be changed, and
that we must be able to develop in sustainable
ways???????????,?? ???????????????? D?
????,??????????????????? ??????????????????????
?????? ??????? (?)?????
????????,???????????????? ??????????????????????
?????, ??????????????????????????? ????????,????
?????????????? ????????? 30,?????????(???)??? ?
????????????????????????, ????????????????????
?????? ????,????????,??????????? ??????
1.What is the passage/text mainly about?
2.What would be the best title for the
passage/text? 3.What is the subject of this
4.What is the main idea of the
5.The best title of the story/text/passage is
6.Which of the following statements best
expresses the main
idea of the passage/text?
??????????????????????,?? ????,?????????????????
????? ??????????????????????????? ??(topic
sentence)?????????????,????? ????????????????????
??,???? ?????????,????????????????? ????????????
,????????????,? ???????,???????????????????, ???
??????????,?????????????? ?????????????????????
???,?? ?????????????????,????????? ???????????
???????????????? ?????,????????????????????? ?
????,???????????????????? ??????????????????(??
??????? ???????????????)?
1.We can learn/know from the passage/text
that... 2.What do we learn about...?
3.Which of the following statements is true (NOT
according to the passage/text?
4.Which of the following is the correct order
of...? 5.Which of the following isnt mentioned?
??,?? when, where, how, who, what, why ??????
(1)?? w (who, which, when, where, what),?? h
(how) (2)?????????
(4)???????????,?by the way, besides, what's
more, in addition to, including, as well as ?
(5)?????????????,? only when/by...,
above all, mainly, mostly, certainly, indeed ??
????????????????????,???? ??????????????,????????
??,? ??????????????????????????? ?????????
1.It can be inferred that...
2.We can infer from the passage/text/paragraph/fac
3.It can be concluded from the passage
that... 4.The...paragraph implies that
________. 5.What is probably the main reason
6.The passage is probably taken from a book about
????????????,???????????? ????,?????????????????
,???? ????????????,?????????????? ??????????????
????????????? ??????????????????????????, ??????
??????????,?????????? ?????????????????,?????????
????????,????????,????????? ????,??????????????
??????,? ???,???????????
???????????(???)?????????? ?????????????????????
1.The underlined word ... refers to...
2.The word it in the...paragraph refers
to... 3.The word ... could best be replaced
by... 4.The word ... is closest in meaning
5.What can we learn from the underlined
sentence? 6.By saying ..., the author means
????????????????,???????? ????????????????,?????
(4)?????????????????????,?? ???????????????????
????????????????????????? ?,???????????????????
?????? ?,???????????????????????,? ?,?????????
???????????????? ???????????????,??????????? ?
1.What does the author think of...?
2.Which of the following opinions does the author
accept? 3.Why does the author say
that...? 4.The author would agree that...
5.The writers purpose in writing this story is...
????????????????,??????????? ????????????????????
????????????????????,???? ??????????????????????
????? ???????????????????????????, ?????????????
?????? ???????????????????????,? ?????????????
?????????????? ????????????????????,?????? ??,??
????????????,???????????, ???????????,?????????,
????? ?????????,???????????????? ??????????????
????,???????? ????
??,????????????????,???? ?????????????????????
????? ???,????????????????,????? ??????,???????
Last week my youngest son and I visited my
father at his new home in Tucson, Arizona. He
moved there a few years ago, and I was eager to
see his new place and meet his friends.
My earliest memories of my father are a
tall, handsome, successful man devoted to
his work and his family,
but uncomfortable with his children. As a child
I loved him as a school
girl and young adult ( ? ? ? ) I feared him and
felt bitter about
him. He seemed unhappy with me unless I got
straight A's and unhappy with my
boyfriends if their fathers were not
as successful as he was. Whenever I went out
with him on weekends, I used to struggle to
think up things to say, feeling on guard.
On the first day of my visit, we went out with
one of my father's friends for lunch at an
outdoor café. We walked along that afternoon,
did some shopping, ate on the street table, and
laughed over my sons funny facial
expressions. Gone was my fathers
critical (???) air and strict rules. Who was this
person I knew as
my father, who seemed so friendly and interesting
to be around? What had held him back before?
