Welcome to the Delaware Valley SharePoint User Group Russ Basiura SharePoint Consultant RJB Technical Consulting www.rjbtech.com http://www.sharepointspecialists.com/ russ@rjbtech.com - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PPT – Welcome to the Delaware Valley SharePoint User Group Russ Basiura SharePoint Consultant RJB Technical Consulting www.rjbtech.com http://www.sharepointspecialists.com/ russ@rjbtech.com PowerPoint presentation | free to download - id: 49c3a1-NzY5O


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Welcome to the Delaware Valley SharePoint User Group Russ Basiura SharePoint Consultant RJB Technical Consulting www.rjbtech.com http://www.sharepointspecialists.com/ russ@rjbtech.com


Welcome to the Delaware Valley SharePoint User Group Russ Basiura SharePoint Consultant RJB Technical Consulting www.rjbtech.com http://www.sharepointspecialists.com/ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to the Delaware Valley SharePoint User Group Russ Basiura SharePoint Consultant RJB Technical Consulting www.rjbtech.com http://www.sharepointspecialists.com/ russ@rjbtech.com

Welcome to the Delaware Valley SharePoint User
Group Russ BasiuraSharePoint ConsultantRJB
Technical Consultingwww.rjbtech.comhttp//www.sh
  • Quick Intro
  • Announcements
  • SPImport
  • SharePoint Utility for importing exporting
  • Microsoft Office System Server (MOSS) 2007
  • MOSS 2007 Overview
  • SharePoint
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Search
  • Knowledge Network
  • Capacity and Performance
  • Migration
  • Forms
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Round Table Q A

Introductions DVSUG Sponsor
  • RJB Technical Consulting (www.rjbtech.com)
  • Delaware Valley based consulting company
  • Microsoft Partner
  • Practice Area focused on SharePoint and
    Information Worker Technologies
  • Office 2007, SharePoint 2007 Groove Private
    Beta Partner

User Group Goal / Objectives
  • Build a local community focused on Microsoft
    SharePoint Technologies
  • Educate user group members about SharePoint
  • Transfer knowledge within the community
  • Communicate best practices
  • Introduce new products / solutions

  • Website for user group
  • SharePoint resource documents
  • SharePoint resource websites links
  • RSS Feeds
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Past User Group Presentations
  • Blogs
  • Live Meetings / Webex
  • Discussions

Upcoming Schedule
  • Next Meeting
  • June 28th 530 PM to 830 PM
  • SharePoint Server 2007
  • Web Content Management
  • David Goodhand Microsoft Technology Specialist
  • StayBridge Suites, Malvern, PA
  • Ongoing Schedule
  • Last Wednesday of every month
  • 530 PM to 830 PM
  • StayBridge Suites, Malvern, PA

Upcoming Schedule
  • Content Management in Microsoft Office SharePoint
    Server 2007
  • In the 2007 release, Microsoft will combine
    features of Microsoft Content Management Server
    2002 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal
    Server 2003 into a single server offering. David
    Goodhand, a technology specialist with
    Microsofts Mid-Atlantic States District, will
    present an overview of the content management
    features coming in the next release of
    SharePoint. He will also offer best practices on
    preparing CMS 2002 implementations for migration
    to MOSS 2007.
  • Content Management is the industry term
    typically applied to practices and technologies
    for preparing, editing, routing, and managing the
    content for external-facing web sites. More and
    more companies are leveraging these technologies
    for internal-facing portals, as well as
    integrating content management with document and
    records managements systems.

