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2009 South Carolina Teacher Forum Winter Workshop February 11-13, 2009


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 2009 South Carolina Teacher Forum Winter Workshop February 11-13, 2009

2009 South CarolinaTeacher ForumWinter
WorkshopFebruary 11-13, 2009
Adrienne Padner
  • Mrs. Pappas is an educator who is more than a
    disseminator of information. She assists her
    students in the acquisition of knowledge and
    skills as well as personal growth and maturity.
    Her creativity and resourcefulness enriches her
    ability to work with others in a cooperative
    teaching environment. Given her ability to
    inspire, encourage, and motivate our students to
    achieve to the best of their abilities, she is
    been an asset to Paul Knox Middle School.
    Brenda Smith, Principal, Paul Know Middle

Gaye Pappas
  • Rose is a wonderful teacher. She is a special
    needs teacher.  She makes each child feel unique
    and they love to go to her room.  She greets them
    with a smile and calls them by name.  You can
    tell that is great admiration from her students.
    If you could say one thing about Mrs. Boykin "she
    loves her students before she teaches them."
    Sonja Dunbar, PrincipalAllendale-Fairfax High

Rose White Boykin
Anderson 1
  • Dr. Whisenhunt loves his students and also loves
    the content that he uncovers every day.  His
    enthusiasm for teaching and the joy he receives
    from student learning is exceptional.  He works
    tirelessly to ensure that his students grasp very
    complex material constantly entertaining groups
    of students who come before and after school for
    extra help and deeper understanding.  He is
    constantly pushing students to grasp deeper and
    fuller understandings of the world of science
    using a variety of methods and techniques to
    accomplish this task. G. Robert Binnicker,
    Principal, Wren High School

James Whisenhunt
Anderson 2
  • Lorena has a wonderful rapport with all
    students.  Her ability to connect with her
    students and her talent at teaching reading are
    both truly superior.  It is not uncommon for
    Lorena to become teary-eyed as she shares success
    stories of her students accomplishments.  She
    believes in each student who enters her classroom
    by planting the seeds of knowledge and high
    expectations, nurturing her students until they
    blossom into readers.  Teaching is not a vocation
    for Lorena it is a passion. Adrienne
    Davenport, Principal, Belton Elementary School

Lorena Newton
Anderson 3
  • Mrs. Craft is patient and understanding with her
    students. Her classes are always involved in
    many activities, which make learning fun and
    meaningful. She spends a great amount of time
    planning quality hands on activities for her
    students. She has shown the ability to work with
    students at all levels and needs. Student
    achievement in her classroom is commendable and
    all students experience success while under her
    guidance. She is a great teacher and role model
    for the students she serves.Eric Hughes,
    PrincipalIva Elementary School

Shawn Craft
Anderson 4
  • Mrs. Hawkins is very innovative, organized and
    readily accepts a challenge. She has the passion
    and drive to ensure success in all of her
    students. She truly, "Leaves no child behind", as
    demonstrated by Mrs. Hawkins' student's love for
    her and their standardized test scores. She is a
    model for professional behavior and always does
    the little things that distinguish the good
    teachers from the great ones.Kevin Black, EdD,
    PrincipalRiverside Middle School

Wendy Hawkins
Anderson 5
  • Anne Harder is one of Hanna's master teachers. 
    She possesses that unique combination of
    qualities that allows her to meet the needs of a
    wide range of student abilities.  She teaches
    everything from our highest level --- a college
    level Advanced Placement English class to a
    class with students who have scored below
    standard on state testing.  She is also securing
    the teaching profession by teaching our Teacher
    Cadet class.  The results are phenomenal.
    Sheila Hilton, Principal, T.L. Hanna High

Anne Harder
Bamberg 2
  • Our teacher of the year is a wonderful person.
     She is warm, funny, and very considerate.  She
    is a teacher that stays late to prepare her class
    for the following day.  She puts forth a great
    effort to complete any task that is given to her.
     Mrs. Caldwell cares about her students and tries
    very hard to make sure they learn.  I am very
    proud to have her on my staff.Tonya D. Thomas,
    Assistant PrincipalDenmark-Olar Elementary

