Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Cyber Analysis Workshop Online Plenary Session 26 August 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PPT – Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Cyber Analysis Workshop Online Plenary Session 26 August 2008 PowerPoint presentation | free to download - id: 517a97-YjQzM


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Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Cyber Analysis Workshop Online Plenary Session 26 August 2008


Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Cyber Analysis Workshop Online Plenary Session 26 August 2008 Virtual Collaboration: now through October – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Cyber Analysis Workshop Online Plenary Session 26 August 2008

Military Operations Research Society (MORS)
Cyber Analysis WorkshopOnline Plenary Session
26 August 2008
  • Virtual Collaboration now through October
  • unclassified http//
    (advertise track and discipline group meetings)
  • secret wiki send request to
  • These wiki discussions will become part of the
    workshop report!
  • Virtual Meetings https//
    eranalysis (audio backup 877-206-5884 with code
  • Each track at least one DCO during September
    (unclassified or secret)
  • - Information Operations Joint Munitions
    Effectiveness Manual (IO JMEM), Monday 15 Sep,
    1400-1600 (2 pm 4 pm) EDT (unclassified)
  • Each discipline group at least one DCO session
    before17 October (unclassified or secret)
  • Plenary DCO Summary 21 October, 1400-1600 (2 pm
    4 pm) EDT (unclassified)
  • Physical Meeting Whitney, Bradley, Brown (WBB)
    Consulting, Reston, Virginia, 28-30 October
  • Government Senior Leader virtual review, 30

Defense Connect Online (DCO)
  • Connections for this meeting
  • DCO https//
    with audio through computer speakers
  • Audio backup, call 877-206-5884 with code 547836
    for teleconference
  • Anyone not connected?
  • If no audio, respond in chat pod
  • If no visual, speak up or call teleconference

DCO Rules of Engagement (ROE)
  • Many individuals online today
  • We want all of your inputs!
  • Most of you can not talk
  • DCO has the communication capabilitiesthis is
    our ROE
  • Chat any time to everyone or an individual
  • Comment/Question pod write any time, addressed
    at planned periods
  • Suggestion pod write any time, not reviewed in
    this session
  • Attendee/status indicate have a question to
  • Other DCO capabilities
  • Agenda pod
  • Polls will occur later in this session

MORS Presidents Welcome
  • Thanks!!!
  • Dr. Henningsen, Headquarters Air Force A9, our
    official workshop sponsor
  • Mr. Brown, WBB Consulting for facilities for our
    physical meeting 28-30 October
  • Mr. Cares, Alidade Incorporated for providing
    SharePoint site for planning
  • New initiatives
  • Conducting both unclassified and classified
    tracks so uncleared individuals can contribute to
    solving these national security changes
  • Using wikis and these online sessions so you can
    guide the agenda and discussions
  • Vetting recommendations to senior government
    leaders during workshop
  • Request your active participation!
  • Questions?
  • Dr. Michael J. Kwinn, Jr.
  • President, MORS

Work Shop Chairs Welcome
  • Thanks to the many who have and are contributing
  • The MORS Board of Directors and staff
  • Our sponsors and facilitators
  • The dedicated workshop staff
  • All participants, particularly those online
  • Many opportunities for you to contribute
  • Most of us are new to these cyber tools
  • If you have questions, please ask
  • Welcome your feedback and suggestions
  • We appreciate and value your time and
  • Questions?
  • Dr. Mark A. Gallagher
  • Secretary, MORS
  • Deputy Director for Resource Analysis, HQ USAF/A9R

Todays Agenda
  • Welcomes
  • Workshop Goal and Objectives
  • Requirements Discussion
  • Video from Dr. Henningsen
  • AFAMS Cyber Modeling and Simulations Requirements
  • Workshop Organization
  • Tracks Descriptions and Plans
  • Discipline Groups
  • Physical Workshop 28-30 Oct
  • Audience polling
  • How to participate
  • Wiki site for comments
  • Online sessions
  • Physical meeting (requires registration)
  • Join MORS

