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Committee of Visitors


Committee of Visitors BASIC ENERGY SCIENCES ADVISORY COMMITTEE Chemical Sciences, Geosciences and Biosciences Division AUGUST 2, 2001 Patricia Dehmer, Associate ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Committee of Visitors

Committee of Visitors
Chemical Sciences, Geosciences and Biosciences
AUGUST 2, 2001
Office of Basic Energy Sciences
Associate Director's Office Staff Contacts
Patricia Dehmer, Associate Director b Iran
Thomas, Deputy Associate Director Mary Jo
Martin, Secretary
Robert Astheimer F. Don Freeburn Stanley
Staten Sharon Long
Chemical Sciences, Geosciences, and Biosciences
Materials Sciences and Engineering Division
William Millman, Acting Director Karen Talamini,
Program Analyst Carolyn Dorsey, Secretary
b Iran Thomas, Director Christie Ashton, Program
Analyst Tarra Hardeman, Secretary
Metal, Ceramic, and Engineering Sciences
Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Chemistry
Fundamental Interactions
Energy Biosciences
Molecular Processes and Geosciences
Robert Gottschall Terry Jones, Proc. Tech.
William Oosterhuis Melanie Becker, Proc. Tech.
Paul Smith (Acting) Diane Matthews, Proc. Tech.
Allan Laufer Sharon Bowser, Proc. Tech.
Gregory Dilworth Patricia Snyder, Proc. Tech.
Structure and Composition of Materials
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Catalysis and Chemical Transformations
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Plant Sciences and Microbiology
Robert Gottschall Vacant FTE uRobert Hwang, SNL
uJohn Vetrano, PNNL
Raul Miranda uJulie d'Itri, U. Pittsburgh
Jerry Smith
Gregory Dilworth James Tavares
Eric Rohlfing
Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Chemical Energy and Chemical Engineering
Chemical Physics
Biochemistry and Biophysics
Mechanical Behavior of Materials Radiation
Manfred Leiser Dale Koelling
William Kirchhoff uFrank Tully, SNL
Walter Stevens Sharlene Weatherwax
Yok Chen uRobert Hwang, SNL uJohn Vetrano, PNNL
Paul Maupin
Neutron and X-ray Scattering
Separations and Analysis
Photochemical and Radiation Sciences
Physical Behavior of Materials
Program Elements Included in COV
Helen Kerch
Paul Maupin Vacant FTE uHenry Shaw, LLNL
Vacant FTE uAndrew Quong, LLNL uWendy Cieslak,
SNL uRobert Hwang, SNL
Mary Gress Walter Stevens
Neutron and X-ray Scattering Facilities
Pedro Montano
Heavy Element Chemistry
Facility Operations
Synthesis and Processing
Materials Chemistry
uNorman Edelstein, LBNL uHenry Shaw, LLNL
William Millman William Kirchhoff Paul Smith
Vacant FTE Timothy Fitzsimmons lBassem Armaly, U.
of MO
Dick Kelley Vacant FTE Matesh Varma
b Dual Capacity l IPA u Detailee u Detailee,
1/4 time, not in residence at HQ L Robert
Marianelli, Director, on detail to OSTP.
Engineering Sciences
Nicholas Woodward lRoger Turpening, MTU
Robert Price lBassem Armaly, U. of MO Timothy
Fitzsimmons uWendy Cieslak
Matesh Varma
Spallation Neutron Source
Jeffrey Hoy
8 June 2001
BESAC Charge
1. For both the DOE laboratory projects and
the university projects, assess the efficacy
and quality of the processes used to (a)
solicit, review, recommend, and document proposal
actions and (b) monitor active project and
programs. 2. Within the boundaries defined
by DOE missions and available funding, comment on
how the award process has
affected (a) the breadth and depth of portfolio
elements, (b) the national and international
standing of the portfolio elements, and (c) the
balance of activities within the Division in the
area of chemical sciences. 3. Comment on
future directions proposed by the Division and
BES management and on opportunities that
might not have been presented. 4. Comment
on how the process for these reviews might be

Background Information
  • Activities within Fiscal Years 1998, 1999 and
    2000 will be covered
  • Advance Information Provided
  • History of DOE Chemical Sciences published in
  • Broad Agency Announcement
  • Special Solicitations
  • 10 CFR 605 - Office of Science - based on 10
    CFR 600
  • BES Review Procedures for Laboratories

Organization and Plan
There will be four sub-groups that will look at
the programs Each sub-group will look at the
files and documentation for Decisions selected
to prevent conflicts (all files available)
Two separate groups Grants and Cooperative
Agreements Universities and other Government
Agencies Contracts National Laboratories
Two Review Procedures 10 CFR 605 BES
Committee of Visitors
Chairman Carl Lineberger University of
Colorado Group 1 AMO and Chem. Physics
Chairman To Be Determined Steve Leone U.
Colorado Marsha Lester U. Penn Ted Madey
Rutgers Lew Cocke Kansas State Group 2
Separations Anal. and HEC Chairman John
Brauman Stanford Carol Burns LANL Graham
Cookes Purdue Robert Painne U. New
Mexico Charles Beyers IsoPro International
Committee of Visitors
Chairman Carl Lineberger University of
Colorado Group 3 Photochem Rad. Sci. and
Electro. Chem. Chairman Peter Ford UC -
SB Rick Osgood BNL Geri Richmond
Oregon Moustafa El-Sayed - Georgia Royce
Murray U. North Carolina Group 4 Cat.
Chem. Trans. and Chem. Engr. Chairman John
Hemminger UC - Irvine Malcolm Chisholm
OSU Dennis Bennett U. Wisconsin - Mil Gary
Haller Yale Larry Scott Boston College
File Activities (primary and secondary groups)
Grants Representative Files (about 10) Easy
Decisions to Decline Easy Decisions to
Fund Difficult Decisions to Decline Difficult
Decisions to Fund Contracts All Reviews FY
1998 to FY 2001 Complete Files - From
invitation letters to report to lab
management with lab managements response
Breath, Depth and Quality of Activities
Core Research Activities Briefing
  • Portfolio Description
  • Funding History
  • Mission Relevance
  • Significant Historical Accomplishments
  • Recent Accomplishments
  • Future Opportunities

Future Directions
  • Presentations on Future Opportunities
  • Program Managers (Core Research Activities)
  • Team Leaders - Presentation
  • Division Director - Presentation
  • BES Management - Presentation

Improved Process
  • Over all evaluation of the two and half days
  • Information provided
  • Time utilization
  • Personal interactions with scientific staff
  • File system
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