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Richard M. Nixon


Richard M. Nixon Hail to the Chief 37th President - 1969-1974 - Republican President Richard M. Nixon Election of 1968 Candidates: Republican- Nixon Democrat- Hubert ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Richard M. Nixon

Richard M. Nixon
  • Hail to the Chief
  • 37th President - 1969-1974 - Republican

President Richard M. Nixon
  • Election of 1968
  • Candidates
  • Republican- Nixon
  • Democrat- Hubert Humphrey
  • American Independent- Wallace
  • Issues
  • Vietnam
  • Courts- criminal rights, prayer in school, school
  • Problems in Campaign
  • Death of Martin Luther King
  • Death of Robert F. Kennedy
  • Democratic Nat. Convention- Chicago
  • Yippies and Pigasus
  • Outcome- Nixon wins close one.

Nixon Administration
  • Key Actions
  • Space- Moon landing
  • Winding down of the Vietnam War
  • Cambodian Incursian
  • Kent State
  • Détente
  • Visit to China and Ping Pong Diplomacy
  • Visit to Russia S.A.L.T.
  • New Federalism
  • give states control and reduce Federal
    Government- deregulation

Troubled Economy
  • Inflation and Stagflation
  • Nixon Promised to balance the Budget (200
    Billion) and produce a surplus.
  • Tax Reform Act- 1969 ended the Johnson income tax
  • Vietnam costs rising.
  • 1969-1970- Nixon proposed wage-price guidelines
    to slow down prices.
  • Congress created EPA.
  • Arab oil embargo caused oil prices to jump in
  • Baby boomers in job market- glut.

Troubled Economy
  • Aug. 15, 1971- Nixon announced a 90 price freeze
    after prices went up 14.5 (first mandatory
    wage-price control in peace time.)
  • Took the country off the gold standard. This
    would end the gold drain to foreign countries
    turning U.S. dollars in for U.S. gold.
  • 10 surcharge on foreign imports. Trying to
    promote sale of U.S. goods abroad and discourage
    Americans from buying foreign products- Japan
    W. Germany.
  • The Economy began to thrive
  • Inflation fell to 3.5
  • Unemployment dropped

Troubled Economy
  • Winding down the Vietnam War- Costs
  • Economic Costs
  • The war cost the United States more than 140
  • In Vietnam, the last sustained war the nation
    fought, the United States spent 111 billion
    during the eight years of the war, from 1964 to
    1972. Adjusted for inflation, that's more than
    494 billion, an average of 61.8 billion per
    year, or 5.15 billion per month. (The Pentagon
    is spending nearly 5 billion per month in Iraq
    and Afghanistan, a pace that would bring yearly
    costs to almost 60 billion)
  • Human Costs
  • There were 540,000 American troops in Vietnam
    sent by Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, more than
    325 men being held prisoners of war, and America
    was sharply divided over our purpose and our
    presence in Vietnam.
  • The war left 58,000 American soldiers dead and
    more than 300,000 wounded. Numerous American
    soldiers also returned home with crippling and
    long-lasting psychological wounds.

Troubled Economy
  • Voyage to the Moon- Apollo 11
  • Televised- Hundreds of millions of viewers
  • 3 Astronauts- Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins.
  • Lunar Module- the Eagle
  • The Eagle has landed on Tranquility base. July
    20, 1969
  • 6 and 1/2 hours on the Moon.
  • Costs- three astronauts killed in a fire on earth
    and between 25-35 Billion dollars.
  • Benefits- Priceless

  • Pentagon Papers , Leaks and the Plumbers
  • Political Spying and Dirty Tricks
  • Break in at the Democratic National Headquarters.
  • Cover-up
  • Saturday Night Massacre
  • Investigation
  • Special Prosecutors
  • Tapes
  • Impeachment
  • Resignation- I am not a crook.

Commanding Heights- The Specter of Stagflation -
New Federalism
Family Assistance Plan
Revenue Sharing
Wage and Price Freeze
Going off the Gold Standard