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Office of Government Relations and Public Affairs FY 2013 Budget Presentation


Office of Government Relations and Public Affairs FY 2013 Budget Presentation Prepared by John Ciccarelli, Associate Vice Chancellor Leadership Team – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Office of Government Relations and Public Affairs FY 2013 Budget Presentation

Office of Government Relations and Public
AffairsFY 2013 Budget Presentation
Prepared by John Ciccarelli, Associate Vice
Chancellor Leadership TeamNoel Cotterell,
Budget DirectorPeter Grennen, University
EditorGail Hobin, Assistant Vice Chancellor
Community RelationsDeWayne Lehman, Director of
CommunicationsLuciano Ramos, Director of
Community Partnership Sarah Weatherbee, Director
Marketing/ Creative Services
  • Office of Government Relations
  • VC Vacant
  • Associate VC John Ciccarelli
  • Director of Marketing Vacant
  • Accounting Assistant Kristyna Cloherty
  • Office of Community Relations
  • Assistant VC for Community Relations Gail Hobin
  • Associate Director, Community Relations
    Economic Development Philip Carver
  • Coordinator of Community Services Alkia Powell
  • Accounting Assistant Mona Connolly-Casper
  • Office of Communications
  • Director of Communications DeWayne Lehman
  • Associate Director, Media Relations Crystal
  • Senior Communications Specialist Zach Herman
  • Web Editor Colleen Locke
  • Web Writer Martha Scanlon
  • Staff Writer/ Speech Writer Pamela Worth
  • University Photographer Harry Brett

  • Office of Marketing and Creative Service
  • Director of Marketing Creative Services Sarah
  • Assistant Director, Marketing Creative
    Services Wendy Gordon
  • Senior Graphic Designer Roseanne Coveney
  • Senior Graphic Designer Suzanne Korschun
  • Junior Graphic Designer Angelique Markowski
  • Office of Marketing/University Editor
  • University Editor Peter Grennen
  • Senior Editor/ Writer Edward Hazell
  • Office of Administration
  • Budget Director Noel Cotterell
  • Office of Community Partnership
  • Director Community Partnerships Luciano Ramos
  • Suzanne Korschun is paid by University College

  • Authorized, benefited positions 22.75
  • Newly granted positions in FY12 0

  • During FY12, the Government Relations and Public
    Affairs Division (GRPA) once again has been fully
    engaged in the advancement of the University of
    Massachusetts Boston and the objectives of its
    Strategic and Master Plans as well as the overall
    mission of UMass Boston. We are anticipating for
    FY13 a significant increase in activities from
    the previous year within all divisions, and our
    resources will be strained as we move toward
  • full implementation of the Strategic and Master
  • merging of the Bayside property into our Master
  • maintaining the successful integration of the new
    website and branding program
  • building on the success of the Offices of
    Community Partnership and Community Relations to
    expand and develop deeper connections in the
    Greater Boston region.
  • FY13
  • Once again we must prepare to address known and
    unknown issues as we continue to implement Phase
    1 of the Master Plan projects. Each continuing
    and new project will require a heightened level
    of internal and external communication and
    coordination that GRPA will need to address.
  • GRPA will continue to provide core services to
    the campus community through our
  • Communications, Marketing and Creative Services,
    and University Editor operations.
  • The successful launch of UMass Bostons new
    website in FY12 must now be consolidated to
    ensure its continued success.
  • To ensure accurate content and effective
    branding, our units must remain vigilant.

