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Weight Control: The Myths and Realities


Weight Control: The Myths and Realities Unit 10 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Weight Control: The Myths and Realities

Weight Control The Myths and Realities
  • Unit 10

Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and Weight
  • Americans spend 60 billion annually on
    weight-loss, but are gaining weight rather than
    losing it
  • Only 5-10 of people who lose weight keep it off

Weight Loss vs Weight Control
  • Diets and weight loss do not cure overweight
  • People return to old habits, regain weight
  • Improved and enjoyable eating and exercise habits
    are needed to keep excess weight off

The Business of Weight Loss
  • More than 29,000 weight-loss products and
    services are available
  • Almost none of them work

Lack of Consumer Protection
  • No laws require a weight-loss product must be
    effective in order to be sold
  • Weight-loss products are not tested for safety
    before they reach the market some cause serious
    problems, even death

Discontinued Weight-Loss Methods
Pulling the Rug Out
  • Complaints about products and services that make
    fraudulent claims are investigated by the Federal
    Trade Commission

Bogus Weight-Loss Products
If Truth Had to Be Told
  • If weight-loss claims had to be backed by
    scientific evidence, the US weight-loss industry
    would have to change

Diet Pills
  • Two types of diet pills are currently approved
    for obese people in the US
  • Meridia (sibutramine)
  • Xenical (orlistat)
  • Both cause side effects, and weight is often
    regained when pills are stopped

Popular Diets
  • Five popular diets have been evaluated
  • Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution, Weight Watchers
    Pure Points Program, Slim-Fast Plan, Zone Diet,
    Eat-Yourself-Slim Diet
  • All produced a reduction in calorie intake
  • Weight loss averaged 7 pounds

Low Carbohydrate, High Protein Diet
  • Most people found diets too hard to follow

Fad Diets
  • Many diet books contain made-up approaches to
    weight loss
  • None has been shown to lead to sustained weight
    loss, or weight-loss maintenance

Fad Diets
Internet Weight-Loss Frauds
  • The Internet has hundreds of bogus weight-loss
  • Other than lipase inhibitor (alli) no diet pill
    sold on the Internet is FDA approved

Weight Regain With Popular Diets
  • People cant stick to difficult or unpleasant
    popular diets long then weight is regained
  • The best way to sustain weight loss is by making
    small, easy changes to diet and physical

Physical Activity and Weight Control
  • Regular physical activity reduces abdominal fat
    stores, and improves blood cholesterol, insulin
    sensitivity, and blood pressure
  • Regular resistance exercise increases lean body
    mass and reduces fat mass
  • Moderate physical activity with calorie reduction
    increases weight loss

Activity for Overweight and Obese
Weight Loss Benefits
  • Loss of 5-10 of body weight benefits the
    overweight and obese
  • Lowers blood insulin, triglycerides, glucose, and
    C-reactive protein
  • Increases insulin sensitivity and HDL cholesterol
  • Reduces risk of heart disease and diabetes

Obesity Surgery
  • Bariatric surgery is a method of last resort for
    people with BMIs over 40, or BMIs 35-40 with
    serious weight-related health problems
  • Bariatrics
  • Field of medicine concerned with weight loss

Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Gastric bypass surgery is the most effective
    method for weight loss and maintenance
  • Results in loss of 50-60 excess weight
  • Resolution of weight-related health problems
  • Stomach pouch holds only 2 tablespoons of food
    eating more causes vomiting

Lap Band Surgery
  • A constricting band reduces the amount of food
    the stomach can hold
  • Results in loss of about 48 of excess weight

Gastric Bypass and Lap Band Surgery
Concerns With Bariatric Surgery
  • High rates of complications
  • 22 post-surgery, 40 in first 6 months
  • Chance of death 0.5 to 1.1
  • High cost (30,000 or more)
  • 60,000 with complications
  • Nutrient deficiencies and emotional issues

Body Contouring Surgery
  • Excess skin folds that develop after weight-loss
    surgery may be removed by body contouring surgery
  • Expensive
  • May have to be repeated several times

Body Contouring Surgery
  • Liposuction to reduce fat deposits in thighs,
    hips, arms, back, or chin is the most common
    cosmetic surgery in the US
  • Risk of infection and other complications

Effects of Liposuction
Weight Loss Making It Last
  • Weight loss is successful only if it is safe,
    healthful, and prevents weight gain
  • Successful losers who maintain their weight loss
    focus on lifestyles of healthy eating and
    exercise rather than dieting

Weight Loss Making It Last
  • Activities you enjoy are key to weight loss

Successful Weight Loss
Small, Acceptable Changes
  • Gradual losses in body fat do not require
    dramatic changes in diet or activity level
  • Reduction in food intake of 100 calories/day can
    produce a 10-pound weight-loss/year

100-Calorie Changes
Identifying Acceptable Changes
  • List weak points in diet and activity
  • Identify options that seem acceptable and
  • Include small changes that are acceptable in the
    long run

Take Action Small Steps
  • For Healthy Eating
  • Eat cereal for breakfast
  • Eat fruit before dinner
  • Eat more vegetables than meat
  • Drink skim milk
  • Switch from soft drink to flavored water
  • Stop eating when full
  • Eat only when hungry
  • Reduce dessert size
  • For Physical Activity
  • Add 2000 steps
  • Park farther away
  • 10-minute walk in park
  • Lift weight while watching TV (10 min)
  • Do 10 sit-ups
  • Use the stairs
  • Walk neighbors dog
  • Jump rope 2 minutes
  • Dance 5 minutes

What to Expect
  • Expect gradual weight loss with peaks, valleys,
    and plateaus not a straight downward curve
  • Sometimes weight will be gained
  • Small changes should become an enjoyable part of
    daily life

Gradual Weight Loss
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