Betty Caldwell
Barnwell 19
  • Mrs. Holiday is not content to merely maintain
    the status quo as far as teaching methods is
    concerned and constantly strives to find and
    implement new and better ways of communicating
    the wonders of science and social studies. She is
    committed to the fundamental belief that every
    student with whom she comes in contact has an
    innate value and great potential.  Her students,
    co-workers and supervisors can all testify to her
    strong commitment to the betterment of her
    students and of the community in general.Karen
    JohnsonMacedonia Elementary

Sybrenda Holiday
Barnwell 45
  • Mrs. Briggs is a teacher who inspires student
    achievement through the use of technology. She
    demonstrates to all students respect and
    compassion and sets the teaching bar at a height
    that only master teachers attain. She shares her
    knowledge of math with all students regardless of
    their academic level and demonstrates concern and
    communication with all stakeholders in
    education.Dr. John A. Bass, PrincipalGuinyard
    Butler Middle School

Tammy Briggs
  • Mr. Mike Allen is a focused, dedicated teacher. 
    He is excellent at developing a common vision
    among his students and helping them realize their
    vision.  Mr. Allen works tirelessly helping
    students master the skills necessary to be
    successful in his robotics classes.  He empowers
    them to utilize their new found understandings
    and skills to create new learning beyond the
    classroom.  Mike Allen develops life-long
    learners.Daniel H. Durbin, Ed.D,
    PrincipalBeaufort High School

Mike Allen
  • Harold is the most altruistic gentleman with
    whom I have had the pleasure of working.  He
    supports his Moderate to Severe Disability
    students daily during the school year and at a
    camp that he hosts during the summers.  Harold
    goes above and beyond to assist his fellow
    teachers in blossoming into educational leaders
    and advocates as he works with them to become
    Highly Qualified, contributes to our school
    leadership team, and leads the Teacher Forum for
    our district. Dr. Kim McLaren, Principal
    Berkeley High School

Harold Tabor
Anita Fersner
  • Whether Ms. Benton is contributing from the
    English-Language Arts department on our Academic
    Leadership Team, teaching reading, or
    facilitating a reading professional development
    session, she carries out each duty exceptionally
    and enthusiastically.  As a woman of integrity
    and good old fashioned values, Ms. Benton
    connects and works with the faculty and staff to
    move Morningside students to a high level of
    academic performance.  Excellence is her
    standard. Kala T. Goodwine, PrincipalMorningsi
    de Middle School

Gwendolyn Benton
  • If I could create the ideal school, Syreeta
    Greene would be my model for all teachers. She
    exemplifies compassion tempered with high
    expectations, creativity balanced by standards,
    and professionalism infused with great warmth.
    She is a magnet for students needing help and
    guidance and an inspiration for us all.
    Marlene Davis, Principal, Gaffney Senior High

Syreeta Greene
  • Tonya is a leader among her peers.  She is
    enthusiastically helpful to her colleagues,
    particularly when it comes to technology.  She
    persistently maintains a positive attitude and
    will seek out any data or methods necessary to
    help her students succeed. She also has a
    wonderful sense of humor andhas a close
    relationship with her family of fellow second
    grade teachers.Jerry Digh, Principal, Great
    Falls Elementary School

Tonya Weir
  • Mrs. Atkinson is a dynamic teacher who puts her
    whole heart into her craft.  She loves her
    students, and they love her because they know she
    cares for them.  Her patience and sincerity are
    apparent as she works to create an environment
    that simulates and nurtures young learners.  She
    challenges them and encourages them to take
    risks, and they thrive under her careful guidance
    and tutelage. She truly possesses the art of
    teaching. Scott Eddins, Principal, Cheraw
    Intermediate School

