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Write down 10 things that you cherish most.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * We are often teaching the children of poverty less than they are capable of learning. Time on Task matters. Guard the time you spend on ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Write down 10 things that you cherish most.

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Write down 10 things that you cherish most. Now
cross off 5 Now 3 more You have just experienced
in a small way what those whose circumstance
conspire against them face everyday.
Could you -- or someone you know -- experience
  • a natural disaster
  • a job cut-back or layoff
  • loss of sole wage-earners
  • income
  • a negative change to current lifestyle
  • inadequate health-care benefits for a family
    member needing long term care

Could you -- or someone you know -- experience
  • loss of health coverage and other benefits
  • being routinely behind on
  • paying bills
  • high balances on credit cards
  • a family members addiction

Why I Teach

Life is Difficult for our Impoverished Youth
  • Bias against Poverty
  • So many misconceptions
  • Lazy
  • Lots of free time
  • Get a job if they wanted one
  • Never got asked to spend the night
  • Shelter Rat
  • Make it a crime to be homeless
  • Camping
  • Congregating
  • Sleeping beach

  • A Wise Man Once Said
  • That what you are in life has not so much to do
    with what you have accomplished, but the
    obstacles you overcame in doing so.

What I wish my Teachers had known
  • Ashley O. 18 year old senior
  • Honor student at a math and science magnet
  • Recipient of Richard Maddox Scholarship of 40K
  • Will attend Longwood and become a teacher
  • Homeless most of life

You may very well be the ONLY significant adult
relationship that child ever experiences.
Make it count!
Digital Divide, Web 2.0, and Homeless Children
An Indian physicist puts a PC with a high speed
internet connection in a wall in the slums and
watches what happens. New Delhi physicist
Sugata Mitra has a radical proposal for bringing
his country's next generation into the Info
Age from a Businessweek Online Daily
Briefing, March 2, 2000. Hole in the Wall
  • Rethinking Teaching Learning
  • New literacy
  • Changing demographic
  • Teachers need to design for collaboration and
  • Active content creators.

  • Students have changed is demographically. Watch
    this clip and share with us how your classroom's
    demographic has changed over the last five years?
    Do you feel that ELL (ESL) students have
    different instructional needs? How so? What types
    of instructional delivery do you feel works best
    for these kids? Where does Web 2.0 (the new tools
    like blogs and wikis) play in that dynamic?

  • Today's learner has been given different
    opportunities for learning than you and I had.
    Traditionally, most of the opportunities for
    learning didn't happen within schools. Think of
    ancient Greece. How could the apprenticeship
    model play out today? Would helping your students
    develop personal learning networks enable them to
    have some of the depth and diversity in learning
    that students in the past experienced?

Change is NEEDED so we do not have children
with six hour handicaps
  • Have you ever known a child that in school was an
    at-risk learner, but outside of school was
    competent and capable? How about a student who
    comes back to see you years after they graduate
    and you find out they became much more successful
    than you ever thought possible. Well this video
    explains why. Jane Mercer's research proves that
    many kids we think are handicapped are simply
    situationally handicapped.

Digital Divide
Have Nots
The truth is that parents of children with
technology access at home will ensure that their
children have this information advantage. Who
will ensure that the children of poverty are
given an equal opportunity?
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy- Our words and
expectations are more powerful than we realize.
Choose them carefully. Use them to Empower!
  • Key Concepts for at-risk Children and Their
  • Moral Warehouse
  • Othermindedness and Self-government
  • Build/Repair self-esteem
  • - Blossoming

How to Blossom
Examine Expose Expect Emotion Endear
What do teachers need to know about students
experiencing poverty?
  • We want you to be someone we can trust and share
    whats going on with youremember we have been
    trained to not tell.
  • We have a very poor ability to conceptualize
  • We have poor organizational skills
  • We need loose structure with stability
  • We need a personal space and are possessive of
    our belongings

Teaching Strategies
  • Planning and Preparation are Key
  • Constructivist- Problem-Based Learning
  • Active and Imaginative Problem Solvers
  • High Standards and High Expectations
  • View them as at-promise - rather than at-risk
  • Teachers job is to break the cycle of poverty

Teaching Strategies that Work Best for Homeless
  • Build self-confidence and positive self-concept
  • Self-esteem and Self-control are closely related
  • Establish relationships
  • Prepare for the next transition- teacher proof
  • Teaching methods that work best with homeless
    kids work for all impoverished or at-risk kids
    and their parents.

Water Downed Expectations
  • What hurts us more, is you teach us less.
  • Haycock (2001) says
  • we take the students who have less to begin
    with and then systematically give them less in
  • And then we call it best practiceor

  • Diversify your curriculum and make it relevant to
    more than just your middle class students.
    Include experiences of the poor in your examples.
  • Use concrete more than abstract.
  • If your students cant learn your subject it is
    your problem and your responsibility.

  • Change Some Rules
  • Make the rules less based on middle class values
    and priorities. Understand poverty.
  • Be Passionate
  • Be wildly passionate as an advocate for these

Man is so made that whenever anything fires his
soul, impossibilities vanish.  -- Jean de la
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