The next day dad pulled out his childhood
pictures and told me quite a few stories about
his own childhood. Although our times together
became easier over the years, I never felt closer
to him at that moment. After so many years, Im
at last seeing another side of my father. And in
so doing, Im delighted with my new friend.
My dad, in his new home in Arizona, is back to
me from where he was.
1.Why did the author feel bitter about her father
as a young
A. He was silent most of the time. B. He was too
proud of himself. C. He did not love his
children. D. He expected too much of her.
2.When did her father move to his new home? A.
Last week.
B. A few years ago. C. Two years ago.
D. The day before my visit.
3.When the author went out with her father on
weekends, she would feel________.
A. nervous C. tired
B. sorry D. safe
4.What does the author think of her father after
her visit to Tucson? A. More critical. B.
More talkative. C. Gentle and friendly. D.
Strict and hard-working.
5.The underlined words my new friend in the
last paragraph
refer to________.
A. the authors son
B. the authors father
C. the friend of the authors father D. the
café owner
???????????????????????,? ?????????????????????
???????????????He seemed
unhappy with me unless I got straight As...
????????? ?,?????????? A???????????,? ?????????
?????????,??????? ??????????????????
2.B 3.A
????????????????? B ???? ??????????????????????
????????????,?????????????, ?????(????)??? A
????????????, ???????
4.C ?????????????????????? ??????????????????
???????? ????????????????????????? ????????,?
???? Tucson ?????,??? ??????????,???????????????
5.B ?????????????????????? ????????,???????
????????? ???,?????????????????????? ???????
?????? ????????????????????????? ?????????????
?????,???????, ???????????????,?????????? ?????
????????????????? 1.??????????????,????????? ?
?????????????????????????? ??????????? 2.??????
????,????????????? 3.??????????,??????,?????
????????????????????????? ???????,???
2000-3500 ????,??????? ????????????????????????
,? ?????????????????????
??????????,??????????????, ???????????,????????
??????? ?????,????????????????????, ??????????
??,?????????????,??????,? ?????,???????,??????,
The Queens English is now sounding less
upper-class, a scientific study of the
Queens Christmas broadcasts has found.
Researchers have studied each of her
messages to the Commonwealth countries since
1952 to find out the change in her pronunciation
from the noble Upper Received to the
Standard Received.
Jonathan Harrington, a professor at Germany's
University of
Munich, wanted to discover whether accent
(??) changes
recorded over the past half century would take
place within one
person. As far as I know, there just is nobody
else for whom there is this sort of broadcast
records, He said.
He said the noble way of pronouncing vowels (??)
gradually lost ground as the noble upper-class
accent over the past years. Her accent sounds
slightly less noble than it did 50 years ago.
But these are very, very small and slow changes
that we dont notice from year to year.
We may be able to relate it to changes
in the social classes, He told The Daily
Telegraph, a British newspaper. In 1952 she
would have been heard saying thet men in the
bleck het. Now it would be that man in the
black hat. Similarly, she would have spoken of
the citay and dutay, rather than citee and
dutee, and hame rather than home. In
the 1950s she would have been lorst, but by
the 1970s lost.
The Queens broadcast is a personal
message to the Commonwealth countries. Each
Christmas, the 10-minute broadcast
is put on TV at 3 p.m. in Britain as many
families are recovering from their traditional
turkey lunch (??????).
The results were published (??) in the Journal of
Phonetics. 1.The Queens broadcasts were chosen
for the study mainly
because ________.
A. she has been Queen for many years B. she has
a less upper-class accent now C. her speeches
are familiar to many people D. her speeches have
been recorded for 50 years
2.Which of the following is an example of a less
noble accent in English?
A. dutay C. hame
B. citee D. lorst
3.We may infer from the text that the Journal of
Phonetics is a magazine on ________. A. speech
sounds B. Christmas customs C. TV
broadcasting D. personal messages
4.What is The Daily Telegraph? A. A British
company. B. A British newspaper. C. A British
D. A British broadcast station. 5.What is the
text mainly about?
