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Colloidal silver


Colloidal silver IE497B Spring 2009 Dr. R. A. Wysk Colloidal Silver Colloidal silver is a colloid of silver particles in water. It has antimicrobial properties and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver
  • IE497B
  • Spring 2009
  • Dr. R. A. Wysk

Colloidal Silver
  • Colloidal silver is a colloid of silver particles
    in water. It has antimicrobial properties and
    was, in the past, used on external wounds and
    burns to prevent infection. Some claim that it is
    a beneficial nutritional supplement and a
    powerful antibiotic1, although this is
    disputed2. As with many of the claims made for
    this product, there is no scientific proof of its
    efficacy as a treatment for illnesses such as
    anthrax following bio-terror alerts.citation
    needed The ingestion of colloidal silver in
    large quantities or over a long period of time
    carries a high risk of argyria, a condition in
    which the skin turns permanently

Colloidal Silver properties
  • Colloidal silver can be used to keep drinkable
    water potable over a long period. 1 It is also
    used externally for health benefits.
  • Silver has been used as a topical antiseptic for
    minor burns for more than 100 years 7. High
    concentrations of colloidal silver kill bacteria
    and the topical, or external, use of colloidal
    silver to kill microbes is well established.
    Though colloidal silver was a prescribed
    treatment in the U.S. Navy's corpsman's manual
    until 1973, the use of colloidal silver was
    discontinued due to the rare but serious risk of
    argyria, a non-reversible condition. For this
    reason and othersthe extraordinarily broad
    claims made for the productits use as an
    ingested medication remains controversial.

So what
  • Colloidal silver is toxic. Oral LD50 values for
    mice reported for colloidal silver are 100
  • Continued ingestion of high doses (more than 1
    gram of accumulated silver, or 5 mg per day) of
    colloidal silver may result in argyria, a rare
    condition causing a permanent discoloration of
    the skin.345
  • Argyria is not a serious or fatal condition.9
    While the skin discoloration may be confused for
    other conditions, there are no physiologic
    implications for the patient.10
  • Almost all known cases of argyria resulted from
    exposure to or use of silver oxide or silver
    nitrate.citation needed One of the few
    confirmed cases of argyria caused by colloidal
    silver is that of Stan Jones, a Montana
    Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2002
    and 2006, who overdosed on colloidal silver. Mr.
    Jones' colloidal silver was a home-prepared
    solution which he began taking in 1999 due to
    fears of antibiotics being unavailable due to
    "Y2K" bug problems.6
  • Advocates of colloidal silver claim it to be a
    useful supplement to their diet, providing them
    with improved health and well being and (among
    other things) a low incidence of colds and
    flu.citation needed They also assert that,
    under careful use (one teaspoon of 5ppm
    concentrate every 1 to 3 days) of properly
    produced (5parts per million) colloidal silver,
    argyria is virtually impossible. 11 These
    claims are anecdotal, and have not been confirmed
    by scientific study.

Making Colloidal silver
  • Colloidal Silver (CS) is generally produced by an
    electrolysis process.  The making of colloidal
    silver requires 2 silver electrodes to be placed
    in a glass container of water and the appropriate
    electric current applied. The vast majority of CS
    generators being offered today use batteries in a
    series wired arrangement which supply DC voltage
    and current. With battery voltage potential
    applied, the water acts as a conductive medium as
    tiny particles of silver sinter off one of the
    silver electrodes and go into the water. Ideally,
    the silver particles should remain suspended in
    the water as a colloid solution due to the
    positive electric charge on each silver particle
    which allows the particles to repel each other
    and remain suspended.

A Colloidal silver generator
Commercial Developments
  • Nanover
  • Nanohorizons

Bactericidal action of Silver
Silver interferes with the metabolisms of
bacteria. Active oxygen made by silver
destroys membranes of bacteria Silver causes
mutation of bacteria by combining with particular
parts of proteins
Functions of Silver
  • Bactericidal rate over 93.9
  • Bacteriostatic rate over 99.9
  • Deodorization rate over 95

Red blood cells before and after wearing On
Silver-underwear Massed red blood cells get
scattered and clarified (immune bodies are
Applications and Trends
Trends the beginning of the
silver-bactericidal market has been passed and
its applications are being disseminated.
Applications of NANOVERTM - special fields
cell phone, health care, cosmetics - fiber
industry Daewoo international Inc., fiber post
processing companies, etc. - paper manufacturer
Shinho Inc., Shinmoolim Inc., etc. - film
Kuemyang Chemical Inc. - resin (M/B chip)
Songwon Chemical Inc., SK-UCB Inc., Woori Comtech
Inc., etc. - bactericidal rubber glove
Cleanwarp Inc. - Paints Byouksan Inc. - ETC.
stones(charnel houses), wallpapers, etc.
SK Teletech launches silver-nano coated
well-being cell phones.
SK Teletech(CEO Y.J. Kim, is the first handset maker in the world to launch silver-nano coated mobile phones with sterilizing function, the company announced on 5th. Silver-nano coating technology is to coat materials with nanometer (1 billionth of a meter) sized silver particles that are effective at attacking pathogens. Its applications are home appliances such as TV sets, laundry machines, vacuum cleaners, etc. The companys new model IM-7400 is a semi-automatic slide phone which has a rotating 1.1-megapixel CCD camera, 100MB internal memory, MP3, radio, GPS, etc. A person concerned with SK Teletech said, after it is announced that a cell phone contains about 25,000 bacteria, the customers need for bactericidal cell phone gets higher and we will provide silver-nano coated mobile phone for all models, so that we will let our customers have a good image for our company that provides well-being phones S.J. Park_at_The Electric Times, besides, reported in Korea Economic Daily, The Hankyoreh, etc.
NANOVER TM application to Mobile phones
Bactericidal function of NANOVERTM
  • sterilizing within a few minutes
  • much lower MIC (MIC minimal inhibitory
  • lower than 10 PPM for most germs including
    Esherichia coli (O157), Staphylococcus aureus
    ATCC 29213, Salmonella, MRSA, etc
  • great bactericidal function in applications for
    fibers and plastics
  • maintaining its bactericidal function after 20
    times washing

Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of
? Strong antimicrobial efficacy
Catholic Medical School, the 54th Fall the Korean
Association of Internal Medicine Conference
proceedings, Oct 25, 2003 Test method
Agar-dilution method defined by NCCLS
Bactericidal rate of textile
Method KS K 0693 test for measuring
bactericidal rate of textile Specimen SCV-WA702
(10 ppm) dipping textile in the solution for 30
minutes Used auxotroph Staphylococcus aureus
ATCC 6538
(bactericidal rate 99.9)
NanoHorizons State College, PA
  • NanoHorizons is a custom nanoscale materials
    engineering company. The company's SmartSilver
    brand is recognized worldwide as a leader in
    providing anti-odor/antimicrobial protection to
    natural and synthetic fibers and fabrics.
    SmartSilver additives, along with NanoHorizons'
    other technologies, solve real-world challenges
    through nanoscale engineering, in industries
    ranging from performance apparel to medical

  • Figure 2 SmartSilver-enhanced polyester fiber is
    virtually indistinguishable from regular
    polyester fiber.

A single SmartSilver nanoparticle.
Silver-coated nylon fiber shows signs of flaking
in the left image. The rough and flaky surface in
the right image shows how the silver coating
could easily come off.
To use colloidal silver or not to use colloidal