Polly Atkinson
Clarendon 1
  • Cindy is an outstanding teacher. She is very
    passionate about teaching and particularly
    working with students who have learning
    disabilities. Her success rate with students
    attaining standard on the HSAP Exit Examination
    has been phenomenal. We are confident that she
    would also be an excellent example of the
    outstanding teachers in South Carolina.Bernard
    McDaniel, PrincipalScotts Branch High School

Cindy Brunson
Clarendon 2
  • Mrs. Hardy has faith that all special needs
    children can and will learn. She has a heart
    filled with determination to do what is right for
    the children in our school. She is an inspiring
    educator that believes in the profession and in
    thinking out of the box to plan educational
    programs to meet the needs of all children no
    matter the disability. To her special is
    defined as extraordinary!Betty Harrington,
    PrincipalManning Early Childhood Center

Roxanne Hardy
Clarendon 3
  • "Mrs. Morgan is one of those rare individuals who
    has the ability to connect with everyone
    especially children.  She builds a sense of
    community in the classroom where students care
    not only about learning but also about each
    other. She sets high standards for herself and
    her students and works hard to make sure these
    standards are reached.  Colleagues seek her
    advice, parents depend on her guidance and the
    administration holds her in high esteem."
    Cathie Hartzog. Principal, Gallman Elementary

Mandi Morgan
  • Renee believes that our children are like
    mirrorsthey reflect our attitudes in life. It is
    while observing Renee interacts with her students
    that you get an idea of just how much she loves
    her students and understands how her behavior
    influences these little lives. Her class
    management, planning, caring, understanding of
    the standards, high expectations, and dedication
    to teaching these children makes her a role model
    for all teachers at all grade levels. She spends
    countless hours preparing to make her classroom a
    place where students want to achieve and learn.
     Karl Naugle, Principal, Cottageville
    Elementary School

Shelley R. Boyles
  • "When I think of her as an instructor, I really
    see her as an artisan. Whether she is a
    sculptor, a painter, a potter, a composer, or an
    architect depends on which day it is, which
    lesson she's teaching, and which of her precious
    students she's working with. Her craftsmanship
    is always of high quality and beyond what most
    aspire to do. She consistently makes and molds
    serious, competitive students out of students who
    enter her classroom with deficits, fears, and
    disadvantages. In my estimation, she is among
    the best teachers I have every had the
    opportunity to work alongside." Kim Mason,
    PrincipalRosenwald Elementary/Middle School

Amber Hutchins
Dillon 1
Wesley Revels
Dillon 2
  • I am so very proud of Celeste!  She is not only
    a fabulous teacher, she is a fabulous person.
     Her positive attitude sets the stage for her
    success as a teacher, friend, and colleague.  She
    is an asset to our school and community!  We love
    her! Bobbie Walters, Principal, East
    Elementary School

Celeste Gough
Dillon 3
  • Mrs. Berry has natural leadership abilities.
    Teachers respect her and value her instructional
    insights. She sets her standards high for
    herself, her students, and teachers that she
    works with. Seldom does one find an instructor
    who is a natural teacher with leadership
    qualities as well. She is creative in planning
    her technology meetings for the staff development
    and is always on call when needed.George
    Liebenrood, PrincipalLatta High School

Christy Berry
Dorchester 2
  • Mr. Thompsons deep understanding of his field,
    his personal drive and determination, and his
    shared decision- making approach to teaching make
    him an excellent teacher. He fosters a strong
    enthusiasm for learning. Mr. Thompson
    consistently supports other teachers and creates
    an efficient, safe, community-oriented
    environment as a school leader. He is
    self-motivated and highly respected by the
    administration, staff, and students of Rollings
    Middle School of the Arts.Camilla Pickney

Timothy Thompson
Dorchester 4
  • It is an absolute pleasure to have such a
    genuine person such as Ms. Gadson in our
    building. Her personality and ability as a
    teacher make her such a vital piece to our school
    and our faculty's success. It is very tough to
    walk by her classroom without stopping to watch
    her dynamic lessons and genuine love for her
    students. Her energy, professionalism and
    charisma are what set her apart from others. Our
    school and district are very fortunate to have
    such a fine educator and person to represent us.
    Jeff Beckwith, PrincipalWilliams Memorial
    Elementary School

