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Weekend in Boca December 11, 2010 Safe America s National Sponsors * * * * * * An Under-prepared America 2009 Citizen Corps National Survey 43% do not have ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Anatomy of

The Anatomy of March to 1 Million" (Making
the Country Prepared, Not Scared)
  • Weekend in Boca December 11, 2010
  • Safe Americas National Sponsors

An Under-prepared America 2009 Citizen Corps
National Survey
  • 43 do not have disaster supplies in homes
  • 50 are not familiar with community
    alerts/warning systems
  • 56 do not have a household emergency plan
  • 58 are unfamiliar with community evacuation
  • 74 have not participated in a workplace
    shelter-in-place drill
  • 77 have not volunteered for community
    preparedness activities however, 34 did
    volunteer during a crisis in their community
  • 80 have not completed a home evacuation drill

The Opportunity to Change the Preparedness
  • In 10 months, America will commemorate the tenth
    anniversary of 9/11
  • Safe America has focused on 2 key issues
  • 1. the need for everyday Americans to be their
    own first responder
  • in handling any disaster
  • 2. the ability to communicate during an
  • To address these two critical issues, Safe
    America is poised to mobilize everyday Americans
    in 2011 to create the largest single preparedness
    event in post-9/11 history!
  • Our goal to make readiness a working muscle
    rather than a vague concept!

How Were Approaching Mobilization of People,
  • Remember the childrens story Stone Soup
  • Sometimes, you start groundswell by showing a
    goal getting started and let the process of
    making soup draw people in (NOT asking for
    anything let them get excited first)
  • Also consider how to meet THEIR Need (for
    visibility, leadership opportunity, networking)
  • Then, by drawing them in for their own reason,
    theyll begin to see the bigger picture and
    become committed as they see the soup forming!!

How March to 1 Million Will Reach its Goals
  • Involve strategic audience (First Spouses, PTA,
    Medical Reserve Corps, US Chamber/BCLC, IAEM,
    NAEMT, etc.)
  • Collectively and individually, let them recruit
    their own warm market (more than 6 million to
    tap so far!)
  • Build media buzz (for your key players so
    theyll want to participate and so your project
    becomes a hit
  • Make initial effort easy (pledge to do
    something versus actually doing a chore)

The Basic Battle Plan
  • Safe America will involve 1 million Americans in
    preparedness with simple tasks
  • pledging to drill (via website)
  • texting exercise (with their families)
  • participating in corporate-led training (for
  • Incenting groups to engage people (recognizing
    people whore doing a good job like Citizens
    Corps, States, etc. so theyll make process
    viral involve their own populations)

March to 1 Million Plan
  • Safe Americas sponsors will receive five
  • 1. A national survey on attitudes (sponsors get
    input on)
  • 2. A training series, based on survey perceived
    deficiencies/needs that allows CEU credits for
    planning, training and drilling (with our
    strategic partner, DRI International)
  • 3. Involvement/recognition for assisting in
    grassroots mobilization (along with Medical
    Reserve Corps, PTA, AARP, US Chamber)
  • 4. Personalized messaging in PR/advertising
    campaign (plus exclusive benefits such as safety
    apps for employees and tutorials on the new
    language of texting for emergencies)
  • 5. Co-branding opportunities in youth curriculum
    for schools

Committed Partners
  • Organization Program Role
  • Safe America Foundation Program Management
  • Motorola/UPS/Verizon/Digicel Program sponsorship
  • DRI International Training/Corporate Outreach
  • Federal Signal/Zogby International National
    Polling / Research
  • NORC at the University of Chicago Program
  • Booz Allen Hamilton Behavioral measurements
  • Argonne Labs / Avalias Conduct simulations
  • Hill Knowlton PR / media relations
  • USA Today Public education/program visibility

Missouri Showing the Nation The Way
  • Safe America CEO Len Pagano, Kansas City
  • Civic Leader Phil Snowden and Mizzou
    Chancellor Dr. Brady Deaton
  • Following in the footsteps of West Virginia,
    Missouri can become Safe Americas 2011 model
  • The goal show how readiness can become an
    integral part of all Missouri communities in
    subtle and practical ways
  • Starting point public education and training
    (with Missouri Advantage co-hosting key city
    business briefings)
  • Extend readiness BEYOND first responders

The Bottom Line
  • Americans have a high expectation of assistance
    from emergency responders and have NOT aborbed
    the message that theyll have to survive by
    themselves for 72 hours or longer after an
  • Safe America is building a coalition to draw
    people into getting personally involved in a
    nationally-visible drill season so
    preparedness becomes a habit exercised at least
    once-a-year by all Americans!

