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1. Let us hope we can settle the matter without ___ more trouble.


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 1. Let us hope we can settle the matter without ___ more trouble.

1988---2010????????? 88 ??????????? 1. Let us
hope we can settle the matter without ___ more
trouble. A. any B. a little C. some D.
little Key. A 2. As it was a stromy night,
____people went to see the film. A. a few B.
few C. several D. many Key. B 3. ___ the
temperature, ___ water turns into steam. A.
The high the fast B. Higher faster C. The
more higher the faster D. The higher the
faster Key. D 4. The passengers were robbed ____
all their money. A. of B. off C. from D. away
Key. A 5. We ___ for her because she never
came. A. neednt wait B. shouldnt have
waited C. mustnt wait D. mustnt have
waited Key. B
6. I insist that a doctor ____ immediately. A.
has been sent for B. sends for C. will be sent
for D. be sent for Key. D 7. He was
disappointed to find his suggestions____. A.
been turned down B. turned down C. to be
turned down D. to turn down Key. B 8. I dont
regret ___ even if it might have upset her. A.
to tell her what I thought B. to have told
her that I thought C. telling what I thought
D. telling her what I thought Key.
D 9. The rice ___ if you had been more careful.
A. would not be burned B. would not burn
C. would not have been burnt D. would not burnt
Key. C 10. Upon graduation he asked to be sent
to ____ . A. where he is most needed B.
where he needs C. where he is mostly needed
D. where is he mostly needed Key. A
11. The roof fell ___ he had time to dash into
the room to save his baby. A. after B. as
C. before D. until Key. C 12. Is this the
house ____ Shakespeare was born? A. at
where B. which C. in which D. at which Key.
C 13. Three-fourths of the surface of the earth
___ sea. A. is B. are C. were D. has
been Key. A 14. ____ got into the room, _____
the telephone rang. A. He hardly had then
B. Hardly had he when C. He had not
than D. Not had he when Key. B 15.
___ danger man is often much wiser than usual.
A. In a time of B. In the times of C. In
the time of D. In time of Key. D
89???? 11. His camera is more expensive than ___
. A. hers B. her C. it D. its Key.
A 12. ___ your coat at once. We must hurry.
A. Wear B. Wearing C. Put on D. Putting on
Key. C 13. Does John know any other foreign
language ____ French? A. except B. but C.
besides D. beside Key. C 14. We must get up
early tomorrow, ____ well miss the first bus to
the Great Wall. A. so B. or C. but D.
however Key. B 15. If my lawyer ____ here last
Saturday, he ____ me from going. A. had
been would have prevented B. had been
would prevent C. were would prevent D.
were would have prevented Key. A
16. Do you know the boy ___ under the big tree?
A. lay B. lain C. laying D. lying Key.
D 17. I ___ ten minutes to decide whether I
should reject the offer. A. gave B. was
given C. was giving D. had given Key. B 18.
It is well known that Thomas Edison ___ the
electric lamp. A. invented B. discovered
C. found D. developed Key. A 19. This year they
have produced ___ grain ___ they did last year.
A. as less as B. as few as C. less
than D. fewer than Key. C 20. Go on ___ the
other exercise after you have finished this one.
A. to do B. doing C. with D. to be doing
Key. A
21. I dont hear the phone. I ____ asleep.
A. must be B. must have been C. should be D.
should have been Key. B 22. Cheap coal ___a lot
of smoke. A. gives up B. gives in C. gives
away D. gives off Key. D 23. My brother ____
while he ____ his bicycle and hurt himself.
A. fell was riding B. fell were riding
C. had fallen rode D. had fallen was riding
Key. A 24. Not until the early years of the 19th
century ____ what heat is. A. man did know
B. man knew C. didnt man know D. did man know
Key. D 25. These photographs will show you
___. A. what does our village look like
B. what our village looks like C. how
does our village look like D. how our
village looks like Key. B
26. ---What do you think of the book? ---Oh,
excellent. Its worth ___ a second time. A.
to read B. to be read C. reading D. being read
Key. C 27. Not only I but also Jane and Mary ___
tired of having one examination after
another. A. is B. are C. am D. be Key. B 28.
Tom was disappointed that most of the guests ____
when he ___ at the party. A. left had
arrived B. left arrived C. had left had
arrived D. had left arrived Key. D 29. Is
____ necessary to complete the design before
National Day. A. this B. that C. it D.
he Key. C 30. Id been expecting ___ letters the
whole morning but there werent ___ for me.
A. some any B. many a few C. some one D. a
few none Key. A
31. ---Good morning. Can I help you? ---Id
like to have this package ___, Madame. A. be
weighed B. to be weighed C. to weigh D.
weighed Key. D 32. Alice likes playing ___
piano while Mary is interested in listening to
___ music. A. ??the B. ???? C. the ??
D. the the Key. C 33. There was a terrible
noise ____ the sudden burst of light. A.
followed B. following C. to be followed D.
being followed Key. B 34. She pretended ___ me
when I passed by. A. not to see B. not
seeing C. to not see D. having not seen Key.
A 35. Father will not ___ us to use his
recorders. A. have B. let C .agree D.
allow Key. D
36. All ___ is needed is a supply of oil.
A. the thing B. that C. what D. which Key.
B 37. They ___ friends since they met in
Shanghai. A. have made B. have become C.
have been D. have turned Key. C???? 38. The
sports meet will be ____ till next week because
of the bad weather. A. put off B. put away
C. put up D. put down Key. A put down ?? 39. The
story sounds ____ . A. to be true B. as
true C .being true D. true Key. D 40. I
hurried ___ I wouldnt be late for class.
