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Jesus, The Son of God


Title: Jesus, The Son of God Author: John C. Robertson Last modified by: John C. Robertson Created Date: 7/19/2003 9:57:43 PM Document presentation format – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Jesus, The Son of God

Jesus, The Son of God
  • A Chronological and Geographical Study of the
    Life of Christ

Part V
Chronological and geographical review
Jesus first general tour of Galilee
  • Jesus travels to Nazareth from Samaria. He
    preaches in the synagogue pronouncing His deity
    (Lk. 416-21).
  • Jesus travels to Cana of Galilee and heals the
    Noblemans son (Jn. 443-54).
  • To Capernaum (Lk. 431-32).
  • To the Sea of Galilee (51).
  • Jesus calls James (the sixth apostle) to follow
    Him (Matt. 420-21).
  • The six disciples now following Jesus are Peter,
    James, John, Philip, Nathaniel and Andrew.

Why so much time in Galilee?
  • Matthew 424
  • Jesus spent approximately two thirds of His time
    preaching in Galilee.
  • Matthew quotes Isaiah the prophet regarding the
    matter (Matt. 415-16).
  • Mark simply records Jesus Galilean ministry as a
    matter of historical fact.
  • Luke states, And Jesus returned in the power of
    the Spirit into Galilee and there went out a
    fame of him through all the region round about
    (Luke 414).
  • Jesus may have been avoiding the growing
    hostility in Judea.
  • The fact that eleven of the twelve disciples were
    from Galilee. Judas was the one from Judea which
    may say something about the over all interest in
    the coming of the Messiah.

The Galilean ministryA Time of Controversy
  • Jesus under the magnifying glass of scrutiny
    (Mark 21-28).
  • Matthew makes the 8th disciple.
  • A brief break in the Galilean Ministry (Jn.
  • Jesus returns to Capernaum and heals a man on the
    Sabbath (Mark 31-6) (tension mounting)

Two momentums building
  1. The fame of Jesus is growing. Knowledge of
    the miracles performed were spread by eye
  2. The Mounting hatred on the part of the scribes
    and Pharisees. Jesus stole the show from these
    hypocrites. On one occasion, Jesus said, Woe
    unto you Pharisees! For ye love the chief seats
    in the synagogues, and the salutations in the

The Sermon on the Mount
  • Jesus selects the remaining 12 disciples (Mark
  • Matthew records the sermon (5-7).
  • Mark does not mention the sermon
  • Luke records the sermon immediately after
    choosing the 12 disciples.
  • John does not record the sermon.

The Sermon on the Mount
  • All three of the synoptic writers agree that
    Jesus had retired to the mountains after the
    Sabbath controversies.
  • All three record the massive following of Jesus
    at this time (cf. Matt. 51).
  • R. C. Foster said of the sermon, it is the
    greatest statement ever made on the general
    subject of religion and morals the sermon
    presents the highest ideas of living the world
    has ever received, in the most beautiful language
    ever conceived.

A brief outline of the Sermon on the Mount
  • One man has said, the greatest of all sins is to
    be conscious of none. (cf. Lev. 1144 I Pet.
  • The Sermon on the Mount challenges its readers to
    evaluate ones current conduct.
  • Precision of holiness is demanded in the sermon
    (Matt. 521-22, 27-28).
  • Jesus emphasized the inner life, making the
    thought and intent to do evil as sinful as the
    deed itself (Foster 467).

Back to Capernaum
  • A demonstration of understanding and faith in the
    authority of Jesus (Luke 71-10).
  • Jesus travels to Nain of Galilee (Lk. 711-17).
  • Apparently, while in Nain, Jesus is invited to
    eat in the home of a Pharisee (Lk. 736-50).

Geography Review
Conclusion and review
  • Jesus completes the first of three general tours
    of Galilee.
  • Growing hostility is mounting.
  • The fame of the Lord is spreading.
  • The day of His sacrifice grows closer.