  • SharePoint Toolkit
  • SPImport

SharePoint Toolkit
  • Why SPImport?
  • SharePoint 2003 Content Import Tool
  • Data Extractors
  • SPS 2001
  • Lotus Quickplace
  • File Share
  • eRoom
  • Public Folders
  • Windows File System

SharePoint Toolkit
  • Supports converting list types (News to
    Announcements, etc)
  • Available at
  • http//workspaces.gotdotnet.com/spimport

  • Microsoft Office System Server (MOSS) 2007

MOSS 2007
Whats included in MOSS 2007?
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
2007 Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007 Microsoft
Office Groove Server 2007 Microsoft Office
Project Server 2007 Microsoft Office SharePoint
Designer 2007
MOSS 2007
Microsoft Office Open XML Formats
  • New XML file formats for Word, Excel and
  • New formats will be the default file formats
  • New file type extensions
  • Patches for Office 2000, XP and 2003 to open,
    edit and save
  • Open, transparent XML format
  • Benefits
  • Dramatic file size improvements
  • 75 reduction in file size on average
  • Helps keep private information private
  • Detect and remove sensitive information
  • Better format structure for solutions
  • Increased document confidence
  • Easily scanned for specific content
  • No VBA code in documents by default optional
    macro-enabled version

MOSS 2007
Minimum Requirements
  • Operating system support and Hardware
  • Client products Windows XP SP1 or Windows Vista
  • Servers Windows Server 2003, SQL 2000 w/ SP 3
    or SQL 2005
  • Web Server 2.5 ghz, 2gb RAM
  • App Server dual core proc 2.5 ghz, 2gb ram
  • 64-bit support (timing TBD)

  • SharePoint Server 2007

MOSS 2007
Russs Favorites
  1. Recycle bin
  2. Pluggable authentication
  3. Security UI trimming
  4. Business Data Catalog
  5. Workflow
  6. Excel Services

MOSS 2007
Whats New??
  • Core improvements
  • Tracking and Auditing
  • Document library improvements Policy Engine for
    Document Types
  • Improved Search
  • Business Data Catalog
  • Excel Services
  • Workflow
  • Multi-Lingual MySites
  • Anywhere access
  • Outlook integration
  • Keeping informed with Alerts and RSS
  • Mobility Multi-Device Capable
  • Community and Communication
  • Wikis Blogs
  • People and Groups

MOSS 2007
Key Investment Areas
Next generation e-mail, project management,
workflow, blog and wiki support
Server-based spreadsheets plus BI portals built
on SQL Server Analysis Services

Windows SharePoint Services
Server-based forms and workflow with smart client
and browser interfaces
Enhanced SharePoint Portal aggregation and
Integrated document, records and Web content
Great relevance with rich people and business
data search
Unified ASP.NET 2.0 workspace foundation for
scalability and extensibility
MOSS 2007
Technology Convergence

MOSS 2007
  • Portal / web application reference model
  • WSS 2.0 presentation tier
  • built with asp.net 1.1
  • WSS 3.0 Presentation Tier
  • built on asp.net 2.0
  • asp.net 2.0/ wss 2.0 hybrid web parts
  • asp.net 2.0 master / content pages master page
  • list views and custom field types

MOSS 2007
  • WSS 2 Services Tier
  • ESS specific Search Experience
  • AD Authentication and Authorization
  • 3rd party non- AD
  • No support for site staging/migration/replication
  • Security Site and Folder Level
  • WSS 3 Services Tier
  • integrated enterprise search
  • asp.net 2.0 membership and roles provider models
  • Migration API and Migration File Format
  • Security Site, Folder and Item Level also
    global site collection security policies
  • RSS feeds for lists / libraries

MOSS 2007
  • Classic Distributed App 3 Tiered Topology
  • Very Flexible, Highly Scalable
  • Scale-up and Scale-out are both possible

MOSS 2007
SharePoint Topologies

Single Server Strengths Fast and
easy Limitations No redundancy Small and Medium
Farms Strengths Data and user load
capacity Availability and reliability Performanc
e Limitations Setup / Configurations Net
work Considerations
MOSS 2007
Scaling - Small Farm
  • Can start with 1 or 2 servers
  • 2 servers for availability
  • Can scale out

MOSS 2007
Scaling - Medium Farm
  • Separate servers
  • 1st and 2nd Tiers Scale naturally
  • Database is not split