Valerie Gadson
Debbie Courtney
Charlene McMillan
Florence 1
  • Sandra has an excellent rapport with her
    students.  She shows a sincere interest in them
    as individuals and is consistently fair in
    dealing with them.  She constantly searches for
    ways to make her teaching more interesting and
    effective.  Sandra frequently volunteers to help
    in other aspects of the school.  I consider
    Sandra a very capable and dedicated teacher and
    an asset to field of education.  It is not easy
    finding teachers with her talent, ambition, and
    drive.  She truly is an amazing person. Pam
    Quick, Principal, West Florence High

Sandra Welch
Florence 2
Lenease Brickers
Florence 3
  • We are very fortunate to have Mrs. Rosales
    teaching at Olanta Elementary. Just to be able to
    sit in her classroom and observe her teaching
    -  is truly a joy!   She has a way of making
    every lesson meaningful and fun, and  is able to
    bring out the best in her students. She is a born
    teacher who is not only loved by her students but
    also highly respected by her peers. It is an
    honor to work with Mrs. Rosales and our students
    are blessed to have her as their teacher.Becky
    Hobbs, PrincipalOlanta Elementary

Amanda Rosales
Florence 4
Heath Stokes
Florence 5
  • Amanda is an outstanding teacher who has a
    genuine care for the success of herstudents. She
    is motivating , inspiring, and helpful to all
    students that come in contact with her.
    Johnsonville High School is very proud to have
    her as teacher and a friend.Stevie Phillips,
    PrincipalJohnsonville High School

Amanda McKee
  • When you enter Derenda Marshall's room you need
    to fasten your seatbelt, Your about to take a
    ride on the Magic School Bus. Her physical energy
    sucks the children into the lesson. She was
    instrumental in McDonald Elementary becoming the
    first Project Learning Tree Environmental School
    in South Carolina. The McDonald family is proud
    to call her one of its own. Miriam Daniels,
    Principal, McDonald Elementary School

Derenda Marshall
  • JoAnn skillfully demonstrates an understanding
    of the developmental needs of young children, and
    creates an wonderful atmosphere for learning.
     She demonstrates an extraordinary ability to
    identify students who are struggling, as a result
    of their special needs.  JoAnn's teaching
    exemplifies her knowledge, poise , enthusiasm,
    and most of all, her passion and commitment to
    children and their families. I believe that not
    only is she changing the lives of her students,
    she is making a profound educational impact in
    our schools and in Greenville County. Doris
    Santanello, PrincipalOverbrook Child Development

JoAnn Timberlake
Greenwood 50
Greg Rice
Greenwood 51
  • Mrs. McGrew is a valued member of the Ware
    Shoals Elementary School faculty. Her positive
    attitude and love of the students are reflected
    in the outstanding quality of the program of
    instruction that she maintains at Ware Shoals. 
    Her enthusiasm, her innovativeness, and her
    genuine concern for education are exemplary.  Her
    flexibility in working with students, teachers,
    and the public has earned her an enviable
    reputation as an excellent teacher who truly
    cares about people.Nancy Brown

Krystal McGrew
Greenwood 52
  • Fitz Sprowl is one of the hardest working
    individuals Ive ever worked with.  He teaches
    bell-to-bell and creates engaging assignments for
    his classes.  The relationships he builds with
    students extend past graduation day.  As a
    co-sponsor of the student council, he dedicates a
    great deal of after-school hours helping this
    group achieve their goals and objectives.  It is
    my pleasure and honor to work with Fitz Sprowl. 
    Rex Ward, PrincipalNinety Six High School

Fitz Sprowl
Hampton 1
Gail Stanley
Hampton 2
Sherrie Smart
  • When Jean was named Horry County Teacher of the
    Year, she brought a tidal wave of hope to the
    students, staff and parents of a rural,
    impoverished community.  Her cheerful personality
    and encouraging words embody the lyrics to the
    song Wind Beneath My Wings as a teacher leader at
    Loris Middle School.  She makes a difference
    daily in the lives of all of the students she
    encounters whether in the classroom or in the
    hallway and she inspires the staff to join her on
    the walk of excellence.  She is the teacher every
    parent would want for his or her child. Judy
    Beard, PrincipalLoris Middle School