A. The relationship between accents and social
classes. B. The Queens Christmas speeches on
TV. C. The changes in a persons accent.
D. The recent development of the English language.
??????? ????????????????????????? ????????,????
?????????????? ?????????????
??????????????As far as I know,
there just is nobody else for whom there is this
sort of broadcast records (????,????????????????)
? ? D ???? 2.B ?????????????Similarly, she
would have spoken of the citay and dutay,
rather than citee and dutee( ???????,??????
the citay , dutay???citee?dutee)??? B?
Journal of Phonetics,????????????????,? ????????
???? speech sounds (??)??????
4.B ???? 5.C
????????????????????? B ????????????????????
??????????????????????????? ??????? C?
?????? ????????????????,???????? ??,??????
???????????????,?? ??????,??????????????,?????
???????????????? 1.????,????????? 2.??????
??????????????????? 3.????,?????
1.??????,????????????????? ??????,?????????????
?????? 2.????????,?????????????? ????,??????
???????????????? ????????????????,?????????? ?
As kids, my friends and I spent a lot
of time out in the woods. The woods
was our part-time address, destination,
purpose, and excuse. If I went to a friends
house and found him not
at home, his mother might say, Oh, hes out in
the woods, with a tone (??) of airy acceptance.
Its similar to the tone people
sometimes use nowadays to tell me that someone
Im looking for is
on the golf course or at the gym, or even away
from his desk. For
us ten-year-olds, being out in the woods was
just an excuse to do
whatever we feel like for a while.
We sometimes told ourselves that what we were
doing in the
woods was exploring (??). Exploring was a more
popular idea
back then than it is today. History seemed
to be mostly about explorers. Our
explorations, though, seemed to have less
system than the historic kind something
usually came up along the way. Say we stayed
in the woods, throwing rocks, shooting
frogs, picking blackberries, digging in what we
were briefly persuaded was an Indian burial
Often we got lost and had to climb a tree to
find out where we were. If you read a story
in which someone does that successfully, be
skeptical the topmost branches are usually
too skinny to hold weight, and we could never
climb high enough to
see anything except other trees. There were four
or five trees that we visited regularlytall
beeches, easy to climb and comfortable to sit in.
It was in a tree, too, that our days of fooling
around in the woods came to an end. By then some
of us has reached seventh
grade and had begun the rough ride of adolescence
( ???) .In
March, the month when we usually took to the
woods again after winter, two friends and I set
out to go exploring. We climbed a tree, and all
of a sudden it occurred to all three of us at the
same time that we really were rather big to be
up in a tree. Soon there would be the spring
dances on Friday evenings in the high
school cafeteria.
1.The author and his friends were often out in
the woods to
A. spend their free time
B. play golf and other sports
C. avoid doing their schoolwork D. keep away
from their parents
2.What can we infer from Paragraph 2?
A. The activities in the woods were well
planned. B. Human history is not the result of
exploration. C. Exploration should be a
systematic activity. D. The author explored in
the woods aimlessly.
3.The underlined word skeptical in Paragraph 3
is closest in meaning to ________.
A. calm C. serious
B. doubtful D. optimistic
4.The reason why we visited the four or five
trees regularly is the following except that
________. A. they were tall beeches B. they
were easy to climb C. they were not high to
climb D. they were comfortable to sit in
5.How does the author feel about his
childhood? A. Happy but short. B. Lonely but
memorable. C. Boring and meaningless. D. Long
and unforgettable.
??????? ???????????????????
? ? 10 ? ?? ?????, ?????? (being out in
the woods)??????,????????????????? ??????????
2.D ??????????????????????
?????????????????????????,?? ?,?????????????????
?,?????? ???????,??????????????????,? ??????????
3.B ????????????????????? ????????????????(??
???????? ?????)??,?????(???????),????? ????????,
????,????????????? ?????????,?????????????? ske
ptical ??????????
4.C ?????????????????????? C?
??????????????????? , ? free , exploring,
comfortable?,????????????? ??????????????????
