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Report on the Model Based Systems Engineering Initiative in INCOSE including usage of SysML


Model Based Systems Engineering Initiative in INCOSE including usage of SysML Hans Peter de Koning (ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands) With many inputs from ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Report on the Model Based Systems Engineering Initiative in INCOSE including usage of SysML

Report on theModel Based Systems Engineering
Initiative in INCOSEincluding usage of SysML
  • Hans Peter de Koning (ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The
  • With many inputs from INCOSE MBSE Initiative

INCOSE MBSE Initiative Relation with PDE
  • The initiative will be shortly explained using
    the outbrief from the last workshop held January
    2008 in Albuquerque, NM, USA
  • What is the relation with product data exchange?
  • The goal of moving from document-centric to
    model-centric system/product development
    processes (and indeed complete life-cycles)
    necessitates exchanging and sharing data
    electronicly at different levels of granularity
    between disciplines, customers and suppliers,
    software tools
  • MBSE Grand Challenge studies are leading
    exercises in use of SysML and how to connect all
    disciplines at system level providing
    non-confidential real-world examples and
  • Therefore Model Based Systems Engineering and
    Product Data Exchange are natural partners
  • Reliable, high quality data exchange and data
    sharing are essential for MBSE to succeed
  • High profile initiatives like INCOSE's MBSE Grand
    Challenges provide opportunities for PDE to show
    what it can bring and what areas need to be
    better addressed

INCOSE Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
WorkshopOutbrief(January 26, 2008)
Sanford Friedenthal
Regina Griego Mark
Model-based world
MBSE WorkshopObjectives
  • Overall
  • Review/Refine Approach to Enable MBSE Vision
  • January 24, 2008
  • Review MBSE Roadmap Activities
  • January 25, 2008
  • Review status/progress of the MBSE Challenge

Integrated Systems Engineering Vision
MBSE 2010 Vision
Minimum Turn Radius 24 ft. Dry Pavement Braking
Distance at 60 MPH 110 ft.
MBSE 2020 VisionCross Domain Model Integration
Design optimization across broad trade
space Cross domain effects based analysis
System of systems interoperability
Reduced cycle times
MBSE Capability
DRAFT June 24, 2007
Institutionalized MBSE across Academia/Industry
Distributed secure model repositories crossing
multiple domains
Defined MBSE theory, ontology, and formalisms
Well Defined MBSE
Architecture model integrated with Simulation,
Analysis, and Visualization
  • Planning Support
  • Research
  • Standards Development
  • Processes, Practices, Methods
  • Tools Technology Enhancements
  • Outreach, Training Education

Matured MBSE methods and metrics, Integrated
System/HW/SW models
Emerging MBSE standards
Ad Hoc MBSE Document Centric
Sample Output from Strategy Sessions (J. Ring)
Category Impediment Rank Capability Rank Readiness
BoK 1 5 -4
Producing 4 7 -3
Worth 2 3 -1
Communicating 6 6 0
Liability 5 n/a 0
Challenge 6 4 2
Capacity 3 1 2
Technologies 5 2 3

MBSE InitiativeOrganizational Approach
  • Chair Mark Sampson
  • Deputies
  • Sanford Friedenthal
  • Regina Griego
  • Activity Leads
  • Foster and facilitate integration of MBSE roadmap
    activities across industry, government and
  • Challenge Team Leads
  • Lead challenge teams to promote MBSE, advance the
    state of practice, and share lessons learned

MBSE Workshop AgendaDay 1- MBSE Activities
January 24, 2008
  • 0830 1200
  • Introduction - Sandy Friedenthal
  • Findings from Whole Systems Modeling Workshop
    Jack Ring
  • Research Activities
  • Modeling cognitive processes - Abe Meilich
  • Modeling system of systems Abe Meilich
  • Modeling Complex Adaptive Systems Ken Lloyd
  • MDA for Systems Engineering Rob Cloutier
  • System modeling ontology - Ralph Hodgson
  • Standards Development Activities
  • AP233 - Phil Spiby
  • ECSS standard supporting MBSE Hans-Peter de
    Koning, Harald Eisenmann
  • SysML - Sandy Friedenthal
  • Simulation and SysML - Tom Haley
  • Configuration/Data Mgm't Standards - Dwayne
    Hardy/Ray Jorgensen
  • Distributed Model Mgmt Stds- Tom Capelle for
    Jean-Phillipe Lerat