A. since B. so that C. as if D. unless
key. B
90 ? ??? 11. Kate and her sister went on holiday
with a cousin of ___. A. their B. theirs
C. her D. hers Key. B 12. Its a fine day.
Lets go fishing, ___? A. wont we B. will
we C .dont we D. shall we Key. D 13. Can
you make sure ___ the gold ring? A. where
Alice had put B. where had Alice put C.
where Alice has put D. where has Alice put
Key. C 14. ---Can I help you? ---Well. Im
afraid the box is___ heavy for you, but thank you
all the same. A. so B. much C. very D.
too Key. D 15. ___ the day went on, the weather
got worse. A. With B. Since C. While D.
As Key. D
16. The new secretary is supposed to report to
the manager as soon as she ___ . A. will
arrive B. arrives C. is going to arrive D. is
arriving Key. B 17. If we had followed his plan,
we could have done the job better with ___ money
and ____ people . A. less less B.
fewer fewer C. less fewer D. fewer less
Key. C 18. Beyond ____ stars, the astronaut saw
nothing but ___ space. A. the ?? B.
??the C. ???? D. the the Key. A 19. Not
until I began to work ___ how much time I had
wasted. A. didnt I realize B. did I
realize C. I didnt realize D. I realized
Key. B 20. A library with five thousands books
___ to the nation as a gift. A. is offered
B. has offered C. are offered D. have offered
Key. A
21. I dont think ___ possible to master a
foreign language without much memory work.
A. this B. that C. its D. it Key. D 22.
Last summer I took a course on ___ . A. how
to make dresses B. how dresses be make
C. how to be made dresses D. how dresses to be
made Key. A 23. When I was at college I ___
three foreign languages, but I ___ all except a
few words of ech. A. spoke had
forgotten B. spoke have forgotten C.
had spoken had forgotten D. had spoken have
forgotten Key. B 24. He paid the boy 10 for
washing ten windows, most of ___ hadnt been
cleaned for at least a year. A.
these B. those C. that D. which Key. D 25.
He ___ you more help, even though he was very
busy. A. might have given B. might give
C. may have given D. may give Key. A
26. The horrible noise from the mans room simply
___ me mad. A. put B. caused C. drove
D. turned Key. C 27. Tom kept quiet about the
accident ___ lose his job. A. so not as to
B. so as not to C. so as to not D. not so as to
Key. B 28. Most of the artists____ to the
party were from South Africa. A. invited B.
to invite C. being invited D. had been invited
Key. A 29. ---Do you mind my taking this seat?
---____. A. Yes, sit down please B. No,
of course not C. Yes, take it please D.
No, you cant take it. Key. B 30. His father
died and ___ him a lot of money. A. gave B.
left C. sent D. offered Key. B
31. After the new technique was introduced, the
factory produced ___ tractors in 1988 as the
year before. A. as twice many B. as many
twice C. twice as many D. twice many as key.
C 32. The people found that the house ___ and a
lot of things ___. A. has broken into has
been stolen B. had broken into had been
stolen C. has been broken into stolen
D. had been broken into stolen key. D 33. ___
more attention, the trees could have grown
better. A. Given B. To give C. Giving D.
Having given Key.A 34. ---Excuse me. Is this
Mr. Browns office? ---Im sorry, but Mr.
Brown ___ works here. He left about three weeks
ago. A. not more B. no more C. not still
D. no longer Key. D 35. The pianos in the
other shop will be ____, but ___. A.
cheaper not as better B. more cheap not as
better C. cheaper not as good D. more
cheap not as good Key. C
36. ---Come on in, peter. I want to show you
something. ---Oh, how nice of you! I ____
you ____ to bring me a gift. A. never think
are going B. never thought were going C.
didnt think were going D. hadnt thought were
going key. B 37. ____ this book and tell me
what you think of it. A. Look through B.
Look on C. Look into D. Look up Key. A 38.
____ of them knew about the plan because it was
kept a secret. A. Each B. Any C. No one
D. None Key. D 39. She reached the top of the
hill and stopped ___ on a big rock by the side of
the path. A. to have rested B. resting C.
to rest D. rest key. C 40. Oh, John. ___ gave
us! A. How a pleasant surprise B. How
pleasant surprise C. What a pleasant
surprise D. What pleasant surprise Key. C
91 ???? 11. Will you ___ me a favor, please?
A. give B. make C. do D. bring Key. C 12.
___ , I went to the railway station to see my
friend off. A. After eating quickly my
dinnerB. After my quickly eating dinner C.
After eating my dinner quickly D. After eating
my quickly dinner key. C 13. I learned to _____
a bicycle as a small boy. A. drive B.
ride C. operate D. run Key. B 14. Does ___
matter if he cant finish the job on time?
A. this B. that C. he D. it Key. D 15. A
computer____ think for itself it must be told
what to do. A. cant B. couldnt C. may
not D. might not Key. A
16. Dont smoke in the meeting-room, ___?
A. do you B. will you C. can you D. could you
Key. B 17. ---Have you moved into the new house?
---Not yet. The rooms ___. A. are being
painted B. are painting C. are painted D. are
being painted Key. D 18. Alexander Graham Bell
invented ____ telephone in 1876. A. ?? B.
a C. the D. one key. C 19. We ___ each
other the best of luck in the examination.
A. hoped B. wanted C. expected D. wished
key. D 20. ___ ! Theres a train coming. A.
Look out B. Look around C. Look forward D.
Look on Key. A
21. ---Will somebody go and get Dr. White?
---Hes already been ___. A. asked for B.
sent for C. called for D. looked for Key.
B 22. The murder was brought in with his hands
___ behind his back. A. being tied B.
having tied C. to be tied D. tied Key. D 23.
---We havent heard from Jane for a long time.
---What do you suppose ___ to her? A.
was happening B. to happen C. has happened D.
having happened Key. C 24. She heard a terrible
nose, ___ brought her heart into her mouth.