???????? ?????????????( ???,???????? ?),?????
??????,?? A?
?????? ????????????????????????? ?????????????,
????????????? ????,?????????????????????? ??????
?????,???? 1.???????????????????? 2.????????,
?????????? 3.?????????????????
??????????????,?????????? ?????????????????????
? 1.???????????????????????, ??????????????
??????????? ????????????,????,?????????? 2.
??????????????????????? ??????????????(????,?
?? ?)??????(???????,????)?
5.????????????????,??????? 6.?????????????????
Runners in a relay (? ?) race pass a
stick in one
direction. However, merchants passed silk,
gold, fruit, and glass along the Silk Road
in more than one direction. They earned
their living by traveling the famous Silk Road.
The Silk Road was not a simple trading network.
It passed through thousands of cities and
towns. It started from eastern China, across
Central Asia and the Middle East, and
ended in the
Mediterranean Sea. It was used from about 200
B.C. to about 1300 A.D., when sea travel offered
new routes (??). It was sometimes
called the worlds longest highway. However, the
Silk Road was made up of many routes, not one
smooth path. They passed through what are now
18 countries. The routes crossed mountains
and deserts and had many dangers of hot sun,
deep snow and even battles. Only experienced
traders could return safely.
The Silk Road got its name from its most prized
product. Silk could be used like money to pay
taxes or buy goods. But the traders carried
more than just silk. Gold, silver, and glass from
Europe were much found in the Middle East and
Asia. Horses traded from other areas changed
farming practices in China. Indian merchants
salt and other valuable goods. Chinese
merchants traded paper, which produced an
immediate effect on the West. Apples traveled
from Central Asia to Rome. The Chinese had
learned to graft (??)
different trees together to make new kinds of
fruits. They passed this science on to others,
including the Romans. The Romans used grafting
to grow the apple. Trading along the Silk Road
led to world wide business 2,000 years before
the World Wide Web.
The people along the Silk Road did not share
just goods. They also shared their beliefs.
The Silk Road provided pathways for
learning, diplomacy (??), and religion.
1.Its probable that traders along the Silk
Road needed
A. to remember the entire trade route B. to know
the making of products C. to receive certain
special training D. to deal with a lot of
2.The Silk Road became less important because
________. A. it was made up of different
routes B. silk trading became less popular C.
sea travel provided easier routes D. people
needed fewer foreign goods
3.The underlined word prized in the third
paragraph means ________.
A. valuable C. light
B. heavy D. beautiful
4.New technologies could travel along the Silk
Road because people________. A. learned from
one another B. shared each other's beliefs C.
traded goods along the route D. earned their
living by traveling
5.What is the best title for the passage? A.
The Silk Road Past and Present B. The Silk
Road East Meets West C. The Silk Road Routes
Full of Dangers D. The Silk Road Pathways for
??????? ????????????????????????? ??????????
1 . D
?????? ????????? The routes
crossed mountains and deserts and had many
dangers of hot sun, deep snow and even battles.
Only experienced traders could return safely.???
??????????????It was used from
about 200 B.C. to about 1300 A.D., when the sea
travel offered new routes.??? C? 3.A
???????????????????Silk could be used like money
to pay taxes or buy goods.?? silk
????? ?????????,? prized ??? valuable ???
???????The Silk Road provided pathways for
learning, diplomacy, and religion.???????????????
?? ?,???????????? 5.B ????????????????,????? ??
???,?????????????????????, ???????????,?? B?
?????? ???????????????????????? ?,????????????
????????,???? ???????????????????,????,? ???,??
??????,????????????? ???????????????????????????
??????????? 1.???????,??????,??????,?? ?????
5.??????????????????,????? ?????????,??????????
???,??? ???????????????
2.???????,????????,??????? ?????????????????????
?????? ??????????????,?tsunami ??,MP3
players (MP3)???, well-off society ??????