MOSS 2007
Advanced SharePoint Topologies

Large Farm N front ends Strengths Data and
user load capacity Availability and
reliability Performance Limitations Setup /
Configurations Network Considerations           
  Multi farm topologies Dev / test
/prod Content Management Staging
MOSS 2007
  • 1st and 2nd Tier Topology is same as Medium
  • Databases are split across clusters to take
    advantage of more hardware

MOSS 2007
  • Office Server is designed to scale out, and scale
  • We will see

MOSS 2007
SharePoint Personalization
  • My Site Personal Portal
  • List documents that I wrote
  • List sites that I'm interested in (my favorites)
  • Customize information shown to other users
  • Users can control their own navigation
  • User can create their own audiences or select
    from a global audience
  • Navigation can be controlled through an audience
  • Include webs in navigation
  • - My HR Web
  • - My Sales Web

  • Enterprise Content Management

MOSS 2007
Manage entire content lifecycle with easy to use
Scenario Examples
  • Integrated capabilities for entire lifecycle
  • From content creation to expiration
  • Manages documents, records, web content etc.
  • Supported by powerful search and workflow
  • Collaborative creation and approval of an equity
    research report with expiration policy and web
  • Designed for Broad Adoption
  • Unified architecture built on next ver. WSS
  • Deep integration with Microsoft Office
  • Common IT tools for deployment/administration
  • Users create a new Word document from a central
    repository and access the associated metadata,
    workflow and policies
  • Extensible and Interoperable
  • Support for XML, SOAP, SMTP and web services
  • Well defined API/OM for repository integration
  • Integration with Visual Studio
  • Developers can create an application to support a
    claims processing application

MOSS 2007
Portal Data Model
  • Portals are a collection of Webs
  • The Webs are arranged in a hierarchy
  • Hierarchy controls navigation and security
  • SPSv2 Area, CMS02 Channel are now all based on
    the WSS Webs construct for containership
  • Each Web has a document library for pages

(Doc library)
(Doc library)
(Doc library)
  • Workflow

MOSS 2007
Workflow Ecosystem
Browser UI
WSS Infrastructure
Source List
Task List
  • Task Notification
  • Task Completion

Web Service
Authoring Apps
SharePoint Designer
  • Initiation and parameter setting
  • Ad-hoc Customization (Forward/Delegate)
  • Task Completion
  • Wizard-based authoring
  • Forms integration
  • Application deployment

MOSS 2007
SharePoint Designer to create Workflow
MOSS 2007
Workflow Designer in VS.NET
Building blocks activities tasks
Messaging activities (i.e. WSS event)
Code Beside C Files
Schedule specific business logic
Property Browser Integration
MOSS 2007
Integrated Security
  • Robust security model for grouping SharePoint
    rights into Site Groups and granting Permissions
    on sites, lists and libraries to users and/or
    these groups
  • Pluggable authentication model
  • Item Level Security
  • Security Trimmed User Interface
  • Login / Logout Link

  • Business Data Catalog

MOSS 2007
Business Data Catalog - connects office servers
to business data. The BDC uses a data source
description XML file. Design Motivations No
code Centralized deployment Low
latency Centralized data security Designed for
portal and collaboration scenarios Data query,
indexing, personalization The BDC is NOT
transactions, workflow or data transformations/ada

MOSS 2007
Business Data Web Parts simple business apps
with no code
  • Business Data List
  • Web parts can use custom XSLT
  • Web part connections
  • Business Data Related List
  • Business data item shows instance of entity
  • Search results web part
  • Customized via xsl
  • Filtering via properties

  • Inter-Farm Shared Services

MOSS 2007
Inter-farm Shared Services

Configuration Parent Specify 1 SSP from which 
remote farms can consume Grant child farm(s)
account(s) rights Child Must ID a parent
farm Must ID a local SSP for Excel Security
implications Does NOT clean up when IFSS turned
off Not supported across WAN links
  • Search

MOSS 2007
Search Data Not Just Documents
  • Scenario find an account manager in Seibel
  • Today
  • Vertical apps lack full-text search
  • Most users cant locate or access vertical apps
  • Hard to crawl business data

MOSS 2007
Full Text Search Using the Business Data Catalog
  • Search is a shared service
  • Create new content source