  • The Office of Government Relations, as with all
    units of GRPA, serves a critical role providing
    support services to accomplish the various goals
    and objectives of the Strategic Plan. In FY12 we
    have continued to strengthen our relationship at
    all levels of government, not only with elected
    officials but also with those agencies and
    department critical to the master plan, research
    agenda, student success, etc.
  • In FY12 we accomplished the following
  • Secured the first 2M to create the Center for
    Personalized Cancer Therapy
  • Worked with A F and the Mayors Office to
    secure the Calf Pasture Pumping Station
  • Worked with the Attorney Generals Office to
    ensure that MOU between UMass Boston and BC High
    to build a baseball facility meets the
    requirements of a public/private partnership
  • Successfully planned, implemented, and presented
    a report to the Chancellor on the results of a
    charrette for the Bayside Property. We invited
    internal and external constituencies to
    participate. The results are now being merged
    into the campuss overall Master Plan
  • Effectively utilized the VDC and Campus to host
    and promote key government activities--i.e.,
    Governor made key education speech US Assistant
    Secretary of Labor hosted a White House Business
    Roundtable at the VDC Secretary of Education
    Reville conducted Innovation School program.
  • Supported outreach by DCAM and UMBA to assist
    them in meeting the residency, minority, and
    women employee goals and MBE/WBE requirements of
    the PLA
  • Reevaluated our DC presence, saving UMass Boston
    over 72,000
  • Represented UMass Boston as a member of the Urban
    Serving University Coalition.
  • Coordinated UMass Bostons presence at BIO 2010
  • Funded UMass Boston Economic Impact Analysis for
    2011 (we will have results shortly)

  • FY13 Goals
  • Review and recommend a new DC advocacy strategy
  • Work with all colleges and administrative units
    to support government relations/funding
    opportunities in accordance with the Master and
    Strategic Plans.
  • Introduce campus resources to new funding streams
    government, private or philanthropic.
  • Provide full support to all aspects to the Master
    Plan and continue to play key role in working
    with city and state elected officials and
    departments critical to the success of the Phase
    1 projects.
  • Assist in the development and promotion of the
    Bayside property into the Master Plan
  • Ensure that UMass Boston is a full participant in
    the innovation district of Boston
  • Seek solutions and funding for the Calf Pasture
    Pumping Station
  • Ensure that all aspects of GRPA are working
    collaboratively to fully support every college
    and administrative unit to help them meet their
    goals and the objectives of the strategic plan

  • July 2011 to Present
  • As the university moves forward with the
    implementation of its' Master Plan and the plans
    to develop Bayside the role of the Office of
    Community Relations in the community becomes more
    significant. A consistent presence at area civic
    meetings, with elected officials and area
    businesses is crucial to the mission of the
    university. Developing new relationships while
    maintaining previous established ones is a top
    priority for this department, and when we can
    accomplish this by also showcasing the talents of
    our students and faculty then it is a win win
    situation. As our enrollment increases so does
    our need to expand our geographical boundaries we
    need to continue to reach out to cities like
    Brockton which is the third largest feeder school
    , work with their elected officials, Chambers of
    Commerce and nonprofit agencies. The Office of
    Community Relations continues to increase UMass
    Boston visibility ensuring that our story is
    being told and connections and partnerships are
    being formed throughout the greater Boston area
    and beyond.

  • Continuous outreach to over 40 organizations
    which includes civic associations, schools,
    Boards of trade, businesses, youth organizations
    and public safety departments. In addition this
    past year we have reached out to over 30 new
    organizations including Cristo Rey High School,
    US Chamber of Commerce, Quincy College, Chelsea
    City Council, Big Sister Association, Stoughton
    Chamber of Commerce, Team Empowerment in
    Somerville, Randolph Public Schools, Viet-Aid,
    Boston Center for Youth and Families, West
    Roxbury Academy, South Shore YMCA only to name a
  • Supported over 50 community organizations this
    past year
  • through a variety of services and access to
    campus - including the
  • Louis Brown Peace Institute, South Boston Boys
    and Girls Club,
  • Boston's Main Streets, Boston Centers for Youth
    and Families,
  • Neighborhood Crime Watch.
  • Supported community outreach projects with 11
    campus departments and institutes including WUMB,
    Gaston Institute, Trotter Institute, Admission,
    Small Minority Business Program and Center for
    Women and Politics, UA, Special Events, HR,
    Athletic Dept., Theater Arts.