This hotel is located within the Kista Gallerian
Shopping Mall in Kista, the center of the
metropolitan regions electronics
and telecommunications industry. The shopping
centre houses 140 different shops. The city of
Kista has direct bus links
with Stockholm-Arlanda airport as well as
easy access to the entire Greater
Stockholm area by underground. Convenient
transport links may be found within 100 metres of
the hotel. The hotel is therefore an outstanding
starting point for countless short journeys in
the surrounding area. In Stockholm, about 10km
guests will find a range of entertainment venues
( ? ? ), the sea,
and the nearest railway station. In only a
15-minute drive, it is possible to reach
Stockholm old town as well as countless
cultural venues.
Established in 2002, this fully air-conditioned
hotel consists of a total of 127 rooms including
39 apartments, spread across 13 floors. The
family-friendly hotel welcomes guests in an
elegant lobby where there is a 24-hour
reception desk and several lifts. Further
facilities include a newspaper stand, a breakfast
and a public Internet connection. All guests may
take advantage of the laundry service, and
parking spaces are available for
those arriving by car.
With the subway Take the blue line Nr 11 to
Akalla. Get off at the station Kista. Go out on
your right hand side down to the bus station.
The entry of the hotel is situated in front of
the bus station. By car arriving north From
E4, drive towards Stockholm until the second way
out towards Kista. Drive on the right line until
you come to a roundabout. Take left towards
Arvinge. Drive straight ahead until the next
roundabout take right under the tunnel and you
will be on Danmarksgatan. The hotel is situated
on the right side of the street in front of the
bus station.
1.Whats the passage mainly about? A.
Information of a hotel. B. Information of a
website. C. Information of a car.
D. Information of
a city.
2.What may probably be talked about following
the last paragraph? A. How to find Stockholm
Kista Hotel. B. The location of Stockholm Kista
Hotel. C. How to arrive at Stockholm Kista
Hotel from south by car. D. How to apply for
the membership of the hotel.
3.What does the underlined word metropolitan
A. Of a major city. C. Of a famous port.
B. Of a famous man. D. Of a known car.
4.If you stay in the hotel, ________. A. you can
easily find a restaurant that appeals to your
taste B. you can enjoy the sea view C. you can
get free laundry service D. it is very
convenient for you to do some shopping 5.The
hotel has a history of ________ years.
A. less than 4 C. more than 20
B. less than 8 D. more than 8
??????? ??????,???????????
?,?????????????hotel? 2.C ?????????????By
car arriving north ???????????????????,???????
????????????????? C?
??????????????This hotel is located
within the Kista Gallerian Shopping Mall in
Kista??,???? ??????????,??????????C
????? ?????????
????????????????Established in
2002???? D?
?????? ????????????,???????????? ??????????????
??? 1.???????????????????????? ???????????????
???????????? ?????????,????????,????,??? ?,????,
????????,????,????,? ????? 2.????????????,?????
?????? ???
????,???????????????????? ???????????????,??,???
????? ??????????????????????????? ??????,??????,
Are you happy? Do you remember a time when you
happy? Are you seeking happiness today?
Many have sought a variety of sources for their
feeling of happiness. Some have put their heart
and efforts into their work. Too many turned to
drugs and alcohol. Meanwhile, untold numbers have
looked for it in the possession of expensive
cars, exotic ( ???) vacation homes and other
popular toys. Most of their efforts have
a root in one common fact people are looking for
a lasting source of happiness.
Unfortunately, I believe that happiness
escapes from many people because they
misunderstand the journey of finding it. I
have heard many people say that, I'll be happy
when I get my new promotion. or I'll be happy
when I lose that extra 20 pounds. It is
dangerous because it accepts that happiness is a
response to having, being or doing something.
In life, we all experience stimulus (??) and
response. Today,
some people think that an expensive car is a
stimulus. Happiness is a response. A great
paying job is a stimulus. Happiness is
a response. This belief leaves us thinking and
feeling, I'll be happy when...
It has been my finding that actually the
opposite is true. I believe that happiness is
a stimulus and response is what life brings to
those who are truly happy. When we are happy, we
tend to have more success in our work. When we
are happy, we more naturally take better care of
our bodies and enjoy good health. Happiness
is not a response but a stimulus.
