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Title I Restructuring Plan


CHANDLER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Title I Restructuring Plan for 2010-2011 March 2 and 4, 2010 In September, the Comprehensive Action Committee convened for the purpose of ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Title I Restructuring Plan

  • Title I Restructuring Plan
  • for
  • 2010-2011
  • March 2 and 4, 2010

Our Purpose
  • Communicate the vision and plan for
    restructuring Chandler Elementary School
  • Share information related to how the plan may
    affect all elementary licensed teachers in GCS
  • Present the process for making personnel

The Process
  • Approximately 50 stakeholders researched the
    viability of all options available to Chandler.
  • Stakeholders included parents, teachers,
    administrators, business partners and community
  • The consensus was to pursue the
    replacement/transfer of teachers.
  • Smaller work group drafted the details of plan.

The Plan Components
  • The following elements aligned with those which
    were found to be common among schools in Indiana,
    recently approved for restructuring.
  • Staff Transfer/Replacement
  • Leadership
  • Incentive Pay
  • Although the option of replacing staff does not
    require all of the following components to be
    addressed, there is nothing in the research to
    suggest that simply replacing/reassigning staff
    will achieve the desired results of improved
    student achievement.

The Plan Components (continued)
  • Curriculum Instruction
  • Instructional Time
  • Assessment
  • Environment and Climate
  • Professional Development
  • Parent/Community Involvement
  • Plan Evaluation

Staff Replacement/Transfer
  • Our Goal to create a well-balanced
    instructional team, committed to the overall
    vision (plan) for Chandler. Factors to consider
  • experience
  • instructional strengths and expertise
  • strong commitment to professional growth
  • three year commitment to the school

Staff Replacement/Transfer
  • Up to 30 of certified staff up to 12 teachers
  • Changes need to be substantive
  • Rationale will need to be provided to IDOE with
    roster for 2010-2011
  • The Process
  • Voluntary Transfers
  • Involuntary Transfers
  • External Recruitment if needed

Staff Replacement/ Transfer
  • Timeline
  • February Request approval from Board IDOE
  • March 2 4 Teacher information sessions
    communicate the plan and explain the process
    to all elementary licensed staff
  • March 15 Teacher Interest Forms due to Personnel
  • Voluntary and Involuntary Transfers
  • May 1 Internal Teacher selection process
  • June 1 2010-2011 Chandler Roster to IDOE

  • Due to the fact that the principal was named in
    February 2009, she is exempt from replacement.
  • Ms. Lisa Lederach, Principal responsible for
    implementation and coordination of all
    improvement efforts
  • Ms. Mary Kay Longacre, Title I Coordinator
    support to Chandler staff and administration
  • Ms. Tamra Kay Ummel, Executive Director
    district support

Incentive Pay
  • All incentives will be funded through the IDOE
    and/or grants
  • Professional Development
  • Teachers who commit to the vision and plan for
    Chandler will commit to extensive (up to 60 hrs.)
    staff development in the summer 2010 (up to 30
    hours) and throughout the school year (up to30

Incentive Pay
  • Performance Performance pay will be based on
    teams of teachers meeting performance targets as
    established in the plan.
  • Based on teams of teachers meeting performance
    targets as measured by student achievement.
  • Improvement in student performance on ISTEP
    (grades 4 5)
  • Improvement in of students who pass ISTEP
    (grade 3)
  • Students making adequate progress on mClass
    (grades k 2)
  • Narrow the achievement gap for English language
    learners and students with disabilities (all
    grades using ISTEP or mClass)

Curriculum Instruction Our Three
  • Grounded in research and professional work of Dr.
  • Commitment to Learning Goals a tight and
    viable core curriculum
  • Commitment to Effective Instructional Practices
    using high probability strategies and
    evaluation techniques
  • Commitment to Building Background Knowledge
    through the use of the six step process for
    teaching vocabulary
  • For Chandler Elementary, the districts
    commitment to these reform efforts will be
    accelerated and intensified.

