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Treatment of NORM-Contaminated Sludge


... oily sludges subjected to bio-treatment in a slurry bioreactor using the patented ... Technically advanced User friendly Efficient Cost effective No legacy ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Treatment of NORM-Contaminated Sludge

  • Treatment of NORM-Contaminated Sludge Soil
  • from the Petroleum Industry
  • PDO NORM Workshop
  • February 21-23, 2005

Proxima Cancorp Petrozyme TechnologiesEnviroGem
  • Introduction
  • Approach to the treatment of hydrocarbon
  • NORM contamination
  • Treatment of hydrocarbon contaminants Stage 1
  • Treatment of NORM
  • Stage 2 Solubilization
  • Stage 3 Filtration
  • Stage 4 Polymerization
  • Treatment objectives
  • Proposed pilot full scale implementation
  • Conclusion

Dr. Ajay Singh
  • Director of RD, Petrozyme Technologies
  • Adjunct Professor University of Waterloo
  • Specialization - microbial biotechnology
  • Published in excess of 120 research papers
  • Holds 5 patents
  • Co-authored and edited 5 books related to
    biotechnology, fermentations, bioremediation and
  • Developed biological waste treatment processes
    related to the petroleum industry
  • International experience (US, Canada, India,
    Germany, Japan, Venezuela, Mexico, Saudi Arabia)

Dr. Perichiyappan Senthilnathan
  • Technical Director of EnviroGem Inc.
  • Consulting advisor to various industries for
    water and wastewater treatment including
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson Johnson, Pfizer,
    Merck, Uniroyal, Exxon and Cargill
  • Dr. Senthil is the expert in waste water
    treatment and has isolated and removed metals
    radionuclides from water using selected membrane
  • 30 years in waste water treatment

Peter Cheong
  • Principal, Proxima Cancorp Inc.
  • Director Founder of Petrozyme Asia Ltd.
    currently actively bidding on all major petroleum
    sludge/contaminated soil remediation jobs in Asia
    Middle East
  • Chartered Accountant PwC, EW
  • Assembled a team of scientists to provide a
    solution for NORM
  • Role project cost management

Treatment Rationale
  • Had to look out of the box for a more cost
    effective solution
  • The risk of NORM comes from small particles of
    radioactive metals
  • Treat the cause not the symptom
  • Solution had to isolate the NORM and then manage
    along with other metals

Treatment Process
  • An advanced four-stage integrated
    bio-physico-chemical process to treat
    NORM-contaminated oily sludge soil from the
    petroleum industry
  • Each of the stages in this process has been field

Four-Stage Process Flow
Stage 1 Removal of hydrocarbons
  • biological process for oily sludges
  • physico-chemical process for hydrocarbon-contamina
    ted soils
  • bioreactors and mixers will provide added
    shielding from NORM for the operators
  • water is an integral part of both these processes

Stage 1 oily sludges
  • subjected to bio-treatment in a slurry bioreactor
    using the patented Petrozyme Process
  • microorganisms, a blend of proprietary nutrients
    and optimized air flow facilitate accelerated
    biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons
  • result is a gt90 TPH removal in 8 to 12 days.

Example of Bioreactors
Stage 1 contaminated soils
  • for low oil-contaminated soils (lt8 TPH),
    Remsep is used
  • patented 2-phase remediation separation process
  • hydrocarbons are separated using hydrophobic
    sorbents mobilizing agents in mixers
  • removal of gt90 of TPH in treatment periods of 4
    to 6 hours.

Stage 1 Remsep
Stage 2 - Solubilization
  • solubilization done in tanks
  • process proven on uranium, radium, thorium
  • proprietary list of reagents containing selected
    ligands are used to solubilize radioactive
    inorganic elements
  • challenge is to ensure no reaction among reagents
  • treated sludge/soil is dewatered solids are
    sent to a suitable landfill

Stage 3 - Filtration
  • filtrate containing radioactive elements metals
    from stage 2 are subjected to a series of
    ultrafiltration, nano/diafiltration a
    high-pressure high-rejection reverse osmosis (RO)
  • proven on uranium, radium, thorium xanthium
  • residues from nano/diafiltration RO systems
    containing concentrated radioactive
    high-molecular weight elements metals are
    collected in residue storage tanks
  • Permeate from RO unit free of radioactive
    elements is either discharged to local
    sewer/water bodies or re-used in the upstream

Stage 4 Polymerization containment
  • contents of residue storage tank are water
  • polymerize residues
  • polymers are stable indefinitely
  • material is contained within non-reactive Uranium
    containers or metal drums sealed
  • ultimate disposal in secured landfills

Stabilization/Containment Solutions
  • Superior qualities in
  • Shielding operators
  • Isolating radionuclides
  • No structural damage from radiation (gamma)
  • Retaining radio isotopes
  • No biodegradation
  • No leaching issues
  • Significant reduction in final landfill cost
  • Process cost US1,200 to 1,500 per ton plus
    landfill cost of NORM free solid material from
    the Petrozyme/Remsep Processes
  • Based on 10k m3 of sludge/contaminated soil

Treatment Objectives
  • meet the actionable level set by the
    International Atomic Energy Agency
  • isotopic activity in treated solids effluent
    not to exceed 0.5 Bq/g for Ra226
  • show process has successfully isolated
    radionuclides and retained radio isotopes
  • based on standards set by US EPA, Department of
    Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Council

Proposed pilot
  • demonstrate that petroleum hydrocarbons can be
    effectively degraded or removed from sludges
    contaminated soils
  • NORM present in sludges soils can be
    effectively treated/stabilized using our approach
  • approach is scalable
  • length cost of pilot

Full Scale Implementation
  • JV with local company
  • Oil co options
  • We supply all equipment
  • Except for Bioreactors NORM related equipment,
    Oil co supplies some or all equipment (Capex)

  • Process addresses, isolates
  • treats hazardous materials
  • (toxic organic compounds, metals
  • Technically advanced
  • User friendly
  • Efficient
  • Cost effective
  • No legacy issues
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