Happiness is a conscious choice we make in daily
life. For unknown reasons to me, many choose to
be upset and angry most of the time. Happiness
is not something that happens to us after we get
something we wantwe usually get things we want
after we choose to be happy.
1.From the second paragraph, we know to many
A. they are not happy when they work hard
B. they are not happy when they drink or take
C. they are happy when they possess their own
expensive cars D. they all desire exotic
vacation homes
2.Generally speaking, most people feel
happy because ________. A. they think
happiness is rooted in their deep hearts B.
they get what they want to have C. they get a
great paying job D. they get an expensive
car 3.In the authors opinion, which of the
following is the most important if you want to
be happy?
A. Losing weight. C. Success in work.
B. An expensive car. D. Feeling happy.
4.Which of the following is TRUE according to
the author? A. If you want to get what you
want, you first choose to be happy. B. We
should try to get more and then we'll be
happy. C. Most people today are happy. D.
Work is a necessary part in our daily
life. 5.From the viewpoint of the author,
happiness is ________.
A. based on our needs C. out of reach
B. unconditional D. limited
??????? ????????????????????,??? ????,????????
???????????,??????????????, ?? A?B
???????????????????,? ???????,?? C ????? D
????????,? ???? 2.B ????????????,??,?????? ?
???????????????,??????????, ????,????????????,???
?????? ?? A ????????,C?D ??? B ?????????
???,?????????,??,???????,?? ????????,????????????
?? A?B?C ???????????,??????????????? ?,?????????
? D?
?????????????? A ???,B ??
?????????,C?D ?????????,??????
?????????,????????????,???? ????????,??????????
B ????
?????? ????????????????????????? ?????????,????
????????????? ??????????,???????????????, ??????
??????,?????????????? ???,???????????????????????
?????? 1.??????,????,??????,?????
1.??????????????????????,? ?????????????,??????,
?????? ???,????????????????
2.???????????????????????? (Headline),??(Introdu
ction),??(Background),??(Main body)???(End)??????
?????????????? ????,????????????,????????? ?????
,????????????????????? ??????????????????????????
? ?????,?????????????????,??? ??????????????????
????,???? ???,?????????????????
3.??????,????????,???????? ??????????????,??,???
?????? ??????
The research carried out by the University of
Bari in Italy could help prove hospitals who are
accused of wasting money on art and decoration
as it suggests a pleasant environment
helps patients ease discomfort and pain.
A team headed by Professor Marina de
Tommaso at the Neurophysiopathology Pain Unit
asked a group of men and women to pick the 20
paintings they considered most ugly and
most beautiful from a selection of 300 works by
artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro
Botticelli. They were then asked to look
at either the beautiful paintings, or the ugly
painting, or a blank panel
while the team zapped ( ? ? ) a short laser pulse
at their hand,
creating a sensation as if they had been stuck by
a pin. The subjects rated the pain as being a
third less intense while they were viewing the
beautiful paintings, compared with when looking
at the ugly paintings or the blank panel.
Electrodes measuring the brain's electrical
activity also confirmed a reduced response to the
pain when the subject looked at beautiful
While distractions, such as music, are known to
reduce pain in hospital patients, Prof de
Tommaso says this is the first result to show
that beauty plays a part.
The findings, reported in New Scientist, also go
a long way to
show that beautiful surroundings could aid the
healing process.
Hospitals have been designed to be functional,
but we think that their artistic aspects should
be taken into account too, Said
the neurologist. Beauty obviously offers a
distraction that ugly
paintings do not. But at least there is no
suggestion that ugly
surroundings make the pain worse. I think these
results show that
more research is needed into the field how a
beautiful environment
can alleviate suffering.
Pictures they liked included Starry Night
by Vincent Van Gogh and Botticelli's Birth
of Venus. Pictures they found ugly included
works by Pablo Picasso, the Italian 20th century
artist Anonio Bueno and Columbian Fernando
Botero. These people were not art experts so
some of the pictures they found ugly would be
considered masterpieces by the art world, Said
Prof de Tommaso. 1.The underlined word
alleviate in the fifth paragraph probably
means ________.
