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Asset Management Solutions April 1, 2011


Session 1B - Implementing a Best in Class Radio Centric Asset Management and Work Order Solution Presented by: Tim Korger, Subject Matter Expert, – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Asset Management Solutions April 1, 2011

Session 1B - Implementing a Best in Class Radio
Centric Asset Management and Work Order Solution
Presented by Tim Korger, Subject Matter
Expert, MCM, Technology, LLC. Cell Phone
952-388-9009 May 7, 2013
Reasons For Implementation
  • Take care of the Men Women in Uniform - When a
    button is pushed, the radio works!
  • Maximizes the efficiency of the largest
    investment an agency makes with products built
    for complexity of LMR assets
  • Take care of the people with the purse strings -
    quick and accurate response to audit requests
  • Projects like these are quantifiable in their
    ROI/TCO aspects

Reasons For Asset Management Systems
  • Once radio assets covered, expand to MCTs,
    docks, other fire, police utility issued
  • Ability to prove use of and account for all grant
    purchased equipment improves future grant
    application success
  • Discourages unauthorized asset sharing and
    borrowing through improved inventory levels
  • Improves ordering heavy lead time items,
    including key accessories, by low inventory
    alerts pre-programmed
  • Smooth running LMR asset management and tracking
    system improves attitudes in a regional

Why MCM Technology?
  • Innovative solutions designed with a LMR focus
    give you strong asset tracking features and
  • People who understand and implement
    Communications Industry best practices on a daily
  • More than 150 of North Americas top public
    sector communication organizations.
  • Our only goal is to help your operation run as
    efficiently and effectively as possible.

What is Lifecycle asset Management
Asset Purchased
Asset Disposed
Asset record created
Parts Inventory Mgmt
Usage Billing
Asset Assigned
Movement is tracked
Monitoring Reporting
Configuration Management
Service Management / Work Orders
Solution Portfolio
Asset Management
  • Asset Features
  • Browse / Search
  • Category Custom Fields
  • Work Order History
  • Transfer History
  • Financial Information

What Other Assets Should be Tracked?
  • Is it Mission Critical?
  • Does it Require Timely and/or Complex
  • Is there a Federal Initiative with Deadline?
  • Is it Expensive?
  • Was it Purchased with Visible Funds (Grants,
    Hard Fought For Seizure , etc..)
  • Can it Run Out of Stock and Have a Lead Time to
    Order and Deliver?

How are Radio-Centric Asset Management Packages
Different?- Configuration Management -
  • Radio ID
  • Alias
  • Code Plug / Programming Template
  • Firmware
  • Flashcode

Typical Industry Challenge Interoperability is
imperative in the communications industry, and
the ability to ensure your subscribers are
programmed correctly is essential to the
well-being of the Public Safety community. Most
communications operations are relying on Excel
spreadsheets and unreliable data controls to
manage the assignment of subscriber
IDs.   Solution MCMs Radio ID Management
application was developed to create a more
effective way to manage the process of assigning
radio IDs.  This app allows radio system managers
to set up the radio systems they need to
interoperate on and structure the ranges of IDs
that are available to the subscribers they are
managing. With the organized nature of this
application, the system manager will be able to
choose the next available radio ID for each
system and range without duplication.
How Does it Work?
  • This app integrates directly into the core
    application via an ID Management module on the
    solution menu
  • Within the ID Management module, an unlimited
    number of radio systems can be set up, with an
    unlimited number of ranges on each system.
  • The ID Management app also seamlessly integrates
    to the Agency and Asset modules.

How Does it Work?
  • ID Management Starts at the customer level
  • Within the Agency module, where radio system
    customer profiles are managed, the system manager
    will determine which IDs are available to each
    customer by assigning the system and range(s) for
    their subscribers.

How Does it Work?
  • and continues at the subscriber level.
  • Within the Asset module, where subscribers asset
    records are maintained, IDs may be assigned to
    individual subscribers for one or more systems.
  • The rules built into the app will ensure IDs
    arent duplicated or assigned outside the
    appropriate range for the customer.

Sample Asset Reports
  • Assets by Agency
  • Assets by Unit ID ..Serial , Asset , etc.
  • Asset Listing by Vehicle
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Warranty Expiration

Maintenance Work Order Management
Work Orders
  • Work Order Features
  • SWAP feature
  • Add / track line items for labor parts
  • Track Service Codes
  • Track Repair Status

Sample Work Order Report
  • History by Agency
  • History by Technician
  • Open Work Orders by Status
  • Open Work Orders by Service Type
  • Service by Asset Category
  • Service by Asset Model

Work Order History By Agency
  • Work Order History by Agency
  • Detailed or summary view with date ranges,
    technicians, and billable flags

Back to Reports
Work Order History by Technician
Back to Reports
Open Work Orders by Status
  • Count of total open work orders by status.
  • Average age of work orders in days

