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Chapter 16: World War Looms Section 2: War in Europe


Chapter 16: World War Looms Section 2: War in Europe Standards 11.7 Students analyze America's participation in World War II. .6 Describe major developments in ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Chapter 16: World War Looms Section 2: War in Europe

Chapter 16World War LoomsSection 2War in
  • 11.7 Students analyze America's participation in
    World War II.
  • .6 Describe major developments in aviation,
    weaponry, communication, and medicine and the
    war's impact on the location of American industry
    and use of resources.

  • Following lecture and reading of this section,
    students will be able to
  • Explain Germanys motives for expansion and the
    timid response of France and Britain
  • Describe Germanys blitzkrieg tactics against
  • Summarize the first battles of World War II

Austria Czechoslovakia Fall
  • Hitler planned to take the land of neighboring
    countries in order to expand the Third Reich
  • Austria
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Hitler realized the possible risks
  • War
  • Revolution
  • Rebellion
  • Collapse

Union with Austria
  • Post WW I division of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
    created a fairly small Austria
  • The majority of Austrians were German
  • They favored unification with Germany
  • March 12, 1938, German troops march into Austria
    unopposed, union complete
  • U.S. the rest of world do nothing to stop

Bargaining for the Sudetenland
  • 3 million German-speakers in Sudetenland
  • Sudetenland is in the western border regions
  • Hitler wanted the region to provide more living
    space and control natural resources of the area
  • To justify actions, Hitler claimed Czechs abused
    Sudeten Germans
  • Hitler began amassing German troops on border

Bargaining for the Sudetenland
  • 1938, Prime Ministers Daladier (F), Neville
    Chamberlain (GB) met with Hitler
  • Hitler promised Czechoslovakia would be his last
    territorial demand
  • Munich Agreement signed
  • Sudetenland over to Germany, no shots fired!
  • Believed it was peace
  • Winston Churchill disagreed with appeasement
    policy warned war would follow
  • Appeasement- giving up principles to pacify an
  • Churchill was right, Hitler invaded the rest of
    Czechoslovakia later in 1938
  • Hitler then looked toward Poland

The Soviet Union Declares Neutrality
  • Hitler claimed the Poles mistreated Germans in
    Poland and needed his protection
  • Poland buffered USSR from Germany
  • Many thought Hitler was bluffing
  • Invading Poland would bring two-front war
  • A two front-war was the cause for the German
    collpse in WWI
  • Too difficult to fight on both sides
  • Stalin Hitler signed a nonaggression pactwill
    not attack each other
  • They signed a second, secret pact, agreeing to
    divide Poland between them was it was defeated.

Blitzkrieg in Poland
  • Sept. 1939, Hitler easily defeated Polish forces
    with the blitzkrieg, or blitz
  • Lightning war (w/ tanks planes and bombs)
  • Poland divided
  • Germany annexed western 2/3 of Poland
  • U.S.S.R. attacked annexed eastern 1/3 of Poland
  • Holding to their alliance, France Britain
    declared war on Germany
  • France Britain agreed to aid Poland if they
    faced attack
  • Poland fell as French British could not attack
    fast enough
  • World War II began

The Phony War
  • Then all of the sudden Hitler stopped his
  • French British troops sat at the Maginot Line
    looking into Germany on Frances eastern border
    with Germany.
  • German troops sat at the Siegfried Line looking
    into France.

Stalin Ends the Peace, Followed by Hitler
  • Peace was broken when Stalin annexed Estonia,
    Latvia, Lithuania defeated Finland
  • Hitler invaded Denmark Norway
  • Claiming to protect them from Stalins advances
  • Hitler really wanted to build military bases
    there to launch attacks on Britain
  • Hitler then invaded the Netherlands, Belgium,

The Fall of France
  • German army went north through Ardennes (heavily
    wooded forest) around the French British troops
  • British French fled north but were trapped at
  • Ferried to safety in UK (400K in one week w/800
  • 1940,  Italy invaded France from south The
    Germans approached Paris
  • France fell Germans occupied northern France
  • Nazi puppet government set up in southern France
  • General Charles de Gaulle set up
    government-in-exile in England
  • France lost the battle, not the war!

The Battle of Britain
  • Summer 1940, Germany prepared planes to combat
    the strong British navy
  • By controlling the skies Hitler wanted to invade
    and defeat Britain
  • Battle of BritainGerman planes bomb British
    targets (British naval and air force)
  • Britain used radar to track shoot German planes
  • Hitler called off invasion of Britain (1st
    stop of Hitler)
  • The Luftwaffe, German Air Force was losing too
    many planes.
  • Germans British continued to bomb each others
    cities to destroy
  • Civilian moral
  • War production