A. cure C. improve
B. ease D. kill
2.How many artists have been mentioned in the
3.Which of the following is TURE about the view
of Prof de Tommasos? A. Beautiful
surroundings could help to heal
sufferings completely. B. Hospitals must take
their artistic aspects into consideration first.
C. Ugly surroundings will surely make the pain
worse. D. Both music and beauty can reduce pain
in hospital patients.
4.From the last paragraph, we know that ________.
A. some artists paintings were beautiful,
so they were
B. only art experts could judge they were
masterpieces or not,
though ugly
C. the artists mentioned above were not really
art masters D. some of them were art masters,
while others were not 5.Which of the following
is the suitable title for the passage? A.
Beautiful surroundings can ease pain. B. Ugly
paintings could be masterpieces. C. More
research should be done in the field. D. Latest
environmental research.
??????? ??????????????????,?????? ?????????????
?????????????? ??????????????????????????? ?????
???? 1.B ?????????????????as it suggests a
pleasant environment helps patients ease
discomfort and pain.? ? alleviate ?? ease
(??,??),???????? ????
??????????????? Leonardo da Vinci,
Sandro Botticelli, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo
Picasso, Anonio Bueno, Columbian Fernando Botero
??????????????? D ????A ?
?????????????B ???????????? ?????C
???????????????? 4.B ?????????????????????? ?
????????,???????????????? ???????????????????
????? ????????????????
?? A?B?C ???????????????,????? ???????,??????D
?????,????? ???????
?????? ??????????????,???????? ??????????????
??????????? 1.????????????????? 2.???????????
???????? 3.??????,??????,????????? ?????? 1.?
???????,??????????????? ??,???????,?????????????
2.????????????????????,??? ???????????,??,??????
?????? ???????
3.?????????????,????????,? ????????????????????,
?????? ??????????,???????????,???? ?????,???????
A desert is a beautiful land of silence and
space. The sun shines, the wind blows, and
time and space seem endless. Nothing
is soft. The sand and rocks are hard, and many
of the plants even have hard needles instead of
The size and location (??) of the world's deserts
are always
changing. Over millions of years, as climates
change and mountains rise, new dry and wet
areas develop. But within the last 100
years, deserts have been growing at a
frightening speed. This is partly because of
natural changes, but the greatest makers are
Humans can make deserts, but humans can also
prevent their growth. Mauritania is planting
a wall around Nouakchott, the
capital. Iran puts a thin covering of petroleum
(??) on sandy areas
and plants trees. The oil keeps the water and
small trees in the land,
and men on motorcycles (???) keep the
sheep and goats
away. Russia and India are building long canals
to bring water to desert areas.
1.In this passage, needles refers to
________. A. small, thin pieces of steel B.
long, thin pieces of branches
C. small pointed growth on the stem (?) of a
plant D. small, thin pieces of sticks
2.Which of the following is NOT true? A. The
greatest desert makers are humans. B. There
arent any living things in the deserts. C.
Deserts have been growing quickly.
D. The size of the deserts is always changing.
3.People in some countries are fighting a
battle against
A. the growth of deserts
B. the disappearance of desert plants C. natural
D. congenital climate
4.We can guess that Mauritania belongs to
A. Asia C. Europe
B. America D. Africa
5.Which of the sentences best give the main idea
of the passage? A. The deserts of the world
are always changing. B. Man is to take measures
to control the growth of the worlds
deserts. C. Deserts are lands of silence and
space. D. Deserts have grown at a fast pace in
the past 10 years.
??????? ??????????????????????
??????? instead of leaves ?? needles ??
???????,????????????????,? steel (?),branches
(??), stick (?)???? leaves ?????,? ? C
?(????????????)????????? ? C? 2.B
?????????????????????? ?????,? B ????
?????????????Humans can make
deserts, but humans can also prevent their
growth.( ?????? ??,????????????)????? A? 4.D
????????????????????,? ?????????,???????????,???
?? ??????? D?
???????????????????,??????? ????????????????????
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