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Teacher development for working with children with special needs


Title: Teacher development for working with children with special needs & strategies for community involvement Author: TSG-MDM-08 Last modified by – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Teacher development for working with children with special needs

Teacher development for working with children
with special needs strategies for community
  • Dr. Shanti Auluck
  • Director (hon.)/President
  • Muskaan Parents Association for the empowerment
    of persons with intellectual disability families

  • The term Special education needs to be dropped
  • Challenges of inclusive schools class rooms
    what does it demand?
  • Preparations of teachers to meet the needs of
    inclusive class rooms
  • present situation an evaluation
  • What needs to be done
  • Strategies For community involvement

What is special about special education?
  • Special about special education is that we do not
    understand the needs of certain children and our
    usual ways do not seem to work.
  • Onus is placed on the child rather than us. A
    sincere examination of the situation reveals that
    it is lack of our own understanding of a childs
    education/growth needs that becomes a barrier in
    the learning process

What is Inclusive Education
  • Ideally it means attending to diverse needs of
    every child ( differing in ability, ethnicity,
    socio-economic background etc.) in the same class
    room or school setting.
  • Respect and acceptance of diversity can happen by
    inclusion in all aspects of life starting from
    inclusion in schools.

Demands of Inclusive Education
  • Attitude change of policy makers, school
    management and most importantly of teachers.
  • Enough knowledge base about various impairments
    e.g. locomotor, visual, hearing, intellectual and
    how it affects the learning process. It also
    demands deepening of our understanding of mind
    functions including cognition, emotions and
  • Devising teaching strategies including learning
    material to reach out the children with diverse
  • It demands systemic change rather than huge
    finances, child-centric approach rather than
    information-centric approach

Teacher development for Inclusive education
  • Sensitization of all the teachers about the
    educational needs of children with diverse
    impairments and how environmental attitudinal
    barriers prevent them from learning and living a
    fuller life,
  • Broadening the meaning of education beyond
    curriculum transaction,
  • Orientation programs for in-service teachers to
    deepen the understanding of mind including
    cognition, emotions and motivation and their
    impact on our learning process

  • Abolition of separate systems of training of
    teachers for mainstream children and children
    with impairments of locomotor, sensory and
    cognitive impairments.
  • Teacher training courses must have 1or 2 core
    courses on understanding the educational and
    learning needs of children with diverse
    disabilities. It will enrich their knowledge

Teachers are the key to success of education
  • Teaching is an organic system, it should not be
    equated with industry.
  • Incentive systems should be there so that
    teachers feel motivated to enhance their
    understanding and knowledge base,
  • Academic leadership is very important and good
    deal of attention should be given to it.
  • Stress on implementation and accountability

Preparations required for implementing Inclusive
  • Important to recognize that India has no option
    other than mainstreaming of education for all
    children having diverse needs and backgrounds,
    including children with disability
  • Models of inclusive education need to be evolved
    through pilot projects and NGOs working with
    persons with disability need to be involved in
    this process.
  • Implementation can not happen in one go it has
    to be a phase wise plan
  • NGOs working in the field of disability need to
    be supported to function as resource centres

  • Orientation programs for school management,
    teachers, parents and other staff members are
    necessary for a successful implementation,
  • Parents/families involvement is important. It
    will serve twin purpose of parents capacity
    building as well as support system to the school.
  • Other students of the school can become a huge
    resource if they are properly informed and
  • NGOs can contribute through their knowledge and

Evaluation of existing situation
  • Lack of preparation and understanding about
    responding to the learning needs of children with
    diverse impairments
  • Lack of preparation at all levels, school
    management, teachers, parents and community and
    also perhaps at the level of policy makers,

  • It is very much doable. It needs conviction
    and courage to take bold steps. Openness to
    experiment with new ideas, determination to
    evolve implementation strategies and
    accountability are important for bringing
    necessary changes in the system. It is worth
    doing as it is a matter of preparing future
    generations for an inclusive society where
    diversities are accepted and respected.
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