Career and Work Exploration Module 9A and 9B: Occupational Health and Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career and Work Exploration Module 9A and 9B: Occupational Health and Safety


Career and Work Exploration Module 9A and 9B: Occupational Health and Safety S. Jeannie Thompson Cyril Kesten Curriculum Materials Analysis EBUS 300 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Career and Work Exploration Module 9A and 9B: Occupational Health and Safety

Career and Work Exploration Module 9A and 9B
Occupational Health and Safety
  • S. Jeannie Thompson
  • Cyril Kesten
  • Curriculum Materials Analysis
  • EBUS 300
  • December 5, 2007

TV Program Body Break Episodes
( Hal Johnson and Joanne
  • These episodes of living a Healthy lifestyle deal
    with the safety issues that one may have with
    their own bodies. These are excellent resources
    to get students to see the effect that they have
    on their own bodies and how they can change that.
    This may help students become better more
    productive employees or become more aware of the
    hazards at home. This program can be used for
    objectives 9.5 and 9.10.

Video Dying at Work
  • 19 Minutes CTV Television Network (2000)
  • This video looks at teen labour and the
    statistics that go along with it. The video
    follows a father that is dealing with the loss of
    his son while he is campaigning for tougher
    safety laws. This video can be used to show
    students the seriousness of workplace injuries
    and the need to be aware of ones surroundings. A
    great feature for objectives 9.1, 9.13, and 9.14.

Video Lost Youth Four Stories of Injured Young
  • 17 Minutes Workers Compensation Board of
    British Columbia (2003)
  • Four youth all discuss how they have lost their
    youth due to injuries in the workplace. This
    program tells the story of these four youth and
    the serious injuries they suffered. This is done
    through recreations, one on one discussions with
    the youth and their parents. The video indicates
    the seriousness of workplace injuries and the
    need to be aware. This video can be used for
    9.1, 9.12, and 9.13.

Newsletter Safety Canada The Member Newsletter
of the Canada Safety Council
  • This is a newsletter that discusses the many
    areas of safety on the job. There is a feature
    story that is always informative and many other
    articles that bring useful information into
    light. Lots of Did you Know articles that
    bring information that many people may not
    realize is a safety hazard. This is a very good
    resource for getting up to date and relevant
    information. This newsletter is useful
    throughout the modules however, it can be
    specifically used for objectives 9.5 and 9.7.

Popular Magazine Occupational Health and Safety
  • Published 3 times/year
  • This magazine is from Alberta. The information
    throughout the magazine is very informative to
    all employers and can be used as a great text for
    teachers. There are a lot of new articles on
    safety and the different resource connections.
    The magazine also highlights safe workplaces and
    describes why they are safe. A great material
    source for objectives 9.1, 9.7 and 9.9.

Popular Magazine Readers Digest Canada
  • Summer Jobs How Safe is your Child?
  • By Robert Ronald
  • This article is all about how parents need to
    help to inform their children on safety in the
    workplace. The author really makes the article
    hit home with real life stories and startling
    facts. Readers Digest has written many stories
    on safety at work and can be a source of
    information to help students realize the
    importance of the issue at hand. Can be used for
    objectives 9.1, 9.11 and 9.12.

Activities/Games/Simulations Work Safe Alberta
  • http//
  • This site has many different quizs that can be
    taken online to test a persons workplace
    knowledge. These quizs deal with very important
    subjects that everyone should ber aware of.
    These subjects include Developing a First Aid
    Plan, Lifting and Your Back, MSI-Assessing
    Ergonomics Hazards and much more. A great asset
    for objectives 9.3, 9.9 or 9.10.

Activities/Games/Simulations Teen Job Hazards
  • By Miguel Cortes, Emily Neidhart, Helen Griffith
  • http//
    bhazard.html - object
  • This simulation deals mostly with the Fast Food
    industry. This is a very common job for most
    teenagers and this simulation looks into the many
    different hazards that need to be taken
    seriously. A great educational tool to use after
    having many discussions on being aware of hazards
    in the workplace. Great for objectives 9.4, 9.11
    and 9.14.

Internet Site Canadas National Occupational
Health and Safety Resource
  • http//
  • This website is Canadian based and is full of
    great resource ideas. There are OHS links
    available, an e-newsletter, connections to OHS
    professionals, a tip of the week and so much
    more. The many different resources all in one
    area can really be useful when discussing such a
    large issue. Can be used for objectives 9.2, 9.7
    and 9.8.

Internet Site Workplace Health and SafetyHuman
Resources and Social Development Canada
  • http//
  • This site is a government site that informs
    employees of their safety rights and the health
    and safety regulations out there for employees in
    Canada. The site was developed to help improve
    bad work environments. The site discusses Labour
    Laws, Employment Standards and much more. Useful
    with objectives 9.4, 9.9, 9.11, and 9.12.

Internet Site Saskatchewan! Supporting a Strong
Provincial Labour Force
  • This site discusses labour in Saskatchewan.
    There is information about the specific Labour
    Standards for Saskatchewan and the Status of
    Women plus much more. This site would be very
    helpful to teach OHS in a Saskatchewan classroom.
    There are many links to vast amounts of
    information. A great resource for objectives
    9.2, 9.3 and 9.8.

Internet Site Ready for Work
  • http//
  • This site gives great information to Teachers,
    Students, Employers and Workers. The information
    available on this site is beneficial to all that
    participate within the workforce. There is never
    an age that this information is no longer needed.
    Great resource material for objectives 9.2, 9.8,
    9.9, and 9.10.

Text Workplace Health and Safety Teacher
Resource Binder
  • Work Safe Alberta Workplace Health and Safety
    Created 2007
  • The binder includes information on legislation,
    health and safety management systems, physical
    hazards, chemical hazards and much more. Even
    though it is meant for Alberta educators there is
    a lot of information that is very useful. There
    are teachers notes, class activities, handouts
    and etc. This can be used as a great resource
    throughout the entire course, especially for
    objectives 9.2, 9.11 and 9.14.

Text Fundamentals and Assessment Tools for
Occupational Ergonomics
  • By William S. Marras and Waldemar Karwowski
  • This book discusses the importance of Ergonomics
    and what can be done to make the workplace more
    ergonomic. The text also discusses all the
    different disorders that can occur if not working
    by ergonomic standards. Great resource to inform
    students of all the hazards even at a desk. This
    text can be useful for objectives 9.1, 9.3 and

Texts Occupational Health and Safety in
Construction Project Management
  • By Helen Lingard (2005)
  • This text covers the many different safety issues
    in the construction industry. The book discusses
    the reasons for safety and who is involved in
    deciding what needs to be safe. This book is a
    great reference tool for a society that is
    growing and building so fast. Great for
    objectives 9.1, 9.3 and 9.13.