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Create An Effective Resume


Section 3.10 Create An Effective Resume T-3.10-1 Create an Effective Resume Resumes Which Resume is Best? The one that best positions your experience for the open ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Create An Effective Resume

Section 3.10
Create An Effective Resume
T-3.10-1 Create an Effective Resume
Section 3.10
  • Objectives
  • Review key elements in the resume writing process
  • Write career objectives and descriptive
    accomplishment statements
  • Construct a draft resume

T-3.10-2 Create an Effective Resume
Your Resume
  • Opens The Door
  • In the job search, paper is the great equalizer.
    Most employers want to see you on paper before
    meeting you in person.

T-3.10-3 Create an Effective Resume
Marketing Your Resume
  • Basic Job Search Principle
  • Market Yourself!

T-3.10-4 Create an Effective Resume
Purpose of a Resume
  • Marketing Tool sells YOU!
  • Summarizes how your skills and abilities can
    contribute to their company.
  • Helps get you a Job Interview
  • Employer screening tool

T-3.10-5 Create an Effective Resume
The Importance of Career Decision Making in the
Resume-Writing Process
  • To write the most effective resume, you need to
    know what career field you want. Research
  • The career field you would like to pursue
  • Where the jobs are and who is hiring
  • What qualifications and credentials you need to
  • How to best market your qualifications

T-3.10-6 Create an Effective Resume
Resume Formats
  • Chronological
  • Functional
  • Combination
  • Targeted

T-3.10-7 Create an Effective Resume
Resume Formats
  • Chronological
  • Focuses on your work history with most recent
    position first
  • Easy for employers to follow your career history
  • Shows career progression and growth

T-3.10-8 Create an Effective Resume
Resume Formats
  • Functional Resume
  • Focuses on your skills and experience. Skills are
    grouped into functional areas
  • Used most often when changing careers or if there
    are employment gaps

T-3.10-9 Create an Effective Resume
Resume Formats
  • Combination Resume
  • Combination of the Chronological Functional
  • Highlights skills and provides the chronological
    work history that some employers prefer

T-3.10-10 Create an Effective Resume
Resume Formats
  • Targeted Resume
  • -Customized to a specific job
  • -Written specifically to the employers needs

T-3.10-11 Create an Effective Resume
Resume Formats
  • Others
  • Federal Resumes
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Hybrids of several styles

T-3.10-12 Create an Effective Resume
  • Which Resume is Best?
  • The one that best positions
  • your experience for
  • the open position!

T-3.10-13 Create an Effective Resume
Resume Types
  • Paper (Traditional) Resume
  • Scannable
  • Electronic

T-3.10-14 Create an Effective Resume
Paper (Traditional) Resumes Presentation Tips
  • Professional look and feel, good visual appeal,
    white space for readability
  • Page Length 1 to 2 pages
  • Font Tahoma, Arial, Times New Roman, or Verdana
  • Font Size 10 to 12 points
  • Font Styles bold, italics, capitalization to
    highlight key areas
  • Paper Color white, light gray or ivory
  • Proofread and Spell Check
  • Place your name and page on all subsequent
    pages of your resume

T-3.10-15 Create an Effective Resume
Presentation Tips and Guidelines
  • Writing Style Always Write in First Person No
    I Led a 75-member training team that
    delivered 100 of all scheduled training
    seminars worldwide.
  • Not
  • Sergeant Jones led a 75-member training team
    that delivered 100 of all scheduled training
    seminars worldwide.

T-3.10-16 Create an Effective Resume
Resume Types
  • Scannable
  • To be sent either electronically or in paper
  • Enables employers in large companies to quickly
    scan your resume

T-3.10-17 Create an Effective Resume
Scannable Resumes Presentation Tips and
  • Plain resume scanned by company for key words
    and qualifications
  • DO NOT use highlights such as bold, italics,
    underlining, graphics, etc.
  • Use fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman
  • Minimum 11 point font size
  • No columns or tables
  • Spell out symbols like and
  • Place your name and page on all subsequent
    pages of your resume

T-3.10-18 Create an Effective Resume
Electronic Resumes Presentation Tips and
  • Resumes Sent as an E-Mail Attachment
  • Use Printed or Traditional Resume Format
  • Professional look and feel, visually appealing
  • Microsoft Word most common save as Rich Text
    Format (RTF) unless posting suggests otherwise
  • Resumes Pasted in the Body of An Email
  • Copy and paste resume into email
  • Always check formatting before you send!

