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Sedentary Sally


Sedentary Sally Sarah Azhadi Brian Lannin Heather Lowe Katherine MacInnes Mike Smit About Sally 45 year old female Divorced mother of two (12 and 4) Office supervisor ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sedentary Sally

Sedentary Sally
  • Sarah Azhadi
  • Brian Lannin
  • Heather Lowe
  • Katherine MacInnes
  • Mike Smit

About Sally
  • 45 year old female
  • Divorced mother of two (12 and 4)
  • Office supervisor high stress job
  • Post-menopausal
  • Family history of heart disease, stroke and
    breast cancer
  • Fluctuating body weight
  • Lacto vegetarian
  • Supracondylitis (tennis elbow)
  • Osteoporosis in the spinal vertebrae and long
    bones of the legs
  • Has relapsed in past attempts

Sallys Goals
  • Lose weight
  • Improve overall health through diet and exercise
  • Prevent chronic health problems
  • Decrease stress

Recap of Previous Sessions
  • Has been prescribed an exercise routine
  • Has been referred to a registered dietician
  • Workplace assessment was completed
  • Was referred to a physiotherapist but has now
    finished her last session
  • Addressed injuries

Previous Exercise Routine
  • Using a theraband for office and trips
  • Shoulder press 2 X 10 reps
  • Chess press 2 X 10 reps
  • Biceps 2 X 10 reps
  • Triceps 2 X 10 reps
  • Squats using chair as support 2 X 10 reps
  • Biking 30 minutes 2 times a week
  • Isometric contractions of abs held for 2 X 10
  • Calf raises 2 X 10 reps

  • Follow Canadas Food Guide
  • Substituting meat and eggs for soy, nuts, hummus,
    legumes, beans, etc
  • Has done a food diary and suggestions were made
    to change some aspects of her diet
  • Asked her in her last session to bring in a new
    diary to see her progress

Workplace Assessment
  • Workplace has been assessed and the following
    recommendations have been made
  • Ergonomic chair
  • Ergonomic keyboard and mouse
  • Stand station to work
  • Has created a lunch group walk club

Physiotherapist Referral
  • Was working in conjunction with the
    physiotherapist but has completed all the
    recommended sessions and is now working solely
    with the kinesiologist.

Previous Injuries - Prescription
  • Supracondylitis
  • Started isometric exercises
  • Progressed to theraband exercises
  • Suggested ice
  • Osteoporosis
  • Increase calcium intake
  • Theraband exercises
  • Biking

The Current Session
  • 6th Session
  • (End of 2nd month)

Client Objectives of Current Session
  • Continuing weight loss
  • Increase motivation and prevent relapse
  • Presentation of current food journal
  • Stress management

Behavioural Prescription
  • Motivation
  • Pedometer
  • Lunch group walking club
  • Self-efficacy theory
  • Adding onto the exercise prescription
  • Personal rewards (eg. Sally Day)

Pedometer Prescription
  • A reasonable goal for most people is to increase
    average daily steps each week by 500 per day
    until you can easily average 10,000 per day

Week 1 Aim for 3500 steps per day
Week 2 Aim for 4000 steps per day
Week 3 Aim for 4500 steps per day
Week 14 Aim for 10 000 steps per day
Physical Prescription
  • Change cardiovascular program
  • Change biking to alternate between swimming and
  • While son is in swimming lessons, she can do
    laps and/or aqua aerobics classes
  • Increase strength training
  • Increase reps
  • Internal and external rotation
  • Incorporate theraband into calf raises and squats

Exercise Sets/Reps Modifications
Shoulder press 2 X 15 Increase reps
Chest press 2 X 15 Increase reps
Biceps curls 2 X 15 Increase reps
Triceps extensions 2 X 15 Increase reps
Squats 2 X 15 Use theraband
Calf raises 2 X 15 Use theraband
Crunches 2 X 15 Use yoga mat
Internal Rotation 2 X 10 Use theraband
External Rotation 2 X 10 Use theraband
Physical Prescription
  • At home, incorporate weights into squats and calf
  • Change over previous theraband exercises to
  • Perform crunches with Swiss Ball

Stress Management
  • Try to organize a monthly routine
  • Visit a massage therapist once a month
  • Organize a Sally day bi-weekly
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques implement 51

Nutritional Prescription
  • Discuss old food diary and look over new food

Old Food Diary
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Breakfast Pastry and coffee with cream and sugar Pastry and coffee with cream and sugar Apple juice and coffee with cream and sugar
Snack Donut and coffee with cream and sugar Donut with caramel macciatto Donut with coffee with cream and sugar
Lunch Pre-made sandwiches, muffin and diet pop Veggie pizza with double cheese and diet pop Licks veggie burger with lots of mayo with diet pop
Snack Apple and water Chocolate éclair and coffee with cream and sugar Muffin and coffee with cream and sugar
Dinner White pasta with deep fried tofu and cheese Pint of Hagen Daaz therapy Four cheese mac and cheese
New Food Diary
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Breakfast Oatmeal with half a grapefruit and coffee with cream Pancakes with a banana and coffee with cream Waffles with strawberry and whip cream and coffee with cream
Snack Fruit cup with water Yogurt parfait with granola topping Banana and coffee with cream
Lunch Homemade sandwich with fresh cut veggies and V8 juice Left over whole wheat pasta with alfredo sauce and lemonade Veggie wrap with ranch dressing and orange juice
Snack Chocolate granola bar and non fat latte Mars bar with diet pop Latte
Dinner Whole wheat pasta with alfredo sauce Veggie stir fry with whole grain rice and bean salad Spaghetti with ground round and spring salad with chickpeas
  • Substitute milk for cream in coffee
  • Try to keep it non-fat lattes
  • Try non-fat milk instead of cream sauce for pasta
  • Try non-fat dressings instead of ranch

Relapse Prevention Techniques
  • Family and friends support network
  • Keep a personal journal that records feelings
    before and after exercise

Future Projections
1 Year Later
  • Lost 20 pounds
  • Maintained a proper diet
  • Ergonomic aids, exercises, reduced pain
    associated with supracondylitis and osteoporosis
  • Group network helped reduce stress

Post 1 Year
  • Ex-husband became a drug addict and went to
  • Sally took full custody of children
  • Sally was promoted to Regional Manager
  • The added stressors negatively affected Sally,
    who relapsed however, she has gone back to the
    kinesiologist to help her get back on track