Jean Burden
Christina Walker
  • Angie Lawson exudes a personal passion for
    teaching that lies in her potential to influence
    children in a positive manner through the
    performing arts.  Ms. Lawson has strengthened
    ties to the community through numerous
    after-hours activities such as Tinikling, Boy
    Scouts, Key Board Lessons, and Honors Chorus. She
    works tirelessly to make Pine Tree Hill
    Elementary and the students be the very best they
    can be. We are truly blessed to have such an
    outstanding teacher!Lisa Shannon, PhD,
    PrincipalPine Tree Hill Elementary

Angie Lawson
  • Deirdra Chandler's students are fortunate to
    have an environment which allows them to be
    comfortable.  Some students are in desks, some
    are working from bean bag chairs and some are
    sitting on rugs. All are relaxed and engaged in
    activities.  Deirdra respects the differences in
    children and has an amazingly natural way of
    meeting their needs. Deirdra does not accept
    failure and sees a student's failure as her own.
    She works tirelessly to meet with co-workers to
    find ways to reach all children.  She is truly a
    leader. Jane Gaston, Principal, Erwin

Deirdra Chandler
Laurens 55
  • Deborah embodies the most positive attributes of
    an educator.  She exudes enthusiasm and motivates
    even the most reluctant learner as she brings
    literature to life everyday in her classroom.
     She loves her students and they understand that
    they are fortunate to have been assigned to her
    care.  She knows that it is more important to
    develop life-long readers than to dissect
    literature.  She is a model for teachers at
    Laurens District 55 High School as she works
    tirelessly to meet the needs of her students
    while pushing herself to enhance her knowledge of
    and implement best practice in her classroom.
    Wayne McIntosh, PrincipalLaurens District 55
    High School

Debbie Simpson
Laurens 56
  • Mr. Schoolfield is an amazing motivator of
    students!  His students consistently perform at
    the highest levels on the Algebra End of Course
    Test and he has had a 100 pass rate for the last
    4 years.  Although there are many educators that
    have learned to motivate students, David has had
    that natural ability since his first year
    teaching and coaching.  He is fortunate to have
    already seen the big picture." Maureen
    Tiller, Principal, Bell Street Middle School

David Schoolfield
Sandra Frazier
Lexington 1
  • Pam is more than our Teacher of the Year she
    is a teacher for all seasons.  She is serious but
    teaches and relates to middle schoolers - they
    want to learn.  She makes learning palatable and
    exciting.  Pam Light has made a second career
    out of community service and involvement most
    effectively. Pam does the extraordinary as a
    matter of fact.  On a mission trip to Nicaragua
    this fall she created and maintained a website
    allowing her to interact with her students.
    Dr. Nancy L. Turner, Principal, White Knoll
    Middle School

Pamela Light
Lexington 2
Shannon Cornelius
Lexington 3
  • Betsy McEwen is a natural born teacher.  She
    came to education from the banking profession
    because I think she knew that her it was in
    teaching.  She works from day one to build a
    community where students love learning.  Her high
    expectations and genuine concern for every
    student set her apart from her peers.  Ms. McEwen
    reminds our faculty daily of Jim Collins
    statement, Greatness is not a function of
    circumstance, but of conscious choice. Angie
    Rye, PrincipalBatesburg-Leesville Middle School

Betsy McEwen
Lexington 4
  • It is rare that I have had the opportunity to
    work with a professional educator with the
    ability, attitude, and leadership of William
    Green.    Mr. Green is an example of what it
    means to be a life-long learner and his ability
    to share his passion for learning with his
    students brings science to life in his classroom.
     Mr. Green invests his time, energy, and
    instructional skills into each student and does
    not allow failure to be an option.  Mr. Green's
    aims and ambitions are consistently ones of
    self-improvement and he approaches each challenge
    with humility and a commitment to
    excellence.Justin Nutter, PrincipalSandhills
    Middle School