Review it before you send it!
T-3.10-19 Create an Effective Resume
Sections of a Resume
  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Summary of Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Employment History
  • Education/Training

T-3.10-20 Create an Effective Resume
Sections of a ResumeContact Information
  • Janis Jenkins
  • 123 Pearl Street
  • Rockville, Maryland 12345
  • Home (301) 555-1111
  • Cell (301) 444-2222

JANIS JENKINS 123 Pearl Street Rockville, MD
12345 (301) 555-1111 (H) (301) 444-2222 (C)

T-3.10-21 Create an Effective Resume
Sections of a ResumeCareer Objective Statement
  • Targeted Objective (preferred)
  • Lists specific job and company you are applying
  • General Objective (optional)
  • When you do not know company or specific job
    applying for
  • Posting on a career website
  • Attending Job Fair and handing out resumes

T-3.10-22 Create an Effective Resume
Writing Career Objectives
  • Concise, short and to the point
  • Target your career objective whenever possible.
    Dont make the employer guess
  • Be specific dont write
  • Seeking a challenging position with a large
    company that will provide an opportunity for
    growth and advancement.
  • What can you do for the employer?

T-3.10-23 Create an Effective Resume
Exercise 1
  • Write Career Objective Statements

T-3.10-24 Create an Effective Resume
Sections of a ResumeSummary of Qualifications
  • Highlights your key skill areas draws attention
    to specific skills that support your job goal
  • Paragraph or bulleted list
  • Should include your Security Clearance if you
    have one
  • Time to brag about your best qualities your
    greatest hits

T-3.10-25 Create an Effective Resume
Assessing Skills for the Summary of
  • Highlight key words or skills listed in the job
  • Review your skills statements (from page 22 in
    the TAP Manual)
  • Select the skill statements that match the key
    words in the job posting
  • Research the company or industry you may
    identify additional skills

T-3.10-26 Create an Effective Resume
Exercise 2
  • Write a Summary of Qualifications

T-3.10-27 Create an Effective Resume
Sections of a ResumeExperience
  • Lists your results and/or achievements that
    relate to the position desired
  • Not a job description!
  • Answers the question, What is this individual
    going to do for me?
  • Use numbers, percentages, statistics, examples to
    illustrate achievements

T-3.10-28 Create an Effective Resume
Translating Military Experience to Civilian Terms
  • One of your biggest challenges
  • Employers may overlook a military member because
    their resume is
  • Filled with military job titles and military
    skills not understood
  • Written using military jargon, acronyms and
  • Not targeted to job
  • It doesnt matter how qualified you are if the
    employer cant understand your resume

T-3.10-3-29 Create an Effective Resume
Military Experience Civilian Terms
T-3.10-30 Create an Effective Resume
Additional Websites
  • Army COOL and Navy COOL
  • https//
  • https//
  • VMET
  • https// 
  • Americas CareerInfoNet
  • Jobsaurus
  • Translate Your Skills
  • gtCareergtSkills Translator
  • Mil-Skills Translator

T-3.10-31 Create an Effective Resume
Skills and Experience
  • Military Platoon Leader, Leading Petty Officer,
    Section Leader, etc.
  • Front Line Supervisor
  • In the business world
  • Supervised evaluated up to 75 employees
  • Conducted high quality training for groups up to
  • Improved staff productivity efficiency by 30
  • Planned and executed logistical support for team
    with outstanding results
  • Enforced 100 of company policies and procedures
  • Submitted comprehensive and timely reports to
  • Worked under pressure, multi-tasked, and met
    tight deadlines

Quantify and Qualify with s, s, and s
wherever possible!
T-3.10-32 Create an Effective Resume
Writing Accomplishment Statements
  • Allows employers to visualize your contribution
  • Statements should contain
  • --Value added results
  • --Action you took to achieve results

T-3.10-33 Create an Effective Resume
Identify Your Skills and Accomplishments
  • Use the Transferable Skills Inventory
  • Select the skills that relate to the job you want
  • Sell your resume by highlighting your major
    accomplishments and achievements
  • Employers want to know
  • What skills can you offer me?

