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University of Nebraska Omaha IT Academy Seminar on IT Innovation and Managing New Technologies in a World of iPads, Consumerization and Cloud Computing


Title: AIM Institute Leadership Academy Seminar on IT Innovation and Managing New Technologies in a World of iPads, Consumerization and Cloud Computing – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: University of Nebraska Omaha IT Academy Seminar on IT Innovation and Managing New Technologies in a World of iPads, Consumerization and Cloud Computing

University of Nebraska OmahaIT AcademySeminar
on IT Innovation and Managing New Technologies in
a World of iPads, Consumerization and Cloud
  • Dr. George Royce Ph.D, PMP
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Website http//
  • Also on LinkedIN and Facebook

Topic Time
Welcome and Introductions 800 815
Discuss emerging technology patterns how to identify the patterns and manage the opportunities 815 835
Team Activity Mapping new technologies and their stage of Maturity and present as a team 835 to 900
Discuss the Technology Opportunity Portfolio 900 915
Team Activity Build the beginning of a Technology Opportunity Portfolio for your company 915 1000
Discuss managing new consumer technology options for use in the enterprise. Discuss planning a pilot in your company how they differ from traditional projects 1000 1030
Break 1030 - 10-45
Complete discussion of managing new consumer technology and how to plan a pilot 1045 1100
Team Activity Team selects a new technology and develops a high level plan for piloting the technology and presents to the class for feedback 1100 1130
Teams present POC and Pilot plans to the group 1130 1150
Summary and Wrap-up 1150 1200
  • Innovation The introduction of something new.
    A new idea, method or device. (Merriam-Webster).
  • Innovation - The term innovation means a new way
    of doing something. It may refer to incremental,
    radical, and revolutionary changes in thinking,
    products, processes, or organizations. A
    distinction is typically made between Invention,
    an idea made manifest, and innovation, ideas
    applied successfully. (The Truth about
    Innovation. Mckeown 2008)
  • Examples include eBook readers, iTunes and other
    online music, movie and app stores, What else
    would you call a recent innovation?

  • Emerging Technology Are science based
    innovations that have the potential to create a
    new industry or transform an existing one. They
    include discontinuous technologies derived from
    radical innovations. Wharton on Managing Emerging
    Technologies. George S. Day, Paul Schoemaker.
  • Some examples include genetically modified
    crops, 3D printing. What else do you put in this

  • Definition Consumerization describes a trend for
    new information technology to emerge first in the
    consumer market and then spread into business
    organizations, resulting in the convergence of
    the IT and consumer electronics industries, and
    a shift in IT innovation from large businesses to
    the home.
  • The term, consumerization, was first popularized
    by Douglas Neal and John Taylor of CSC's Leading
    Edge Forum in 2001.
  • Examples of consumerization include smart phone
    technology such as an iPhone. What are other

Thoughts About New and Emerging Technologies
  • Any sufficiently advanced technology should be
    indistinguishable from magic.
  • Arthur C. Clarke Profiles of the
    Future, 1962
  • Something that does not quite work!
  • The way you think about innovative technology
    depends on your age. Think of Digital Natives
    verses Digital Immigrants.

  • Gartner Hype Cycle - provide a graphic
    representation of the maturity and adoption of
    technologies and applications, and how they are
    potentially relevant to solving real business
    problems and exploiting new opportunities

Source Gartner
Technology Trigger
  • Technology Trigger - A potential technology
    breakthrough kicks things off. Early
    proof-of-concept stories and media interest
    trigger significant publicity. Often no usable
    products exist and commercial viability is
    unproven. If anything is available in a alpha

Peak of Inflated Expectations
  • Peak of Inflated Expectations - Early publicity
    produces a number of success storiesoften
    accompanied by scores of failures. Some companies
    take action many do not. Public beta and early
    release products are available.

Trough of Disillusionment
  • Trough of Disillusionment - Interest wanes as
    experiments and implementations fail to deliver.
    Producers of the technology shake out or fail.
    Investments continue only if the surviving
    providers improve their products to the
    satisfaction of early adopters.

Slope of Enlightenment
  • Slope of Enlightenment - More instances of how
    the technology can benefit the enterprise start
    to crystallize and become more widely understood.
    Second- and third-generation products appear from
    technology providers. More enterprises fund
    pilots conservative companies remain cautious.

