Managing Your Self New Trends in Pharmacy Management Workshop 26-30 July 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Managing Your Self New Trends in Pharmacy Management Workshop 26-30 July 2008


Managing Your Self New Trends in Pharmacy Management Workshop 26-30 July 2008 Ruba Shoman Human Resources Director- PharmacyOne HRM is : comprehensive set of ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Managing Your Self New Trends in Pharmacy Management Workshop 26-30 July 2008

Managing Your Self New Trends in Pharmacy
Management Workshop26-30 July 2008
  • Ruba Shoman
  • Human Resources Director- PharmacyOne

What is HR ??
  • HR
  • is
  • Human Resources

  • What is HRM ??

  • HRM
  • is
  • Human Resources Management

  • HRM is comprehensive set of managerial
    activities and tasks concerned with developing
    maintaining a qualified workforce in ways that
    contribute to organizational effectiveness.

  • What are the functions of HRM ?

  1. Manpower planning
  2. Recruitment and selection of employees
  3. Employee motivation
  4. Employee Performance evaluation
  5. Employees relations
  6. Provision of employee services
  7. Employee training and development
  8. Managing Work environment
  9. Maintaining a legal environment

What is the title of our lecture today ???
  • Managing Your Self

Under which HRM function Managing Ourselves is
  • Employee Training Development

  • 'People skills' are now recognized as being the
    single most important factor for success in
  • Much has been written about managing others, but
    little about managing yourself but it is a vital
    skill in work and life.

After all, if you dont Manage your self, who
else will?!As a result when you manage your
self you will be able to manage others , your
family , your team , your studentsetc
what areas do managing yourself or
self-management cover !!!!!!!!
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Time and priorities
  • Hopes and dreams
  • Energy and focus
  • Health, diet and exercise
  • Thoughts and intentions
  • Fears, insecurities
  • Being vs. doing
  • Stress
  • Systems and processes
  • Environment

Managing Your Self In Your L I F E
  1. Listen to your body it expresses itself and
    gives you information about when it needs
    exercise, what foods disagree with it and when it
    needs water. It is a nature machine so give it
    good fuel and keep it well serviced
  2. Organize your self systemize your life, wake up
    on a fixed time daily, eat your breakfast same
    time every day. When you systemize your daily
    activities other major activities will be managed
    and organized as well.

  • 3. Notice negative emotions and what is
    fuelling them. It is easy to ignore and
    anesthetize these with being busy. Give negative
    feelings your attention, accept them, dont
    dismiss them because they are part of you and
    address what is causing them
  • 4. Know what you want , your dreams and goals,
    because this will help you to make self-
    management decisions and understand the
    consequences of your choices

  • 5. Know yourself well invest in personal
    development, read a book, go on a course, observe
    yourself. Your values, beliefs, motivations and
    needs drive everything, either consciously or
    unconsciously, so it is very important that you
    know your personal drivers to help you to know
    exactly what you are managing!
  • 6. Know what makes you stressed and what to do
    about it. Catch your stressors early to minimize
    their impact.

  • 7 . Create awareness of your personal buttons and
    insecurities these are sensitive spots where
    you will overreact and others wont understand
    why because their buttons may be different.
    Notice when you are being irrational or
    misdirecting negative emotions to others
  • 8 . Give yourself regular personal time. Check in
    with yourself daily and put attention on whats
    occurring for you mentally, emotionally,
    physically and spiritually.

9. Love what you do until you do what love
  • 10. Share insights about yourself with important
    people in your life it will help them to
    understand you better and you will gain from
    their experience.
  • 11. Take benefit from others criticism to you,
    they see things in you that you dont see.
  • 12. Write down your dreams on a paper and keep
    with you all the time in your wallet. Whenever
    you achieve a dream tick it.

Managing Yourself In your W O R K
  • 1. DeligateDelegation is key to growing a
    business and developing your staff. It may be far
    quicker and easier to do the critical things
    yourself, but your staff will never learn if they
    arent allowed to have a go and learn from their
    mistakes. (Isnt that how you got to where you
    are today?)
  • 2. PrioritiseDo the important things...
    ...first, not the most urgent. If you always
    focus on the most urgent, youll never have time
    to attend to the most important.

  • 3. To be trusted, trust othersSuccessful
    leadership requires trust, throughout a team. If
    you dont trust others, why should others trust
  • 4. Learn to turn disappointments into
    opportunitiesAll businesses (and their managers)
    face challenges and reversals from time to time.
    Successful management and leadership requires
    flexibility, confidence and courage, most
    especially in the face of adversity. However, few
    disappointments will actually be disasters. So
    learn how to turn them into opportunities to
    learn from, to grow beyond and/or turn to your

  • 5. Stay positive
  • Try to do what all great leaders do and
    always to look on the bright side. Most
    especially, without being blindly unrealistic,
    avoid communicating any sense of panic even in
    the most difficult situations, or being routinely
    pessimistic. This is deeply demoralising to
    others and will stunt all others enthusiasm to
    help find positive solutions to shared problems.

  • 6. Dont fight battles you cant win
  • Some battles at work can be so petty they
    may not be worth fighting, especially when a
    short-term gain may need...
  • To be set against a more costly longer-term
    consequence. But battles you cant win are rarely
    even worth starting.

  • 7. Dont make decisions you dont have to
  • Sometimes, any decision can be better than
    no decision, and indecision can be highly
    demoralising for all. But sometimes senior
    managers can agonise over decisions they really
    didnt have to take at all. So ask yourself
    What would be the consequences if we dont make
    a decision? - before getting too embroiled in an
    issue so you cant see the wider picture.

  • 8. Put yourself in their shoes
  • Before you... make any decisions about
    people, whether your own companys employees or
    external suppliers or customers, just put
    yourself in the other sides position first. This
    is a great way to save you taking possibly
    unbalanced or unreasonable positions, it builds
    empathy and helps develop sound relationships.

  • 9. Dont throw away the history-book
  • Many fast-moving businesses often forget
    that at least some of their current challenges
    have probably already been met before.
    Understanding the lessons from the past can be
    just as important as working out how to forge
    into the future. (If you werent around the last
    time, find someone who was and value their

  • 10. Never believe your own PR!
  • As they say Pride goes before a fall. Be
    grateful for all the successes you achieve,
    promote them modestly by all means, but dont
    believe in your infallibility and resist all
    temptation to become cocky or complacent.

  • Use... these... in... your life
  • you will live happily

  • Talk.Softly Walk...Humbly
    Eat......Sensibly Breathe.....Deeply
    SleepSufficiently Dress.Smartly
    Act.Fearlessly Work.Patiently

  • Think.Truthfully BelieveCorrectly
    Behave..Decently LearnPractically
    Plan..Orderly EarnHonestly
    SaveRegularly SpendIntelligently

The ultimate goal of managing yourself is to feel
good and achieve what you want. Always remember
that you have a choice
The choice is yours.Take the step and start
My Wishes to you all with a happy Managed
LifeRuba Shoman