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The BizWorld Foundation


The BizWorld Foundation The 28th Annual Entrepreneurship Education FORUM Nov 12 - 16, 2010 - Columbus, Ohio * K-12 economic education standards, guidelines, or ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The BizWorld Foundation

The BizWorld Foundation The 28th Annual
Entrepreneurship Education FORUMNov 12 - 16,
2010 - Columbus, Ohio
The BizWorld Foundation inspires children to be
innovative leaders through the teaching of
entrepreneurship, business and finance. We
connect third to eighth grade students to the
real world by providing curricula, training
educators and fostering collaboration between
education and business.
What Is The Issue We Address?
  • Lack of business education creates a shortage of
    business-savvy or financially aware adults
  • More financially educated adults make better
    economic decisions, resulting in greater economic

Challenges to Global Competitiveness
Challenges to Global Competitiveness
  • Education is the key to an innovative workforce,
    but faces significant obstacles
  • Only 50 high school graduation rate in our
    highest need communities
  • Only 50 of 8th graders perform at grade level
  • Urban boys are more likely to go to jail than
    graduate from high school
  • Girls less interested and proficient in STEM
    according to recent research
  • These education issues have national and
    international implications
  • National unemployment rate at 10
  • Mortgage defaults at an all-time high
  • Record federal deficits and trade imbalances
  • U.S. losing its competitive edge to other
    industrialized nations

The Future American Workforce
The Future American Workforce
The U.S. must retain its competitive edge in
innovation and continue to focus on highest value
creative work
The Report of The New Commission on the Skills of
the American Workforce
What Change Are We Trying To
  • Systemic Contribute to cultivating a stronger
    presence of business and entrepreneurship in
  • Individual Contribute to creating a stronger
    society of accountable adults responsible
    decision-makers, informed consumers, smart voters

Why Could This Change Happen Now?
  • Education system facing pressure to innovate
  • Multiple stakeholders focused on education
  • New education structures create entry points for
    business learning
  • Children possess real economic decision making
  • Business landscape more transparent and in the

Why We Need Financial Education Today
  • Use the current economic climate as a learning
  • The President of the National Endowment for
    Financial Education describes the current
    financial crisis as one of the greatest
    teachable moments thats ever happened.
  • Inspire children to become our future economic
    leaders and innovators
  • Ensure an educated and skilled workforce, as
    well as a financially aware populace
  • Challenge our most ambitious students to apply
    their knowledge to the real world
  • Make sure all students have
  • The economic tools they need to succeed
  • Knowledge about economic and financial
  • Awareness of the positive aspects of business

Why Business and Financial Education Matters
How BizWorld Works
  • The new economic landscape requires that we
    prepare students to
  • Analyze and solve problems as part of a team
  • Exercise leadership in challenging projects
  • Apply their knowledge to real-world situations
  • Understand math and economic concepts, and how
    they relate to each other
  • Effectively communicate verbally and visually
    with their team and to an audience

Solutions That Work (What We
Can Do!)
  • Start business education earlier (high school is
    already too late!)
  • Inspire students to become innovative leaders
    and financially responsible citizens
  • Leverage real-world project-based learning to
    teach critical life skills
  • Engage students with innovative, relevant,
    interdisciplinary curricula
  • Involve teachers, parents and community members
    in the learning process
  • Teach business principles to youth (and
    educators) in order to create a more financially
    literate society

What BizWorld Believes In
  • The power of education to positively
    influence children
  • Financial and entrepreneurship education
    as tools for economic
  • The involvement of the private sector to bridge
    the gap between business and education
  • The ingenuity, creativity, and ability of
    children to create their own opportunities for

2010 State of the States Study Council for
Economic Education
Entrepreneurial Education Why it matters for Ohio
  • K-12 economic education standards, guidelines, or
    proficiencies have been mandated in Ohio
  • Personal finance education is currently only
    required in high school
  • Ohio unemployment rate 10

The BizWorld Foundationin Ohio
  • Program currently being taught in 25 classrooms
    in Mason City School District (688 students)
  • Teachers have shared best practices through
    technology like wikis
  • Program has been taught in an additional 6
    classrooms (165 students)
  • Great candidate for fulfilling professional
    development requirements for state licensed
  • Currently working with Ashland University in
    creating long term professional development
    program using BizWorld as the curriculum. Pilot
    program to be 25-60 educators

How BizWorld Works
  • Developing innovative project-based curricula
    teaching entrepreneurship, business, and finance
  • Training educators and volunteers
  • Connecting classrooms to the real world
  • Providing community engagement opportunities
  • Sharing best practices
  • Emphasizing innovation, teamwork,
    problem-solving, creativity, leadership, and
    other 21st Century skills