Plateau of Productivity
  • Plateau of Productivity - The real world benefits
    of the technology are demonstrated and accepted.
    Mainstream adoption starts to take off. Criteria
    for assessing provider viability are more clearly
    defined. The technologys broad market
    applicability and relevance are clearly paying

Hype Cycle and Investment Risk
Dont Join in Just Because Its In
Source Gartner Group

Note Add higher levels of technology risk
contingency when implementing a technology
earlier in the hype cycle.
Negative Hype
Positive Hype
Dont Miss Out Just Because Its Out
Trough of Disillusionment
Plateau of Productivity
Peak of Inflated Expectations
Slope of Enlightenment
Type A Companies
Type B Companies
Type C Companies
Team Activity 1 Mapping Technology to the
Technology Lifecycle
  • Directions
  • Each Team Completes the Technology Lifecycle
    Mapping Exercise.
  • Identify at least 2-3 technology or services in
    the 5 stages of technology maturity
  • Technology Trigger
  • Peak of Inflated Expectations
  • Trough of Disillusionment
  • Slope of Enlightenment
  • Plateau of Productivity
  • Build your table on a couple of flip chart pages
  • You all have 10 minutes to identify 10- 15
    products or services try to get at least a
    couple in each category
  • Each team present their findings.

Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technology
How Trends Affect your IT Vision and Mission
  • External Trends
  • Technology
  • Societal
  • Economic
  • Competitive
  • Compliance
  • Business Relationships

IT Vision create competitive advantage for the
Business Architecture
Business Strategy
Enterprise Architecture
Information Architecture
Technical Architecture
  • Internal Trends
  • Business/IT Alignment
  • Cultural
  • Cost Reduction
  • Revenue Generation
  • IT Value
  • Business Initiatives
  • Project/Portfolio Optimization
  • Profitable Growth?
  • Manage Expenses?
  • Sell more to existing customers?
  • New Products Markets?

Application Architecture
How trends can enable the business
Technology Trends
Business Trends
I/T Can help optimize the enterprise by
increasing effectiveness, efficiency and agility
Source Adapted from Forrester
Sources for Trends in Technology and Business use
of Technologies and Services
  • Industry and Trade Groups Websites usually have
    RSS feeds. Consider using an RSS aggregator on
    laptop or phone or tablet
  • Technology Monitoring Services such as Gartner,
    Forrester, etc (PS You dont need to join, you
    can sign up for videos, podcast and pdfs from a
    specific 2-3 seminar for around 600 which gives
    you much of the research on a topic
  • Google Alerts you set to monitor articles on
    emerging trends
  • Google trends on hot sites, Amazon sales trends,
  • Sites and sources to consider
  • World Future Society
  • http//
  • For consumer technology This week in Tech,
  • Social Networking Analysis and trend sites
    Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Consumer Technology This Week in Tech,
  • What are you favorite sources?

The Street Process for Introducing Emerging
Identify trends to monitor Based on demand- and
supply-side factors business areas, technology
capabilities, external trends that may impact the
Track development assigned responsibilities,
identified sources, a process and format for
information gathering, sharing, reporting,
Prioritize and identify key technologies
High-level criteria for prioritizing technology
capabilities a process, format and frequency for
screening and selecting technologies
Assess value, business and architecture impact
Process and information requirements for in-depth
evaluation of products to drive a recommendation
testing, POCs, pilots
Show value and gain support for change
Communicate to business and IT the capabilities
of the technology that solve business problems
and enable business results
Get change in architecture and roadmaps A
process and tools for updating the architecture
and roadmaps, with a defined frequency
Source Gartner
A Sample Plan for the Managing Emerging
Evangelize and Transfer
Implementation Projects
Evaluate Opportunities
Identify Trends
Identify Trends
Track Technologies
Stages in the Process
Stage Description
Monitoring Watching in the press, RSS feeds, Google Notifications, Checking what industry groups and analysts say about technology, service etc
2. First Look Develop a white paper and perhaps presentation for senior leaders to understand potential and why we should be considering proof of concept or more aggressive action
3. Proof of Concept Sign up for service and try out without any production use or bring in sample of hardware or software to better understand of current capabilities. Discuss future vision of products and services with current vendors
4. Add to Project Backlog Technology or services have shown business value in POC and business is interested in piloting technology.
5. Pilot Project Underway Negotiate the use of the technology for a pilot project to prove the business value. This will likely use live data so contracts and security must be in place before proceeding. At this point we can still back away business and vendor needs to understand this.
6. Rollout Project Underway Business value has been demonstrated in a pilot and CBA looks good. Time to rollout technology and develop long term support
Technology Opportunity Inventory
Technology Category Stage
Codeless Business Process Modeling Workflow Systems Business Process Automation 5 Pilot Project (or Monitoring, First look, POC, Project on Backlog, Pilot, Rollout)
Potential Uses/Benefits Status in the Companies Status outside the Companies
Can significantly reduce the time to develop and change an automated workflow process in multiple business areas. Can be used to replace older workflow systems based on older FileNet technology and Lotus Notes technology and provide a simple to integrate web interface. Proof of Concept Competed. Pilot is in planning with identified customers and processes. Being considered by several competitors based on Spring 2011 LOMA Industry meeting
Hype Cycle /Maturity of Technology Potential Suppliers Current Activity at Company and Who is Assigned
5. Slope of Enlightenment (or Tech Trigger, Inflated Expectations, Trough of Disillusionment, Slope of Enlightenment, Plateau of Productivity) IBM, Oracle, Tibco
Team Activity 2 Building a Technology
Opportunity Portfolio with the Business
  • Directions
  • Each team downloads the technology opportunity
    inventory spreadsheet (tech_opportunity_inventory.
    xlsx) from the IT Academy Resource Website
  • Each Team Completes the 4-5 rows of the inventory
  • Items you or your company should be monitoring
  • Consumer technology that is seeping in the
    company you will need to consider
  • POCs, Pilots and projects you are willing to
  • Each team present their findings.