  • The Office of community Relations is instrumental
    in supporting the universitys goal to remain
    open with the community about implementation of
    our Master Plan. Hosting public meetings,
    presenting at neighborhood civic associations and
    working closely with our elected officials the
    Office of Community Relations supports that goal.
    Utilizing emails, social media, construction
    newsletters and press releases in local papers,
    the office gets the word out to the neighborhoods
    and community meetings and the impending
    construction process.
  • Worked closely with faculty members and students
    developed and implement collaborations with
    community organizations including Boston Centers
    for Youth and Families and Professor Lichtenstein
    undergraduate students collected and analyze data
    on 35 of the centers.
  • Hosted six chancellor Community dinner meetings
  • Maintaining Access Program a program community
    project driven-designed and maintained by the
    Office of Community Relations
  • Provided prep materials for meetings with elected
    officials and community leaders
  • Arranged for both the Dean of University College
    and head of the OLIE program to present at local
    area civic associations

  • Goals 2012 -2013
  • Continue to increase visibility in Boston area
    neighborhoods and beyond
  • Work closely with Elected Officials to identify
    ways to collaborate e.g. public safety forum with
    Representative Collins
  • Identify and cultivate UMass Boston supporters as
    we move forward with both our Master Plan and
    plans to develop Bayside
  • Work with the Office of Community Partnership to
    gather research and community outreach
    information being done by faculty
  • Work closely with Communications to promote our
    faculty and students work out in the community -
    highlight a faculty member and a community
    organization each month in The Point and in the
    Chancellor's monthly column.
  • Revamp Community Relations home page to better
    reflect the work and activity being done out in
    the community
  • identify community opportunities on campus e.g.
    Athletics, Art Gallery, Theater Arts

  • The vision of the Office of Community
    Partnerships is that education and collaboration
    are the central driving forces for advancing all
    of society. Realizing this vision, UMass Boston
  • Be globally recognized as an innovator in
    education and community engagement.
  • Serve as a leader among Greater Bostons
    institutions of higher education by building
    collaborative efforts to solve the regions
    greatest challenges.
  • Continue its growth as a public research
    university with a dynamic culture of teaching and
    learning, and a special commitment to urban and
    global engagement.
  • The mission of the Office of Community
    Partnerships is to advance communities through
    collaborative community partnerships.
  • Through its ability to identify and increase
    community-engaged opportunities, OCP will support
    numerous components of the Strategic Plans goals
    and objectives such as
  • Increasing graduation rates through increased
    opportunities for learning, pedagogical
    diversity, and engagement
  • Establishment of an Honors College with a focus
    on the City of Boston
  • Develop new graduate programs
  • Support the expansion and increase of extramural
  • Strengthen the Universitys capacity to make the
    case for itself
  • Through its support and expansion of
    community-engaged activities, OCP will develop
    opportunities working cooperatively with the
    Provost Office, departments, faculty and partners
    to expand academic programs for students.
  • Most importantly, OCP will play a critical role
    in helping the university tell its story as an
    urban-serving university dedicated to teaching,
    research, and service by providing an updated
    compendium of faculty and staff engagement
    programs, assessments and impacts.

  • Since February of 2011, OCP has been working to
  • Establish a foundation to accomplish university
  • Identify and organize information on current
    community-engaged activities
  • Identify university resources and expertise that
    can support community-engaged partnerships
  • Utilize foundation to enhance university
    reputation and prestige.
  • Strengthen university case for increased public
  • Create new partnerships that address community
    needs and support university teaching, research,
    and service through
  • Funding partnerships (grants)
  • City/state partnerships
  • Partnerships with other educational institutions
  • Pipeline partnerships that support student,
    faculty, and staff recruitment, retention, and

  • Community-Engaged Partnerships Surveys
  • 404 completed surveys.
  • 256 (63 ) survey participants are involved in
    community-engaged partnerships activities that
    support their teaching, research, or service.
  • Hundreds of community partners reported.
  • Over 350 programs and individual projects have
    been documented. OCP is currently organizing data
    on community-engaged partnerships activities that
    support their teaching, research, or service
  • 223 programs/initiatives that involve multiple
    faculty and staff
  • 130 individual faculty and staff projects
  • OCP will be working with ORSP, University
    Advancement, Community Relations, Communications,
    the Chancellors and Provosts offices, and
    various academic programs to advance their
    efforts utilizing data gathered in the survey.