A. it B. which C. this D. that key.
B 25. Mrs. Smith warned her daughter ___ after
drinking. A. never to drive B. to never
drive C. never drive D. never drive Key. A
26. ---Do you know Jim quarreled with his
brother? ---I dont know. ___ . A.
nor dont I care B. nor do I care C. I
dont care neither D. I dont care also Key.
B 27. --- How do you find your visit to the
museum? --- I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was
___ than I expected. A. far more interesting
B. even much interesting C. so more
interesting D. a lot much interesting Key.
A 28. We couldnt eat in a restaurant because ___
of us had ___ money on us. A. all no B.
any no C. none any D. no one any Key. C
?????????????No one ???? 29. On Saturday
afternoon, Mrs. Green went to the market, ___
some banas and visited her cousin. A.
bought B. buying C. to buy D. buy Key. A 30.
Those oranges taste ___ . A. good B. well C. to
be good D. to be well Key. A
31. The students ___ busily when Miss Brown went
to get a book she __ in the office. A. had
written left B. were writing has left
C. had written had left D. were writing
had left Key. D 32. When and where to build the
new factory ____ yet. A. is not decided B.
are not decided C. has not been decided
D. have not decided Key. C 33. The secretary
worked late into the night, ___ a long speech for
the president. A. to prepare B. preparing
C. prepared D. was preparing Key. B
(?????A?) 34. I can hardly imagine Peter ____
across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. A.
sail B. to sail C. sailing D. to have sailed
Key. C 35. ---The light in the office is still
on. ---Oh, I forgot ___. A. turning
it off B. turn it off C. to turn it off D.
having turned it off Key. C
36. The hero of the story is an artist in his
____. A. thirtieth B. thirty C. thirtys
D. thirties Key. D 37. No one can be sure ___
in a million years. A. what man will be like
B. what will man look like C. man will
look like what D. what look will man like Key.
A 38. Without electricity human life ___ quite
different today. A. is B. will be C.
would have been D. would be key. D 39. John was
made ___ the truck for a week as punishment.
A. to wash B. washing C. wash D. to be
washing Key. A 40. Although he is considered a
great writer, ___. A. his works are not
widely read B. but his works are not widely
read C. however his works are not widely
read D. still his works are not widely read
Key. A
92 ? ??? 11. Little Jim should love ___ to the
theatre this evening. A. to be taken B.
to take C. being taken D. taking Key. A 12.
---Could I borrow your dictionary? ---Yes,
of course you ____. A. might B. will C. can
D. should Key. C 13. ---Shall we go skating or
stay at home? --- Which ___ do yourself?
A. do you prefer B. would you rather C. will
you rather D. should you rather Key. B 14. ---I
usually go there by train. --- Why not ___
by boat for a change? A. to try going B.
trying to go C. to try to go D. try going
Key. D 15. ---Hello. May I speak to Zhang Hua?
--- Yes. ___. A. My names Zhang Hua B.
Im Zhang Hua C. This is Zhang Hua speaking
D. Zhang Huas me key. C
16. When Jack arrived he learned Mary ___ for
almost an hour. A. had gone B. had set off
C. had left D. had been away Key. D 17. I
really dont want to go to the party, but I dont
see how I can ___ it. A. get back from B.
get out of C. get away D. get off Key. B
get out ???? get off ??,??,?? get away
?? 18. I would appreciate ___ back this
afternoon. A. you to call B. you call C.
your calling D. youre calling Key. C 19.
---Have a nice weekend! ---___. A.
The same to you B. You do too C. The same as
you D. You have it too. Key. A 20. The doctor
will be free ___. A. 10 minutes later B.
after 10 minutes C. in 10 minutes D. 10 minutes
after Key. C
21. How __ can you finish the drawing ? A.
often B. soon C. long D. rapid Key. B 22.
---Do you know our town at all ? ---No,
this is the first time I ___ here. A. was
B. have been C. came D. am coming Key. B 23.
Mr. Zheng gave the textbooks to all the pupils
except ____ who had already take them. A.
the ones B. ones C. some D. the others Key.
A 24. ___ terrible weather weve been having
these days. A. How a B. What a C. How
D. What Key. D 25. There are so many kinds of
tape-recorders on sale that I cant make up my
minds ___ to buy. A. what B. which C.
how D. where Key. B
26. ---We could have walked to station. It was so
near. ---Yes. A taxi ___ at all necessary.
A. wasnt B. hadnt been C. wouldnt be
D. wont be Key. A 27. In the dark street,
there wasnt a single person ___she could turn
for help. A. that B. who C. from whom D.
to whom Key. D 28. Which is ___ country, Canada
or Australia? A. a large B. larger C. a
larger D. the larger Key. D 29. Shortly after
the accident two ___ police were sent to the spot
to keep order. A. dozen of B. dozens of
C. dozen D. dozen of Key. C 30. It was not
____ she took off her dark glasses ___ I realized
she was famous film star. A. when that B.
until that C. until when D. when than
Key. B
31. If city noises ___ from increasing, people
___ shout to be heard even at the dinner
table 20 years from now. A. are not
kept will have to B. are not kept have to
C. do not keep will have to D. do not
keep have to Key. A 32. ___ the 2000 Olympic
Games will be held in Beijing is not known yet.
A. Whenever B. If C. Whether D. That Key.
C 33. Go and get your coat. Its ___ you left
it. A. there B. where C. there where D.
where there Key. B 34. John was so sleepy that
he could hardly keep his eyes ___. A. open
B. to be opened C. to open D. opening Key.
A 35. It worried her a lot ___ her hair was
turning grey. A. while B. that C. if D.
for Key. B
36. ---Wheres Jack? --- I think hes still
in ____ bed, but he might just be in ___
bathroom. A. ???? B. the the C. the ??
D. ?? the key. D 37. ---Will you give this
message to Mr. White please? ---Sorry. I
cant. He___. A. doesnt any more work here
B. doesnt any longer here work C. doesnt
work any more here D. doesnt work here any
longer Key. D 38. We have worked the plan and
now we must put it into ___. A. fact B.
reality C. practice D. deed Key. C 39. ___ a
reply, he decided to write again. A. Not
receiving B. Receiving not C. Not having
received D. Having not received Key. C 40.