An Introduction to Our Programs
  • 3-8th Grade
  • 10-15 hours to implement
  • Aligned to standards
  • Project-based
  • Real-world math
  • Naturally differentiated
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Experiential
  • Teaches 21st Century skills
  • Classroom/After School/Summer School
  • Effective for all students
  • Remedial, gifted, at-risk (RTI)
  • Character education
  • Career connections (CTE)
  • Special education
  • English learners
  • STEM integration
  • Engages community members/parents

The BizWorld Curricula
  • BizWorld
  • Integrates business, entrepreneurship and finance
    as students start, fund, and run a company in a
    simulated real-world environment
  • Companies create revenue stream, deduct expenses,
    experience profit/loss, formulate income
    statement, and calculate company value
  • BizWiz
  • Students form investment teams that set a
    financial goal, analyze economic forecasts and
    create an investment strategy
  • Students participate in simulated trading
    sessions to achieve their investment goal
  • BizMovie
  • Integrates business and technology as students
    start, fund and run a movie production company
  • Students produce, market, and sell tickets to
    their animated film

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Setting the BizWorld Stage
Pitching the BizWorld VC
BizWorld Design and Manufacturing
BizWorld Finance
BizWorld Marketing Campaign
The BizWorld Sales Bazaar!
BizWorlds Proven Results
BizWorlds Proven Results
  • Over 270,000 students have participated since
  • Over 4,700 educators teaching our programs
  • Successful programs in all 50 states
  • Taught in over 80 countries (with 4 major
    international partners, including Netherlands,
    Korea, India, and Singapore)
  • Alliances with schools, districts, after-school
    programs, non-profits, camps, and others
  • Students show an average increase of 61 in
    their understanding of basic business, math, and
    economic concepts after completing the BizWorld

Why Educators Love BizWorld
  • Embedded learning academics in disguise that
    are engaging for all learners (and fun for the
  • Reinforcement of highly-tested concepts in
    meaningful context
  • Relevant answers the age-old question, Why are
    we learning this?
  • Opportunity for integration of 21st Century
  • Model of project-based interdisciplinary
  • Provides hands-on activities that culminate in a
    showcase (press release template to encourage
    community involvement provided)
  • Tool for developing authentic relationships
    between school, community, parents, teachers and
    after-school instructors to close the achievement
  • Meaningful platform for developing relationships
    with community partners for support and
    sustainability (mentoring/fundraising)
  • Inexpensive and reusable

Why Parents and Volunteers Love BizWorld
  • Parents
  • Love to see their children learning life skills
  • Enjoy the opportunity to engage their children
    in conversations about what they do at work
  • Appreciate being able to volunteer in their
    childs classroom in a meaningful way
  • Volunteers
  • Easy to teach (no teaching experience necessary)
  • Flexible (can be taught in as few as 10 hours)
  • Utilizes their skill set (share time as well as
    expertise in business and finance)
  • Engagement (can develop long-term relationship
    with school by teaching every year)

Why Volunteers Love BizWorld
  • Easy to teach (no teaching experience necessary)
  • Flexible (can be taught in as few as 10 hours)
  • Utilizes their skill set (share time as well as
    expertise in business and finance)
  • Engagement (can develop long-term relationship
    with school by teaching every year)
  • Fun! The kids love the program and love having
    volunteers to support them

BizWorld Works!
BizWorld Works!
  • BizWorld programs reach beyond what regular
    curriculum can deliver. I support their programs
    and see the terrific benefits. Don
    Fisher, Founder, Gap, Inc.
  • I learned that you could do anything in
    life. Luis, 5th grade, Silver Hills
    Elementary School
  • I learned that to start a business you need to
    take risks and be creative, and I learned to work
    as a team efficiently. Ananya, 5th
    grade, Perry L. Drew Elementary, East Windsor, NJ
  • BizWorld is truly a joy to teach because our
    students learn life lessons through the program
    that will stick with them for years. Heidi,
    Waxahachie Preparatory Academy, Waxahachie, TX

Who Are We?
  • 501c3 non-profit
  • Nationwide organization based in San Francisco,
  • 15 employees (from education, public, and
    private sectors)
  • 1.6M budget
  • Major funders
  • Financial institutions (e.g. Visa, Franklin
    Templeton, NYSE)
  • Venture capitalists (e.g. Draper Fischer
  • Banks (Merrill Lynch/Bank of America, Wells
  • Foundations and individual donors

How You Can Help
  • Bring BizWorld programs to your school or
  • Teach or support the teaching of a class
  • Visit a classroom
  • Invest in our growth
  • Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,
    and LinkedIn
  • Sign up for our e-newsletter at
  • Contact us 415-503-5880/