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The Four Types of Paragraphs Excert from:


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Four Types of Paragraphs Excert from:

The Four Types of Paragraphs Excert
  1. Narrative tells the details of one main event
  2. Descriptive paints a picture, only using words,
    about what a person, place, or thing is like
  3. Expository presentation of information,
    opinions, or ideas / it exposes something about a
  4. Persuasive when expressing an opinion, you
    attempt to persuade someone that you are right. A
    persuasive paragraph is developed with reasons
    based on facts.

The 5 paragraph essay
  • ENG 9

The Traditional Five Paragraph Essay
  • The Three Main Parts
  • Introduction,
  • Body, and
  • Conclusion

Introduction Tell them what
youre going to tell them.

Body Tell them.
Conclusion Tell them what youve told
I. IntroductionThe First Paragraph of the Essay
  • The first paragraph of the five paragraph is
    called the introduction.
  • An introduction consists of 3 parts
  • The hook lead sentence
  • A general statement to the thesis (usually 2-3
  • Thesis statement (usually the last sentence of
    the paragraph)
  • These three to five sentences make up the three
    main parts of the introduction.

Sample Introduction
  • According to many scientists, when you travel to
    many parts of the world you will find stories of
    giant, flying reptiles. (This is the hook) These
    strange creatures are called dragons. The word
    dragon is from the Greek word for serpent. In
    some places, dragons may have two heads, but they
    all have wings like a bat and the scales of a
    reptile. (these last 2 sentences are the general
    statements to the thesis). What makes dragons
    special are that they can be friendly creatures,
    protectors of property and big fans of fire.
    (Thesis statement)

What is a hook?
  • A hook is the first sentence of an essay.
  • There are many types of hooks, but they all serve
    the same ultimate purpose.
  • Purpose to grab (or hook) the readers attention
  • Your goal Is to have readers read your essay

Hook examples
  • A good writer may use shock value to grab the
    readers attention by using a startling
  • Over 80 of teenage traffic accidents are alcohol

Hook examples
  • Or the writer can use a current event
  • On Jan. 23, 2008, two Richmond students were
    involved in a serious motor vehicle accident,
    directly attributed to excessive alcohol

Hook examples
  • A writer might also employ the use of parody, or
    a twist a famous quotation..
  • To drink or not to drink. That is the question!

Hook examples
  • Some writers like to begin as essay with a
  • Is it possible to reduce the vast number of
    alcohol related accidents among teenagers?

Hook examples
  • Or, perhaps a quotation from a famous and
    respected individual
  • Dr. I.M. Hammer, of Teen Drinking Anonymous(TDA)
    states that since the invention of alcohol,
    teenagers have had difficulties controlling their
    alcohol consumption.

One final note
  • The important thing to remember is

Task Write a lead sentence (hook) for the
following topics
  • 1) Use a quotation hook Picking blueberries is
    hard work.
  • 2) Use a question hook Not everyone can dance.
  • 3) Use an interesting fact hook A lion is a
    feared creature.
  • 4) Use a statistic hook Only a select few
    graduate with Honours at SFU and UBC.
  • 5) Choice hook Aliens
  • 6) Choice hook Athletic changes at JNB
  • 7) Choice hook Fast food at JNB
  • 8) Choice hook Homework at JNB
  • 9) Choice hook Teen dating
  • 10)Choice hook Eliminating provincial exams

Thesis Statement-Essay Map.
  • The Thesis Statement is the main idea of the
    entire essay.
  • It outlines the main ideas of your paper
  • The thesis statement is always the last sentence
    of the introductory paragraph
  • The thesis relates to all the body paragraphs
  • ( provides reader with a map)
  • Example She is an amazing woman who performs
    the double role of a mother and a father, holds a
    full-time job, and still manages to tend to all
    our needs.

Structuring your thesis statement
  • Your thesis statement should be ONE SENTENCE with
    TWO parts
  • 1) a general idea
  • 2) specific points ( to support general idea)

Thesis example
  • Dogs are loyal, useful and excellent companions.
  • Your three body paragraphs are going to be
  • 1) why or how dogs are loyal (body paragraph 1)
  • 2) why dogs are useful (body paragraph 2)
  • 3) why dogs are excellent companions ( body
    paragraph 3)

Task Copy thesis and break it up into the
different body paragraphs
  • A liberal education involves a combination of
    knowledge, skills and standards.

  • A liberal education involves a combination of
    knowledge, skills, and standards.
  • Body Para 1 Why is knowledge important to
  • Body Para 2 why are skills important to
  • Body Para 3 why are standards important to

The Body and the Conclusion of an Essay
  • Ghaug
  • Eng 9

What is the body?
  • A. Develops, expands, and/or supports the thesis
  • B. Includes a topic sentence for each paragraph
  • C. Includes supporting details which reinforce
    the topic sentence of each paragraph.

II. The Body Paragraph Three Main ComponentsA.
Topic Sentence 1. The topic sentence is the
sentence that expresses the main
idea of the body paragraph, which
is one of the three main supporting ideas
presented in the Essay Map. a. Example
First, my mother has always been both a Mom and a
Dad to us since we were little.Remember the
thesis She is an amazing woman who performs the
double role of a mother and a father, holds a
full-time job, and still manages to tend to all
our needs.
Concluding ParagraphA. Restates the thesis or
sums up the argument.B. Tells the reader what
you think is important to remember. (Often, this
is a personal response).C. Never introduce new
information in the conclusion.