Tom ___ into the house when no one ___. A.
slipped was looking B. had slippedlooked
C. slipped had looked D. was slipped
looked key. A
93 ? ??? 11. ____ from Beijing to London!
A. How long way it is B. What a long way is it
C. How long way is it D. What a long way
it is Key. D 12. ---Let me introduce myself. Im
Albert. ---___. A. What a pleasure B.
Its my pleasure C. Pleased to meet you D.
Im very pleased key. C 13. Cant you read?
Mary said___ to the notice. A. angrily
pointing B. and point angrily C.
angrily pointed D. and angrily pointing Key.
A 14. The captain ___ an apology to the
passengers for the delay caused by bad weather.
A. made B. said C. put C. passed Key.
A 15. Tom ought not to ___ me your secret, but he
meant no harm. A. have told B. tell C. be
telling D. having told Key. A
16. ---Would you like some wine? ---Yes.
Just ___. A. little B. very little C. a
little D. little bit Key. C 17. How about the
two of us ___ a walk down the garden? A. to
take B. take C. taking D. to be taking key.
C 18. We were all surprised when he made it clear
that he ___ office soon. A. leaves B.
would leave C. left D. had left Key. B 19.
Many people are still in ___ habit of writing
things in ____ public places. A. the the B.
???? C. the ?? D. ??the Key. C 20. She
doesnt speak ___ her friend, but her written
work is excellent. A. as well as B. as
often as C. so much as D. as good as Key. A
21. Peter___ come with us tonight, but he isnt
very sure yet. A. must B. may C. can
D. will Key. B 22. ---What was the party like?
---Wonderful. Its years ____ I enjoyed
myself so much. A. after B. before C. when
D. since Key. D Its years since I smoked /
stopped smoking. 23. ___ he said at the meeting
astonished everybody present. A. What B.
That C. The fact D. The matter Key. A 24. ___
down the radio---the babys asleep in the next
room. A. Turning B. To turn C. Turned
D. Turn Key. D 25. ---If he ___, he ___ that
food. ---Luckily he was sent to the hospital
immediately. A. was warned would not take
B. had been warned would not have taken
C. would be warned had not taken D. would
have been warned had not taken Key. B
26. Reader can ___ quite well without knowing the
exact meanings of each word. A. get over B.
get in C. get along D. get through Key. C 27.
Toms mother kept telling him that he should work
harder, but ___ didnt help. A. he B. which
C. she D. it Key. D 28. I remember ___ this
used to be a quiet village. A. when B. how
C. where D. what Key. A 29. ---I dont like
chicken___ fish. ---I dont like chicken,
___ I like fish very much. A. and and
B. and but C. or and D. or but Key. D
I like no chicken and no fish. 30. In some
parts of the world, tea ___ with mild and sugar.
A. is serving B. is served C. serves D.
served Key. B
31. The computer centre, ___ last year, is very
popular among the students in this school.
A. open B. opening C. having opened D. opened
Key. D 32. --- Is ____ here? ---No, Bob
and Tim have asked for leave. A. anybody B.
somebody C. everybody D. nobody Key. C 33.
Weve missed the last bus. Im afraid we have no
___ but to take a taxi. A. way B. choice
C. possibility D. selection Key. B 34.
Charles Babbage is generally considered ____ the
first computer. A. to invent B. inventing
C. to have invented D. having invented Key.
C 35. Be sure to write to us, ___ ? A. will
you B. arent you C. can you D. mustnt you
Key. A
36. The pen I ____ I ___ is on my desk, right
under my nose. A. think lost B. thought
had lost C. think had lost D. thought have
lost Key. B 37. It takes a long time to go there
by train its ___by road. A. quick B.
the quickest C. much quick D. quicker Key.
D 38. He dropped the ___ and broke it. A.
cup of coffee B. coffees cup C. cup for
coffee D. coffee cup Key. D 39. We offered
him our congratulations ___ his passing the
college entrance exams. A. at B. on C.
for D. of Key. B 40. ---Hows the young man?
--- _____. A .Hes twenty B. Hes a
doctor C. Hes much better D. Hed David Key.
C How old is he? What is he? ??
How are you? Who is he?
94 ? ??? 11. ---Is your camera like Bills and
Anns? ---No, but its almost the same as
___. A. her B. yours C. them D. their
key. B 12. ---Do you remember ___ he came?
---Yes, I do, he came by car. A. how B.
when C. that D. if key. A 13. ---Do you think
its going to rain over the weekend?
---____. A. I dont believe B. I dont
believe it C. I believe not so D. I believe
not. Key. D 14. ---Would you like to come to
dinner tonight? ---Id like to, ____ Im
too busy. A. and B. so C. as D. but
key. D 15. ---Can I join your club, Dad?
---You can when you ___ a bit older? A. get
B. will get C. are getting D. will have got
Key. A
16. I told Sally how to get here, but perhaps I
___ for her. A. had to write it out B.
must have written it out C. should have
written it out D. ought to write it out Key.
C 17. ---Hi! Havent seen you for ages. You look
fine! ---____. You look well, too. A.
Great B. Thanks C. Oh, no D. Not at all
Key. B 18. She set out soon after dark___ home an
hour later. A. arriving B. to arrive C.
having arrived D. and arrived key. D 19.
---Im sorry to keep you waiting. ---Oh, not
at all. I ___ here only a few minutes. A.
have been B. had been C. was D. will be Key.
A 20. She is ___ new comer to ___ chemistry.
A. the the B. the ?? C. a ?? D. a the
Key. C
21. --- I must apologize for ____ ahead of time.
