20th Anniversary Scientific-Educational Center of SHS MISIS-ISMAN - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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20th Anniversary Scientific-Educational Center of SHS MISIS-ISMAN


20th Anniversary Scientific-Educational Center of SHS MISIS-ISMAN International Workshop – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 20th Anniversary Scientific-Educational Center of SHS MISIS-ISMAN

20th AnniversaryScientific-Educational Center of

International Workshop "Synthesis and
Commercialization of Advanced Nanostructured
Materials and Coatings"
October 22, 2009 Leninsky prospect 4, Moscow,
Organizers of the Event ? State Technological
University Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys
(MISIS) ? Institute of Structural Macrokinetics
and Materials Science Problems of the
Russian Academy of Science (ISMAN) Event is
supported by ? State Technological University
Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys ? Federal
Agency for Science and Innovations (FASI) ?
Russian Academy of Science ? Russian Academy of
Natural Science Workshop Co-Chairmans Prof.
Evgeny Levashov Prof. Alexander
Merzhanov International Committee Members Prof.
Inna Borovinskaya, Russia Dr. Satoru Hosomi,
Tomei Diamond Co., Ltd., Japan Prof. Yury
Karabasov, State DUMA, Russia Prof. Dmitry
Livanov, MISIS, Russia Dr. Slobodan Milonich,
The Vinca Inst. of Nuclear Sc., Serbia Prof. John
Moore, Colorado School of Mines, USA Prof.
Dmitry Shtansky, MISIS, Russia Dr. Richard
Suchentrunk, Galvanotechnik Journal, Germany Dr.
Alexei Yerokhin, University of Sheffield, United

Workshop is devoted to 20 years Anniversary of
Scientific-Educational Center of SHS MISIS -
ISMAN (SHS-Center). Nowadays the SHS-Center is a
multidisciplinary scientific-educational center
with a wide area of scientific activity SHS,
mechanical activation assisted SHS (MA SHS),
physics of combustion, structural macrokinetic,
material science of ceramics, intermetallides,
composites and functionally graded materials,
nanostructured materials, hard- wear- corrosion-
heat- resistant coatings, biocompatible thin
films and coatings, nanodispersion strengthened
coatings, surface engineering technologies i.e.
magnetron sputtering, ion implantation, ion
implantation assisted magnetron sputtering, pulse
electrospark deposition (PED), chemical reaction
assisted PED (CRAPED), attestation and metrology
of mechanical and tribological properties of
nanostructured surfaces. The expertise and
research leadership of SHS- Centre is evidenced
by above 600 publications on mentioned fields of
expertise in referees journals, books,
proceedings, and multiple patents and know-how
on the technologies. The teams of SHS- Centre
collaborates with leading research centres in the
USA, Japan, Europe, and Asia. Staffs of SHS-
Centre are members of International Association
on SHS (SHS-AS), Int. Committee on SHS, European
Joint Committee for Plasma and Ion Surface
Engineering (EJC/PISE), International Advisory
Committee on FGM, Int. Committee on Metallurgical
Coatings and Thin Films, Int. Committee of World
Ceramic Congress CIMTEC. SHS-Center is a current
member of the Advanced Coatings and Surface
Engineering Laboratory (ACSEL) at the Colorado
School of Mines.

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM (Draft) Welcome Addresses
10.00 10.30 Session I SHS of Advanced
Materials 10.30 12.10 Session Chairs Dr.
Satoru Hosomi, Dr. Slobodan Milonich
1030 1050 Combustion Mechanism in Ti-Ta-C
System. Structure Formation and Oxidation
Resistance of SHS- products Evgeny Levashov,
V.Kurbatkina, A. Rogachev, N. Kochetov, E.
Patsera 1050 1110 SHS- Die Casting of
Metal Matrix Composites John Moore 1110 1130
Dense in situ Ceramic Matrix Composites via
Pressure Assisted Thermal Explosion Mode of SHS
From Basic Research to Fabrication of Structural 
Parts Elazar Gutmanas and I. Gotman 1130
1150 New Classes of SHS Processes Alexander
Rogachev 1150 1210 Welding of Rails by
Original VINCA Aluminothermite Mixture Some
Experience Gained in Serbia Misa Todorovic, M.
Awarding Ceremony 12.10 12.30 Lunch 12.30
13.30 Session II Functional Coatings and Thin
Films 13.30 14.50 Session Chairs Prof. John
Moore, Prof. Evgeny Levashov
1330 1350 Search for Ultrahard Materials
and Recent Progress in the Understanding of
Hardness Enhancement and Properties of
Nanocomposites Stan Veprek 1350 1410
Multifunctional Bioactive Nanostructured Films
for Metallic Implants Dmitry Shtansky, I.A.
Bashkova, N.A. Gloushankova, Ph.V.
Kiryukhantsev-Korneev, A.N. Sheveiko, I.V.
Reshetov, A.S. Grigoryan, B.N. Mavrin, A.
Fernandez, E.A. Levashov 1410 1430
Nanocomposite Coatings with Thermal Stability and
Protection of Substrate Against Oxidation Above
1000?C Jindrich Musil