Will Green, Jr.
Lexington-Richland Five
  • She has vision, desire, and great compassion for
    students. She has high expectations for herself
    and her students and refuses to allow either to
    fail. Because of her dedication and love for
    students, she was hand selected as our SAIL
    coordinator this year. This is a program designed
    to help our most at risk students and has become
    a model for other schools in South Carolina.
    Lesley has done a great job thus far with this
    program. She has definitely earned the title of
    Teacher of the Year. Mike Satterfield,
    Principal, Chapin High School

Lesley Williams
Marion 1
  • Ms. Cook is an excellent teacher and a leader
    among our staff. She goes beyond the call of duty
    to do what is best for her students, especially
    at risk students, and our school. Under her
    tutelage students have received experiences far
    beyond the classroom.   She is a role model for
    novice and veteran teachers. She has a passion
    for teaching, learning, and the education
    profession. She is an outstanding ambassador for
    our school and profession. Alfred McFadden,
    Principal,Marion High School

Brandi Cook
Marion 2
  • Mrs. Bame is an extremely talented artist who is
    always searching for creative ways to merge her
    love of children and art to help her students be
    successful. Rebecca Ford, Principal, McCormick
    Elementary School

Lou Bame
Marion 7
Nancy Etman
  • Mr. Brown is an asset to McCormick High School
    and to the district in several ways.  He is a
    dedicated math teacher who works hard to prepare
    his students for future endeavors.  He is also
    oversees the athletic program as the director and
    head football coach.  Mr. Brown takes a personal
    interest in his students, both in the classroom
    and on the sports program. Sandra Calliham,
    Ed.D., Supt. McCormick County School District

Frank Brown
Deborah Moore Gallman
Jenni Clay
Orangeburg 3
  • Cardacia is the most vivacious, dedicated and
    caring teacher I have ever had the pleasure of
    supervising!  Vivacious because she never has a
    "bad" day.  She greets everyone with a smile and
    is ready for conversation ALL THE TIME.  Her
    dedication to the profession is shown daily as
    she makes sure every student leaves her classes
    with an excellent understanding of the skills
    taught.  Cardacia cares about the well-being of
    her students as well as others through her
    involvement with extracurricular activities.  Her
    middle school Step Team is awesome!Mamie
    Dupree, Principal

Cardacia Robinson Green
Orangeburg 4
Dottie Strickland
Orangeburg 5
  • Ms. Dawn Starks is indeed a one in a million
    find. She exemplifies everything that an educator
    should be. Her students are always the focus
    behind every decision that she makes throughout
    the day. Sheridan Elementary is truly a better
    place because of Ms. Starks and her dedication to
    her profession. Xennie Weeks,
    PrincipalSheridan Elementary

Dawn Starks
Palmetto Unified
Caren Rose
  • Her professionalism and amazing ability to work
    on everything from producing a school video,
    streamlining videos, helping with parent sessions
    and visiting classrooms while smiling all the
    time motivates all of our staff to do the same
    during their busy days. What I find hard to 
    explain about the School District of Pickens
    Countys Teacher of the Year is her never
    compromising compassion of putting students and
    their learning first. Christina Connell, through
    her daily teaching, personal sacrifices and
    positive interactions has inspired students,
    staff members, other colleagues and myself to do
    everything we possibly can despite whatever
    obstacles we encounter to serve and teach our
    future. She is the best!

