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Intro to Criminal Justice


Library introduction INTRO TO CRIMINAL JUSTICE Visit me at the Library! Library Hours: Mon-Th 7:30am-8:50pm Friday 8am-2pm Elsa Loftis, Librarian: ph: 503-222-3225 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Intro to Criminal Justice

Intro to Criminal Justice
  • Library introduction

What were going to cover
  • Your Librarys Website
  • Searching in LIRN
  • Plagiarism
  • Paper writing process tips
  • APA formatting
  • Resources in the Libraryjust for YOU!

Highlights of the website
  • Search your librarys catalog
  • Link up to the available databases
  • Read e-books from NetLibrary
  • Link up to your Everest email account
  • Find your instructors dropbox for presentations
    and postings
  • Study Guides by program
  • Keep up with whats going on at the library!!

Your Librarys Website
Tons of Resources at your fingertips!
Online resources that can be used anywhere you
have an internet connection!
Your Databases!!
Study Guides!!
Internet vs. Database Searching
  • Database search keywords (Medical
    Assistant employment)

Internet search phrase (How can I get a job as
a Medical Assistant?)
Cant I just Google it?
  • The internet is wonderfulbut remember, you may
    not know where the information is coming from
  • You really must EVALUATE your sources!
  • Authority and reliability of the author
  • Purpose of the site
  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Currency
  • Objectivity
  • Usability
  • Domain

Using your databases saves you the guesswork
  • Reputable sources
  • Grouped by subject
  • Listed by date
  • Recommendations for narrowing searches
  • http//

Citation Tools on the Databases
  • Most of our databases have these optionslook

Oh okay, you can ALSO just Google it
  • How to be a Google Scholar!!!

Google Basic vs. Google Advanced
Google Scholar
Some more Google Search Tips
  • Double Quotations .. this will search for
    words in the exact order in which you enter them.
  • Minus sign (-) use to exclude words from results.
  • vikings minnesota
  • siteedu, sitegov etc.
  • Use OR to expand your search
  • miranda rights OR warning
  • Identify a word
  • define ltwordgt

Trusted Internet Sites
  • On the Librarys Website, youll find a few more
    good linksincluding
  • Internet Public Library (Google without the
  • Medline Plus
  • Study Guides
  • Bureau of Labor and Statistics

Now after all that research
Avoiding Plagiarism
APA Citation Style
APA Style why do we make you do this??
  • According to the instructional site
  • It shows you how to properly structure and format
    your work.
  • It recommends how to avoid bias language
  • It will help you to avoid plagiarism
  • It also shows you how to cite references in text
    and in a bibliography.
  • So, mainly, the American Psychological
    Associations style is utilized to streamline
    academic writing, giving us all something to work

APA Checklist
  • Youre writing on standard paper (8 ½ x 11)
  • 1 margins on all sides
  • 10-12 pt. Times New Roman font (or similar).
  • Include a page header on each page (title) on the
    left side, and page number on the upper right
  • Your essay should include the following sections
  • Title Page
  • Abstract (only if you teacher requests)
  • Main Body
  • Reference List

Example of a Title Page
Example of an Abstract
In-text and Full Citations
  • blah blah blah blah (2010 Loftis, p. 4).
  • In-text citation- tells reader two things
  • These are not my thoughts/ words
  • Where you got the ideas/ words
  • Loftis, Elsa(2010). Travels to Exotic Lands.
    Portland, OR Fake Market Press.
  • Full citation in reference list gives reader all
    the information to find quote/ idea

Quoting using another authors exact words.
  • According to Charles Lipson in his informative
    book Cite Right (2006), APA citations are widely
    used in psychology, education, engineering,
    business, and the social sciences (p. 73).
  • see, this is an example of an IN-TEXT citation.
    I used the authors exact words in the middle of
    my writing. I used quotation marks, I told the
    reader who I was quoting, where it came from, and
    the page I found it on.

Longer Quotes
  • When using a long quote (40 words or more is the
    rule of thumb), start it on a new line, indent 5
    spaces (tab), and omit the quotation marks. See
    the example below
  • Lipsons (2006) book states the following
  • APA citations are widely used in psychology,
    education, engineering, business, and the social
    sciences. Like MLA citations, they are in-text.
    They use notes only for analysis and commentary,
    not to cite references. Unlike MLA, however, APA
    emphasizes the year of publication, which comes
    immediately after the authors name. (p. 73)

  • When using a piece of information or an idea
    that you found elsewhereEVEN IF YOU PUT IT IN
  • You must must must credit the author, tell us
    the source and the year it was published. No

Paraphrasingusing another persons idea, but
expressing it in your own words.
  • Original Quote
  • In 1979 only two cases of latex allergy had
    been reported in medical journals. By the end of
    the twentieth century, however, natural rubber
    latex allergy, causing both dermatitis and
    asthma, was not only a well-recognized
    occupational hazard among health care workers
    using surgical gloves but was also.stimulating
    the establishment of latex allergy support groups
    in some countries.

Paraphrasing that quote
  • Blah blah blah It took 20 years for latex
    allergy to go from a rarely reported to
    recognized occupational hazard. (Jackson, 2006,
    p,.178). Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
    blah blah blah blah.
  • see, youve stated the same fact, but said it
    in a different way.
  • Cite it right! Book with one author
  • Jackson, Mark (2006). Allergy The history of a
    modern malady. London Reaktion books.

Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Plagiarism noun
  • 1.the unauthorized use or close imitation of the
    language and thoughts of another author and the
    representation of them as one's own original
  • 2.something used and represented in this manner.

You can avoid this with proper citation!!
Things to Remember
  • If using exact same wording as source, use
    quotation marks, followed by an in-text citation,
    and full citation in reference list
  • If paraphrasing, be sure you are changing more
    than just a few words, end the paraphrase with an
    in-text and full citation in reference list
  • When in doubt, cite it!

Common Knowledge
  • If you knew the information before you read it,
    then it is probably common knowledge.

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue
Information considered to be common knowledge
does not need to be cited. Ask yourself Does
my audience already know this?
Common Knowledge?
  • Which would you need to cite?
  • Nike is a sporting goods company.
  • Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) was the company Phil
    Knight and Bill Bowerman created in 1964.
  • Nikebiz Company Overview. Retrieved November 6,
    2008, from Nike http//

B is correct! Heres the citation for a corporate
Common Knowledge?
  • Which would you need to cite?
  • Ice-T is a musician turned movie and TV actor.
  • Ice-T performed with the Indianapolis Symphony
    Orchestra in June 2008.
  • (2008, May 15). Ice T to perform with symphony
    orchestra. World Entertainment News Network,
    Retrieved November 17, 2008, from Business
    Company Resource Center database.

B is correct! Heres the citation for an article
from a database
Citations for your Reference List
  • Different kinds of source material (books,
    magazines, websites, etc.) all have different
    citation formats.
  • Take careful notes during your research to
    provide the needed information for your reference
    listitll save you so much time in the long run!
  • Now, you try it!

Helpful Tools!!
Find them on your Librarys Website
For your citations, remember
  • There are 2 parts to every citationin-text, and
    full citation for your reference list.
  • The Library website has links to the Citation
    Maker, and APA online style guide from the Owl at
  • The Librarian has sample essays, worksheets and
    other useful handouts.

Visit me at the Library!
  • Library Hours
  • Mon-Th 730am-850pm
  • Friday 8am-2pm
  • Elsa Loftis, Librarian
  • ph 503-222-3225
  • text 503-683-EVST