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Who in the World is Coming to NCSS? Future Directions for Title VI Outreach


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Who in the World is Coming to NCSS? Future Directions for Title VI Outreach

Who in the World is Coming to NCSS? Future
Directions for Title VI Outreach
Presentation by NRCs on CANADA and NCSS US
Department of Education TITLE VI 50th Anniversary
Conference March 19, 2009
TITLE VI NRCs are invited
International Visitors Program
External Sponsors
World Region Educators Education Partners
  • NCSS and its Outreach Potential
  • Susan Griffin
  • Executive Director, National Council for the
    Social Studies
  • Canada is Coming! as a Model
  • Tina Storer
  • Education and Curriculum Specialist,
  • Center for Canadian American Studies
  • Western Washington University
  • Complementary On-Site Outreach
  • Amy Sotherden
  • Outreach Coordinator,
  • Center for the Study of Canada/Institute on
    Québec Studies
  • SUNY Plattsburgh
  • NCSS Surrounding Area Outreach
  • Betsy Arntzen

1. NCSS and its Outreach Potential
  • Susan Griffin
  • Executive Director,
  • National Council for the Social Studies

National Council for the Social Studies
  • To lead the community of social studies
    professionals in promoting a knowledgeable and
    engaged citizenry by providing leadership,
    service, and support for all social studies

What is the National Council for the Social
  • largest association in the nation devoted solely
    to social studies education
  • founded in 1921
  • umbrella organization for K-16 teachers
  • 24,000 individual and institutional members
  • 50 states, Washington, DC, 69 other countries

What is the Definition of Social Studies?
  • Integrated study of the social sciences and
    humanities to promote civic competence.
  • Coordinated, systematic study of disciplines
  • anthropology, archaeology, civics, economics,
    geography, history, law, philosophy, political
    science, psychology, religion, and sociology
  • appropriate content from the humanities,
    mathematics, and natural sciences.

What is the Purpose of Social Studies?
  • to teach students the content knowledge,
    intellectual skills, and civic values for
    citizenship in a participatory democracy.

NCSS Board of Directors
Associated Groups NSSSA, CUFA, CS4, IA
House of Delegates
Board Committees, Task Forces (International
Visitors Program) FASSE Governing Board, etc.
Operations Committees
Affiliate Councils Local, State, Regional
General NCSS Membership
NCSS International Visitors Task Force
  • Co-Chairs Jesus Garcia Kim ONeil
  • International Visitors Program at NCSS
  • New www.socialstudies.org gateway with
  • Flagged VIP status as IVP participant
  • Thursday International Visitors Reception (co-
    sponsored with International Assembly)
  • Friday-Sunday Program including a Vital Issues
    Session and Ice Cream Social / IVP Evaluation
    Session (Saturday)

NCSS Governance
  • Executive Director and Staff
  • Board Executive Committee
  • Board of Directors
  • Board Committees
  • NCSS Committees
  • Archives, Conference, Membership, Publications
  • House of Delegates
  • Representation from all affiliated state, local
    councils, associated groups, communities
  • Pass resolutions advocating policy

NCSS Associated Groups
  • International Assembly (IA)
  • forum for collaboration and interchange of ideas
    among NCSS members from the United States and
    other countries
  • enhance professional development
  • enrich social studies learning
  • share research and teaching methods with global

NCSS Associated Groups
  • College University Faculty Assembly (CUFA)
  • advocacy for social studies education
  • forum for communication among professional
  • examine social studies from a theoretical and
    research perspective.
  • higher education faculty, graduate students,
    social scientists, historians

NCSS Associated Groups
  • Council of State Social Studies Supervisors (CS4)
  • forum to exchange ideas, research educational
  • state level departments of education
  • specialists, consultants, supervisors with
    responsibility for social studies education

NCSS Associated Groups
  • National Social Studies Supervisors Association
  • promotes instruction, curriculum materials,
    research, teacher training, and social action
  • Promotes collaboration among social studies
    supervisors at state, county, district, school

What Does NCSS Offer its Members?

The Social Studies Professional (TSSP) newsletter
keeps NCSS members updated on
  • professional opportunities
  • access to free and low cost teaching materials
  • travel and study program opportunities
  • latest state council activities
  • other current professional news.

NCSS Publications
  • Social Education
  • 6-12 teacher journal
  • teaching techniques
  • instructional technology
  • reviews of educational media
  • research
  • lesson plans
  • published seven times a year.
  • Social Studies and the Young Learner
  • preK-6 teacher journal
  • creative teaching activities and techniques
  • stimulate reading, writing, and critical thinking
  • published four times a year.