Example of a Technology Priority Matrix (sample
was done in 2005)
Years to Widespread Adoption
2 -5 Years
5- 10 Years
lt 2 Years
Rules Engine, Scripting Languages
Web Services, Light Weight Workflow, E-Apps, XML
Enterprise Service Bus, REST, SOA, Business
Process Modeling, Grails, 3-4G Wireless,
Mashups, Rich Clients, Service Registries, Mobile
Complex Event Processing, Lending Services Hub,
Electronic Signatures, Idea Marketplaces,
Speed and Agility
AJAX, Scripting Languages
Virtual Contact Centers, Customer Service Apps,
Desktop Integration, Desktop Monitoring,
Enterprise Portal
Mobile Applications, Natural Speech Recognition,
Customer Communication Systems, Federated
Identity, Rich Clients
Customer Portals 2.0, Customer Centric Web
Improve Customer Service
Red is production use
Break Time 1045 to 1055
Innovation and the Consumerization of IT
Consumerization and User Experience
  • Availability
  • Impromptu information needs
  • Demand for instant information availability
  • Collaboration assumed in both work and social
  • Accessibility
  • Instant on
  • Long battery life
  • Device must be ready when the consumer is.
  • Convenience
  • Expectation that tools will just work
  • No or minimal training required! (The learning
    curve is dead)

Survey Consumerization
  • Question 1 Does your company allow your
    employees to use Skype for personal or business
    purposes on company owned devices?
  • No way!
  • Yes, it is used on company owned machines through
    the company network.
  • Only used by executives or other high profile
    employees. (concierge service)

Survey Consumerization
  • Question 2 Does your company allow most if not
    all employees to access these sites?
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube

Survey Consumerization
  • Question 4 Does your company support the use of
    personally owned devices such as personally owned
    Blackberry or iPhone, iPads to synch with the
    companies email system?
  • No Way!
  • Yes, it is fully supported.
  • Only used by executives or other high profile
    employees. (concierge service)

Survey Consumerization
  • Question 5 Does your company allow the use of
    personally owned Windows notebook computers at
  • No Way!
  • Yes, it is fully supported.
  • Yes, but they can only use guest network. They
    can get to a desktop device or virtual machine
    through a VPN.
  • Only used by executives or other high profile
    employees. (concierge service)

Disruptive Technologies
  • Clayton M. Christensen describes a DISRUPTIVE
    TECHNOLOGY as a new technology that unexpectedly
    displaces an established technology - 1997 book,
    The Innovator's Dilemma.
  • Some disruptive technologies have had profound
    impact on entire industries
  • For the publishing world, it was the online book
    store and the eBook reader and store.

And closer to home - Microcomputers
  • Some disruptive technologies have had profound
    impact on entire industries
  • Both insurance and banking were significantly
    impacted with the introduction of the personal
    computer and personal computing software such as
    Microsoft Office. We are now experiencing
    another disruptive technology.

Tablet Computers Disruptive Technology?
  • Tablet computers have been around for a number of
  • Apple is a master at taking ideas and creating a
    user experience to reinvent a technology. They
    have done this with the tablet computer iPad.
  • The iPad combines
  • An iPhone, iPod, e-book reader, previous tablet
    computers and thousands of applications that
    exploit the technology.
  • Now many other companies are introducing
    competing tablets Android, BlackBerry,
    Microsoft, etc

Tablet Computers Disruptive Technology?
  • Tablet computers are great information consumers.

Tablet Computers Disruptive Technology?
  • Innovative business applications are being built
    for this format.

