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Rick Raddatz, CEO Xiosoft Inc.


Wise Marketers... Make Money Faster. I have a confession I Thought Running a Small Business Requires Endless Hard Work But the Truth Is – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Rick Raddatz, CEO Xiosoft Inc.

Wise Marketers... Make Money Faster.
I have a confession
I Thought
  • Running a Small Business Requires Endless Hard

But the Truth Is
  • Running A Poorly Designed Business Requires
    Endless Hard Work

I Thought
  • Working for a Successful Big Company Is the
    Easiest Path to a Good Life

But the Truth Is
  • Investing in Yourself Is the Easiest Path to a
    Good Life

I Thought
  • You Need Money To Make Money

But the Truth Is
  • You Need Action To Make Money

I Thought
  • I Do Not Have the Knowledge to Run My Own

But the Truth Is
  • You Are Ready Now.

READY!! (Say YES!)
Then Lets Begin!
Who is Rick Raddatz?
  • 12 Years at Microsoft 1988-2000
  • Product Design / Development Marketing / PR /
  • Multiple Closed Door Strategy Meetings with
    Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer
  • Founded Xiosoft in 2003
  • InstantAudio.com
  • InstantVideoGenerator.com
  • MarketingMakeoverGenerator.com
  • InstantCustomerService.com (Coming Soon)

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Todays Agenda
  1. Principles of Profit Acceleration
  2. Accelerating Product Creation
  3. Accelerating Product Marketing
  4. Accelerating Affiliate Marketing

Part I Core Principles of Profit Acceleration
Wise Marketers... Make Money Faster.
Why Focus on Acceleration?
  • Acceleration solves the 1 problem faced by most
    small businesses Cash Flow
  • Acceleration reduces financial risk
  • Acceleration increases chance of success
  • Acceleration magnifies profit exponentially
  • Acceleration increases your knowledge of your
  • Acceleration makes you more money NOW

What is Acceleration?
  • Acceleration is Using LEVERAGE to Get Bigger
    Profits, Faster
  • Bad Leverage Borrowing Too Much Money
  • Neutral Leverage (Expensive, Low Profit)
  • Employees
  • Outsourcing
  • AWESOME Leverage (Inexpensive, High Profit)
  • Website-Building Tools
  • Web Audio Web Video Tools
  • E-Mail Auto-Responders Tools
  • Headline Testing Tools
  • Customer Support Tools

Why Are TOOLS So Powerful?
  • Automated
  • Intelligent
  • Owned
  • Asset-value of Your Business
  • Speed Completion
  • Guarantee Quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Big Return on Investment

  • A Well Designed Business
  • The Right Tools
  • Accelerated Profit

The Ideal Small-Business Model (According to
Acceleration Theory)
  • The Ideal Small Business
  • Can be Automated 100
  • Maximizes Leverage!!!
  • Creates Large Real Value
  • Creates Large Apparent Value
  • Has Potential to Become a Big Business
  • Works Within Your Cash-Flow
  • Can be Operated by Anyone

QUESTION Who Else Wants to Know the Four
Business Inflection Points Where Acceleration
Theory Can Make the Biggest, Most Immediate,
Life-Changing Impact Financially to any
Small-Business Owner Regardless of Budget?
Top 4 Most Acceleratable Business Inflection
  • 1 Info-Product Creation
  • 2 Web-Based Product Marketing
  • 4 Web-Based Affiliate Marketing
  • 3 Email-Based Product Marketing

Part II Accelerated Info-Product Creation
Why Care About Info-Products?
  • Can be used to accelerate any business
  • Profitable
  • Great as Front-Ends or Back-Ends
  • They Fund Advertising Campaigns
  • Up-sell
  • Partnerships
  • Easy to Create
  • Easy to Distribute

The 1 Best Way to Accelerate Info-Product
  1. Record Content With Audio
  2. Copy Presentation of Successful Marketers

Case Study Virtual Seminar Week
  • The Plan
  • Recruit a TON of experts
  • Interview the experts over the phone
  • Charge money to attend!
  • Charge money for recordings!
  • Get 5000 people to attend
  • Get 50 of attendees to buy recordings
  • Use recordings as bonuses, products