MOSS 2007

search architecture - 2 WFE Query
Servers - Single Dual-core processor - 4 gb
memory - Windows server 2003 (32 bit) - Windows
NLBS 1 Index Server - Four dual core
processors SQL cluster (active / Passive) New
features for managing crawls continuous
propagation crawl log viewer item level details
view by host name, content source, dates, and
MOSS 2007
Search tabs enterprise wide search released
beta 1 with 3 tabs intranet people customers
intranet search duplicate detection editori
al best bets alerts People search Customized
with additional data feeds Internal HR data
stores Use of memberships in calculating
relevance Ability to refine by job title View
by social distance

MOSS 2007

Configuration best practices use dedicated web
front ends use a singe crawl account per region

MOSS 2007

Best Bets use query log information to enrich
the set Titles and descriptions appear as
entered Set preferred order of the best bets
display Improving relevancy define
authoritative sites that are considered central
to the intranet start with short
list encourage content owners to focus
on descriptive titles using keywords within
URL strings (file name) adding metadata to
office documents
MOSS 2007
MOSS 2007
  • Outlook Integration
  • Outlook allows user to work with personal and
    team data in one place
  • Read/Write access to SharePoint datatypes
  • Calendar, tasks, contacts, discussions, and
  • Synchronization for offline support
  • Users can check out and edit documents when
  • Roll-up views of calendars and tasks across sites
  • Improved calendar
  • SharePoints calendar module with richer calendar
    views, recurrence support, all-day events, and

MOSS 2007
Outlook Integration
  • Event Overlays in Outlook Calendar
  • My SharePoint Folder inside Outlook
  • - Lists all sites that user is a member of
  • - Can also push down specific sites that you
    want all users to see
  • Can also double-click to see sub sites

MOSS 2007
  • Word Integration
  • Blog entries from within Word
  • Publishing of blogs from within Word

MOSS 2007
  • Powerpoint Integration
  • Create slide library from several sources

MOSS 2007
Excel Services
  • New Office 2007 functionality built on SharePoint
    Server platform that provides
  • Server-side Excel spreadsheet calculation
  • Browser based spreadsheet viewing interactivity
  • Web service access to spreadsheet calculation

MOSS 2007
Excel Services

Browser100 thin
View and Interact
Author Publish Spreadsheets
Open Spreadsheet/Snapshot
Web Services Access
MOSS 2007
Web front end
Flexible Topology
Excel Services
Independent Scale-Out
  • Web front-end
  • SharePoint UI
  • HTML rendering web services
  • Application server
  • Loads spreadsheets, refreshes data, calculates
  • Maintains state for interactivity
  • File query caches for performance
  • The Office servers provide
  • Solution platform
  • Store spreadsheets, data connection files, admin
  • Security Authentication, Authorization
  • Single box or multi-tier
  • Independent scale-out

Application Server
External data sources
MOSS 2007
Excel Services Server-based spreadsheets

MOSS 2007
Knowledge Network
Knowledge Network is a valuable component of
Office SharePoint Server 2007, enhancing
enterprise search for people by automating the
discovery of the business relationships and
subject matter expertise of everyone in the
network. Knowledge Network provides vital
business insights that enable users to make
better decisions more quickly. Discover who
knows what and who knows whom within an
organization. Quickly and easily locate people by
subject expertise or social relationships with
key contacts or companies. Simplify creating
automated user profiles for each member of the
network. Knowledge Network automates the
discovery and sharing of undocumented knowledge
and relationships for each member in the network.
The user-customizable automated profile is secure
and requires member approval before it is shared.
Effectively search and pinpoint individuals.
Knowledge Network provides the ability to connect
with internal and external contacts, and
calculates the shortest social distance between
any two people in the network.
MOSS 2007
Capacity and Performance
  • Users throughput of requests that
    environment can handle
  • user load Typical vs. Peak
  • - Typical Average requests over standard unit
    of time (work day)
  • - Peak concurrency (versus user type) plan for
  • Usage profile users behavior
  • - Usage rule of thumb assuming 10 concurrency
  • 1 RPS 3600 RPH 100 Concurrent users 100
    total users
  • Recommendations
  • - 1 killer of latency custom web parts
  • - Watch for sql roundtrips, unnecessary data,
    excessive client side script
  • - Profile your solutions
  • Site structure
  • Reduce the of app pools - Every app pool
    consumes 56 meg of memory