NCSS Publications
  • Middle Level Learning
  • Lesson ideas content for middle grades
  • Published 3 times yearly
  • Bulletins Books
  • in-depth focus on specific social studies topics
  • published twice yearly

Professional Communities
  • opportunity to network with members who share
    common interests
  • Academic freedom -Assessment
  • Curriculum -Research
  • Social Justice
  • Teacher Education Professional Development
  • Technology
  • World Regions, example CANADA COMMUNITY
  • forum for exchange of ideas and information
  • influence governance of NCSS through
    representation in House of Delegates

NCSS Website www.socialstudies.org
  • Advocacy
  • Awards
  • Communities
  • Governance
  • Links to State Councils
  • Members Only Section
  • member directory
  • journal archives
  • Position Statements
  • Publications
  • Teaching Resources

NCSS Annual Conference Dreams and Deeds The
Civic Mission of Schools November 13-15,
2009 Atlanta, GA
  • 500 clinics, sessions, workshops, poster
  • keynote featured speakers
  • vital issues sessions
  • curriculum, research, teaching techniques
  • professional networks

Strategic Goals
  • Education/Knowledge
  • Advocacy/Visibility
  • Membership
  • Citizenry
  • Social Studies Excellence

Social Studies Advocacy
  • advocates for social studies social studies
  • works with Washington Partners (lobby)
  • communicates with policy makers
  • reports on proposed legislation regulations
  • informs members through regional, state, local
    affiliate networks

National Council for the Social Studies
  • Susan Griffin
  • Executive Director, National Council for the
    Social Studies
  • Todays Social Studies Creating Effective
  • 8555 16th Street, Suite 500
  • Silver Spring, MD 20910
  • www.socialstudies.org
  • 301-588-1800 x 103

2. Canada is Coming! as a model for conference
outreach and beyond
  • Tina Storer
  • Education and Curriculum Specialist
  • Center for Canadian-American Studies
  • Western Washington University
  • Pacific Northwest Consortium NRC on Canada

NRC OutreachIt all starts with a vision.
The Vision
The Vision
The Vision
The Vision
Establishing a game plan
External Funding Source(s) Secure external support for core outreach project (contingent of educators from NRC world region). Submit grant proposal Seek partners for supplementary outreach Create promotion strategy for outreach (e.g. ads)
NCSS I.V. Program Secure terms of targeted partnership with NCSS Submit session proposals Seek secondary sponsors for IV Reception Investigate possibilities for cultural component Promote the conference as well as NRC outreach.
The Game Plan
  • Possible Funding Sources
  • World region embassy
  • Regional consulate office
  • Educational/cultural/social
  • organization affiliated with NRC world
  • Corporation with ties to world region and/or
    conference site and/or interest in advocacy
    advertising for world region
  • NCSS Contacts
  • Kim ONeil IVTF Co-Chair, NCSS
  • kimdoneil_at_gmail.com
  • Jesus Garcia IVTF Co-Chair, NCSS
  • jgarc2_at_cox.net
  • ?
  • Ana Post Director, External Relations
  • apost_at_ncss.org
  • Prema Parmar Program Manager
  • pparmar_at_ncss.org

The Game Plan
Future NCSS Conferences
  • 2010 Denver, Colorado Nov. 1214, 2010 Colorado
    Convention Center Headquarters HotelHyatt
    Regency Denver
  • 2011 Washington, DC Dec. 24, 2011 Walter E.
    Washington Convention Center Headquarters
    HotelRenaissance Washington, DC Hotel
  • 2012 Seattle, Washington Nov. 1618,
    2012 Washington State Convention Trade
    Center Headquarters HotelSheraton Seattle Hotel
  • 2013 St. Louis, Missouri Nov. 2224, 2013
  • Americas Center
  • Headquarters HotelRenaissance St Louis
    Grand Suites Hotel
  • 2014 Boston, Massachusetts Nov. 2123,
    2014 John P. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention
    Center Headquarters HotelSheraton Boston Hotel

The Game Plan
  • Tips for Skeleton NRC Session Schedule
  • Core topics of general interest to wide audience
  • presented by world region educators or
  • that connect to the NRC world region
  • Cyberbullying An Emerging Threat to the "Always
    On" Generation
  • Folklore Around the World
  • Sharing the Waters of North America
  • Bigger Than Texas The Canada-US Trade
  • Vary types of sessions offered
  • Pre-Conference Workshops (1/2 or full-day)
  • 1 Hr. Academic Sessions
  • 1 Hr. Poster Presentations
  • 2 Hr. Workshops (Sunday)
  • Ensure sessions address conference strands/themes