MBSE Workshop AgendaDay 1- MBSE Activities
January 24, 2008
  • 1300 1700
  • MBSE Processes, Practices and Methods
  • Methodology Survey - Jeff Estefan
  • Tools and Technology Enhancement Activities
  • Model Transformations and Demonstrations Tom
    Capelle for Jean-Phillipe Lerat SE Tool
    Interoperability Plugfest Peter Denno / Dwayne
  • MBSE Tool Integration Framework - Randy Bullard
  • Outreach, Training and Education Activities  
  • SE education Jim Sutton/Dr. Jerrell Stracener
  • Case Studies, Pilots and Infusion Activities
  • MBSE Benchmarking/State of Practice - Sandy
  • Overall Strategy Discussion - All
  • Summary and Wrap-up

MBSE WorkshopSummary - Day 1
  • 36 attendees
  • Very broad based support from a variety of
    organizations (commercial, government, academia,
    and vendors.)
  • Many experts in the field
  • Gained insights
  • Breadth of the problem
  • Common cultural/technical issues
  • Opportunities for reuse/reapplication of
    knowledge from other domains

MBSE Workshop AgendaDay 2 - January 25, 2008
  • 0830 1200
  • Introduction - Sandy Friedenthal
  • INCOSE German Chapter Telescope Modeling Robert
    Karban (ESO)
  • MBSE Applied to Highway Maintenance  Paula Obeid
    for Dr Yasser Hosni (UCF)
  • MBSE Applied to Urban Transportation  Larry Head
    (U of A)
  • Intelligent Enterprises Jack Ring
  • 1300 1700
  • Space Systems Chris Delp (INCOSE SSWG)
  • Avionics Systems and Software Integration Ben
  • GEOSS Architecture Modeling Larry McGovern
  • GIT Challenge Team - Mechatronics  Dr Russell
    Peak (GIT)
  • INCOSE Enterprise Model Michael Dee
  • Summary and Wrap-up

MBSE WorkshopSummary Day 2
  • 35 attendees
  • Excellent progress from IS08
  • 9 Challenge Teams crossing multiple domains
    (complex systems, transportation, space,
    enterprises, avionics, environmental,
  • Collaboration between Academia, Industry, INCOSE
    chapters, Tool Vendors
  • A number of potential Dissertation topics
  • Use challenge teams as an integrating mechanism
    for the activity leads

Next Steps
  • Refine task/activity descriptions
  • Need to organize to take advantage of potential
    synergies (follow on meetings today)
  • Prep for IS08 track
  • Sort out the support infrastructure for the
    initiative (dashboard, telecons, open web access,
  • Maintain momentum

Space Systems MBSE Grand Challenge
  • The Space Systems example problem is "FireSat" as
    explained in "SMAD"
  • SMAD Textbook "Space Mission Analysis and
    Design" ed.3 by Larson and Wertz"the bible for
    space system development"
  • FireSat is one of the running example in SMAD
  • FirsSat is a well-documented space based forest
    fire monitoring mission
  • No IPR or confidentiality issues
  • Initial problem specification written by HP de
    Koning (ESA) available upon request
  • Currently one team is working on development of a
    FireSat system model in SysML
  • Team consists of MIT graduate students and a
    NASA-JPL lead (Chris Delp)
  • As tool they use Sparx Enterprise Architect with
    SysML extension
  • First progress was reported Jan 2008 at INCOSE
    Int'l Workshop in Albuquerque
  • The INCOSE Space Systems WG is looking for
    additional modelling teams
  • ESA? European Universities? Industry? ...