Workshop Goals and Objectives
  • Goal Advance the analytical foundation for
    evaluating and implementing options for using,
    protecting, and exploiting the cyber domain for
    government operations, particularly national
  • Objectives
  • Ensure attendees understand the nature of the
    2008-2010 cyber threat
  • Improve analytical approaches and techniques that
    support cyberspace operations
  • Establish a comprehensive list of analysis needs
    for cyber
  • Critique present and proposed analytical
    approaches and techniques
  • Prepare recommendations to senior leaders to
    improve cyber analysis
  • Conduct discussions between workshop participants
    and senior government leaders on recommendations
    for improving the analytical capability of cyber
  • Write an unclassified report with classified
    appendices summarizing the workshop.
  • Initiate new cyber analysts to the available
    techniques and challenges
  • Provide recommendations for developing improved
    analytical approaches for current cyber analysts
    and their management

Workshop Report
  • Workshop will produce a worthwhile written report
  • Makes current analysts aware of other initiatives
  • Brings new analysts up to current capability
  • Provides recommendations to senior leaders on how
    to proceed
  • Report Content
  • Summarizes of background
  • Identifies issues
  • Assesses current analysis approaches
  • Evaluates enhancements or alternative approaches
  • Recommends steps to develop or implement improved
    analytical approaches
  • Report sections on each topic and by discipline
  • Wiki discussion will provide part of the report
  • Workshop recommendations and rationale are also
    part of the report
  • Both workshop and report will have unclassified
    and secret portions!
  • Uncleared and cleared participants and attendees

Video from our Workshop Sponsor
  • Her views on the needs for cyber analysis in this
    8-minute video
  • Analytical techniques with capabilities similar
    to operations and acquisitions in other areas
  • Cyber offense is more difficult than the most
    challenging kinetic actions, combating terrorists
  • Cyber defense is more challenging than preventing
  • Cyber is crucial to our national security

Dr. Jacqueline R. Henningsen, SES Director for
Studies and Analyses, Assessments and Lessons
Learned, Headquarters U.S. Air Force MORS Sponsor
and Fellow Cyber Analysis Workshop Sponsor
Cyber Modeling and Simulation Requirements
Meeting Out brief
  • Organizer Air Force Agency for Modeling and
    Simulation (Orlando, Florida)
  • Dennis Paquin is the organizer
  • COMM (407) 208-5789, DSN 970-5789
  • Met 19-21 August 2008 at Lackland AFB, San
    Antonio, Texas
  • Collected cyber modeling requirements
  • Dennis Paquin will provide an unclassified
    summary of their results for us
  • Questions?

Workshop Structure
  • Staff Functions
  • Security and Facilities (Greg Ehlers)
  • Virtual Collaboration (Todd Hamill)
  • Physical Meeting (Jeff Cares)
  • Taxonomy (Bob Koury)
  • WBB Site Coordinators (Dennis Baer and Tim Hope)
  • Senior Leader Coordination (Greg Keethler)
  • Advertising (Vacant)
  • Workshop Bulldog (Mark Reid)
  • Matrix participation for online collaboration,
    virtual meetings, and physical meeting
  • Tracks desire co-leads external to DoD for
    unclassified tracks
  • Cyber Environment and Fourth Generation Warfare
    (Matt Berry and Ted Bennett)
  • Cyber networking for situation awareness and C2
    (Pat Allen)
  • Cyber vulnerabilities and protection (Bud
  • Cyber deterrence (Pat McKenna)
  • Cyber exploitation and offensive operations (Col
    Bob Morris, Lt Col Mike Shields)
  • Humans in cyber networks (Dick Deckro)
  • Cyber impacts to MORS operations (Vacant)
  • Discipline Groups

Workshop Organization
  • Tracks and discipline groups collaborate online
  • Wikis
  • DCO sessions
  • Physical meeting alternate track and discipline
    group sessions
  • Questions?