  • Partnership Planning Meetings
  • Partnership highlights include
  • Working with University College to create a
    continuing education program with the DelValle
    Institute for Emergency Preparedness
  • Supporting the City of Bostons Circle of Promise
    through engagement with LIFT Boston
  • Strengthening efforts with the Dever-McCormick
    K-8 School
  • OCP is also currently working with the Peace
    Institute, Brazilian Immigrant Center, East
    Boston Neighborhood Health Center, Boys Scout of
    America, Strong Women, Strong Girls Black Mental
    Health Alliance of Massachusetts, Codman Square
    NDC, Braintree Public Schools, various Boston
    Public Schools, and a number of other community
    serving organizations.

  • This office is key to achieving increased
    enrollment and to communicating the UMass Boston
    story however, the office is also vital to
    accomplishing other strategic priorities, such as
    increasing graduation rates, attracting and
    retaining tenure-track faculty, and expanding
    University College and extramural funding.

  • Website
  • Over 4 million people visit annually,
    viewing more than 25 million pages of
  • Visitors come from 213 countries and all 50
  • Successful launch of a new university site in
    August 2011, building site from 61 pages in May
    2011 to about 10,500 today.
  • Staff (1.5 FTE) created over 2,000 pages of
    content, edited approximately 2,000 pages of web
  • shot over 500 faculty photos
  • trained over 100 university web writers and
  • Social Media
  • Flickr 1.2 million photo views since May 2009
  • YouTube 900,000 video views since April 2009
  • Facebook 6,000 Likes since August 2009
  • Twitter 5,000 followers since March 2009

  • Traditional and Online Media, 2011-12
  • Over 2 billion media impressions worldwide
  • 75 million in public relations value
  • 4,092 reporters contacted via Vocus-like online
    PR system
  • 3 international live TV interviews ABC Nightline
    Australia, 2 Voice of America/Persian TV
  • 3 missed international live TV opportunities
    since Verizon fiber disconnected 2/12. Numerous
    local opportunities passed on.
  • Wrote and edited over 20 issues of The Point
    (100 increase from 2010)
  • Wrote more than 100 speeches
  • New in 2011-12
  • Video Production Wrote and produced two Board of
    Trustees videos (June 2011 BOT video viewed over
    3,000 times) wrote and produced 14 other videos,
    including one for Provost Langleys international
  • IDEAS Boston wrote and edited a six-page Boston
    Sunday Globe supplement distributed to more than
    300,000 households, a 500,000 ad equivalent
  • UMass Boston Writing and editing content for
    special magazine commencement issue
  • Best Value College campaign Developed radio
    and online ad campaigns for this Princeton Review

the UMass Boston storyand shape its future
Department of Marketing and Creative Services
Sarah Weatherbee and Peter Grennen
  • Graphic Design and University EditorialA Team
    Dedicated to Success

Growth Statistics Number of projects 719 since
July 2011 (11 months) an increase of 115 over
last fiscal year and 232 over 2009
  • Continued to promote and build upon design,
    editorial, and branding principles that are
    consistent with the objectives of the
    universitys strategic and master plans,
    resulting in a cohesive look and message
    immediately recognizable as UMass Boston.
  • Continued to employ high-level outside
    photographers for print and Web publications, and
    increased the frequency of photo shoots to
    maintain a fresh rotation of images.
  • Implemented a Digital Asset Management software
    program called ResourceSpace, improving the
    organization, searchability, and usability of our
    collection of more than 200,000 photos.
    ResourceSpace also features a Web-based workspace
    that increases client access and collaborative
    interaction during the design process.
  • Departments move to a new location, putting
    designers and editors in closer proximity, has
    led to more-productive collaborations among staff
    members, encouraging creative brainstorming and a
    fruitful exchange of professional skills and
    expertise. Challenges and best practices are
    identified and discussed continue to improve
    communication among CSM editorial and design
    staff membersenhancing the departments
    professional capabilities and the effectiveness
    of its products.

