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Your Legacy of Wellness: Detoxify Your Body and Home


Your Legacy of Wellness: Detoxify Your Body and Home Ashley Reynolds, B.S. Athletic Training, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Wellness Educator – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Your Legacy of Wellness: Detoxify Your Body and Home

Your Legacy of Wellness Detoxify Your Body and
  • Ashley Reynolds,
  • B.S. Athletic Training,
  • Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist,
  • Wellness Educator

What We Will Discuss Today
  • Nutrition in the 21st Century
  • WHY Vitamins Minerals?
  • Soil Mineral Depletion
  • Our Toxic Household
  • Are There Safe Alternatives?
  • Medicine Kit in a Bottle
  • Is There A Solution??

Industry myth
  • We can get all the nutrition (vitamins and
    minerals) we need from our food supply.

Nutrition in the 21st Century
  • Overfed and Undernourished!
  • The modern diet differs drastically compared to
    that of our ancestors.
  • Although we live in an age of availability and
    abundance, we choose to ignore many foods that
    are good for us.
  • Processing foods destroys nutrients!

WHY Vitamins Minerals?
  • Your body cant produce them.
  • Timing is everything.
  • Deficiencies today can hurt tomorrow.
  • What happens when we dont get enough??

Soil Mineral Depletion Warning35 Years Ago!
  • In the future, we will not be able to rely
    anymore on our premise that the consumption of a
    varied balanced diet will provide all the
    essential trace elements, because such a diet
    will be very difficult to obtain for millions of
  • Dr. Walter Mertz, US Department of Agriculture,
    1977 Statement to Congress

Soil Mineral Depletion Farming Disrupts Healthy
Natural Land Cultivated Land
Inhabited by a diversity of plant species. Often limited to a single type of crop, depleting the soil of essential nutrients. (Modern farmers attempt to counter this with crop rotation
Plants grow according to seasonal and climatic fluctuations. Manipulated to accelerate the maturation of the plant, sometimes, yielding multiple crops in a single growing season, accelerating mineral depletion.
Replenished by its own dying and decaying plant matter. Harvested, removing all plant matter, leaving the land barren (todays organic waste is either incinerated or buried in a toxic mix of trash at massive landfills.
Soil Mineral Depletion Chemicals
  • Ever increasing demands on the farm
  • Pesticides and herbicides reduce the plants
    ability to absorb and assimilate the few trace
    minerals that may be remaining in the soil.
  • In Conclusion When nature gets cheated, SO DO

3 Potential Solutions
  • Re-mineralize farmlands.
  • Eat locally grown produce from organic farms.
  • Provide the body with minerals and nutrients
    directly through supplementation. (Patented Oligo
    Technology, discussed later)

Our Toxic Households Traditional Household
  • They may work, but whats hiding inside the
  • Are you using any of these products on the next
    10 slides??
  • Sources US Environmental Protection Agency and Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Also check out

Detergent (Tide) Registered Pesticide
  • Danger! A leading cause of eczema. Stimulates
    the growth of breast cancer cells. Respiratory
    tract irritation, carcinogenic, can burn eyes,
    mouth, throat, and stomach. Can cause asthma
  • Banned in Europe. Feminizes male fish. Leading
    detergents contain fiberglass.

Bleach (Clorox) Registered Pesticide
  • Danger! Causes severe eye injuries. Can burn the
    skin, mouth, throat and stomach. Neurotoxin,
    kidney and liver damage, severe lung damage,
    reproductive issues and Carcinogenic. Can be
    fatal if swallowed.
  • Carcinogens from Dioxins are 300,000 times more
    potent than those of DDT (well-known organic
    pesticide). It bio-accumulates in the body we
    cannot detoxify it!

Disinfecting Wipes (Clorox/Lysol) Registered
  • Danger! Eye, skin respiratory tract irritant.
    Registered pesticide that people use as a
    disinfectant. Harmful by inhalation, ingestion
    and skin contact. Carcinogenic, skin irritant,
    headaches, coma, heart block and cardiac arrest.
  • On the Label Hazardous to Humans and Domestic

Dish Detergent (Cascade) Neurotoxin
  • 16 states have banned phosphate detergents WA,
    VA, MN, IL, MI, OH, MA, PA, MS, IN, WI, OR, UT,
    NH, MT, VT.
  • Chlorine bleach mixes with hot water, toxic
    volatilized chlorine fumes are created, which are
    then released into the air in your home as a
    steamy mist. Common symptoms from breathing
    chlorine fumes include headaches, fatigue,
    burning eyes and respiratory irritation.

Household Cleaner (409) Neurotoxin
  • Danger! Strong lung irritant. Linked to cancer,
    reproductive disorders, kidney and liver damage.
    Can cause depression, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,
    headache, abdominal pain, lesions may occur in
    brain, lung, liver and meninges and heart.

