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Marriage and the Bible


Recap of Paradise Lost Adam and Eve were ideal individuals enjoying an ideal marriage in an ideal environment. SIN destroyed all of these ideals. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Marriage and the Bible

Marriage and the Bible
Based on the Living in Love Series by Richard L.
Strauss, Biblical Studies Foundation - 1998
  • Chapter 2 Abraham and Sarah

Ground Rules
  • Think before you speak.
  • Use this series as an opportunity for honest
  • Be prepared to humbly seek help from God, your
    spouse, or others if you feel led to do so.
  • Humility!

Recap of Paradise Lost
  • Adam and Eve were ideal individuals enjoying an
    ideal marriage in an ideal environment.
  • SIN destroyed all of these ideals.
  • SIN resulted in consequences
  • Man has to work and toil, lords over his wife
  • Woman has painful childbirth, longs for her
  • CHRIST empowers us to reclaim lost ideals.

Heres the Deal
  • Ephesians 5
  • The husband is the head of the family.
  • The wife has a submissive role to the husband.
  • There is no implication of exception to this rule.

Sarahs Commendations
  • Hebrews 1111 Or By faith even Sarah, who was
    past age, was enabled to bear children because
    she considered him faithful who had made the
    promise. alternate wording in footnotes

Sarahs Commendations
  • 1 Peter 35-6 For this is the way the holy women
    of the past who put their hope in God used to
    make themselves beautiful. They were submissive
    to their own husbands, like Sarah, who obeyed
    Abraham and called him her master. You are her
    daughters if you do what is right and do not give
    way to fear.

Sarahs Commendations
  • There is no irony that Sarahs two commendations
    in the New Testament were faith and
  • Submission to your husband involves faith in God
    that He is going to honor your commitment and
    take care of your needs, using your husband as
    His primary delivery vehicle to that end.

Enter Abraham
  • It just so happens that Sarah has such a husband.
  • Beginning in Genesis 12
  • Abraham is in direct communication with God.
  • God provides Abraham with a command and a
  • Abraham obeys, and directs his family likewise.

Enter Abraham
  • Hebrews 118 By faith Abraham, when called to go
    to a place he would later receive as his
    inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did
    not know where he was going.
  • This must have been a difficult undertaking.
  • We are told in Genesis 12 that Sarah is with her
    husband, presumably in steadfast support.

Sarahs Support
  • OT/Biblical names carry great importance in
    describing characters.
  • Sarai (my) princess, royalty
  • Sarah (global) princess, mother of nations
  • The Bible describes Sarah as a woman of uncommon
    beauty. Her name may also tell of uncommon
    intellect, upbringing, and grace.

Sarahs Support
  • For a woman as uncommon as Sarah, her submission
    and support to her husband is all the more
    noticeable as a Biblical example to us.
  • Sarahs submission is even evident when things
    dont make sense and her husband appears to be
    demonstrating unsound judgment. (i.e. temporary
    loan to Pharaoh).

The Fine Print
  • Husbands are not perfect, nor will they always
    make the correct decisions.
  • Abraham stumbles
  • Does not consult Sarah about going to Egypt.
  • Convinces her to participate in a half-truth.
  • Ends up losing his wife to another man for a
    short period of time.
  • Risks the same death or dismemberment in his lie
    that he originally feared in his wifes beauty.

Why did Sarah Submit?
  • Lets be clear. There ARE Biblical
    justifications to suspend submission when sin is
    in play.
  • Why did Sarah go along with going to Pharaoh as
    his wife?
  • She is a woman of faith. She understands Gods
    promise to her husband. She may have viewed
    herself as expendable to save the life of her

Gods Deliverance
  • It is possible that God delivered Sarah from
    Pharaohs harem before immorality became a
  • It is definite that God delivered Sarah back to
    her husband in reward of her faith.

Sarahs Stumbling
  • Sarah encountered her own lapse in judgment when
    she commissioned Hagar to speed up Gods
  • This action led to lasting consequences that
    exist to this day.
  • Sarah attempted to lead outside of Gods
    timetable and Abraham failed to lead within Gods

Finishing Strong
  • Ultimately, Abraham and Sarah demonstrate their
    faith and receive their son Isaac as the
    manifestation of Gods promises to them.
  • When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son,
    Sarah likely discerned the event through visual
    evidence and a keen knowledge of her husband.
  • In that example, Abraham and Sarah both
    demonstrated unparalleled submission prior to the

Submission in Todays Context
  • We live in a hyper-hostile world when it comes to
    Biblical submission.
  • What does it actually mean for the families
    assembled in this room?
  • Look back to the model of marriage with Adam and
    Eve. God created both with a purpose an intense
    appreciation for one another.

Submission for the Husband
  • You are to be utterly submissive to Christ in the
    same manner your wife is submissive to you.
  • You are to provide spiritual leadership for your
  • You are to live a life of sacrifice, honor, and
    love toward those God has blessed you to lead.

Submission for the Wife
  • You are to submit to your husband as he submits
    to Christ, the ultimate head of your household.
  • You are to prayerfully support and encourage your
  • You are to actively participate as your husbands
    partner. There is equality to be had.

What Submission is NOT
  • Woman, fetch me a chicken pot pie.
  • Submission is not defeat.
  • Wives are entitled to contribute with the unique
    skills and gifts they bring to the marriage.
  • Major decisions should be discussed.
  • Consensus does not equal failure.

Tube Theory
  • in-class visual

Common Traps
  • Godzilla Husband
  • Rules instead of leads.
  • Refuses to discuss any decision.
  • Exercises his authority to the extreme.
  • Evidenced by a repressed wife, bitterness in the
  • Evidenced by poor decisions because of an
    ego-centric view, insufficient consultation.

Common Traps
  • Gerbil Husband
  • Completely un-confident.
  • Does not view himself worthy to spiritually lead.
  • Unwilling or reluctant to make decisions.
  • Evidenced by a wife who feels the need to fill
    the void.
  • Evidenced by inconsistent or bad decisions for
    the family.
  • Potentially stemming from weaknesses in spiritual
    walk husband or wife.

Common Traps
  • Greenback Envy Husband
  • Low self-worth because wife is the breadwinner.
  • May be other areas where God has endowed the wife
    with superiority in skill or talent.
  • Evidenced by resentment towards spouse or self.
  • Evidenced by a tendency toward timid leadership.
  • Often evidenced by frequent or trivial arguments.

  • Does your marriage reflect the Biblical model of
  • Is everyone in submission to Christ through the
    vigilant example of the husbands submission to
  • Are the competencies of each individual brought
    to the table and utilized to the best of your

  • Daily submit (to Christ, to your husband) through
    prayer and obedient thought and action.
  • Communicate.
  • Check to make sure you are leading instead of
  • Maintain a healthy spiritual walk with The Lord.