  • Total Percentage of Overall Budget 2.5, or
  • Cuts were made to the following budgets
  • Freelance writers/designers, increasing pressure
    to complete projects and straining limited staff
    to produce more.
  • Office supplies, leaving not enough to adequately
    perform our duties.
  • Reserve for incidentals, leaving not enough to
    cover unforeseen expenses and emergencies.

  • FY12 Base Budget 2,366,374
  • FY13 Base Budget 2,417,206
  • FY13 Reduction Target 120,860
  • FY13 Targeted Budget After Reductions2,296,346

  • Detailed items

Cuts FTE Request/Justification Detail
8,000 0 Cut to Community Relations
5,860 0 VC Reserve Reduction
16,000 0 Eliminate Grad Asst in Office of Community Partnership
8,000 0 Reduce Grad Student Asst Office of Communications
30,000 0 Reduce Grad Student to Manage Resource Space Mgmt Project
5,000 0 Reduce Work Study Student Assistance
8,000 0 Eliminate VOCUS PR Subscription
12,000 0 Eliminate Verizon Fiber Connection
10,000 0 Eliminate Freelance Photography
18,000 0 Reduce Community Partnership Events

  • 1. Reduction of VCs reserve account
    Savings 5,860
  • Reduces the ability to seed and/or support
    special projects.
  • 2. Eliminate freelance photography Savings
  • Greatly limits ability to carry out branding
    initiative, which is strongly photo-based, and
    significantly increases pressure on already
    strained resources.

  • 3. Eliminate Vocus PR subscription Savings
  • Vocus is a high-quality online public relations
    software and database system. In a
    limited-staffing environment, a system like Vocus
    is needed to improve the efficiency and reach of
    PR/communications operations, providing time
    savings of a third to half FTE. This service
    provides four critical functions for us
  • Aggregator of news This function is displayed on
    the universitys In the News tab on the
    homepage. Without a service like Vocus we would
    have to either build our own RSS feed and
    manually enter and link each news entry,or
    redesign the homepage to remove the feature.
  • Database of media outlets and journalists Gone
    are the quickly outdated bound books listing
    media outlets and reporters. Online databases
    have taken over and are much more efficient, and
    Vocus has tens of thousands of media outlets and
    journalists that are searchable from multiple
    angles. For example, when Padraig OMalley was in
    Baghdad for a conference a couple of years ago,
    we were able to find and put him in direct
    contact with a handful of American reporters who
    were on the ground in Baghdad at the time.
  • Efficient and far-reaching distribution system
    While we always target selected media or
    reporters when putting out news, this system
    allows us to distribute a news release to
    hundreds of news desks across the nation in a few
    minutes. Although few may write about the
    announcement, weve alerted, say, a science
    editor that one of our faculty is an expert in an
    area for future reference. With Vocus in
    particular (not the inferior product were using
    this year to save money), we also get free
    distributions via PR Newswire. This is important,
    because in addition to the newswire going to
    hundreds of media outlets across the nation, it
    gets picked up by and reposted on websites by a
    number of news aggregators, enhancing our
    standing in web searches.
  • Ability to track our reach and ROI We are
    charged with extending our reach nationally and
    internationally, and in these times of tightening
    budgets it is important to show return on
    investment. The Vocus analytics provide us the
    ability to do that. (This years cheaper service