The Game Plan
Recruit Distinguished Educators for the NCSS IV
  • Recruitment Strategies
  • Use education contacts in NRC world region
  • Government leads
  • Internet search of teaching/ss organizations
  • Word of mouth
  • Participant recommendation
  • Request brief email applications
  • Selection Strategies
  • Pan-Regional Representation
  • Classroom/Curriculum Development Experience
  • Awards/Recognition (local, regional and
  • Willingness to take on personal costs for
  • including the possibility of sharing rooms
  • NB Be sure to use for promotion and
    solicitation of new support.

The Game Plan
  • Delineate Expectations/Responsibilities
  • Outreach partners
  • NCSS
  • Sponsors
  • Sponsored educators
  • Educational partners

Core IVP Conference Outreach NRC World Region
NCSS Surrounding Area Outreach
Divide and Conquer
GAME ON! Its the Main Event.
The International Visitors Program
Thursday (Arrival Day?) Pre-Conference
Workshops School Visit Program
International Visitors Reception Friday (Full Day
Sessions) Presidents Breakfast
Presidents Reception Dance Saturday (Full Day
Sessions) Vital Issues Panel Session
First-Timers Ice Cream Social Saturday
Night Event Sunday (Departure Day) IVTF
Annual Meeting Morning Workshop
Closing Keynote
The Main Event
  • The Vital Issues Session

It goes without saying that our Canadian Panel
Discussion Sunday morning was indeed a highlight
for us Canadian teachers! It was not only
interesting to participate, but to hear about
Social Studies perspectives from other provinces
and territories, and most of all, to have it lead
into the idea of creating a Pan-Canadian
organization for Social Studies! We were
especially impressed to hear that Social Studies
is one of the top two subject areas that high
school students in Alberta must pass in order to
graduate! K Kerr (NS)
Evaluating and Reporting Impacts
  • Gather measurable data
  • On-Site survey/evaluations of outreach
  • NCSS survey results
  • Post-conference participant feedback
  • Look to the original goals of the outreach
  • effort to consider impacts on all audiences
  • initially targeted.
  • Prepare yourself for outstanding and unexpected

Expected and Unexpected Connections
Lasting Partnerships
3. Complimentary On-Site Outreach
  • Amy Sotherden
  • Outreach Coordinator Center for the Study of
    Canada/Institute on Québec Studies
  • SUNY Plattsburgh

  • A) Conference Booth and Advocacy in the
    Exhibit Hall
  • B) Advertising, Publications and Cross
  • C) Cultural and Social Events
  • D) Evaluation
  • E) Organizational Components

Conference Booth at NCSS 2008 Teaching Resources
Professional Development Opportunities
Advocacy with Other Exhibitors
  • Letters sent to 60 selected exhibitors to
    showcase their materials on Canada
  • Mention NRCs on Canada booth to encourage
    networking in-person

  • Check out http//www.socialstudies.org/advertisin

  • Special Section on Canada
  • A Comparative View of Diversity in the United
    States Canada by Cherry A. McGee Banks
  • Teaching About Aboriginal Canada through Picture
    Books by Marilynne V. Black
  • Teaching Social Studies through Storytelling The
    Enduring Spirit of the Arctic by John Kilbourne
  • Opportunities available to highlight other world
  • No Cost to Submit Article
  • Published 7 times per year

Cross Promotions
  • Before event
  • Advertising in Publications The Social Studies
    Professional Social Education, plus Special
    Section on Canada
  • Website Advertising
  • At Event
  • Post logo Distribute Schedule of Events Handout
    in Registration Bags, Conference Booth, Meeting
    Rooms, Poster Presentations, Polybag
  • Cross-promote, promote, promote!!

Cultural and Social Events
  • International Visitors Reception
  • Presidents Breakfast Special Visit by Samuel
    D. Champlain

Cultural and Social Events (cont.)
  • First Timers Ice Cream Social
  • NRC Organized Informal Pub Night Dinners
  • Event Sponsors

  • Polling Exercise to Measure
  • Effectiveness of Advertising
  • Canada in the Curriculum
  • General Impacts
  • NCSS Evaluation at First Timers Social
  • Effectiveness of International Visitors Program

Organizational Components Government Education
- Non-Profit Partnerships Teamwork
  • Governments DOE Title VI DFAIT Canada
    Alberta Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs
    Quebec Government Office, Atlanta
  • 2 NRCs on Canada NW NE
  • University budget staff
  • NCSS
  • Other local educational organizations
  • Thank you!