Our First Speakers at VirtualSeminarWeek
  • Alex Mandossian
  • Reveals How the Hidden Revenue Generating Power
    of Teleseminar Marketing Transformed His Annual
    Income in 2001 Into an Hourly Income in 2006!
  • Dr. Joe Mercola
  • Founder of the World's Most Visited Alternative
    Medicine Website Divulges Why Medical Doctors Are
    Unintentionally the 3rd Leading Cause of Death in
    the U.S.
  • C.W. Allen
  • Attention Small Business Owner Get Access to
    the Audit-Proof Strategies of the Super-Rich to
    Protect Your Personal Assets and Slash Your Tax
    Bill by 67 - Guaranteed!
  • Jay Abraham
  • America's Highest Paid Marketing Consultant
    Teaches Small Business Owners How to Ascend to 1
    in Any Industry Utilizing the Meteoric Power of
    the Strategy to Pre-Eminence

More Speakers at VirtualSeminarWeek
  • Barbara DeAngelis
  • Secrets for Instantly Transforming Your Life!
  • Mark Victor Hansen, Art Linkletter
  • For Men Women (ages 45 to 85) Learn the 'Life
    Altering' Guidelines that Can Make the Rest of
    Your Life the BEST of Your Life!
  • Steve Harrison
  • Reveals the Little-Known Secrets to Get Millions
    of Dollars In Free Publicity for Your Book,
    Product or Service Even If You're Just Starting
  • T. Harv Eker
  • Founder of North America's Fastest Growing
    Personal Development Training Company Reveals the
    Secrets to Unlock Your 'Millionaire Mind' and Win
    the 'Inner Game' of Wealth

Even More Speakers at VirtualSeminarWeek
  • Scott Martineau with Kathy Smith Arthur Joseph
  • Founder ConsciousOne.com Conducts 2 Exclusive
    Interviews with Kathy Smith (International
    Fitness Icon) and Arthur Joseph (Voice Coach to
    Hollywood Celebrities)
  • Bob Proctor
  • Modern-day Napoleon Hill Reveals 'The Secret' to
    Reprogram Your Mind to Quickly and Easily Attract
    the Money and Wealth You've Always Deserved
    Without Resistance!
  • Chet Holmes
  • First Time Ever Renowned Sales Training
    Consultant Goes Public with His Jealously-Guarded
    'Pigheaded Entrepreneur's Guide to Market
  • Jonny Bowden with Surprise Guests
  • Internationally Acclaimed Nutrition and Health
    Guru Exposes the Truth About Diet and Demystifies
    the Common Myths About Most Weight-Loss Programs

Lots More Speakers at VirtualSeminarWeek
  • Bill Bartmann
  • Former 24th Rich Man in America Tells the True
    Story of How He Went From Billionaire to
    'Bootstrapped' and Now How He's Rising Back Up
  • Charlie Page
  • Founder of the DirectoryOfMarketing.com Reveals
    His Time-Tested Strategies to Build and Grow Your
    Online Database Even If You're Starting From
  • Bill Romanowski
  • After 5 Super Bowls 2 Pro Bowls, This Former
    NFL Linebacker (a.k.a. ROMO) Exposes the Untold
    Story of How to Reached 'Peak Performance' On and
    Off the Field
  • Michael Gerber
  • Best-Selling Author of the E-Myth Series Reveals
    His Radical New Strategy to Transform Your
    Business Life All You Need Is a Blank Sheet of
    Paper and an 'Open' Mind!

A TON of Speakers at VirtualSeminarWeek
  • Carlos Marin
  • For Network Markers Principle-Centered Tactics
    Revealed About How He Built a 650,000 Person MLM
    Sales Organization From Scratch And How You Can
    Do It Too!
  • Kendra Todd
  • 1st Female Winner of Donald Trump's Apprentice
    Unveils the Secret to Become Top Producer
    Regardless of the Profession You're In
  • Marc Harty Mark McInnis
  • Find Out How 'Web PR' is Your Fastest, Easiest
    and Most Economical Way to Capture Truckloads of
    Targeted Online Traffic in 24 hours or Less!
  • Mirriam Adler-MacWilliams
  • ATTENTION Stock Market Traders Self-Made
    Millionaire Reveals How She Made Over 2,000,000
    (From Her 10,000 Initial Investment in 2 years)
    Buying Selling Stock Options

