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Design Delaware: A Five-Year Plan 2011-2015 Delaware State Arts Council March 17, 2010


Design Delaware: A Five-Year Plan 2011-2015 Delaware State Arts Council March 17, 2010 * * * Comment on the Mission Statement: The Delaware Division of the Arts is a ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Design Delaware: A Five-Year Plan 2011-2015 Delaware State Arts Council March 17, 2010

Design Delaware A Five-Year Plan2011-2015Dela
ware State Arts CouncilMarch 17, 2010
Setting the Course
  • Delaware State Arts Council adopts Mission
    Statement and Core Values, 3/09
  • Council Delaware Division of the Arts review
    current strategic plan and plot course for
    process to achieve public input and draft new

12/08-5/09 One-on-One Interviews
  • Division Staff
  • Council Members (current former)
  • Delaware Community Arts Leaders
  • Regional National Arts Leaders

Topics Addressed in Interviews
  • Strengths weaknesses of current plan
  • Challenges opportunities for the Delaware Arts
  • Upcoming trends
  • Impact of current economic climate
  • Strengths weaknesses of the Division
  • Priorities for the Arts in a time of finite

2/09 Brown Bag Lunches with Secretary of State
  • One meeting conducted in each county of the
  • Cross-section of arts and community leaders

9/09 -11/9 Online Surveys
  • Individual Artists
  • Arts Organizations
  • Community Organizations
  • Arts Educators
  • Public Survey

9/09-10/09 Focus Groups
  • Arts Advocacy
  • Arts Education
  • Sustainability of Arts Organizations
  • Marketing Promoting the Arts
  • Organizational Development of Arts Organizations
  • Individual Artists

Focus Group Makeup
  • Six to eight participants (up to 15 invited per
    session) with an interest in the topic
  • At least one Council member present per session
  • Questions tailored to each sessions subject
    matter with common themes such as current/ future
    challenges opportunities and priorities in time
    of limited financial resources

Public Participation Breakdown
  • 56 individual Interviews
  • 60 Brown Bag lunch participants
  • 46 focus group attendees
  • 457 survey respondents
  • 619 total participants to date

12/09 Council Retreat
  • Council reviewed and discusseddata and public
  • Gave direction on drafting new Strategic Plan

1/10 Plan Drafted
  • Based on the data and public input, a strategic
    plan for the arts in Delaware for FY2011-FY2015
    prepared for public review and comment
  • Goal a clear, comprehensive, flexible plan to
    keep the Division focused on the long-term
  • Separate operational plans to be developed
    annually to correspond with plan and states
    fiscal cycle

2/10 Public Review of Draft Plan
  • A conversation about the Arts public meetings in
    Milford and Middletown
  • Available for review and comment online on
    Divisions website

3/10 Plan Approval
  • With the results of public review incorporated,
    the final draft of the strategic plan is to be
    presented the Delaware State Arts Council at its
    quarterly meeting in March.

What did we hearduring the process?
Key Themes...
  • Continued support of access to new and diverse
    artistic experiences is important.
  • Increased and sustained advocacy and public
    information role is imperative.
  • More effective effort to have the arts economic
    impact recognized is a key component.

Key Themes...
  • Growing need for a more prominent role for the
    arts community in arts education as part of
    education reform initiatives.
  • Increased community partnerships and public
    support and awareness of arts education will
    bolster success in schools.

Key Themes...
  • Need for stronger organizational structure in
    arts organizations to help ensure their success
    and longevity.
  • Increased accountability and improved
    communication of outcomes from funding. (How has
    the grant made a difference to the public?)

Key Themes...
  • Increased public presence of the arts needed
    within the corporate and foundation communities.
  • Heightened visionary leadership of arts community
    essential, particularly in these challenging

Key Themes...
  • More proactive facilitating, convening,
    collaborating and capacity building with the arts
    community by the Division is essential.
  • Stronger collaboration needed between state
    agencies and the Division, especially DEDO and

Key Themes...
  • Stronger role needed by Council/Division as
    ambassador of the arts.
  • Enhanced branding of the Division establish what
    it is/what it does will help it serve its

Division of the ArtsStrategic
Mission Statement
  • The Delaware Division of the Arts is a state
    agency dedicated to nurturing and supporting the
    arts to enhance the quality of life for all

Mission Statement Input
  • Very good
  • Gets point across but is vague
  • Nice concise statement
  • As it is, this is not a plan (missing
  • Art should include architecture and historic
  • OKvague, but general
  • Great. Short and to the point
  • Seems focused to the point
  • This says it all, Succinctly put, Clear,
  • Excellent and succinct