Instructional Time
  • Increased instructional time is a variable that
    positively impacts student learning
  • Additional thirty (30) minutes of instruction
    within the teachers school day. This will be
    accomplished through master scheduling.
  • Extended learning time beyond the school day,
    four days/week for interventionists to work with
    targeted students. This will be accomplished
    through flexible scheduling of personnel.

  • Continue to use a variety of data tools to inform
  • Formal and informal assessment
  • Staff and students will use formative feedback
    scales (rubrics) to monitor progress on learning
  • Data conversations and collaboration will occur
    at least every three weeks
  • Stakeholder meetings will continue

Environment Climate
  • Three of the five successful school restructuring
    stories cited a positive school climate as a
    critical element for successful restructuring -
  • Climate survey will be conducted biannually
    results to help inform future changes
  • Positive school-wide behavioral expectations
    (i.e., Marvin Marshall)
  • Standardized dress to be phased in over the
    next 3 years
  • Multi-year classroom placements (looping) with
    students in two or three year cycles.

Professional Development
  • One of the components of the successfully
    restructured schools is quality professional
    development for all staff
  • Accelerate the professional development around
    the three commitments to school reform
  • Immediate and on-going
  • Summer activities
  • Additional training opportunities may extend
    beyond the work day
  • Training reinforced through intermittent
    training and in regularly scheduled reflection

Professional Development - Topics
  • Building Background Knowledge (Academic
  • Learning Goals and Scoring Scales (embedded in
    core curricular materials with tight vertical
  • Using Formative Assessments
  • Systematic and comprehensive use of High
    Probability Instructional Strategies
  • School Climate Initiatives positive behavior
    and standardized dress
  • Team Building and Problem Solving
  • Using Data to Drive Instruction

Parent / Community Involvement
  • The plan includes the provision for a Parent
    Advisory Group to work closely with staff and
    administration to communicate regarding the
    restructuring plan. The goal is to build and
    maintain strong relationships through
  • Home visits
  • A stronger parent compact, focused on how the
    school can support positive parent involvement
  • Long-term parent/teacher relationships through
  • Continuation of volunteer coordinator
  • Maintenance of existing parent and community

  • The evaluation of the restructuring plan will be
    both focused on the process and the end
  • Variety of methods will be utilized
  • Artifacts and evidence of plan implementation
    as well as results will be documented
  • Resources needed to conduct the evaluation have
    been identified
  • Title I Coordinator and the Executive Director
    for Elementary Education will support the
    Principal and staff in these activities

So Where are we Now?
  • The Board approved the plan on 2/22/10
  • It is anticipated that we will receive IDOE
    approval this week.
  • We are now in the process of communicating the
    plan with all stakeholders.
  • The next step The Transfer Process

The Transfer Process
  • The Chandler Restructuring Plan is part of each
    and every school in Goshen Community Schools we
    are all in this together.
  • Teacher Interest Form
  • Voluntary Transfers
  • Involuntary Transfers
  • External Recruitment Efforts, if needed

The Teacher Interest Form
  • All elementary licensed teachers will be surveyed
    to gather information related to interests,
    preferences, strengths and experiences. Deadline
    is March 15th
  • Grade level interests
  • Content level strengths
  • Past and current professional development
  • Collaboration efforts
  • Use of student data

(No Transcript)
Voluntary Transfers
  • Extended Timeline Deadline will be March 15
  • Including Transfers into and out of Chandler
  • May not be known vacancies during the initial
    phase of this process
  • Vacancies will be posted electronically, within
    the district
  • Voluntary transfers require an interview

Involuntary Transfers
  • Only after voluntary transfers have been
  • AND
  • Will involve dialogue between GCS
    Administration and GEA however, administration
    reserves the right to assign teachers to

Some Key Points
  • Interviews will be conducted by an
    administrative team
  • Transferring teachers will retain building level
  • Consideration will be given to experience and
    instructional strength in an effort to create a
    well balanced staff

Committed to the comprehensive plan for Chandler
  • Dr. Stahly GCS must modify what we are doing so
    that all children improve their level of
    achievement this is about not only improving
    opportunities for children to achieve better we
    must offer recommendations such that the children
    actually do achieve better.
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