Does this Work? Consider Results 2010 Drill
Down for Safety
  • 1. Safe America engaged over 800,00 Americans in
    doing a preparedness activity during National
    Preparedness Month (September)
  • 2. Safe America was able to recruit UPS and DRI
    International to spearhead a training program for
    corporate professionals, featuring webinars and
    an online training site
  • 3. Motorola Foundation and USA TODAY created a
    schoolroom curriculum based on the STEP program
    (Students Trained in Emergency Preparedness)
    that meet their own objectives
  • 4. Verizon and All Hazards Consortium helped
    underwrite a new broadcast program that focused
    on texting and its value in key markets (Atlanta,
    Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston,
  • 5. Booz Allen Hamilton researched national
    attitudes on what Americans think
  • 6. Safe America took one popular First Spouse
    and networked into 10 others spreading its
    program across 40 states and Puerto Rico!!

Top 8 / National Goals
  • Boost grassroots participation to 1 Million with
    new partners such as NYSE, Pinnacle Airlines,
    Agility and National Governors Association
  • Utilize CEO Corps to expand corporate
    partnerships to 100 members
  • Enhance youth educational element (elementary,
    high school and college)
  • Tap Zogby International to continue to research
    how people feel about being active participants
    in resiliency
  • Spearhead dialogue to determine if new safety
    features can be added to next-generation wireless
    devices (per World Federation of Scientists)
  • Invite NBC and NCS-4 to co-host a national Cell
    Safety Summit in NYC
  • Involve wireless carriers such as Digicel in
    expanding text education and use special 78247
    site to go viral with involvement from wireless
    carriers, NGOs and other corporate partners
  • Promote with DRI International training for risk
    managers that offers CEU credits for those who
    plan, train and drill

Safe Americas Value Proposition A PREPARED
  • 1) Translate preparedness into saving lives and
    money (by reducing the rebuilding/recovery costs
    plus reducing deaths)
  • Offer Most Prepared Community awards
  • Rank 50 states on Resiliency Index honor the
    Top 10
  • 2) Use technology and social media to advance
    preparedness maturity level
  • Create metrics that showcase value of Drill Down
  • Spur invention/distribution of smart phone safety

Where it Starts Conducting a Text Exercise
  • Text family members on 9/11 with a
    four-digit RUOK message and watch for a IMOK
    reply. Make sure all family members know how to
    text and if they dont, teach them!! Encourage
    employees of all ages to drill by texting and
    reach out to family, neighbors and others to
    practice connectivity (as they might in a

The Basic Goal
  • Go beyond slogans (have a plan have a kit) to
    practicing real thing (how youd survive in a
    disaster communicate if phone availability were
    limited to texting)
  • As non-profits, we attempt to see what others
    cant moving them toward a new reality
  • Safe Americas goal to envision a time of
    disorder when people will have to rely on their
    own skills and to be toughened by practice so
    they survive (mentally as well as physically)

  • National Readiness
  • 2010 Benchmark Survey
  • Funded by a Grant from
  • December 2010

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  • Greatest Public Safety Concerns

Source Zogby International Survey
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Source Zogby International Survey
For Multi-punch or Choose All That Apply Note
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Source Zogby International Survey
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First Quarter 2011/ Action Steps
  • Meet regularly with task force and subcommittees
    on the 3Ms - (media, metrics, mobilization)
  • Fine-tune Drill Down and Text First. Talk
    Second rollouts
  • Mobilize First Spouses in all 50 states
  • Involve West Virginia and Missouri in special
  • Collaborate with US Chamber, BCLC on 2011
  • Renew corporate sponsors (offering exciting brand

2011 Media Campaign
  • Text First. Talk Second.

March to 1 Million / Elements
  • Create a marquee event for nation during 10th
    anniversary of 9/11
  • Stage multi-faceted program with a pre-season
  • national survey with Zogby Resources, determining
    how people would react to having extended period
    of time without voice communications
  • Webinars
  • Media campaign (Text First. Talk Second.)
  • Radio / television broadcast (partner with Code
    Red and distribute content)
  • First Spouses tour
  • Text blast to millions of cell phone customers
    (getting them to pledge to drill)
  • Promotion with other non-profit partners (US
    Chamber, national PTA, AARP, All Hazards
    Consortium, NEDRIX, NEMA, IAEM, HOSA, Medical
    Reserve Corps , American Logistics Aid Network,