Tablet Computers Disruptive Technology?
  • Tablet computers are replacing laptops for some

Spreadsheets, Presentations, etc..
Tablet Computers and the Sales Professional
  • All the documents and forms you need at your
  • Great tool for illustrations and proposals -
    excellent graphics and video capabilities.
  • A natural tool for an e-application capability.
  • Supports Webex and other meeting software.
  • A few sales applications are being developed for
    tablets and skipping the Windows OS.
  • Tablets are finally becoming the ideal sales
    professional tool.

How is Mutual of Omaha Responding to Tablet
  • Pilots are underway to understand what they can
    do today and how we can secure our information on
  • Monitoring insurance and banking use of the
    technology through consultants and monitoring app
    stores Apple, Android, BlackBerry, etc
  • Piloting application development for iPhone,
    Android and iPad.
  • Using crowd sourcing to find out how our
    employees are using their tablet computers.
    sixty have signed up for the TUG Tablet User
  • Piloted Good technology for securing manage
    email, calendaring contact management on iPhone,
    iPad and android devices. Based on Pilot,
    acquiring technology and developing support.
  • Developing an approach for managing personally
    owned devices which balances risk and benefits to
    the company and the employee.
  • Creating recommendations on appropriate uses of a
    tablet today it is a rapidly evolving
  • A key part of managing innovative new technology
    is quickly creating new guideline and procedures
    for use in your company.

Tablet User Group
TUG Group shares new uses of this technology and
is monitoring new applications and issues with
the technology and suggest solutions.
Good Technology Project
Good allows Mutual of Omaha to support their
non-BlackBerry devices with similar Management,
Security and Architecture provided to BlackBerry
Good Technology Project
After the Good software is downloaded, a key will
be provided by an I/S associate which activates
the software. This will then require a Password
on the device. The device owner is responsible
for updating the software from the AppStore
Good Technology
Good Email and Document Viewing
Policy on Using Personally Owned Devices for
Business Purposes
  • Mutual has been allowing employees to use
    personally owned desktop computers and laptops
    for occasional business use for years.
  • Most popular today is the use of Citrix over an
    internet connection to connect to a company owned
    desktop computer at work.
  • Some employees also use webmail to check their
  • In the past, employees edited files on those
    obsolete devices called diskettes at home for
    instance to prepare a presentation.
  • Today, the editing and storage of company data
    files on a personally owned computer requires the
    use of a company owned, encrypted USB device.
  • When a file is downloaded from webmail, it needs
    to be downloaded to the company owned USB drive
    for editing

Policy on Using Personally Owned Devices for
Business Purposes
  • How about personally owned non-PC devices?
  • Company owned and personally owned BlackBerry's
    on the company email system must now be encrypted
    and password protected. Yes, documents can be
    edited on a BlackBerry device and when the
    Playbook Tablet arrives, it will probably be more
    common to edit.
  • Proposed Policy for the iPhones and iPad devices
  • May use these devices for personal calls and
    personal use within the companies.
  • May not store the company's proprietary and
    confidential documents on these devices.
  • A project to implement a Good technology email,
    calendaring and contact management client allows
    the receiving of email on personally owned
    iPhones and iPad devices. This will mean you can
    receive company documents of all kinds on these
    devices but they must stay in the Good encrypted
    bubble. This will also feature editing of
    documents and file sharing in the future.

Support Models for Tablets, iPhone Devices
  • Personally Owned
  • Employee acquires device and carrier support
    plans and pays for ongoing support.
  • Employee may acquire the apps of their choice for
    the device.
  • If employee has a business reason for using the
    device they can request software to manage an
    encrypted location on the device for email,
    contacts etc
  • Employee keeps device up to date using iTunes or
    other stores at home.
  • Employee must agrees to terms for using the Good
    Technology Software.
  • If lost or stolen, the Good encrypted bubble will
    be deleted by I/S personnel.
  • Company Car Model
  • On rare occasions, for specialized software, the
    company may acquire an iPhone or iPad.
  • Employee must use their home PC to upgrade
    operating systems and add only company authorized
    apps for business purposes.
  • Employee is responsible for care and upkeep of
    the device and should use the Applecare for
  • When the employee no longer has a need for the
    device or leaves the company it is returned to
  • Company Owned and Supported Devices
  • This was seriously considered, but the decision
    was made to not proceed at this time. Reasons
  • Rapidly evolving technology changing every few
  • ITunes must be loaded on company machines. This
    circumvents data loss software today.
  • Hard to manage large and frequent upgrades 1
    Gig for each upgrade.