1430 1450 Advanced Plasma Electrolytic
Oxidation Methods to Enhance Functional
Performance of Light-Weight Materials Alexei
Yerokhin, A Matthews 1450 1510 From
Micro to Nano 20 Years Thin Film and Plasma
Technology Richard Suchentrunk 1510
1530 Nano-particle Doped Sol Gel Coatings For
Active Corrosion Protection of Aluminum
Alloys Franz Gammel, Dominik Raps, Theo Hack
Coffee Break and Poster Session 15.30
16.50 Session III Advanced Nanosized
Materials 16.50 17.50 Session Chair Dr.
Richard Suchentrunk, Dr. Alexei Yerokhin
1650 1710 The Properties of Submicron
Single Crystalline Diamond Particles
Satoru Hosomi, H. Yamanaka, S. Morino, K.
Kumekawa 1710 1730 Stable Colloidal
Dispersions of Metal Oxides. Synthesis,
Properties and Applications Slobodan
Milonjic 1730 1750 Synthesis of
Nanostructures in Bulgaria. Advanced Technologies
and Their Application Stavri Stavrev
BANQUET 18.00 - 22.00 In Restaurant near

Poster Session
1. Pulse Electrospark and PVD Deposition of
Cr-Based Sublayer on WC-6Co Substrate for
Quality Improvement of CVD Diamond Film E.V.
Azarova, E.A. Levashov, E.I Zamulaeva, V.G.
Ralchenko, A.P. Bolshakov, S. Hosomi 2.
Combustion Features in Some Nanostructured
System H.E. Grigoryan, A.S. Rogachev 3.
Formation of Porosity CoTi-Materials by SHS O.K.
Kamynina, I. Gotman, E. Gutmanas, A.E. Sytschev,
S.G. Vadchenko and E.N. Balikhina 4. Amorphous
Cr-Al-Si-B and Cr-Al-Si-B-N Coatings Deposited by
Magnetron Sputtering of SHS-Targets Ph.V.
Kiryukhantsev-Korneev, J.F. Pierson, J.Ph. Bauer,
E.A. Levashov, D.V. Shtansky 5. Effect of
Nitrogen Partial Pressure on Structure and
Properties of Hard Cr-B-(N) Coatings Ph.V.
Kiryukhantsev-Korneev, A.N. Sheveyko, Yu.S.
Pogozhev, J.F. Pierson, B.N. Mavrin, E.A.
Levashov, D.V. Shtansky 6. Hard Nanostructured
Coatings for High-Temperature Tribological
Applications Ph.V. Kiryukhantsev-Korneev, A.N.
Sheveyko, E.A. Levashov, R. Cecchini, C.
Paternoster, A. Fabrizi, D.V. Shtansky 7. Hard
Nanostructured Coatings Produced by Magnetron
Sputtering of MAX-phase Ti2-xCrxAlC targets Ph.V.
Kiryukhantsev-Korneev, A.N. Sheveiko, C. Rojas,A.
Fernandez, B.N. Mavrin, E.A. Levashov, D.V.
Shtansky 8. Structure, Mechanical and
Tribological Properties of Hard Ti-Al-Si-C-N
Coatings Ph.V. Kiryukhantsev-Korneev, A.V.
Bondarev, I.A. Bashkova, E.A. Levashov, D.V.