---Thats all right. A. letting you
not know B. not letting you know C.
letting you know not D. letting not you know
Key. B 22. Rather than ___ on a crowded bus, he
always prefers ___ a bicycle. A. ride ride
B. riding ride C. ride to ride D. to
ride riding Key. C 23. ---Shall I tell John
about it? ---No, you ___. Ive told him
already. A. neednt B. wouldnt C.
mustnt D. shouldnt Key. A 24. ---How long
has this bookshop been in business?
---____1932. A. After B. In C. From D.
Since Key. D 25. The missing boy was last
seen ___ near the river. A. playing B. to
be playing C. play D. to play Key. A
26. Dont all speak at once!___ please. A.
Each at one time B. One by one time C.
One for each time D. One at a time Key. D
27. ---Do you like the material? ---Yes, it
___ very soft. A. is feeling B. felt C. feels
D. is felt Key. C 28. John plays football ____,
if not better than, David. A. as well B.
as well as C. so well D. so well as Key.
B 29. I dont really work here I ____ until the
new secretary arrives. A. just help out
B. have just helped out C. am just
helping out D. will just help out Key. C
Im just waiting for my change. 30. If there
were no examinations, we should have ____ at
school. A. the happiest time B. a more
happier time C. much happiest time D. a
much happier time Key. D
31. I didnt see your sister at the meeting. If
she ____, she would have met my brother. A.
has come B. did come C. came D. had come
Key. D 32. The visiting Minister expressed his
satisfaction with the talks, ____ that he had
enjoyed his stay here. A. having
added B. to add C. adding D. added Key.
C 33. Heres my card. Lets keep in ____.
A. touch B. relation C. connection D.
friendship Key. A 34. The first textbooks ___
for teaching English as a foreign language came
out in the 18th century. A. having
written B. to be written C. being written D.
written Key. D 35. ---Dont forget to come to
my birthday party tomorrow. ---____. A. I
dont B. I wont C. I cant D. I havent
36. I dont know the restaurant, but its ___ to
be quite a good one. A. said B. told C.
spoken D. talked Key. A 37. Mother was worried
because little Alice was ill, especially ___
Father was away in France. A. as B. that
C. during D. if Key. A 38. I need more stamps
before my collection ___. A. has completed
B. completes C. has been completed D. is
completed Key. D 39. The weather turned out to
be very good, ___ was more than we could expect.
A. what B. which C. that D. it Key.
B 40. We all write ___, even when theres not
much to say. A. now and then B. by and by
C. step by step D. more or less Key. A
by and by ??,???? now and then/again from time
to time ??
95 ? ??? 11. Paul doesnt have to be made ___ .
He always works hard. A. learn B. to learn
C. learned D. learning Key. B 12. ---Your phone
number again? I ___ quite catch it. ---Its
9568442. A. didnt B. couldnt C. dont
C. cant Key. A 13. She thought I was talking
about her daughter, ___ , in fact, I was talking
about my daughter. A. whom B. where C.
which D. while Key. D 14. When a pencil is
partly in a glass of water, it looks as if it
___. A. breaks B. has broken C. were
broken D. had been broken Key. C 15. ---There
were already five people in the car but they
managed to take me as well. ---It ___ a
comfortable journey. A. cant be B.
shouldnt be C. mustnt have been D. couldnt
have been Key. D
16. ---___ the sports meet might be put off.
---Yes, it all depends on the weather. A.
Ive been told B. Ive told C. Im told D. I
told Key. A 17. They were all very tired, but
___ of them would stop to take a rest. A.
any B. some C. none D. neither Key. C 18.
Can you believe that in ___ a rich country there
should be ___ many poor people? A. such
such B. such so C. so so D. so such
Key. B 19. We agreed ___ here but so far she has
turned up yet. A. having met B. meeting
C. to meet D. to have met Key. C 20. As she
____ the newspaper, Granny ___ asleep. A.
read was falling B. was reading fell C.
was reading was falling D. read fell
Key. B
21. All the leading newspapers ___ the trade
talks between China and the United States.
A. reported B. printed C. announced D.
published Key. A 22. I hope there are enough
glasses for each guest to have ___. A. it
B. those C. them D. one Key. D 23. If we work
with a strong will, we can overcome any
difficulty ___ great it is. A. what B. how
C. however D. whatever Key. C 24. You dont
need to describe her. I ___ her several times.
A. had met B. have met C. met D. meet
Key. B 25. I can hardly hear the radio. Would you
please ___? A. turn it on B. turn it down
C. turn it up D. turn it off Key. C
26. ---You were brave enough to raise objections
at the meeting. ---Well, now I regret ___
that. A. to do B. to be doing C. to have
done D. having done key. D 27. --- Have you
finish your report yet? ---No, Ill finish
in ___ ten minutes. A. another B. other
C. more D. less Key. A 28. Youre ___ your time
trying to persuade him hell never join us.
A. spending B. wasting C. losing D. missing
Key. B 29. ---How was your recent visit to
Qingdao? ---It was great. We visited some
friends, and spent the ___ days at the seaside.
A. few last sunny B. last few sunny C. last
sunny few D. few sunny last Key. B 30.
---Ill be away on a business trip. Would you
mind looking after my cat? ---Not at all.
____. A. Ive no time. B. Id rather not
C. Id like it D. Id be happy to Key. D
Id like to/Id love to/ use to (be)/ be going to
/ mean to / ought to /plan to / be glad to
be happy to ??????to
31. Its nearly seven oclock. Jack ___ be here
at any moment. A. must B. need C. should
D. can key. C Should ????????????,??????
? eg. We neednt get ready yet the guests
shouldnt come for another hour. 32. ---Id like
____ information about the management of your
hotel, please. ---Well, you could have ___
word with the manager. He might be helpful.