Christina Connell
Richland 1
  • "In our current education and economic ear, there
    is a demand for immediate positive results with
    limited resources.  Ms. Dywanna Smith is the
    change agent who responds to this demand with an
    intelligent recognition of the issues and viable
    well-thought out solutions.  She is a visionary
    with the work ethic to deliver the needed
    results.  Her unrelenting mission to increase
    student achievement is reflected in her decisions
    which are always in the best interest of our
    students.  Ms. Smith is a visionary, believer,
    motivator, learner, pioneer and risk-taker."
    Marisa Vickers, PrincipalHand Middle School

Dywanna Smith
Richland 2
  • Courtney is the true definition of a teacher
    leader. She is willing to take on any task and
    has the ability to make a difficult task seem
    easy. Courtney has a unique talent to reach the
    most at-risk students and hold them to the
    highest expectations. I am honored to work with a
    woman who has the skills to manage a large family
    by today's standards, teach outstanding lessons
    every day, and sponsor several extracurricular
    activities. Courtney is truly an outstanding
    teacher who is changing the world one student at
    a time.Katina Davis, PrincipalLongleaf Middle

Courtney Randle
  • Dianne McLean's teaching career has been
    characterized by her own desire to learn and to
    meet the needs of her students. As she puts it, I
    remember well one of my professors whose advice
    still resonates with me Consider the needs of
    the student. Dont think about what you want or
    what you need as a teacher. Think about what the
    student needs. This sage advice has been at the
    heart of her instructional approach throughout
    her career. A teacher for more than 30 years, she
    continues to be a model for those who are called
    to teach and to make a difference in the lives of
    children.Timonthy Bunch, S.C. DJJ

Marcia Dianne McLean
  • Amy Mitchell is the ideal teacher. She plans
    her lessons diligently and implements them using
    her exceptional instructional skills. Ms.
    Mitchells sincere cordiality, superior
    competency and caring personality enable her to
    establish excellent rapport with students,
    parents and colleagues. She is a truly wonderful
    representative as Teacher of the Year at Saluda
    Elementary School.Joseph M. Cox,
    PrincipalSaluda Elementary School

Amy Mitchell
Spartanburg 1
  • Debra is the hardest working teacher I know. She
    is a constant professional that spends hours of
    her time working to help students that most need
    help. She works late almost everyday and spends
    every weekend at the school working on lesson
    plans, and planning units that include benchmark
    tests to help each student perform better on the
    EOC in English I. Her dedication is not limited
    to books and planning, she truly loves kids and
    will do whatever it takes to ensure that she
    builds a relationship with each student and their
    family. I am the luckiest principal in America
    because Debra teaches my daughter. Brian J.
    Sherman, PrincipalLandrum High School

Debra Giles
Spartanburg 2
  • I have worked with many exceptional teachers
    throughout my career. Without doubt, Stephanie
    Cash is a stand-out. She inspires her students,
    works well with other faculty members, and is
    certainly an asset to our school and community. I
    could name countless achievements but perhaps the
    most important thing you need to know is that she
    is the epitome of what every teacher should
    strive to be.  Teaching is her calling and she
    loves it.  I consider it a privilege and blessing
    to have her on our faculty at Chesnee High
    School.  Tom Ezell, PrincipalChesnee High

Stephanie Cash
Spartanburg 3
Kristy Eubanks
Spartanburg 4
  • Gail High will always be a very young person. 
    She exemplifies Henry Ford's belief, "Anyone who
    stops learning is old, whether at twenty or
    eighty.  But anyone who keeps learning is
    young."  Ms. High has a passion for learning, and
    she shares this with her students in her social
    studies classroom.  She hooks them with stories
    and trivia and makes history come alive for
    them.  Denise Brown, Principal, Woodruff
    Middle School

Gail High
Spartanburg 5
  • Kelly Jewett is the teacher that I wish that I
    would have had as a student. She is energetic,
    knowledgeable, and loves her students without
    reservations. Kelly has gained the respect and
    admiration of her colleagues after just one year
    at our school. She is a huge part of the Byrnes
    Freshman Academy family. Todd E. Hardy,
    PrincipalJames F. Byrnes Freshman Academy