9. About Mechanical Activation Influence on the
Particular Properties and Structure of NiAl and
TiAl Mixtures Kochetov N. A, Rogachev A.S. Ko
valev D. Yu. 10. Dispersion Hardening Ceramic
Materials Produced Using SHS V.V. Kurbatkina,
E.A.Levashov, O.S. Lysenko 11. Mechanoactivation
of SHS V.V. Kurbatkina, E.A.Levashov, A.S.
Rogachev 12. Nanodispersion Strengthened
Electrode Materials for Pulse Electrospark
Deposition ?. ?. Levashov, ?. ?. Kudryashov, Yu.
S. Pogozhev, ?. I. Zamulaeva, S.K. ?ilonjic, M.
Todorovic 13. Pulsed Electrospark Deposition of
Low Friction Coatings ?. ?. Levashov, ?. ?.
Kudryashov, ?. I. Zamulaeva, Zh. V. Eremeeva 14.
Industrial Application of New Electrode
Materials, Facilities, and Processes for PED ?.
?. Levashov, ?. ?. Kudryashov, ?. I. Zamulaeva,
Yu. S. Pogozhev, ?. N. Sheveiko 15. Chemical
Reaction Assisted Pulsed Electrospark Deposition
(CRAPED) ?. ?. Levashov, ?. ?. Kudryashov, ?. I.
Zamulaeva, S. Hosomi 16. Diamond Containing
FGMs and Disperse-Strengthened by Nanoparticles
Tools E.A. Levashov, V.V. Kurbatkina, A.A.
Zaitsev, V.A. Andreev, S. Hosomi, M.
Ohyanagi 17. Self-Propagating High-Temperature
Synthesis of Electrode Materials
Dispersion-Strengthened With Nanoparticles for
Pulse Electrospark Deposition E.A. Levashov,
Yu.S. Pogozhev, A.E. Kudryashov, S.K. Milonjic,
M. Todorovic 18. New Composite Ceramic Materials
in Ti-Al-Si3N4-C System Produced by Combustion
Synthesis E.A. Levashov, Yu.S. Pogozhev, D.V.
Shtansky, J.J. Moore

19. Nanostructured WCCo-Based Electrode
Materials ?. ?. Levashov, ?. I. Zamulaeva, ?. ?.
Kudryashov 20. Effect of Mechanoactivation on
Combustion and Structure Formation in Cr B
System E. I. Patsera, E.A. Levashov, V.V.
Kurbatkina, A.S. Rogachev, N.A. Kochetov 21. The
Attestation of Functional Properties of
Nanostructured Coatings by Advanced Mechanical
Surface Testing M.I. Petrzhik, M.Ya. Tyurina,
N.S. Kozlova, E.A. Levashov 22. Amorphous
Nanostructured Wear Resistant Coatings of
Titanium Alloys for Tribological
Applications M.I. Petrzhik, M.Ya. Tyurina,
E.I. Zamulaeva, T.V. Sviridova, V.V. Molokanov,
P.V. Vakaev, E.A. Levashov 23. Characterization
of As-Quenched Co-Based Silica Glass Covered
Microwires by Selective Indentation and AFM M.I.
Petrzhik, E.V. Zamyatkina, M.R. Filonov, E.A.
Levashov, V. V Molokanov 24. Self-Propagating
High-Temperature Synthesis of Mn1AXn Phases in
Ti-Cr-Al-C System Yu.S. Pogozhev, S.I. Rupasov,
E.I. Patsera, V.V. Kurbatkina, E.A. Levashov 25.
Effect of Mechanical Activation on Synthesis of
MAX- phases CrxTi2-xAlC S.I. Rupasov,
V.V. Kurbatkina, E.A. Levashov 26. Multilayer
and Nanocomposite TiCrBN/WSex Coatings with
Reduced Friction Coefficient A.N. Sheveyko, Ph.V.
Kiryukhantsev-Korneev, B.N. Mavrin, D.V. Shtansky
27. Effect of Nanosized Additives on Sintering
Process and Properties of Cobalt and Iron Based
Alloys A.A. Zaitsev, V.V. Kurbatkina, E.A.
Levashov 28. Determination of Particle Size and
Microstrain of Mechanically Activated
Nanostructured Materials Based on XRD and SEM
data N. F. Shkodich, R. B. Neder, A. Magerl,
More info contact persons Mrs. Olga Lysenko,
e-mail exviventy_at_mail.ru tel 495-638-44-09
Dr. Irina Bashkova, e-mail ibashkova_at_mail.ru
tel 495-236-32-91
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