Toothpaste (Crest/Colgate) Registered Pesticide
  • Danger! Neurotoxin, kidney and liver damage,
    severe lung damage, reproductive issues.
  • Artificial Sweeteners Saccharin, Aspartame are
  • Fluoride possible carcinogenic a cumulative
    poison. More poisonous than lead, slightly less
    poisonous than arsenic.

Glass Cleaner (Windex) Neurotoxin
  • Danger! Contains Ammonia, can cause kidney and
    liver damage, even tumors. Known to attack the
    central nervous system, liver and kidneys.
    Linked to reproductive disorders.
  • Does it even make sense to use a blue liquid to
    clean a clear surface??

Lotions (Cetaphil/Johnsons) Carcinogenic
  • Known to cause dermatitis, cancer, kidney and
    liver damage. Can also impact birth outcomes,
    including gestational age and birth weight,
    fertility (lower sperm production), anatomical
    abnormalities related to the male genitalia, and
    can cause early puberty.

Shampoo (Paul Mitchell) Carcinogenic
  • Known to cause dermatitis, cancer, kidney and
    liver damage. Hormone disruptors, cancer-causing

Cosmetics Carcinogenic
  • Many cosmetics made in the US are banned in
    Europe and Japan.
  • Carcinogen, allergen, contain petrochemicals like
    paraffin, coal tar, lanolin and contain pesticide
    residues. Can also cause blisters, skin
    irritation and allergic reactions. Linked to

Is there a safer, more natural alternative??
  • By now Im sure you are wondering

Meet Melaleuca, Inc.
  • We are the 27 year old Manufacturer of over 360
    non-grocery consumable products, delivered
    directly to our customers door.
  • Membership-based (like Sams Club or Costco)
  • MANY Preferred Customer benefits!
  • Consumable products have a Point Value assigned
    to them this keeps our currency the same
  • Many times we are confused with a Multi-Level
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    the Direct Sales Association.

Meet Melaleuca, Inc.
  • All we ask is that you consider Simply Switching
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  • We dont make these products just because other
    companies make them we make them BETTER and
    SAFER using natural ingredients!
  • We compete in Value, Price, Ingredients and
  • Many are First-In-The-World Discoveries! (Ex.
    Patented Oligo Technology)

Medicine Kit in a Bottle Melaleuca Oil
  • AKA Tea Tree Oil
  • 6 Properties
  • 1. Naturally Antiseptic
  • 2. Soothing
  • 3. Safely Penetrating
  • 4. Non-Caustic (no harmful chemical reaction)
  • 5. Effectively Solvent
  • 6. Pleasantly Aromatic

Medicine Kit in a Bottle Melaleuca Oil
  • WWII The Australian government commandeered the
    entire supply of tea tree oil for the war effort
    and those involved in its production were
    exempted from military service. The soldiers
    referred to the oil as a Medicine Kit in a

Medicine Kit in a Bottle Melaleuca Oil Uses
  • Antibacterial Soaps, Acne Creams and Lotions,
    Moisturizing Creams and Lotions, Oral and Dental
    Products, Hair Care Products, Parasiticide and
    Insect Repellent, Antifungal Creams and Foot Care
    Products, Personal Care Products, Inflammation,
    Burn Gels, Hand and Nail Care, Coughs, Colds and
    Flu, Child Care, Pet Care, Agricultural
    Applications (greenhouse and garden), Household
    Cleaning and Laundry

Patented Oligo Technology Only from Melaleuca!
  • Oligo was developed from the ground up to address
    the two critical flaws in mineral supplementation
    absorption and excess free radical creation
    to help ensure you get more of what you take a
    multivitamin-mineral for.
  • 10 Times More available for Absorption and 5
    Times Greater Antioxidant Protection

Melaleucas Patented Oligo Technology 2 Landmark
  • 1) Oligo dramatically outperformed the inorganic
    forms of minerals.
  • 2) Oligo not only protects against dangerous free
    radical activity in the digestive tract, but
    extends that protection throughout the entire
    body better than any non-Oligo supplement on
    the market.
  • Nutrition Journal Free Radical Biology and

Our Environment Its Where We Live
  • The air we breathe, what we eat, things that
    touch our skin (the bodys largest organ).
  • Our responsibility is to future generations.

Our Philosophy at Melaleuca
  • We believe that natural, biodegradable
    ingredients can provide the same or better
    cleaning effectiveness as harsh, harmful
    chemicals without doing any damage whatsoever
    to the environment inside our homes, and without
    doing any damage to our streams and oceans once
    we dispose of them.

Melaleucas Competitive Edge
  • Melaleuca saves hundreds of millions of dollars
    each year by
  • Not advertising our products
  • Creating formulations that are far more
    concentrated, saving millions of pounds of
  • Saving millions in shipping costs by not shipping
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Preferred Customer Benefits
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What kind of wellness legacy will you leave
behind? Will you consider giving our shopping
experience a try?
  • Contact Ashley Reynolds
  • Melaleuca Preferred Customer,
  • Independent Marketing Executive
  • Since May 2011
  • (704)770-8214