Kelly Jewett
Spartanburg 6
  • Mrs. Thigpen is the most caring educator I have
    ever known.  It does not matter the color of
    their skin, the economic level, the
    academic/behavior concerns- she welcomes all to
    her room with open arms. She sets high
    expectations for her students to achieve and they
    rise to her expectations. As a kindergarten
    teacher for 33 years, Mrs. Thigpen has started
    hundreds of children off to the best start
    possible in school as she has not only provided
    academic success for her students, she has also
    helped them develop a love for learning and
    school. Dr. Cynthia Pridgen,
    Principal,Woodland Heights Elementary School

Peggy Thigpen
Spartanburg 7
  • Jane possesses a strong commitment to her school
    and community, and her passion for creating a
    safe and healthful environment is contagious. 
    Jane has been instrumental in developing and
    maintaining quality programs at Pine Street
    School.  With her leadership and guidance, she
    has encouraged us all and taught us ways to lead
    healthy and productive lives. Ann Chapman
    Jeter, PrincipalPine Street Elementary School

Jane Abbot
Sumter 2
  • Sharons strong commitment to her students is
    evident in her daily work. She is an
    enthusiastic, gifted teacher whose classroom
    reflects her love of learning and sharing. Sharon
    never feels that she has learned everything about
    teaching she is the first to volunteer to attend
    staff development training or try something new.
    It is a joy to work with Sharon
    Delaney.Marlene De Wit, PrincipalEbenezer
    Middle School

Sharon Delaney
Sumter 17
  • Tammi Morris- what a jewel!  In my eighteen
    years as an educator, I have never met a teacher
    more dedicated to meeting the needs of all of her
    students.  She possesses a rare ability to
    combine great compassion and caring with high
    expectations and outstanding pedagogical skills. 
    Her style earns the trust and respect of her
    students and enables them to maximize their God
    given potential.  Mrs. Morris is a class act in
    every way and is well loved by our entire school
    family. Phillip W. Jackson, Principal,
    Kingsbury Elementary School

Tamara Morris
  • "Mr. Lewis is a contagiously enthusiastic
    individual who seeks to educate students
    utilizing the most up-to-date technology and
    teaching techniques in a fun-filled, energetic
    environment that is conducive to learning!  All
    students eagerly anticipate being in his classes
    and walk away with a new appreciation for music
    and learning.Kathy Taylor, PrincipalExcelsior
    Middle School

Walter Lewis
  • Beth is an outstanding teacher. She is extremely
    passionate about teaching math to students with
    the expectation that they all can be successful.
    She routinely stays after school tutoring
    students and communicating with parents. She is
    dedicated to her profession and is well respected
    by students and staff alike. We are very
    fortunate to have Beth as a teacher at our school
    and as a representative of our district. Skip
    Lax, PrincipalWilliston-Elko High School

Beth McCarty
York 1
Leslie Templeton
York 2
  • Beth Collins, York 2 (Clover) District Teacher
    of the Year is 50 mind, 50 heart and 100
    dedication.  She has the knowledge and skills to
    reach every student she serves, the compassion
    and love to be an advocate for each individual,
    and the persistence and ethics to be an example
    for all of us educators.  Each day she creates a
    legacy.  We are honored to be associated with
    such an exemplary teacher. Dr. Tommy
    Schmolze, PrincipalClover High School

Beth Collins
York 3
  • "I have always found Mr. Coburn to be very
    professional in his approach to education.  He
    works well with others and is a competent,
    knowledgeable, and dedicated professional.  He is
    an outstanding educator whose passion and first
    priority is teaching. Through grants, he has
    developed an engineering lab that is well
    equipped and provides an excellent learning
    environment for his students.  The students know
    that he cares about their success and is invested
    in their education." James Blake,
    PrincipalNorthwestern High School

Bryan Coburn
York 4
  • "Jeanie Whitten is a master teacher at Fort Mill
    High School.  She does the things necessary to
    involve and engage students each day in her
    class.  Her Physics classes are rigorous and fun
    for her students.  Mrs. Whitten embodies all the
    qualities desired of the best teachers in
    America.  Her devotion to the craft of teaching
    and her content is among the highest I've
    witnessed in my education career. Dee
    Christopher, PrincipalFort Mill High School

Jeanie Whitten
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