Unclassified and Classified Tracks
  • Cyber Environment Fourth Generation Warfare
    (Matt Berry and Ted Bennett)
  • Cyber Situational Awareness and Command and
    Control (Pat Allen)
  • Cyber Vulnerabilities, Protection, and Defense
    (Bud Whiteman)
  • Cyber Deterrence (Pat McKenna)
  • Cyber Exploitation and Offensive Operations (Bob
  • Humans in Cyber Networks (Dick Deckro)
  • Cyber Impacts on Business Processes (Vacant)

Classified sessions will be limited to Secret No
Cyber Environment Fourth Generation Warfare
  • Lead Vacant, Co-leads Matt Berry and Ted Bennett
  • Track classification will be Unclassified
  • Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW)
  • Who are adversaries?
  • How do they exploit the cyber world?
  • How do we assess their effectiveness of 4GW cyber
  • Network-centric operations (NCO) are a foundation
    concept for the U.S. military strategy
  • How effective are network-centric operations
    against 4GW adversaries? Is the strategy more
    important than the network-centric capabilities?
  • Questions?

Cyber Situational Awareness (SA) and Command and
Control (C2)Track
  • Lead Pat Allen
  • Track will be unclassified
  • Definitions for cyber support to C2 and SA
  • Operational SWOT strengths, weaknesses and
    threats for current cyber support to C2 SA, and
    for future cyber support to C2 SA
  • Analytic SWOT Analytic techniques that are
    strong or weak to analyze cyber support to C2 and
    SA for current and future operations
  • Summary of findings
  • Questions?

Cyber Vulnerabilities, Protection, and Defense
  • Lead Bud Whiteman
  • Session classification will be classified
  • Our nation, including forces contributing to
    national security, rely on cyber systems and
  • What are the vulnerabilities of these systems? 
  • How do we protect and defend them?  
  • This track focuses on analytical methods to
    address these questions
  • Information Operations Joint Munitions
    Effectiveness Manual (IO JMEM) session on
    accreditation process for computer network
    defense and attack models on Monday, 15 Sep,
    1400-1600 (2 pm 4 pm) EDT
  • Questions?

Cyber Deterrence Track
  • Lead Pat McKenna
  • Session classification will be Unclassified
  • How is deterring cyber similar/different from
    traditional deterrence?
  • Who is the actor (e.g., state, non-state,
  • Attribution vs. non-attribution vs. not
  • Lack of precedents, red lines, and established
    declaratory policy
  • What analytic capabilities are required?
  • Across academic disciplines (Social sciences, OR,
  • What analytic tools exist? What are the analytic
  • War gaming deterring cyber issues
  • Is it a valuable approach?
  • What has been done in the past?
  • What are the best practices?
  • How do you assess actions to deter cyber?
  • What is the contribution of cyber defense to
    deterring cyber?
  • How are 2nd (nth) order implications represented?
  • Questions?

Cyber Exploitation and Offensive Operations Track
  • Lead Bob Morris
  • Session classification will be classified
  • How can the US use cyber capabilities?
  • How can we plan and assess the effectiveness of
    these techniques?
  • Questions?

Humans in Cyber Networks Track
  • Lead Dick Deckro
  • Session classification will be Unclassified
  • Investigate how issues of human interface and
    networking, both social and operationally,
    effects cyber operations
  • Initial focus will be on the effects on national
    strategic computer network operations, the
    intelligence, training, and over all operational
    questions will be considered
  • Finally, the existence of developing cyber
    cultures and societies and their effects on
    current and future postures will be explored
  • Questions?

Cyber Impacts on Business Processes Track
  • Lead Vacant
  • Session classification will be Unclassified
  • Cyber capabilities can greatly enhance
    productivity and create vulnerabilities.
    Government policy makers are attempting to weigh
    the tradeoffs.
  • This workshop planned to write an unclassified
    report using our wiki
  • DoD policy prohibits their employees from posting
    to open sites without a public affairs reviews
    that requires weeks
  • How can DoD effectively collaborate across
    federal and state government and with academia
    and industry?
  • How can we assess the benefits of using cyber
  • Can we evaluate the vulnerabilities and risks?
  • Do our techniques enable assess the ability of
    technical means to mitigate risks?
  • Questions?