A. some a B. an some C. some some D. an a
Key. A 33. It was not until 1920____regular
radio broadcasts began. A. while B. which
C. that D. since Key. C 34. ----What did you
think of her speech ? ----She ___ for one
hour but didnt ___ much. A. spoke speak
B. spoke say C. said speak D. said say Key.
B 35. The boy wanted to ride his bicycle in the
street, but his mother told him ___. A. not
to B. not to do C. not do it D. do not to
key. A
36. Would you like a cup of coffee ____ shall we
get down to business right now? A. and B.
then C. or D. otherwise Key. C 37. ___ is a
fact that English is being accepted as an
international language. A. There B. This
C. That D. It Key. D 38. Not until all the
fish died in the river ____ how serious the
pollution was. A. did the villagers realize
B. the villagers realized C. the
villagers did realize D. didnt the villagers
realize Key. A 39. I dont think Jim saw me he
___ into space. A. just stared B. was just
staring C. has just stared D. had just
stared Key. B 40. He gained his ___ by printing
___ of famous writers. A. wealth work
B. wealths works C. wealths work D.
wealth works Key. D
96 ? ??? 6. ---___ my glasses? ---Yes, I saw
them on your bed a minute ago. A. Do you see
B. Had you seen C. Would you see D. Have you
seen Key. D 7. ---When shall we meet again?
---Make it ___ day you like its all the same to
me. A. one B. any C. another D. some
Key. B 8. Johnny, you ___ play with the knife,
you ____ hurt yourself. A. wont, cant B.
mustnt may C. shouldnt must D. cant
shouldnt Key. B 9. ---Im sorry I broke your
mirror. ---Oh, really?____. A. Its OK
with me B. It doesnt matter C. Dont be sorry
D. I dont care Key. B 10. Ill look into the
matter as soon as possible. Just have a little
____. A. wait B. time C. patience D. rest
Key. C
11. How beautiful she sings! I have never heard
____. A. the better voice B. a good voice
C. the best voice D. a better voice Key. D 12.
Tom felt that he knew everybodys business better
than they knew it ____. A. themselves B.
oneself C. itself D. himself Key. A 13. Many
people agree that ____ knowledge of English is a
must in ___ international trade today.
A. a?? B. the an C. the the D. ??the
Key. A 14. The number of people invited ____
fifty but a number of them ___ absent for
different reasons. A. were was B.
was was C. was were D. were were Key.
C 15. We decided not to climb the mountains
because it was raining ____. A. badly B.
hardly C. strongly D. heavily Key. D
16. After living in Paris for fifty years he
returned to the small town ___ he grew up as a
child. A. which B. where C. that D.
when Key. B 17. Helen ____ her keys in the
office so she had to wait until her husband ___
home. A. has left comes B. left had come
C. had left came D. had left would come
Key. C 18. The patient was warned ___ oily food
after the operation. A. to eat not B.
eating not C. not to eat D. not eating Key.
C 19. You didnt let me drive. If we___ in turn,
you ____ so tired. A. drove didnt get B.
drove wouldnt C. were driving wouldnt
get D. had driven wouldnt have got Key .
D 20. ---Can I help you, sir? ---Yes. I
bought this radio here yesterday, but it ___.
A. didnt work B. wont work C. cant work
D. doesnt work Key. D (???????)
21. It is wise to have some money ____ for old
age. A. put away B. keep up C. given away
D. laid up Key. A lay up ?? 22. ____ we
cant get seems better than ____ we have.
A. What what B. What that C. That that D.
That what Key. A 23. ___ in thought, he almost
ran into the car in front of him. A. Losing
B. Having lost C. Lost D. To lose Key. C 24.
I love to go to the seaside in summer. It ___
good to lie in the sun or swim in the cool sea.
A. does B. feels C. gets D. makes Key.
B 25. ___ well go camping tomorrow depends on
the weather. A. If B. Whether C. That D.
Where Key. B
97 ? ??? 6. It is generally considered unwise to
give a child ____ he or she wants. A. however
B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever Key.
B 7. ---Have you seen ___ pen? I left it here
this morning. ---Is it ____ black one ? I
think I saw it somewhere. A. a the B. the
the C. the a D. a a Key. D 8. ---Do you
think I could borrow your dictionary?
---___. A. Yes, you may borrow B. Yes, you
could C. Yes, help yourself D. Yes, go on
Key. C 9. She ___ his number in the phone book
to make sure that she had got it right. A.
looked up B. looked for C. picked out D.
picked up Key. A 10. I first met Lisa three
years ago. She ___ at a radio shop at the time.
A. has worked B. was working C. had been
working D. had worked Key. B
11. The train leaves at 6oo pm. So I have to be
at the station ____ 540 pm at the latest.
A. until B. after C. by D. around Key.
C 12. I would love ___ to the party last night
but I had to work extra hours to finish a
report. A. to go B. to have gone C. going
D. having gone Key. B 13. Wait till you are
more ___. Its better to be sure than sorry.
A. inspired B. satisfied C. calm D. certain
Key. D 14. I agree with most of what you said,
but I didnt agree with ____. A. everything
B. anything C. something D. nothing Key.
A 15. ---Id like to invite you to dinner this
Saturday, Mr. Smith. ---___. A. Oh,
no. Lets not B. Id rather stay at home
C. Im very sorry, but I have other plans
D. Oh, no. Thatll be too much trouble
Key. C
16. ---Is this raincoat yours? ---No, mine
___ there behind the door. A. is hanging
B. has hung C. hangs D. hung Key. A 17. The
Olympic Games, ___ in 776 B.C., did not include
women players until 1912. A. first playing
B. to be first played C. first played D. to be
first playing Key. C 18. If by any chance
someone comes to see me, ask them to leave a
____. A. message B. letter C. sentence
D. notice key. A 19. ---Who is Jerry Cooper?
---___? I saw you shaking with him at the
meeting. A. Dont you meet him yet B.
Hadnt you meet him yet C. Didnt you
meet him yet D. Havent you met him yet Key.