T-3.10-34 Create an Effective Resume
Writing Accomplishment Statements
  • Use civilian terms
  • Start with an action verb
  • Dont use Responsible for
  • Write in past tense for previous jobs
  • Present tense for current job
  • Quantify results when possible
  • Use numbers
  • Percentages
  • Statistics
  • Examples

T-3.10-35 Create an Effective Resume

Improved Safety Created a Program
Increased Performance Increased Retention
Improved Processing Time Re-engineered Equipment
Improved Service Delivery Solved Long-term Problems
Improved Administration Reduced Management

T-3.10-36 Create an Effective Resume
GOOD Basic skill/task description Provided
medical logistics support BETTER More
details Ordered and inventoried over 1.2M in
medical equipment and supplies Managed staff,
equipment, and supplies for a 100 bed medical
treatment facility BEST Accomplishment /
outstanding result Saved 30,000 annually by
re-designing a supply ordering system that
reduced order backlog Reduced supply delivery
time 25 by creating a fast track ordering
system for routine office supplies

T-3.10-37 Create an Effective Resume
  • Inventory Control Managed companys 500-item,
    10M stock inventory warehouse with 100
  • Logistics Processed over 700 annual shipments
    of personal property and household goods valued
    in excess of 30M.
  • Security Supervised the security of 100M of
    highly sensitive equipment with zero loss.
  • Management Developed and managed an annual
    budget of 50M meeting departments profit

T-3.10-38 Create an Effective Resume
Exercise 3
  • Write Some Accomplishment Statements

T-3.10-39 Create an Effective Resume
Sections of a ResumeEmployment History
  • Chronological Resume
  • - Dates, position, location experience
  • Functional Resume
  • - Does not include an employment history
  • Combination Resume
  • Dates, position location
  • Targeted Resume

T-3.10-40 Create an Effective Resume
Sections of a Resume Education/Training
  • Include all degrees awarded
  • Highlight special honors such as graduated Cum
    Laude, with Honors, GPA, etc.
  • Include certifications, licenses and course work
    relevant to job applying for
  • List only military schools that support your job

T-3.10-41 Create an Effective Resume
Exercise 4
  • Develop the Education and Training Section of the

T-3.10-42 Create an Effective Resume
What NOT To Include On A Resume
  • These items are not recommended
  • on a resume
  • Marital Status - Hobbies
  • Age - Height Weight
  • Race - Salary
  • Photograph - References
  • Religious or Political Affiliations
  • Names, ages and number of children

T-3.10-43 Create an Effective Resume
Exercise 5
  • Now lets tie all of the elements together and
    start drafting your resume!

T-3.10-44 Create an Effective Resume
Resume Reviewand Quality Assurance
  • Carefully review your resume
  • Poorly written resumes and typographical errors
    result in being screened out
  • Suggested Reviewers
  • Transition/ACAP Office Staff
  • Veterans Representatives at your local One-Stop
    Career Center
  • HR Professional
  • Co-workers/Colleagues
  • Professional in the career field

T-3.10-45 Create an Effective Resume
How Resumes Are Submitted
  • Printed or Traditional Paper Resume
  • Scannable Resume
  • Electronic Resume

T-3.10-46 Create an Effective Resume
Ways to Market Your Resume
  • Networking - 1 method!
  • Personal Referrals
  • Targeted job search campaigns
  • Professional Associations
  • Job Fairs
  • Newspaper or print ads
  • Posting your resume online
  • Responding to online job postings
  • Corporate websites
  • In person cold calls

T-3.10-47 Create an Effective Resume
In Summary
  • Resumes
  • Speak for you when youre not there
  • Serve as a marketing tool
  • Must highlight your ability to do the job
  • Should result in you getting an interview

T-3.10-48 Create an Effective Resume
  • You are now well on your way to completing your
  • Remember that your resume is a
  • work-in-progress
  • Use this draft resume as a guide to develop and
    fine tune your final product
  • Use the resources at your TAP/ACAP Offices. They
    are there to assist you. Make an appointment

T-3.10-49 Create an Effective Resume
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