  • 4. Verizon fiber connection for live TV broadcast
    capability Savings 10,000
  • UMass Boston has an incredible built-in asset a
    TV-grade studio developed for educational
    purposes that the Office of Communications, in
    early 2009, connected to the Boston Verizon TV
    Operations Control Center to enable us to connect
    our studio and faculty experts with any media
    outlet worldwide for live interviews. The most
    notable benefit of this connection was the
    partnership with NECN to conduct weekly Affairs
    of State interviews each Thursday, which
    continued until late 2010, when because of a
    change in ownership and news format NECN no
    longer supported the partnership. At the same
    time, however, this connection also enabled us to
    facilitate live interviews with faculty experts
    on BBC, Voice of America TV, Persian TV, ABC
    Nightline Australia, and other international
    media. The connection also helped to facilitate
    the live airing of the U.S. Senate debate in
    January 2010.
  • Because of our short-staffing in the Office of
    Communications (without an associate director for
    18 months), we have not been able to adequately
    promote our live TV capabilities and develop new
    opportunities but continued to facilitate live
    interviews with international media outlets
    since eliminating this fiber connection, we have
    declined at least three international media
  • It is our plan that with the anticipated
    full-staffing of Communications this spring we
    will be able to more appropriately promote our
    live TV capability. This will be particularly
    beneficial with the upcoming elections and
    possible U.S. Senate debate.
  • In addition to pursuing regional, national, and
    international opportunities, we also will be
    exploring a monthly public access TV show that
    will be broadcast on Boston Neighborhood Network
    and be available to other public access stations
    across the state for airing. (It is interesting
    to note that when UMass Boston developed its live
    TV connection, it was the first campus in the
    system to do so. Three of the campuses have since
    spent thousands of dollars to install satellite
    dishes and build studios to develop the same
    capability, while we have disabled our

  • 5. Eliminate full-time grad student to manage
    ResourceSpace and develop project management
    system Savings 30,000
  • With the substantial increase in the use of
    digital resources (photos, video, image releases,
    etc.), there was a need to find a way to
    centralize and manage the vast quantity of
    resources that the Creative Services Department
    was using across campus. After researching
    solutions for data management and what other
    universities and institutions were using, we
    found that the cost savings of developing and
    building our own system would be substantial. A
    typical setup cost for a hosted system is
    approximately 125,000, with an annual hosting
    fee of 35,000 and an on-site programmer/digital
    asset manager at an average cost of 50,000. In
    addition, hosted systems charge per asset (photo,
    etc.) on top of the annual fee. By developing our
    own system, we have saved UMass Boston more than
  • Originally developed as a resource for the
    graphic designers, it is now being used by
    several departments and clients across campus. It
    is an initiative that has helped to maintain and
    reinforce the brand, while providing clients
    access to resources that were previously
  • ResourceSpace currently holds over 200,000
    images, spanning the past decade. The images
    include work from the university photographer,
    outside photographers hired for.
  • Prior to this system, images were stored in
    different areas on different computers, CDs, and
    hard drives and in different departments. There
    is now one portal to these images, many of which
    were difficult to access in the past. There are
    many images that have never been used or seen
    because they had been stored and forgotten.
    Having access to these files in an organized,
    searchable way saves the Creative Services
    Department and clients across campus hours of
    manpower. Additionally, in response to the
    increased workload in the Creative Services
    Department, our grad student is developing a
    customized project management system to help with
    workflow and with streamlining the production
    process for the entire department. Because no one
    else in this department has the specific
    technical skill set required to develop and
    maintain these systems, if this position were to
    be cut, ResourceSpace would have to be shut down,
    which would impact our ability to efficiently
    manage our digital resources.