Back to Reports
Open Work Orders by Service Type
  • Count of total open work orders by Service Code
  • Total time for each service code
  • Percentage of total for each service code

Back to Reports
Open Work Orders by Service Detail
  • Count of total open work orders by Service Code
  • Total time for each service code
  • Percentage of total for each service code

Back to Reports
Work Orders by Asset Type
  • Work Order count by asset category and model

Back to Reports
Work Order Service Percentage by Model
  • Work Order count by asset model number
  • Percentage of total Work Orders by asset model

Back to Reports
Core Solutions
Designed specifically for customer owned and
maintained communications shops. Applications
such as General Ledger Billing and inventory
management ensure that CommSHOP360 will not only
improve your operation, it will run it.
Knowing the exact location and status of every
one of your assets is one of the most important
parts of running an efficient shop. CommASSET 360
not only tracks your assets, it tracks status
history, maintenance schedules, warranty info,
and much more.
With features such as remote installation and
training, CommXPRESS provides a cost saving entry
point into an effective asset management system.
And since we host the application, you dont have
to worry about networking, server space, or
application maintenance.
Solution Components
Core Solution
Enhancement Applications
Web Apps
  • Solution
  • On-site v. Hosted
  • Seat Licenses
  • Web Based Applications
  • Permissions Set by Admin
  • Enterprise User Platform
  • Mobile Applications
  • Real Time Data
  • Wireless Sync

Enhancement Applications
  • Radio ID Management
  • Manage Radio ID assignment for multiple systems
  • Web Applications
  • Web Asset Manager allow end users to view asset
  • Web Service Request Manager allow users to
    request service and submit work orders
  • Mobile Asset Assistant
  • Manages assets using mobility PDA scanners for
    audits and transfers of equipment
  • Workflow Alerts
  • Software automatically sends system e-mail
    alerts to software users when certain timed
    events have been reached (i.e. outstanding open

Professional Services
  • Pre-Implementation Phase
  • Business and Personnel Process Review and
  • Implementation Phase
  • Software Hardware Installation Services
  • Data Conversion
  • Database Configuration
  • Project Management
  • Project Analysis Documentation
  • On-Site Web-based Training
  • Post Implementation Phase
  • Process Re-Engineering for Business Personnel
  • Tailored Report Writing / Clean-Up

Solution Package Components
  • All Solutions are turn-key, and include the
  • Software Application Licensing
  • Core Software Platform Enhancement Applications
  • User Licenses
  • Professional Services Implementation Bundle
  • Year One Support Maintenance
  • Dedicated Toll-Free Telephone Support Group
  • Bi-annual Updates to include new features
  • Report Development Consultation

Sample of Third Party Integrations
  • Genesis Group
  • Affiliation Manager / Alias Sync Engine
  • The first level of integration developed between
    MCMs LifeCycle 360 Solutions and the GenWatch3
    platform is to provide flow of information from
    the radio system through GenWatch3 to the MCM
    Asset module to show on the asset record the last
    date / time an individual radio subscriber
    affiliated on the system. The information pushed
    from the system to the MCM asset database may
    also include the subscribers Alias, which can be
    stored in MCM and eliminate duplicate data entry.

Third Party Integrations
  • Genesis Group
  • GenIIB Integration System Provisioning
  • Due to the development of an application
    programming interface (API) in the newer releases
    of Motorola Solutions radios systems (7.13 and
    7.14), MCM and Genesis are now able to offer
    enhanced integration by creating a single point
    of data entry through MCMs LifeCycle 360
    Solutions. As new records are created in the MCM
    Asset module, select data components that are
    shared among all three sources may be pushed from
    MCM, through Genesis, to the radio system thus
    eliminating the need to go to multiple places to
    enter configuration information like radio IDs,
    alias assignment, and more. Note Both MCM and
    Genesis solutions must be in place on the same
    network for this integration to be possible.

Third Party Integrations
L.R. Kimball brings their mapping and graphical
expertise to MCMs industry leading Asset
Service Management LifeCycle 360 solutions to
provide even greater visibility and functionality
to these platforms.
Managing Geographical Coordinates
The LifeCycle 360 Solutions have been adapted to
include geographical coordinates for each
location. As assets are assigned to these
locations, the SiteMAP 360 application will be
able to show the assets on a map. This is the
first step in the mapping process.
An Integrated Solution
Based on specific data queries in the LifeCycle
360 Solutions, the SiteMAP 360 application will
pull the coordinates and map out the locations
and assets via seamless integration to the asset
database of the LifeCycle 360 solution. The
database query chosen by the user will determine
which locations and assets are shown on the map.
This data was pulled seamlessly from the
LifeCycle 360 asset management database
Presented by Tim Korger, Subject Matter
Expert, MCM, Technology, LLC. Cell Phone
952-388-9009 May 7, 2013
More in Depth National Webinars May 10 100
PM May 24 100 PM Live customer demonstrations.