D ???????????? 20. After the war, a new
school building was put up ___ there had once
been a theatre. A. that B. where C. which
D. when Key. B
21. ____, Mother will wait for him to have dinner
together. A. However late is he B.
However he is late C. However is he late
D. However late he is Key. D 22. ---Alice, why
didnt you come yesterday? ---I ____, but I
had an unexpected visitor. A. had B. would
C. was going to D. did Key. C 23. Sarah has
read lots of stories by American writers. Now she
would like to read ___ stories by writers
from____ countries. A. some any B. other
some C. some other D. other other Key. C 24.
The fire spread through the hotel very quickly
but every ___ get out. A. had to B. would
C. could D. was able to Key. D 25. It was
about 600 years ago ____ the first clock with a
face and an hour hand was made. A. that B.
until C. before D. when Key. A
98 ? ??? 6. ---Can you come on Monday or
Tuesday? ---Im afraid ___ day is possible.
A. either B. neither C. some D. any Key.
B 7. ----You havent been to Beijing, have you?
----____. How I wish to go there. A. Yes, I
have B. Yes, I havent C. No, I have D. No, I
havent Key. D 8. I hate ___when people talk
with their mouth full. A. it B. that C.
these D. them Key. A 9. Dr. Black comes from
either Oxford or Cambridge. I cant remember
___. A. where B. there C. which D. that
Key. C 10. ---Nancy is not coming tonight.
---But she ___! A. promises B. promised
C. will promise D. had promised Key. B
11. If I had ___, Id visit Europe, stopping at
all the small interesting places. A. a long
enough holiday B. an enough long holiday
C. a holiday enough long D. a long holiday
enough Key. A 12. Nobody noticed the thief slip
into the house because the lights happened to
___. A. be put up B. give in C. be turned
on D. go out Key. D 13. ---When can I come for
my photos?I need them tomorrow afternoon.
---They ___ be ready by 1200. A. can B.
should C. might D. need Key. B 14. Professor
White has written some short stories, but he is
____ known for his plays. A. the best B.
more C. better D. the most Key. C 15. ---Can
I get you a cup of tea? ---___. A.
Thats very nice of you B. With pleasure
C. You can, please D. Thank you for the tea
Key. A
16. Why do you want a new job___ youve got such
a good one already? A. that B. where C.
which D. when Key. D 17. They ___ the train
until it disappeared in the distance. A.
saw B. watched C. noticed D. observed Key. B
until ?????? 18. ____ it with me and Ill see
what I can do. A. When left B. Leaving C.
If you leave D. Leave Key. D 19. ---I stayed at
a hotel while in New York. ---Oh, did you?
You ____ with Barbara. A. could have stayed
B. could stay C. would stay D. must have
stayed Key. A 20. Shirley ___a book about China
last year but I dont know whether she has
finished it. A. has written B. wrote C.
had written D. was writing Key. D
21. Youll find this map of great ___ in helping
you to get round London. A. price B. cost
C. value D. usefulness Key. D 22. It was only
when I reread his poems recently ___ I began to
appreciate their beauty. A. until B. that
C. then D. so Key. B 23. Cleaning women in big
cities usually get ___ by the hour. A. pay
B. paying C. paid D. to pay Key. C 24. ---Hi,
Tracy, you look tired. ---I am tired.
I___the living room all day. A. painted B.
had painted C. have been painting D. have
painted Key. C 25. European football is played
in 80 countries. ___ it the most popular sport in
the world. A. making B. makes C. made D.
to make Key. A
99 ? ??? 6. ---I had a really good weekend at my
uncles. ---___. A. Oh, thats very nice
of you B. Congratulations C. Its a
pleasure D. Oh, I m gad to hear that. Key.
D 7. ---Im going to the post office.
---___ youre there. Can you get me some stamps?
A. As B. While C. Because D. If Key. B 8.
Paper money was in___ use in China when Marco
Polo visited the country in ___ thirteenth
century. A. the ?? B. the the C. ??the
D. ???? key. C 9. ---Are the new rules working
? ---Yes. ____ books are stolen. A. Few
B. More C. Some D. None Key. A 10. ---Alice,
you feed the bird today, ____? ---But I fed
it yesterday. A. do you B. will you C. didnt
you D. dont you Key. B
11. ___ youve got a chance, you might as well
make full use of it. A. Now that B. After
C. Although D. As soon as Key. A 12. ___ him
and then try to copy what he does. A. Mind
B. Glance at C. Stare at D. Watch Key. D 13.
---I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week.
---Is that ___ you had a few days off?
A. why B. when C. what D. where Key. A 14.
Robert is said ___ abroad, but I dont know what
country she studied in. A. to have studied
B. to study C. to be studying D. to have been
studying Key. A 15. ---Will you stay for lunch?
---Sorry, ____. My brother is coming to see
me. A. I mustnt B. I cant C. I neednt
D. I wont Key. B
16. The price ___, but I doubt whether it will
remain so. A. went down B. will go down
C. has gone down D. was going down Key. C 17.
Few pleasure can equal ___ of a cool drink on a
hot day. A. some B. any C. that D. those
Key. C 18. You should make it a rule to leave
things ___ you can find them again. A. when
B. where C. then D. there Key. B 19. Carol
said the work would be done by October, ____
personally I doubt very much. A. it B.
that C. when D. which Key. D 20. ---Do you
think the Stars will beat the Bulls?
---Yes. They have better players, so I ____ them
to win. A. hope B. prefer C. expect D.
want Key. C
21. The purpose of new technologies is to make
life easier, ___ it more difficult. A. not
make B. not to make C. not making D. do not
make Key. B 22. Well have to finish the
job,____. A. long it takes however B. it
takes however long C. long however it
takes D. however long it takes Key. D 23.
Your performance in the driving test didnt reach
the required standard --____, you failed.