Vision Statement
  • The Delaware Division of the Arts and the
    Delaware State Arts Council envision a day when
    all Delawareans recognize the arts as vital to
    education, the economy, and quality of life,
    resulting in the broadest possible support and

Vision Statement Input
  • Most impressive
  • Lofty, but I would love to see that day
  • Spell out how the arts are fundamental
  • Fine with vision statement
  • Add culture wherever arts appears
  • This places the Division 20 years behind other
    arts orgs
  • Two proposed alternate wordings
  • Lofty but worth pursuing
  • Excellent and succinct
  • A worthy goal. Hope I live to see it

Core Values
  • Access to the arts for all Delawareans
  • Advocacy to raise awareness of, and support for,
    the arts
  • Creativity and innovation in the arts
  • Diversity in programming, services, audiences,
    and participation
  • Education in and through the arts for all ages

Core Values
  • Excellence in artistic product, process, and
    service to the community
  • Partnerships to advance the arts and maximize
  • Public value of the arts to impact our lives
    and develop strong communities, economies, and

Core Values Input
  • All great values but achieving is an uphill
  • Good abstract list, tell me why they are
  • Like the list, but there are too many and
  • Values are reasonable and appropriate
  • Would place excellence higher, perhaps after
  • Perhaps add integration of arts into daily lives?
  • Excellent!
  • All good values to include
  • Covers all aspects where arts are critical
  • Each is vital to strategic plan

Goal I
  • Strengthen the arts sectors ability to deliver
    quality programs and services
  • Objectives
  • Sustain/cultivate/diversify funding streams
  • Improve organizational/individual capacity
  • Improve efficiencies of operations

Goal I Input
  • Important goal consider more funding for artists
  • Funding streams is a great term, better than
  • Needs detail
  • Objectives 1 3 seems particularly important
  • What is the implementation plan?
  • Access to funds for education programs outside
    public schools seems limited or difficult to
  • Well thought out and all critical to
    sustainability and viability

Goal II
  • Broaden and deepen public engagement in the arts
  • Objectives
  • Increase awareness of arts opportunities
  • Expand access to the arts
  • Increase levels of involvement in the arts

Goal II Input
  • Access to the arts without engagement is anemic
  • Access for all is the goal Affordable, easy to
    get to
  • How can we successfully increase awareness
    (trying to raise the awareness for arts as a
    whole has a tendency to get lost in the general
    marketing noise)
  • Encourage partnering when possible to maximize
  • This is the area where I think all artists should
  • This is an important one
  • Excellent well written objectives

Goal III
  • Advance lifelong learning in the arts
  • Objectives
  • Raise public awareness of, and support for, arts
    education in pre-K12
  • Increase organizations and artists capacity to
    serve as arts education resources
  • Facilitate increased access to arts-based
    instruction in both arts and non-arts settings

Goal III Input
  • Add to Objective 2 ...for out of school hours
    learning and adult arts education.
  • Bring these objectives down to the local level
  • Existing education-focused initiatives such as
    Vision 2015 miss value of arts in education
  • Goal III objs speak to implementation of Goal I
  • More master classes needed in DE for working
  • Many dont see link between arts participation
    and academic achievement
  • Division energy needs to be spent in rural areas
  • Clearly stated and pertinent
  • School administrators must be encouraged to
    incorporate arts into school day at all levels

Goal IV
  • Facilitate enhanced integration of the arts in
    civic, economic, and community life
  • Objectives
  • Expand network of arts advocates and their
    collection of arts advocacy tools
  • Increase arts participation and profile in
  • community and economic development initiatives
  • policy formation
  • Expand Division/Council role as leaders in
    promoting and supporting the arts

Goal IV Input
  • Support the networking concept
  • Would hate to see DDOA and DAA duplicate efforts
  • Show me the money!
  • Should Objective 2 be subdivided?
  • Definitely need more advocacy in hither realms
    of state government
  • Need more direct contact with downtown
  • Consider providing arts-related speakers for
    civic groups like Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions

General Comments Input
  • Great work. Go Delaware
  • Great ideas, hope to see then come to fruition
    this year
  • Planning has to be concrete to mean anything
  • Goals/Objs are clear and well chosen
  • Like the plans clarity and simplicity.
    Interested to see how the operational plan shapes
  • The plan does not speak to preservation
  • Funding, funding, funding What tangible actions
    are planned to place goals and objectives into
  • Very good. Concise and succinct
  • Thank you for providing input for so many
  • Hope necessary resources will be available for
    full implementation

Council Discussion
  • Questions, comments, or suggested revisions?
  • Motion to accept Design Delaware 2011-2015