Too Many Speakers at VirtualSeminarWeek
  • David Lakhani
  • Nationally Renowned 'Business Acceleration
    Strategist' Teaches Inside Secrets to Capture
    Boatloads of Online Business via Traditional
    Offline Marketing Methods
  • Chris Janet Attwood
  • Co-Founders of 'Healthy, Wealthy n' Wise'
    Magazine Unmask 5 Practical Tips to Align
    Yourself and 'MONETIZE' with What You're Most
    Passionate About
  • Tellman K. Stephanie Frank
  • Find Out The REAL 'Secrets' Most People Will
    Never Know About Controlling Their Attention
    Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Paul Colligan
  • Co-Author of 'The Business Podcasting Bible'
    Divulges Practical Tips that Even Techno-Dummies
    Can Utilize to Make Money From Podcasting from
    the Comfort of Their Homes!

Way Too Many Speakers at VirtualSeminarWeek
  • Gay Kathlyn Hendricks
  • Best-Selling Authors Founders of The Hendricks
    Institute Reveal Their Principles and Practices
    to Create MORE Love, Abundance and Vibrant
    Wellbeing in Personal Relationships
  • Michael Angelo Caruso
  • ATTENTION Sales Mangers Personal Coaches
    Discover How to Build Better Employees Create
    High-Performance Relationships via Battle-Tested
    'Team-Building' Fundamentals
  • John Harricharan
  • Award Winning Author of 'The Power Pause' (Over
    550,000 Sold Online) Shows You How to Tap Into
    the Awesome Power of Belief to Get What Want AND
    Want What You Have!
  • Ryan Angie Tewis, Claude Whited
  • Highly Sought-After Real Estate Investing
    Training Trio Reveal Their Closely-Guarded
    Secrets on How to Make a Fortune Buying Selling
    Low-Risk, Pre-Foreclosure Properties

A Ridiculous Number of Speakers at
  • John Beehner with Ken Blanchard
  • ATTENTION Christian Entrepreneurs What If You
    Could Ask God to Reveal the Secret to Accelerate
    the Growth Your Enterprise? Find Out What Ken
    Blanchard Thinks God Would Say...
  • Marc Allen
  • Founder of 'New World Library' Seeks the Truth
    About Soul Mind Body Medicine Soul Healing for
    Optimum Health During This World-Premier
    Interview of Dr. Zhi Gang Sha
  • Shawn Phillips Jon Benson
  • Staying In Shape Over 40 Two of the World's
    Most Revered Health Fitness Gurus Candidly
    Debate on the Future of Fitness Foods
    Meal-Replacement Shakes
  • Matt Bacak
  • Self-Made Internet Marketing Millionaire (at Age
    28) Reveals His Insider Secrets to Transform Your
    Personal Computer Into a Money-Making ATM Machine!

An Insane Number Speakers at VirtualSeminarWeek
  • Salim Khoja
  • Get Inside the Mind Who Built the North American
    Seminar Sensation The Power Within Featuring
    President Bill Clinton, Lance Armstrong, Sir
    Richard Branson and others
  • Mike Stewart Jim Edwards
  • Internet Marketing Dynamic Duo Part-The-Curtain
    on How to Create Your Own Web Infomercial with
    Little or No Cash Even If You're a
  • Dr. Michael Breus
  • America's 1 Sleep Doctor Reveals New Medical
    Evidence How Deep Sleep Improves Productivity,
    Accelerates Weight-Loss and Heightens Sex-Drive
    in Men Women
  • Dave Kekich
  • How a Little Known Law Will Let You Dance on Your
    120th Birthday!

A Google Of Speakers at VirtualSeminarWeek
  • Senator Bob Graham
  • Insider Politics Get the Truth About the of
    National Security Crisis and the Future Threat of
    Terrorist Attacks On Major U.S. Cities in 2007
  • Dick Desich
  • Learn How to Live Tax-Free for the Rest of Your
    Life from the Financial Strategies Who Invented
    'Self-Directed IRAs' as Tax Slashing Investments
  • Christine Comaford-Lynch
  • he Closely-Guarded Secrets of a Serial
  • Jack Rafferty
  • The Truth About Personal Development Training
    from the Insider Who Gave Werner Erhard's 'EST'
    Its Name
  • Rick Frishman with Susan Driscoll Scott Hoffman
  • Join this Book Publishing 'Roundtable' to Get
    the Scoop on How to Write a National Best-Selling
    Book Fiction or Non-Fiction

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So What Happened?
  • Well over 5,000 PAID Attendees
  • 46 paid extra to get recordings
  • We now have a product to sell
  • We now have a brand to grow
  • We now have new list of 20,000 prospects
  • We now have MONEY IN THE BANK
  • All by making some audio recordings

What do YOU need to Duplicate This Success?
  • You Need InstantAudio!
  • Unlimited audio clips played instantly with one
    click of the mouse
  • Works great on dial-up modems or high-speed
  • You can record right over a telephone! Just like
    leaving a voicemail.
  • Technical know-how or experience is NOT necessary
    easy to use
  • Makes other audio technologies obsolete!