Personal Netbooks and Notebooks at Work
  • Employees can use the guest wireless available
    today with their personally owned notebook
  • Employees can use the Citrix Remote Access VPN to
    connect to their desktops through the guest
  • Employees cannot plug into or use the secured
    wireless network within the companies.

Personal Notebooks at Work
LAN Connected Company Windows Devices
Access Gateway Advanced Edition
Web Resources
At Home
Web Email
At Work
Tablets Are Evolving Rapidly. We are Early in the
Steve Balmer
  • The Microsoft Surface and the Surface Pro are
    meeting some tablet users unmet needs.
  • A familiar file system paradigm
  • USB and mouse/pen options - One customers feature
    is another customers bug!
  • Microsoft Office 13.

Have You Checked Out Skydrive Lately? You Can
Use Office 13! It also works on Your iPad!
  • SkyDrive is Microsofts Dropbox/Box and Google
    Docs competitor.
  • https//
  • It gives you a look at the approach to the public
    tactics of selling the new Office product AND
    Office 13 on the web. You can teach an old dog
    new tricks if you are Google!
  • Combine Office 13 and the other features of the
    Surface that Gartner predicts a change in the
    tablet landscape AGAIN!
  • How will these products from Microsoft impact
    your bring your own device program?

  • What Consumer Technologies are you seeing in your
  • Examples
  • Consumers devices
  • Video and Audio Conferencing Skype and others
  • Social networking (consumer and enterprise).
  • Cloud Services?

Gartner Hype Cycle for Social Software
Gartner Hype Cycle for Social Software
Recent and Current POC/Pilots at Mutual of Omaha
POC/Pilot Time Frame Status
1. Personally owned device s for email /calendaring clients using Good Technology Jan Mar 2011 This is now a standard service offering
2. Using Facebook like technology to replace /augment email for team and project collaboration Comparing Jive, IBM Connections and SharePoint 2010/Yammer January June 2011 Connections adopted and is available to all. Cloud hosted. It is replacing the name and address book for the company (APM but also drive traffic based on TD Bank discussion)
3. Mobile Apps to support Insurance Agents and Brokers June Dec 2011 Selected apps available primary strategy is building mobile friendly websites.

Planning Selecting a POC/Pilot Partners
  • Business Sponsor Questions
  • Business Sponsor CTO / ITSC
  • Business Benefits Speed project work and reduce
    need for some meetings. Share competitive
    information more quickly. Get to decisions
  • What is the willingness of the business partner
    to take a risk for the potential benefit? This is
    being discussed and reinforced with partners now!
  • Why do this now? Why not wait? Seeing benefits
    in the initial Jive Pilot. Need to decide on an
    enterprise solution now or have multiple system.
  • Business Sponsor Questions
  • What technology or services are you considering?
    Jive, MS SharePoint 2010, IBM Connections,
    Yammer, Google Docs/Google
  • Where would you place the technology or service
    in the Gartner Hype Cycle? See the hype cycle on
    the next page. Short answer this is not a 20
    year decision!
  • What is your assessment of the readiness of the
    technology or service to deliver the benefits?
    Jive appears to be delivering the benefits for a
    small initial pilot

Planning Selecting a POC/Pilot Partners
  • Vendor Questions
  • What vendors will you consider and what vendor
    are you considering the leading vendor at this
  • Will the vendor consider a no cost pilot to
    prove the benefits before you invest?
  • What is the vendor viability? (financial
    stability, market penetrations, etc)
  • Do you have an existing vendor relationship? Do
    you place a value on current vendors?
  • Has the vendor provided results from load tests
    of the system. Better yet, do they know what a
    load test is?
  • Has the Vendor provided a SAS 70 or similar

Planning Selecting a POC/Pilot Partners
  • Pilot Questions
  • How will know when you have pilot demonstrates
  • How will this technology and service fit from and
    architectural perspective?
  • How will you integrate this technology of other
    technology in your company. How much integration
    will be needed before the system pays for itself?
  • If the pilot is successful, what is the projected
    Total Cost of Ownership?
  • Has the business agreed to provide the necessary
    resources to develop an acceptance test and
    participate in the acceptance test?
  • Do you plan to conduct the functional and load
    tests of the system?
  • Do you plan to conduct a security review of the
    system and penetration test of the service?

Team Activity 3 Designing a Proof of Concept and
Pilot for a New Technology Project
  • Directions
  • Each team downloads the technology plan proposal
    word document (technology_plan_proposal.docx)
    from the IT Academy Resource Website
  • Each Team
  • Uses the questions to discuss a technology they
    should be piloting in their company.
  • Each team develops a high level plan and the
    acceptance criteria for success for this pilot,
  • Discuss what issues and challenges you may
  • Each team present their findings.