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MATH 343 Elementary Linear Algebra


MATH 343 Elementary Linear Algebra A Great and ... Grader: Jed Bailey Text: Elementary Linear Algebra, Eighth Edition, H. Anton and C ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: MATH 343 Elementary Linear Algebra

MATH 343Elementary Linear Algebra
  • A Great and Enjoyable Class!!!!

Math 343 7  
Elementary Linear Algebra
Winter Semester 2004  
  Professor Vianey Villamizar Class
1200 - 1250 p.m. MWF C261 ESC Office 366
TMCB Email/Phone /
422-1754 Web page
Office Hours M-W 500-600 (office), Fr
200-300 (Math lab) or by appointment.
Grader Jed Bailey
Text Elementary Linear Algebra, Eighth
Edition, H. Anton and C. Rorres, Wiley

South America
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Education and Experience
  • Bs, Ms Universidad Central de Venezuela (Caracas,
  • PhD Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, New
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1 year)
  • Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois (2
  • Universidad Central de Venezuela (10 years)
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, New
    Jersey (1 year)
  • Brigham Young University (3 years)

Education and Experience
  • At BYU, I have taught
  • Math 334. Ordinary Differential Equs.
  • Math 311. Num. Analysis
  • Math 214. Multivariable Calculus.
  • Math 511. Num. Soln. Of Partial Diff. Equs
  • Research interest
  • Numerical and Asymptotic Methods Applied to
    Linear and Nonlinear Partial Differential and
    Integral Equations
  • Wave Propagation Acoustic, Electromagnetic, and
    Elastic Scattering.
  • Modelling and Numerical Solution of Oil
  • Pipeline Transient Fluid Equation.

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(No Transcript)
History of BYU
  • It has been said the Saints will be saviors upon
    Mount Zion, that they are destined to redeem the
    world. Redeem the world from what? From the
    thralldom of sin, ignorance, and degradation! In
    order to do this, Zion will have to take the lead
    in everything and consequently also in education
  • Karl G. Maeser

BYU Mission
  • The mission of Brigham Young University
    founded, supported, and guided by The Church of
    Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is
  • To assist individuals in their quest for
    perfection and eternal life.

Aims of a BYU Education
  • Spiritually Strengthening.
  • Intellectually Enlarging.
  • Character Building, Leading to
  • Lifelong Learning and Service

  • You are strongly encouraged to work on homework
    problems everyday. You should be willing to put
    in at least two hours outside the classroom for
    each hour of class.
  • Late homework wont be accepted. To make up for
    this, your four lowest homework grades will be

  • The best way to prepare for the exams is to go
    over the homework problems and the examples
    worked in class (they constitute your best study
    guide) and then try to solve related problems
    that you havent seen before.
  • If you can reach the point where you can do fresh
    problems without help in all sections, I can
    anticipate that you will be able to successfully
    solve all problems on the midterms and final

Test Difficulty
  • Best advice 1 Corinthians 1013
  • God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be
    tempted above that ye are able but will with the
    temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may
    be able to bear it.
  • Application to Math 214
  • God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be
    tested above that ye are able but will with the
    exam also make a way for you to study hard, that
    ye may be able to obtain a good grade.

Levels of Learning
  • Level 1 Remember.
  • Level 2 Understand.
  • Level 3 Apply
  • Level 4 Analyze
  • Level 5 Evaluate
  • Level 6 Create

Learning at the University Level
  • High School Level
  • Reproduce Class
  • Class is everything
  • Instructor programs students
  • Almost no readings
  • Slow-paced style
  • University Level
  • Apply what is learned to new situations
  • Much learning occurs outside classroom
  • Instructor guides students
  • Read for comprehension. Many hours.
  • Fast-paced style

Teaching and Learning Mathematics
  • A goal more important than teaching a set of
    theorems is to develop in students the ability to
    understand and manipulate the objects of linear
  • Mathematics can be learned only by doing.
  • Dont expect to read mathematics the way you read
    a novel. If you zip through a page in less than
    an hour you are probably going too fast.
  • Linear Algebra Done Right
  • by Sheldon Axler

  • Who is your adversary in this class?
  • Prof. Vianey Villamizar
  • Yourself
  • The Material

Last Year Students Comments
  • 005 I was worried at first about taking this
    class from Professor Vilimazar, but I was
    pleasantly suprised. He did an excellent job of
    explaining things, seemed genuinely concerned
    that we learn the material, and was always
    avaliable to help. He is by far the best math
    Professor I have had at BYU. Thanks for a great
    learning experience.
  • 002 I didn't rate this class very high because I
    haven't been able to focus on the material and
    therefore didn't enjoy it. I guess that's mainly
    my fault...
  • 005 Dr. Villamizar is a very considerate and
    helpful teacher. His testimony radiates in his
    teaching and his actions. I am also impressed
    with the way he sets the class up, especially the
    homework system he employs. I'll admit, though,
    that I had a hard time following the concepts in
    class, and spent a lot of time "home-schooling"
    myself in this course.
  • 005 Frankly, I would NOT recommend him to even my
    worst enemies.
  • I also feel that he makes the course more
    difficult than it needs to be
  • 002 Great class. I was inspired by his love of
    the material. At first I found the class very
    tasking, but his enthusiasm gradually won me over
    and I found myself enjoying the assignments and

Motivation to Learn
  • Love of Learning
  • The more I consider what learning is, the more I
    see it as a sacred privilege, an act of wonder. I
    believe that when we are learning we feel most
    alive. When we are learning we feel closest to
    God Russ Osguthorpe, 1996

My Challenge
  • Love of Learners
  • If we want to influence learners for good, we
    should not merely love to teach we should love
    each person we teach.
  • Teaching, No greater Call, 1999

Pres. G. B. Hinckley 1992
  • This institution is unique. It is remarkable. It
    is a continuing experiment on a great premise
    that a large complex university can be
    first-class academically while nurturing an
    environment of faith in God and the practice of
    Christian principle.
  • You are testing whether academic excellence and
    belief in the Divine can walk hand in hand.
  • And the wonderful thing is that you are
    succeeding in showing that this is possible. Not
    only that it is possible , but that it is
    desirable and the products of this effort show in
    your lives qualities that are not otherwise
    attainable. BYU Devotional Oct 13, 1992

Pres. G. B. Hinckley
  • Here we are doing what is not done in any other
    major university of which I am aware.
  • We are demonstrating that faith in the almighty
    can accompany and enrich scholarship in the
    secular. It is more than an experiment. It is an
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