Discipline Groups
  • Discipline Groups
  • Simulation (Sandy Thompson)
  • Decision Analysis (Hunter Marks)
  • Optimization (Vacant)
  • Computer Science (Vacant)
  • Social Sciences (Vacant)
  • Others discipline groups may be added
  • Groups are based on specialties or academic
  • Determine how their specialty can contribute to
    improving the analytical approaches
  • Individuals may participate in multiple
    discipline groups online
  • Individuals will be limited to a single group
    during the physical meeting
  • Groups get visibility and work issues across the
  • Examine issues raised by tracks
  • Within limit of their security clearances
  • Groups provide cross-fertilization of ideas for
    the workshop
  • Groups may write their own section of the
    workshop report
  • Questions?

Workshop Plan
  • Security Procedures and Access
  • Classified wiki, DCO sessions, and physical
    workshop tracks are limited to individuals with
    secret clearances.
  • Unclassified wiki, DCO sessions, and physical
    workshop tracks are open to anyone
  • DCO Sessions apply the same approval and security
    procedures as physical meetings. The senior
    leader DCO session is an internal workshop
  • Virtual meetings and collaboration
  • Opening Plenary today (26 August) with this DCO
  • Each track at least one DCO during September
    (unclassified or secret)
  • Each discipline group at least one before17
    October (unclassified or secret)
  • Summary plenary unclassified DCO session 21
  • Collaboration on going on wikis
  • DCO meetings will be advertised on morsnet and
    cyberanalysis wikis and announced through Alidade
  • Physical Meeting 28-30 October, Whitney,
    Bradley, Brown (WBB) Consulting, Reston,
  • Questions?

Unclassified Wiki Use
  • Login in or request an account upper right
  • Account enables preferences on frequency of email
  • You may edit anywhere Please add you views
    without deleting other views
  • View or Edit tabs top left
  • Select Edit like a simple word processor
  • Add Text, just type with format functions on top
  • Add horizontal bar to divide section, function on
  • Under Insert Links Middle of right side
  • Select Page, highlight text to be link, click
    on either
  • Existing page that is listed on right side
  • Insert a link to new page
  • Select Insert file or image
  • Browse to file, click upload, click on file name
    in list, file inserted in text at cursor location
  • You may create as many pages as you need to
    isolate discussion or have a unique comment
  • Navigating the wiki pagesthe top cyberanalysis
    will bring you back to the frontpage

WBB Facilities
  • The physical meeting on 28-30 Oct
  • WBB Consulting facilities in Reston, Virginia
  • Sheraton is next door
  • The facilities are nice and spacious
  • Almost all rooms have internet capability
  • Senior Leader DCO session can be projected in the
    various rooms
  • Questions?

Physical Meeting Schedule
Time Tuesday 28 Oct Wednesday 29 Oct Thursday 30 Oct
0830-1000 Plenary Session Discipline Groups Discipline Groups
1030-1200 Tracks Tracks Tracks
1200-1300 Lunch Lunch Lunch
1300-1430 Discipline Groups Discipline Groups Government Senior Leader Online Collaboration to review workshop recommendations
1500-1630 Tracks Tracks Government Senior Leader Online Collaboration to review workshop recommendations
Evening Social Wrap-Up Brief-outs
9 Ninety-Minute Sessions 5 for Tracks and 4 for
Discipline Groups
Workshop Participation
  • Many opportunities for you to participate in
    enhancing our national security
  • Use the Wiki sites
  • Learn from the background and others
  • Inputs, comments, suggestions
  • Watch and participate in online sessions
  • Register and attend the physical meeting
  • Go to for invitation
  • Questions?

Audience Polling
  • Do you think this online session was worthwhile?
  • Do you expect to provide inputs on the wikis?
    (yes or no)
  • Which tracks do you expect to participate through
    either the wikis or online sessions? (May select
  • Which discipline groups do you expect to
    participate in either through the wikis or online
    sessions? (May select multiple?
  • At the physical meeting, which track do you
    intend to attend? (Select only one)
  • For the physical meeting, which discipline group
    do you best align with? (select only one)

  • MORS has been supporting the Department of
    Defense (DoD) for over 40 years
  • Improving analysis
  • Networking experts
  • Enhancing professional development
  • MORS is expanding to national and international
  • Added Department of Homeland Security as a
  • Initiated a dialog with NASA
  • View for more details on the
    society, membership, and registration for this