  • 6. Eliminate work-study student
    assistance Savings 5,000
  • With the increase in the use of ResourceSpace and
    the development of an extensive project
    management system, we do not have the time to tag
    and organize the images with the metadata
    required. This is something that a work-study
    student could be trained to do, which in turn
    would allow more time for programming and
    customizing the current software.
  • 7. Cut to Community Relations account Savings
  • This cut would restrict our planning for future
    community collaborations and partnerships,
    impacting the number of campus experiences we can
    offer to the community and our support for
    community events, including Athletics for sports
    and tailgating events, WUMB for the "Big Read,"
    Theater Arts for "Community Theater Night," and
    the Office of Admissions for campus tours, to
    mention only a few. All of these
    events/opportunities increase awareness of the
    campus, help increase enrollment, strengthen our
    relationships with our alumni, provide us
    opportunity to tell the external communities
    about our student successes, and, most important,
    support our urban mission.

  • 8. Eliminate Graduate Assistant in the Office of
    Community Partnerships Savings 16,000
  • The graduate assistant position has been critical
    to the work of the Office of Community
    Partnerships. The OCP graduate assistant
    accomplishments over the past year include
  • Conducting interviews with faculty and staff
    members to obtain information regarding existing
    partnership activities.
  • Leading staff and faculty support for identifying
    and establishing new partnerships that will
    support curricular and research activities. This
  • Supporting follow-up with potential partners
    identified through the Chancellor Community
  • Recruiting new partners to work with the
    universitys Honors Program
  • Facilitating partnership planning meetings and
  • Assembling program descriptions to provide to
    faculty and staff interested in launching new
  • Coordinating activities connected to the
    universitys first annual Community-Engaged
    Partnership Symposium. This included
  • Working with faculty and staff to design/track 80
    posters for the event showcase
  • Working with the divisions administrative
    assistant to secure vendors and finalize room
  • Assisting in the marketing and promotion of the
    event and
  • Supporting event participants and presenters the
    day of the event.

  • 9. Eliminate Community Partnership
    events Savings 18,000
  • This year the Office of Community Partnerships
    facilitated two special community events. The
    first took place on March 5, 2012, and was the
    Massachusetts Appeals Court holding session on
    the UMass Boston Campus. The second event was the
    first annual Community-Engaged Partnerships
    Symposium, which took place on April 5, 2012. The
    idea to bring the Massachusetts Appeals Court to
    campus was initiated through the universitys
    Board of Visitors and the Symposium was
    facilitated as a step toward increasing internal
    awareness of university community-engaged
    partnership activities.
  • For FY 2012-2013, OCP was planning two major
    events. The first will be a partnership event
    done in concert with the Boston Foundation and
    designed to advance recommendations made in the
    universitys strategic plan and the 2012 Boston
    Indicators Report, City of Ideas Reinventing
    Bostons Innovation Economy. The second event
    will be an expanded symposium that will build off
    of the success from this years event. Both
    events will be designed to improve the
    universitys ability to tell its story and
    increase public awareness of the
    community-engaged expertise of the university
    while expanding the quality and number of
    community-engaged partnerships faculty and staff
    are engaged in to meet their teaching, research,
    and service efforts.
  • Total 120,860

  • Item(s) 4
  • Total Amount (including fringe for positions)
  • Associate University Editor
  • Sr. Graphic Designer
  • Assistant Director of Community Partnerships
  • 25 funding for Title III Content Writer

  • Associate University Editor in the Office of
    Marketing and Creative Services
  • 55,000 - 65,000 pending review
  • A unit within the Division of Government
    Relations and Public Affairs, the Office of
    Marketing and Creative Services (MCS) provides
    UMass Boston expert assistance in branding,
    editing, and graphic design. Currently, the unit
    is composed of an art director, four designers, a
    senior editor, and a university editor, each of
    whom brings to the unit significant experience
    and ability in the production of print
    publications. Typically, a publication request is
    assigned to one designer and one editor, who work
    with each other and with the client to produce a
    publication that best meets the clients needs.
    MCS has been challenged to fulfill this role,
    having seen a marked increase227 in 2009 to 719
    through May 2012in the number of projects sent
    its way. To say the least, its resources have
    been strained as a resultnone more so than those
    of its two-person editorial team, which is also
    responsible for such time-consuming and
    labor-intensive projects as the alumni magazine,
    the commencement publications, and the web
    versions of the course catalogs.