Part III Accelerated Product Marketing
The Ideal Marketing Website
  • Problem What is FASTEST Way to Create
  • Opt-in Page (Squeeze Page)
  • Professional Design
  • Audio or Video
  • Split-Tester (Headline and Audio)
  • E-Mail Database
  • Exit-Survey (test on IE7!)
  • Auto-responder (Sequence of E-Mails)
  • Bulk Email Sender
  • SOLUTION MarketingMakeoverGenerator.com

Live Demo
What do YOU need to Accelerate Your Marketing
  • You Need MarketingMakeoverGenerator!

Professional Templates Fill-In-The-Blanks
Web-Audio Recorder Web-Video Recorder
Split-Tester E-Mail Database Bulk E-Mail
Sender Auto-Responder Unblockable
Exit-Survey And More... All for about 1/Day
Part IV Accelerated Affiliate-Marketing
Accelerated Affiliate-Marketing Websites
  • Same Marketing Goals As Before
  • Three Important Differences
  • Now we are Pre-Selling Someone Elses Product
  • Goal is to Build OUR List
  • Easier This Time, Because We Can Borrow
    Sales-Copy Legally!

Live Demo
Thoughts on Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing is Lighting Fast!!
  • You can create 10 affiliate-marketing websites in
    a single day or more
  • Wise Marketers Focus on
  • ONE marketplace
  • Multiple Products
  • As you build your list, your power grows
  • Affiliate marketing works REGARDLESS or business
    model or market

Is Affiliate Marketing for Real?
Part V Accelerated Video-Newsletter Production
(No Transcript)
What Tool do YOU need to Accelerate Your
Newsletter Profits?
  • You Need InstantVideoGenerator!
  • Unlimited video clips played instantly with one
    click of the mouse
  • Works great on dial-up modems or high-speed
  • Records with any Web cam and microphone
  • Technical know-how or experience is NOT necessary
    easy to use
  • No downloading, converting, uploading!
  • Makes other video technologies obsolete!

Part VI Putting It All Together
There Are Only 6 Business Models On the Internet
  • Own a Product or Service
  • Own a List (Affiliate Mktg)
  • Own a Social Site (Network)
  • Own Traffic (Advertising)
  • Own Relationships (MLM)
  • Own Your Time (Consultant)

Your Business has a Mind and Body
  • Feed EDUCATION to Your Businesss Mind!
  • Educational Products
  • Mentors / Coaches / Masterminds
  • Feed TOOLS to Your Businesss Body!
  • Automation Outsourcing
  • Tools, Tools, Tools
  • Education Tools a Healthy Business

There Are Only 6 Business Models On the Internet
A/V Web?
A/V E-Mail?
  • Own a Product or Service
  • Own a List (Affiliate Mktg)
  • Own a Social Site (Network)
  • Own Traffic (Advertising)
  • Own Relationships (MLM)
  • Own Your Time (Consultant)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rick Raddatzs Business Accelerator
Package Business Accelerator Mentor Group
  • InstantAudio.com is
  • Easiest
  • Quick Interviews
  • Credible testimonials!
  • Super-testimonials!!
  • Audio Infomercials
  • More profitable

  • Easiest Video Service
  • For Web E-Mail
  • Demands attention
  • Controls attention
  • Builds relationships
  • Next best thing to being there

  • Professional Templates
  • Fill-In-The-Blanks
  • Web-Audio Recorder
  • Web-Video Recorder
  • Split-Tester
  • E-Mail Database
  • Bulk E-Mail Sender
  • Auto-Responder
  • Unblockable Exit-Survey
  • And More...

InstantCustomerService.com Coming Soon ?
GOLD ACCESS Virtual Seminar Week
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