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Welcome to the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission


Welcome to the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission The 1960 s 1964 Demographics Some more facts from1964 Lyndon B ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission

Welcome to the 40th Anniversary celebration of
theNorthern Virginia Transportation Commission
The 1960s
1964 Demographics
Fact 1964 Price 2004 Price
Bus Fare 0.20 1.20
Cost of a bus 58,300 375,000
US GDP (1998 dollars) 663 billion 10.9 trillion
Federal spending 118.53 billion 2.1 trillion
Federal debt 316.1 billion 7 trillion
Unemployment 5.7 5.6
Cost of a first-class stamp 0.05 0.37
Population 191.8 million 292.6 million
Average Salary 4,743 21,587
Minimum Wage 1.00 5.15
Some more facts from1964
  • Lyndon B. Johnson was President
  • The Capital Beltway was completed in August of
  • President Lyndon Johnson signs the Urban Mass
    Transportation Act of 1964 that provides 375
    million in transit capital assistance over three

NVTC in the 1960s
  • Transportation District Act defines powers of
  • First Commission meeting held September 1, 1964
  • Gordon Thompson becomes first Executive Secretary
  • WMATA compact goes into effect (1967)
  • Jason Edwards becomes next Executive Secretary

Chairmen in the 1960s
  • Fred Babson
  • Lee Rhoads

The 1970s
The 1970s
  • War in Vietnam raged on (early 1970s)
  • 26th Amendment passed making the voting age 18
    instead of 21 (1971)
  • Disney World opened (1971)
  • MASH TV series began (1972)
  • Federal Express was created (1972)
  • Oil embargo and first major U.S. Fuel crisis
    causes gas prices to soar (1973)
  • VCRs are introduced to the home market (1974)
  • Congress passed the Metric Conversion Act, which
    called for the voluntary switch to the Metric
    System, but it had little effect. (1974)

The 1970s
  • Military Academies admit their first female
    students (1976)
  • 200th anniversary of the Declaration of
    Independence is celebrated (1976)
  • Apple computer was started in a California garage
    by Steve Jobs with 1500. (1976)
  • Nuclear non-proliferation treaty signed by 15
    countries including the US and USSR (1977)
  • Elvis Dies (1977)
  • Garfield cartoon makes debut (1978)
  • Camp David Peace Accords meetings begin between
    Israel and Egypt (1978)
  • Nuclear accident on Three Mile Island (1979)
  • Post It notes invented (1979)

NVTC in the 1970s
  • Urban Mass Transit Administration awards NVTC a
    grant for the demonstration of an exclusive bus
    lane on Shirley Highway (I-395)
  • First Transportation Day held June 17, 1971
  • NVTC awarded 35 million of state highway funds
    for Metrorail construction
  • Irvin McNayr becomes Executive Director (1974)

Chairmen and Chairwomen in the 1970s
  • John Purdy
  • Beverly Beidler
  • Marie Travesky
  • Joe Alexander
  • Rufus Phillips
  • Everard Munsey
  • Alan Magazine

The 1980s
The 1980s
  • CNN is launched as the first all news network
  • The Columbia space shuttle Americas first
    reusable spacecraft was launched (1981)
  • Sandra Day OConnor appointed as the first female
    Supreme Court justice (1981)
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial unveiled (1982)
  • Geraldine Ferraro was the first female
    presidential candidate Jesse Jackson was the
    first African-American presidential candidate
  • The final episode of MASH airs, advertising
    cost more than during the Super Bowl that year,
    and surpassing the record Dallas set for most
    viewers. (1983)
  • Compact Discs are first released (1983)

The 1980s
  • Leaded gas is officially banned in the US (1985)
  • Columbia space shuttle explodes (1986)
  • America celebrates national holiday Dr. Martin
    Luther King Jr. day for the first time. (1986)
  • Black Monday - Stock market drops 22 on October
    19th. (1987)
  • World Population reaches 5 billion (1987)
  • Human Genome Project funded (1988)
  • CDs outsell vinyl for the first time ever (1988)
  • The Berlin Wall came tumbling down (1989)

NVTC in the 1980s
  • Dave Erion becomes Executive Director (1980)
  • Developed marketing plan for Dulles Flyer
  • NVTC Handbook produced for first time in 1984
  • VRE master agreement signed
  • Sponsored first Commuter Rail Conference of APTA.
  • Rick Taube becomes Executive Director (1984)

Chairmen and Chairwomen in the 1980s
  • Robert Calhoun
  • James Scott
  • Carol DeLong
  • Ellen Bozman
  • Charles Beatley, Jr.
  • Tom Davis
  • John Milliken
  • Jim Moran
  • Lilla Richards

The 1990s
The 1990s
  • Smoking on domestic flights banned (1990)
  • Hubble space telescope is launched into orbit
  • Iraq invades Kuwait (1990)
  • Clean Air Act is passed (1990)
  • Iraq invaded by UN (1991)
  • Hurricane Andrew hits Florida (1992)
  • L.A. riots kicked off by acquittal of police
    officers for Rodney King beating (1992)
  • North American Free Trade Agreement ratified and
    eliminated trade tariffs between Mexico, the US,
    and Canada.
  • Women serve in combat roles for the first time

The 1990s
  • Chunnel opens, bridging England and France. The
    tunnel now allows passengers to travel between
    the two countries in 35 minutes. (1994)
  • Oklahoma City bombing. (1995)
  • The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski arrested in Montana.
  • Scientists cloned Dolly the sheep at the Roslin
    Institute in Scotland. (1997)
  • John Glenn returns to space --Senator John Glenn,
    77, returned to space onboard the space shuttle
    Discovery. He became the oldest person to ever be
    in space. (1998)
  • Y2K Scare-- Y2K hype gets everyone paranoid that
    the end of the world is near. Billions of dollars
    are spent world-wide on Y2K upgrade on computer
    software. (1999)

NVTC in the 1990s
  • Loudoun County joins commission.
  • VRE launches service.
  • Awarded APTAs Outstanding Government Agency
  • Received 700,000 to initiate regional SmarTrip
    card fare integration.
  • Initiated management of Code Red Ozone Action
    Days and free bus fares for bus systems in NoVA
    on these days.
  • Established new NVTC website.

Chairmen and Chairwomen in the 1990s
  • John Milliken
  • Kate Hanley
  • John Mason
  • Patsy Ticer
  • Mary Margaret Whipple
  • Sharon Bulova
  • Kerry Donley
  • Al Eisenberg
  • Dana Kauffman

2000 Beyond
2000 and beyond
  • Cell phones are de rigueur
  • Handheld computers go mainstream
  • Tiger Woods wins all four major golf titles
  • Concorde crashes ultimately ending its presence
    in the airline industry. (2000)
  • September 11, 2001 -- Pentagon attacked by
    terrorists and World Trade Center in New York is
  • US attacks Afghanistan and ultimately invades

NVTC in 2000 and beyond
  • Conducts Transit Education Days in Richmond
  • 5 million is given to NVTC to purchase and
    install SmarTrip fareboxes
  • Implements Falls Church Bus GEORGE
  • VRE ridership surges to record levels and
    continues to grow to more than 15,000 riders

NVTC 2000 and beyond
  • Marks the milestone of its 40th anniversary in

Chairmen and Chairwomen in the 2000s
  • David F. Snyder
  • Chris Zimmerman
  • Elaine McConnell
  • William D. Euille

Thank you for your continued support and
dedication to NVTC!
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