A. in the end B.after all C. in other words
D. at the same time key.C 24. ---Hey, look where
you are going! ---Oh, Im terribly
sorry.____. A. Im not noticing B. I
wasnt noticing C. I havent noticed D.
I dont notice Key. B 25. When I got back home I
saw a message pinned to the door____ Sorry to
miss you will call later. A. read
B. reads C. to read D. reading Key. D
00 ? ??? 6. ---What about having a drink?
---___. A. Good idea B. Help yourself C. Go
ahead, please D. Me, too Key. A 7. I dont
think Ill need any money but Ill bring some
___. A. at last B. in case C. once again
D. in time Key. B 8. ____ to take this adventure
course will certainly learn a lot of useful
skills. A. Brave enough students B. Enough
brave students C. Students brave enough D.
Students enough brave Key. C 9. ---Waiter!
---____. ---I cant eat this. Its too salty.
A. Yes,sir? B. What? C. All right? D.
Pardon? Key. A 10. Most animals have little
connection with ___ animals of ___ different kind
unless they kill them for food. A. the
a B. ??a C. the the D. ??the Key. B
11. Its always difficult being in a foreign
country, ____ if you dont speak the language.
A. extremely B. naturally C. basically D.
especially Key. D 12. Let Harry play with your
toys as well, Clareyou must learn to___.
A. support B. care C. spare D. share Key. D
spare vt. ??(??)??? 13. ---Youve left the light
on. ---Oh, so I have. ____ and turn it
off. A. Ill go B. Ive gone C. I go D.
Im gong Key. A 14. Someone called me up in the
middle of the night, but they hung up ____ I
could answer the phone. A.as
B.since C. until D. before Key. D 15. ---Are
you coming to Jeffs party? ---Im not
sure. I ___ go to the concert instead. A.
must B. would C. should D. might Key. D
16. If you want to change for a double room
youll have to pay ___ 15. A. another B.
other C. more D. each Key. A 17. Dorothy was
always speaking highly of her role in the play,
___, of course, made the others unhappy.
A. who B. which C. this D. what Key.
B 18. ___ production up by 60, the company has
had another excellent year. A. As B. For
C. With D. Through Key. C 19. Ive worked with
children before, so I know what ___ in my new
job. A. expected B. to expect C. to be
expecting D. expects Key. B 20. ---How are you
today? ---Oh, I ___ as ill as I do now for
a very long time. A. didnt feel B.
wasnt feeling C. dont feel D. havent
felt key. D
21. The WTO cannot live up to its name ____ it
doesnt include a country that is home to one
fifth of mankind. A. as long as B.
while C. if D. even though Key. C 22. The
managers discussed the plan that they would like
to see___ the next year. A. carry B.
carrying out C. carried out D. to carry out
Key. C 23. ---Why dont we take a little break?
---Didnt we just have ___? A. it B.
that C. one D. this Key. C 24. It is the
ability to do the job ___ matters not where you
come from or what you are. A. one B. that
C. what D. it 25. The reporter said that the
UFO ____ east to west when he saw it. A.
was traveling B. traveled C. had been traveling
D. was to travel Key. A
00 ? ?? ????? 6. ---Do you want tea or coffee?
---___. I really dont mind. A. Both B.
None C. Either D. Neither Key. C 7. ---I
believe weve met somewhere before. ---No,
___. A. it isnt the same B. it cant be
true C. I dont think so D. Id rather not
key. C 8. Summers in ___ south of France are for
____ most part dry and sunny. A. ??a B. the
?? C. ???? D. the the Key. D for the most
party???? 9. Old McDonald gave up smoking for a
while, but soon ___ to his old ways. A
.returned B. returns C. was returning D. had
returned Key. A 10. The result of the experiment
was very good, ____ we hadnt expected. A.
when B. that C. which D. what Key. C
11. ---Its a good idea. But whos going to
___the plan? ---I think Tom and Greg will.
A. set aside B. carry out C. take in D.
get through Key. B 12. ---I just heard that the
tickets for tonights show have been sold out.
---Oh no! ___. A. I was looking forward
to that B. It doesnt matter C. I knew
it already D. Its not at all interesting
Key. A 13. The changes in the city will cost
quite a lot, ____ they will save us money in the
long run. A. or B. since C. for D. but
Key. D 14. ---Youre drinking too much.
---Only at home. No one ___ me but you. A.
is seeing B. had seen C. sees D. saw Key.
C 15. The picture ___ on the wall is painted by
my nephew. A. having hung B. hanging C.
hangs D. being hung Key. B
16. It was an exciting moment for these football
fans this year, ___ for the first time in
years their team won the World Cup. A.
that B. while C. which D. when Key. D ?? 17.
____ the general state of his health, it may take
him a while to recover from the operation.
A. Given B. To give C. Giving D. Having given
Key. A 18. Nick is looking for another job
because he feels that nothing he does ____ his
boss. A .serves B. satisfies C. promises
D. supports Key. B 19. All the preparations for
the task____, and were ready to start. A.
completed B. complete C. had been completed D.
have been completed Key. D 20. Sorry Im late. I
___ have turned off the alarm clock and gone back
to sleep again. A. might B. should C. can
D. will key. A
21. One of the sides of the board should be ___
pained yellow, and ___. A. the other is
while B. another white C. the other while
D. another is white Key. C ??should be painted
22. I finally got the job I dreamed about. Never
in all my life ___ so happy! A. did I feel
B. I felt C. I had felt D. had I felt Key.
D 23. ___ some of the juice perhaps youll like
it. A. Trying B. Try C. To try D. Have
tried Key. B 24. John may phone tonight. I dont
want to go out ___ he phones. A. as long as
B. in order that C. in case D. so that
key.C 25. These wild flowers are so special I
would do ___ I can to save them. A.
whatever B. that C. which D. whichever Key.
A whatever I can (do) to save
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