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Cong-Mengh Waac 19:18 Proverbs 19:18


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cong-Mengh Waac 19:18 Proverbs 19:18

Cong-Mengh Waac 1918 Proverbs 1918
Yuoqc Zorqv Zuiz Bun Zingh Nyeic Motivation
Punishments Rewards
Sunday/July 18, 2010
Dongh maaih lamh hnamv nyei ziangh hoc oix zuqc
mborqv njaaux meih nyei fu'jueiv. Maiv dungx
dingc sueih ninh zuqc mietc.
Discipline your son, for in that there is hope
do not be a willing party to his death.
Biux Mengh Waac Introduction Ging-Sou mbuox mbuo
oix zuqc njaaux fujueiv dongh corc maaih lamh
hnamv nyei ziangh hoc, eix-leiz se dongh ninh
mbuo maiv gaengh mingh zoux waaic sic nyei ziangh
hoc, maiv dungx zuov taux buatc ninh mbuo mingh
zoux waaic sic cingx daaih njaaux, hnangv naaic
se zaih miaqv. Bible tells us to teach children
when still a hope, it means that children not
getting bad, we have to start teaching them
early, dont wait until they are bad, when they
doing bad thing is too late.
I. Njaaux Fujueiv Nyei Jauv
Congh Mengh Waac 1324 Haaix dauh nyienz jienv
maiv longc biaav mborqv njaaux, wuov dauh maiv
hnamv ninh nyei dorn, mv baac haaix dauh hnamv
dorn se jienh mborqv njaaux.
Proverbs 1324 He who spares the rod hates his
son, but he who loves him is careful to
discipline him.
1. Hatc njaaux fujueiv nyei jauv se benx diex
maac nyei gong, diex maac horpc zuqc njaaux ganh
nyei fujueiv. Discipline children is the duty
of parents. Parents should teach their own
2. Ei jienv naaiv douc Ging-Sou nyei waac nor,
haaix dauh maiv hatc njaaux fujueiv, se bun cing
maiv hnamv fujueiv nyei mienh. According to
this passage, for those who do not discipline
children, do not love children.
3. Fujueiv ziangh ziouc qiemx zuqc diex maac
njaaux. Maiv maaih haaix dauh cuotv seix daaih
ninh ganh hiuv nzengc nyungc-nyungc. Dauh dauh
mienh qiemx zuqc mienh njaaux, qiemx zuqc mienh
dorh mbuo cingx haih hlo. By nature, children
need the instruction of parents. No one born into
this world know everything by himself. Every one
need some one to teach and to raise up.
II. Njaaux Fujueiv Yangh Horpc Nyei Jauv
Cong-Mengh Waac 226 Njaaux fu'jueiv gan ninh
horpc zuqc yangh nyei jauv, gox daaih ninh ziouc
maiv leih nqoi.
Proverbs 226 Train a child in the way he
should go, and when he is old he will not turn
from it.
1. Njaaux fujueiv gan ninh horpc zuqc njaaux
nyei jauv, eix-leiz se dongh haaix nyungc longx,
haaix nyungc horpc, mbuo dorh ninh mbuo zoux wuov
nyungc. Nyungc zeiv se hnangv mbuo dorh ninh mbuo
mingh zoux leiz-baaix, hoqc Ging-Sou, mingh mienh
lunx wuic lo haaix.
Train a child in the way he should go. It means
that we should lead our children in the right
way. For an example, like we take them to the
church, Sunday school, Bible study, and youth
2. Gox daaih ninh ziouc maiv leih nqoi. Mbuo
buatc Ging-Sou mengh-mengh nyei gorngv, mienh
zoux guenx haaix nyungc, ninh mbuo mdaaih zoux
wuov nyungc. Se gorngv fujueiv faix nyei ziangh
hoc, domh mienh dorh ninh mbuo mingh horpc, mingh
longx nyei jauv, ninh mbuo hlo daaih ziouc oix
mingh longx ninh nyei jauv. When he is old he
will not turn from it. We see that Bible is
clearly says, the way people do, whether good or
bad they get used to it, or habitual to it. If
they start doing the right thing, they get use to
do right, if they start doing bad, they get use
to do bad. Children need a good direction, when
they old, they will not depart from it.
3. Congh Mengh Waac 2917-19 Oix zuqc mborqv
njaaux meih nyei dorn, ninh ziouc bun meih duqv
hitv kuonx, ninh yaac oix bun meih nyei hnyouv
a'hneiv. 18 Haaix norm dorngx maiv maaih laauc
yaangh nyei jauv, baeqc fingx ziouc maiv muangx
leiz gunv, mv baac gan longx leiz-latc nyei
mienh duqv orn-lorqc. 19 Kungx longc waac
gorngv-njaaux bou hnangv se maiv gaux. Maiv gunv
ninh mengh baeqc ninh maiv ei jienv zoux.
Proverbs 2917-19 Discipline your son, and he
will give you peace he will bring delight to
your soul. Where there is no revelation, the
people cast off restraint but blessed is he who
keeps the law. A servant cannot be corrected by
mere words though he understands, he will not
4. Congh Mengh Waac 31-2 Yie nyei dorn aah!
Maiv dungx la'kuqv yie njaaux nyei waac. Meih
nyei hnyouv oix zuqc gan longx yie nyei
leiz-latc. 2 meih yiem seix zaangc nyei
hnoi-nyieqc caux hnyangx soux ziouc haih ziangh
duqv ndaauv, meih yaac haih duqv longx.
Proverbs 31-2 My son, do not forget my
teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, 2
for they will prolong your life many years and
bring you prosperity.
III. Longc Biaa Mborqv Njaaux Nyei Jauv
1. Cong-Mengh Waac 2215 Hngongx nyei jauv
m'daaih yiem fu'jueiv nyei hnyouv, mv baac longc
biaav mborqv njaaux haih zunc cuotv leih ninh