4. Outreach to NCSS Surrounding Area
  • Betsy Arntzen
  • Outreach Coordinator, Canadian-American Center
  • University of Maine

Original Vision
  • To offer Houston-area teachers a multi-day
    professional development workshop focusing on
    Canada, held prior to the November 2008 NCSS
  • Considerations
  • NCSS 2008 conference located in a U.S. city with
    a Canadian Consulate
  • Modeled on an example of outreach collaboration
    with Denver Consulate
  • Opportunity to move out of our usual catchment

What we delivered
  • One-day professional development workshop for
    greater-Houston Grade 9 World Geography
    teachers Using Geographic Inquiry to Explore
    our Northern Neighbor Canada The World
    Geography curriculum briefly covers the geography
    of Canada. The AP Human Geography exam questions
    students about Canada. What do Students need to
    be taught in the time allotted?
  • This one day practical workshop offers materials
    and training to effectively prepare any level
    student about Canadian geography. Workshop
    content aligns with TEKS, AP Human Geography and
    Houston area World Geography curriculum
  • One before-school and one after-school
    professional development content presentations to
    Grade 9 Geo teachers
  • 1-on-1 consulting with AP History teacher seeking
    to include Canadian content
  • Canadian contacts with TX education organizations
  • Institute for International Education
  • Houston-area World Affairs Council

Preparation to Delivery timeframe
  • Prior to November 2007
  • . Conceived of Canada is Coming initiative and
    outreach to Houston-area teachers
  • . Identified Houston-area educational
    collaborative and its social studies
    coordinator Tom Wurst, Region 4 Education
    Service Center . Met him at NCSS in San Diego
    (Nov, 2007)

Preparation to Delivery timeframe
  • November 2007 in San Diego
  • . Attended NCSS in San Diego had an exhibit
    table . Introduced myself to any TX teachers
    who came to the table, asking them about a need
    for professional development about Canada
    exchanged contact information . Met Tom Wurst
    planned to submit a proposal to him

Preparation to Delivery timeframe
  • November 2007 to January 2008
  • . Corresponded with TX teachers whom I met at
    NCSS, asking them where Canada is taught in the
    curriculum . Submitted a proposal to Region 4
    (Tom Wurst) and to Canadian Consulate (Ashley

  • Direction of proposal was informed by the TX
    teachers (via e-mail)
  • Canada is part of 4-week block which also
    includes U.S.
  • Focus on the U.S. and Canada region ends up going
    to the U.S., due to state testing and to lack of
    lessons on Canada
  • Sadly lacking in knowledge and good resources
    about Canada

Preparation to Delivery timeframe
  • February to August 2008 Personal Preparation
  • . Learning curve to get up to speed on Grade 9
    curriculum and expectation of students .
    Learning curve to get up to speed in geography
    education Designing a workshop for Grade 9
    World Geography Teachers
  • Best Practices - content aligned with curriculum

Preparation to Delivery timeframe
  • August to October 2008
  • . Advertising the workshop and organizing
    workshop logistics
  • . Sought out resources to give to teachers
  • . Arranging meetings with area educational
  • . Arranged professional development programming
    at area schools following the workshop

Discussing a concept at the Saturday workshop
Using Geographic Inquiry to Explore our Northern
Neighbor Canada
Geography teacher and workshop participant
teaching with one of the lessons on Tuesday.
  • Identify teachers needs
  • Identify resources in the area
  • Produce professional development
  • Suggest and offer collaborations
  • Document and Follow up

  • Attend the National Council for the Social
    Studies (NCSS) annual teachers conference in
    Atlanta, November 13-15, 2009. 
  • Build educational connections for upcoming NCSS
    Conferences Denver (2010), DC (2011), and
    Seattle (2012). Investigate NCSS communities,
    session presenters, and International Visitors
    Program events/sessions.
  • Explore conference hall exhibits and meet with
    exhibitors who may have material on your world
    region to develop potential resource/sponsorship
  • Contact the Embassy/Consulate for your world
    region to request a special outreach grant. 
    Request as senior an advisor as possible. 
    Perhaps attend a conference/meeting that will
    benefit both you and the government advisor so
    that a personal meeting can be arranged to
    outline the outreach concept and request support
    to bring exemplary teachers to present at and
    participate in a specific NCSS annual
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