MOSS 2007
Capacity and Performance
Suggested limits for Beta 2 - site collections
database 50,000 - Web sites site collection
250,000 - Sub web sites web site
2,000 - Lists site 2,000 - Items list
10 M - Documents - ? Hardware how SharePoint
scales - designed to grow with org
needs - server resources x32, x64, cpu, ram,
hdd - recommended 64 bit for back end services
which can leverage additional addressable
memory - SQL HDD configuration critical Server
farm - Topology restrictions removed - WFE
query, index, excel calc, project, SQL Shared
Services - On by default Adopted WSS adage
content only limited by HW capability - Sites
Portals are just another site
MOSS 2007
Standard Tool Support

MOM packs for MOM 2005 Best Practices Analyzer
(BPA) Industry wide best practice
rules Provides warnings and rules does not
make config changes Microsoft update
support Operational Tasks Password
Management Service account credentials
change Password roll Stsadm o
updateaccountpassword finds all services using
accounts and updates the password across the farm
MOSS 2007
Disaster Recovery

backup and restore methods recycle bin for
documents and lists Site level backup / restore
via stsadm Integrated backup / restore UI for
web application Mirror / failover
farm Replicate primary farm on secondary
  • 5 minute break

  • Forms Server 2007

MOSS 2007
Extending the reach of forms
  • Web-enabled InfoPath forms
  • Zero client footprint required
  • Great user experience with browser e-forms
  • Minimal round-trips
  • Local validation and formatting
  • Supporting intranet, extranet and internet
  • Built on the WSS platform using ASP.NET
  • Design once for rich and reach e-forms
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform support
  • IE, Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari
  • Windows, Mac OSX, Unix, Linux

MOSS 2007
  • Migration Strategies
  • WSS 2003
  • Sharepoint Portal Server 2003
  • Content Management Server 2002
  • Exchange Public Folders
  • Plumtree Portal
  • Documentum
  • Lotus Notes
  • Windows File System

MOSS 2007
  • Upgrade Options
  • In Place Upgrade
  • Gradual Upgrade
  • Revert to v2
  • Content DB Migration

MOSS 2007
  • Migration Tools
  • Casahl ecKnowledge
  • Metalogix Migration Manager
  • ParallelSpace Corporation
  • Tzunami Deployer
  • Quest
  • SPimport tools from GotDotNet

MOSS 2007
  • Look for RJB Migration Planning Workshops
  • Fall 2007

MOSS 2007
MOSS Timeline
  • SharePoint platform
  • Beta 2 on May 23
  • (broad availability)
  • RTM Q4 2006
  • Expect October

SharePoint Designer
Whats new?
Create and edit when pages based on web
standards Make site wide layout changes on
formatting changes Make changes with a safety
net Re-Ghosting Backup and restore Why
SharePoint Designer? Need for end user no code
managed customization

SharePoint Designer
Why deploy designer?

Give users more control of site
customization Enable user to do more of the work
traditionally done by I.T Managed and controlled
experience between I.T. and user No code
application building and customization no
risk Safety net in place with
re-ghosting Frontpage will not be able to edit
SP V3 sites Visual Studio can NOT open
SharePoint Sites but can be used to write code
behinds pages, web parts, etc.
SharePoint Designer
Site Template Pages (Overview)

Site deployed from a template or site definition
will use pages on disk Commonly referred to
as ghosting Pages saved to the
database by SP designer are modified copies of
disk pages Site template report support
tracking these customized pages and reverting
them to ghosted form Very useful in V2 to V3
upgrade scenarios to quickly adopt new look and
  • Questions??

  • Round Table Discussion
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