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Jersey Shore Pollution


Jersey Shore Pollution & Contamination By Jessie Klein, Julie Glover, and Jamie Rauch Los problemos! The Jersey Shore beaches are facing closure because of increasing ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Jersey Shore Pollution

Jersey Shore Pollution Contamination
  • By Jessie Klein,
  • Julie Glover, and Jamie Rauch

Los problemos!
  • The Jersey Shore beaches are facing closure
    because of increasing amounts of pollution and
    contamination on the shore line
  • There are traces of lead in the sand along the
  • Medical waste, fecal bacteria, and storm water
    are continuing to be found on the Jerseys cost

How the problems got to be
  • Medical waste has been washing over to the
    beaches since the 80s
  • People feel its acceptable to dump trash in the
    oceans or waterways that lead to oceans
  • Rainy summers that lead to runoff pollution
  • High fecal bacteria contamination

  • Problems that May
  • Occur
  • The number of beaches will decrease and shut down
  • The contamination will get into our water system
  • Well have less of a water resource
  • Overcrowding at clean beaches
  • Destroy the habitat
  • Problems that Already Occurred
  • Beach closures for days/weeks
  • Excessive debris left on the beaches
  • Animal life has been decreasing
  • Beach areas/communities are negatively effective
    due to unsafe atmosphere and unhealthy area
  • The economy of the beach area will fall

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On the Environment
  • Pollution and contamination on the beaches effect
    the environment because they ruin habitats and
    pollute the world. By hurting the beaches, the
    quality of life on and surrounding the beaches is
    brought down. The garbage pollutes the air
    causing global warming and seeps into the ocean
    endangering the water cycle. The eco systems
    around the beaches are ruined as well.

On the Organisms
  • Pollution and contamination on the beaches effect
    the organisms on and surrounding the beaches by
    ruining their chance at a safe life. First, the
    garbage destroys their homes. Next, the waste
    kills an organism that is depended on by others
    for energy, food, or to survive. The
    contamination can eventually get so bad leaving
    no organisms left on a beach or in the
    surrounding water structure.

On the Humans
  • Pollution and contamination on the beaches affect
    the humans. They could potentially get sick from
    obtaining the affected organisms and consuming
    them throughout a course of a time period. It
    decreases population activity at beaches, affect
    real estate population at the Shore, and
    negatively affects the Seaside economy.

http// lead
found in the ocean
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Biotic and Abiotic Factors
  • Biotic Factors
  • Humans
  • Sea creatures
  • Sea birds
  • Fish
  • Alien Species
  • Plants
  • Abiotic Factors
  • Water
  • Sand
  • Sun
  • Wind

Matter Cycles
  • Water? The water cycle is affected because of
    pollution and contamination that gets into the
    body of water and the waste that pollutes the
    ocean. It effects those species using the water
    as a habitat and can affect the food chain by
    reducing the number of certain species.
  • Carbon? The carbon cycle is affected because if a
    certain species dies off in a specific area, it
    will effect the population and growth of other
    species by not supplying the amount of carbon
    needed in the area. Contributing factors to the
    death of a specific species could be pollution
    and contamination in their habitat. (ex the

Symbiotic Relationships
  • Seagull to crab
  • Pelican to fish
  • Fish to plants
  • Crab to seaweed
  • Human to fish

Being Fixed!
  • Now that people have discovered how big of an
    issue contamination and pollution are at the
    Jersey Shore, there are more and more groups of
    people fighting hard to save our beaches. New
    rules are being set in place, advertising is
    being made on TV and the radio, and people are
    finally realizing how important our beaches are
    to the environment and to the eco system.
  • Our team suggests that lifeguards should go
    around and check the
  • beaches out before someone is allowed
  • to leave to make sure no trash is
  • left as well as inspect items
  • brought to the beach to make sure
  • nothing can potentially be a hazard
  • towards the people or any of the
  • organisms surrounding this eco system.

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