  • Senior Designer 50,000-65,000 pending review
  • The Creative Services Department serves the
    university community as a resource for graphic
    design, production and editorial services.
    Increasingly, as people are now aware of the
    branding and the importance of presenting a
    professional and consistent image, people are
    turning to the creative services department for
    design, marketing and branding needs. The
    creative services department has seen an increase
    of 343 new jobs (over 114) in this fiscal year
    and has gained 51 new clients that have
    previously never before used our service. Much of
    this increase in workload and client base stems
    from several factors including a new College
    (University College), which now requires
    additional components in everything from
    Commencement materials to marketing materials
    CPCS, while it has been an existing department
    has now back on line and has started developing
    new materials new centers such as the Center for
    Civil Discourse and the Center for Governance and
    Sustainability departments, such as the Office
    of Diversity and Office of Community Partnerships
    as well as new programs such as Developmental and
    Brain Sciences. Another significant increase has
    come from University Advancement, who has grown
    their fundraising and stewardship efforts and are
    producing more than twice the amount of materials
    through the creative services department from
    just last year alone. New events, such as IDEAS
    Boston, and several new alumni events have added
    to the increase of projects. In addition, the
    creative services staff has been involved in many
    levels of the master plan, from developing
    publications to sitting on committees to advising
    on issues such as signage. Based on the current
    trend, there are no indications of a slowing down
    or even leveling off of requests for services
    from this department. The position of Senior
    Designer is essential not only to take on a
    portion of the increased volume of work, but to
    spearhead a number of projects and initiatives
    that have been requested, but due to the
    increased volume, we have not been able to begin.
    Without added help, the department will not be
    able to continue at the current pace of work and
    will be unable to fulfill requests from clients.
    In order to uphold the brand, maintain the high
    level and quality of work, this additional
    position is essential.

  • Office of Community Partnership - Assistant
  • 50,000-65,000 pending review
  • The Assistant Director will support OCP efforts
  • Assisting to increase internal and external
    awareness of existing partnerships between UMass
    Boston and the communities it impacts.
  • Assisting to strengthen existing UMass Boston
  • Assisting to create new partnerships between
    UMass Boston and the communities it impacts.
  • Spearhead special projects designated by the OCP
  • The first years success of OCP and increased
    requests from faculty across campus for support
    is placing a significant burden on the Director
    as the only FTE for OCP. If we are going to
    support and strengthen faculty collaborations as
    requested in the Strategic Plan, then one person
    is simply not enough. Additionally, as Community
    Relations increases its reach, demands and
    requests continue to rise.

FY13 New Strategic Requests Cont.
  • 25 funding for Title 111 Content Writer 15,000
  • As you are aware the Title III dollars have been
    expended and now the University must pick up the
    full salary and benefits for Content Writer
    Martha Scanlon. We are requesting an additional
    25 (salary and fringe) to continue funding this
    position thus covering the full 100. Martha has
    been a valuable member of the web team, assisting
    the Department of Communications with editing,
    revising, and creating new content. This position
    also maintains and updates the content of the new
    site on an ongoing basis to ensure that it meets
    certain editorial standards, remains engaging,
    and promotes the key messages and strategic
    priorities of the university. Martha is one of
    only eight people on campus in the Content
    Management System group with access to the entire
    website. She will also be supporting with IT
    staff the update and preparation for launch of
    the new IT Service Catalog. Finally, this
    position will assist the Office of Communications
    with its other functions by contributing news
    stories for our web-based publication, The Point,
    as well as other assignments as needed.

  • Top 3, Ranked in Order
  • 1. Associate University Editor
  • 2. Sr. Graphic Designer
  • 3. Assistant Director of Community Partnerships
  • 25 funding for Title III Content Writer
    15,000. Under terms of Title III funding, UMass
    Boston is now required to fund this position in
    total. The position has successfully completed
    the development component of the program and now
    must implement the portal and continue important
    work on the UMass Boston website

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