Proverbs 2215 Folly is bound up in the heart of
a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it
far from him.
2. Cong-Mengh Waac 2313 Meih oix zuqc mborqv
njaaux fu'jueiv, maiv dungx guangc. Meih longc
biaav fitv ninh, ninh maiv daic.
Proverbs 2313 Do not withhold discipline from
a child if you punish him with the rod, he will
not die.
3. Cong-Mengh Waac 2915 Longc biaav mborqv
njaaux yaac gorngv-njaaux, fu'jueiv ziouc jaa
cong-mengh, mv baac se gorngv sueih fu'jueiv ei
ganh nyei hnyouv zoux, ziouc bun maa zuqc nyaiv.

Pro 2915 The rod of correction imparts wisdom,
but a child left to himself disgraces his mother.
4. Hipvlu 128 Se gorngv meih mbuo maiv hnangv
ninh nyei dorn mbuo zuqc mborqv njaaux, meih mbuo
maiv zeiz cien dorn, kungx zoux fu'jueiv-toi
Hebrews 128 If you are not disciplined (and
everyone undergoes discipline), then you are
illegitimate children and not true sons.
Setv Mueiz Waac Efeso 14-5
  • 4 Yiem maiv gaengh zeix lungh zeix ndau wuov
    zanc, Tin-Hungh zungv ginv mbuo daaih bun mbuo
    kaux Giduc benx ninh nyei mienh, yiem ninh nyei
    nza'hmien cing-nzengc, maiv lamh gorngv dorngx.
  • For he chose us in him before the creation of
    the world to be holy and blameless in his sight,
    In love.

  • 5 Tin-Hungh hnamv mbuo ziouc jaa-ndaangc dingc
    ziangx longc Yesu Giduc bun mbuo benx ninh nyei
    naamh nyouz. Naaiv se ei ninh ganh nyei za'eix
    yaac horpc ninh nyei hnyouv.
  • he predestined us to be adopted as his sons
    through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his
    pleasure and will

  • Yiem naaiv douc Ging-Sou mbuo buatc Tin-Hungh
    mbenc ziangx jauv zuoqc mbuo nzuonx. Fih hnangv
    nyei, se gorngv mbuo oix bun mbuo nyei fujueiv
    benx haaix nyungc mienh, mbuo yaac fih hnangv
    nyei oix zuqc mbenc ziangx jauv daaih yaac dorh
    ninh mbuo ei jienv zoux.
  • In this passage, we see that God had a plans
    to redeem us. In the same way, if we want our
    children good, we had to have a plan, and we have
    to follow the plan to raise our children.

1. Fujueiv qiemx zuqc maaih hatc njaaux nyei
jauv. Children need to have a discipline.
2. Fujueiv ziangh daaih qiemx zuqc domh mienh
njaaux ninh mbuo. Children live with the need of
instruct of the adult.
3. Fujueiv ziangh ziouc qiemx zuqc diex maac
mborqv njaaux ninh mbuo (Hipvlu 128-11). In
nature children needed parents to discipline
them (Hebrews 128-11)
4. Cong-Mengh Waac 41 Zuangx fu'jueiv aac,
oix zuqc muangx die njaaux nyei waac, oix zuqc
longc hnyouv muangx ziouc haih mengh baeqc.
Proverbs 41 Listen, my sons, to a father's
instruction pay attention and gain