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Adult Bible Study Guide


Adult Bible Study Guide Jan Feb Mar 2013 powerpoint presentation designed by claro ruiz vicente * 2. Moralidad at ang Larawan ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Adult Bible Study Guide

Adult Bible Study Guide Jan Feb Mar 2013
powerpoint presentation designed by claro ruiz
vicente http//
L. James Gibson Principal Contributor
Origins Contents
1 Jesus, Creator of Heaven and Earth 2
Creation Forming the World 3 The Creation
Completed 4 Creation, a Biblical Theme 5
Creation and Morality 6 Creation and the Fall
7 Through a Glass, Darkly 8 Jesus,
Provider and Sustainer 9 Marriage A Gift
From Eden 10 Stewardship and the Environment 11
Sabbath A Gift From Eden 12 Creation and the
Gospel 13 Creation, Again
Origins Our Goal 5
As we go through this quarter, well see
even more reasons why a literal six-day creation
is essential to all that we believe and why to
compromise on Creation is to undermine the basis
of the gospel and the teachings that make us what
we are.
Origins Lesson 5, February 2
Creation and Morality
Creation and Morality Key Text
Genesis 216, 17 NIV And the Lord God commanded
the man, You are free to eat from any tree in
the garden but you must not eat from the tree of
the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat
from it you will certainly die.
Creation and Morality Initial Words 55
From the Magna Carta (1215) to the
French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of
the Citizen (1789) to various United Nations
declarations, the idea is promoted that human
beings possess certain inalienable rights. What
are these rights? Why should we have these rights
Creation and Morality Quick Look
1. Morality and Creation
(Proverbs 1431) 2. Morality and Gods
image (Genesis 96) 3. Morality and
Accountability (Ecclesiastes
Creation and Morality 1. Morality and Creation
Proverbs 1431 NKJV He who oppresses the poor
reproaches his Maker, but he who honors His has
mercy on the needy.
1. Morality and Creation Dependent Creatures 56
Genesis 27 depicts God as creating Adam
individually and represents him to be an
intelligent, moral being rather than as an
animal. Because we are always dependent on our
heavenly Father for life and its necessities, it
is always appropriate for us to accept Gods
1. Morality and Creation Of One Blood 58
In Genesis 223, Adam is given the task of naming
his wife, whom he called Havah. The Hebrew word
for Eve (Havah) can be translated as
life-giver. Eves name represents the fact
that she is the ancestor of all humans. We are
all one family in the most literal sense
1. Morality and Creation Of One Blood 58
We are united in that we all descended from one
woman, Eve, and from one man, Adam. And God is
the Father of us all. This fact is the basis of
human equality.
Creation and Morality 2. Morality and Gods Image
Genesis 96 NKJV Whoever sheds mans blood, by
man his blood shall be shed for in the image of
God He made man.
2. Morality and Gods Image Special Attribute 57
What exactly is the image of God 1. Dominion
over the other creatures. God has appointed to
humans a share of sovereignty. 2. Expressed in
relationship. As the Godhead is manifest in three
Persons in relationship, the image of God in
humans is expressed in relationship of male and
What is the Image of God? The Creators Character
3. To resemble Him in character. To be like God
is not the same thing as to aspire to be God. In
order for us to reflect His character, we must
have a proper understanding of what that
character is.
Creation and Morality 3. Morality and
Ecclesiastes 1214 NKJV For God will bring every
work into judgment, including every secret thing,
whether it is good or whether it is evil.
3. Morality and Accountability Day of Judgment
Pauls sermon in Athens began with Creation and
ended with judgment. The God who made the world
and everything in it has fixed a day on which He
will judge the world. To be endowed with
morality implies accountability, and each of us
will be held responsible for our actions and our
3. Morality and Accountability Day of Judgment
The Bible teaches that the justice so lacking in
this world will one day be meted out by God
Himself. More so, the whole idea of judgment
implies a moral order why would God judge, much
less punish, if there were no moral standards to
which people could be held?
Creation and Morality Final Words 61
According to Scripture, Adam was the first man
and was specially created from the dust by
God. Our understanding of the origin of morality
is founded in the origin of Adam. Biblical
concepts of morality are, then, inseparable from
biblical concepts of origins.
Creation and Morality Presentation Record
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