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Limericks A Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear 2. Now make a list of words that rhyme with the last word in the first line - in this case, Jill. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Limericks

Welcome to Ireland!
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??????????, ??? ?? ? ??? ?? ?????????? ?? ????
?????????? ?? ???? ? ??? ???? ????????!
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  • ????????

  • Limerick is a popular poem English
    poem. It appeared in the XVII
    century. Edward Lear a famous Limerick
    poet wrote A Book of Nonsense in 1846.
    The book was
  • translated almost into all languages and three
    times in
  • Russian. Limerick took its name after an Irish
    town called
  • Limerick. It is the third largest city in
    Ireland. Limericks developed the
    Literature of Nonsense. 12 May is Limerick
    Day. It celebrates the birthday of
    Edward Lear (1812-1888) and of
    course, it also celebrates limerick poems.

A Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear
There was a Young Lady whose eyes,Were unique as to colour and sizeWhen she opened them wide,People all turned aside,And started away in surprise.   ???? ???? ???? ??? ?????,??????, ?????????? ??????.????? ?? ??????????,???? ???????? ??????,??? ???? ?????? ??? ?????.
Read the following limericks and put the
pictures in the right order A. There was an
Old Man of Abruzzi, So blind he couldn't his
foot see When they said, 'That's your toe,' He
replied, 'Is it so?' That doubtful Old Man of

B. There was an Old Man with a beard,Who
said, 'It is just as I feared!Two Owls and a
Hen,Four Larks and a Wren,Have all built their
nests in my beard!'
C. There was an Old Man of Cape Horn,Who
wished he had never been bornSo he sat on a
chair,Till he died of despair,That dolorous Man
of Cape Horn.
D. There was an Old Man of the Nile,Who
sharpened his nails with a file,Till he cut out
his thumbs,And said calmly, 'This comesOf
sharpening one's nails with a file!'
E. There was an Old Man on some rocks,Who
shut his wife up in a boxWhen she said, 'Let me
out!'He exclaimed, 'Without doubt,You will pass
all your life in that box.'
F. There was an Old Man of Calcutta,Who
perpetually ate bread and butter,Till a great
bit of muffin,On which he was stuffing,Choked
that horrid Old Man of Calcutta.

  • Activities
  • Investigate the structure of a limerick.
  • How many lines does a limerick have?
  • How many syllables are there in each line? What
    is the rhythm of the limerick like?
  • What is the stanza in the limerick?

Here is a very famous limerick. Notice both the
rhyme and rhythm patterns.
1. There was an old man from Peru,
2. who dreamed he was eating his shoe.
3. He awoke in the night
4. with a terrible fright,
5. and found out that it was quite true.
1. (A) da DUM da da DUM da da DUM (3 DUMS)
2. (A) da DUM da da DUM da da DUM (3 DUMS)
3. (B)da DUM da da DUM (2 DUMS)
4. (B)da da DUM da da DUM (2 DUMS)
5. (A) da DUM da da DUM da da DUM (3 DUMS)
There was an Old Man of Peru,Who watched his wife making a stewBut once by mistake,In a stove she did bake,That unfortunate Man of Peru.   ???? ???????? ?? ????,?? ????? ??????? ?? ????.?????????? ?????,??????? ?? ??????,?????????? ?????? ? ????.
The plot of a Limerick 1 line who and
where, 2 line what he did or what happened to
him, 3 4 lines - the result of the event, 5
line the repetition of the 1st line.
Read the limerick and put the lines in the
correct order
That my nose is too long,Who said, 'If you
choose to suppose,That remarkable Man with a
nose. There was an Old Man with a nose,You are
certainly wrong!'
Try to complete the following limerick
There was a Young Person of Smyrna,Whose ______ threatened to burn herBut she seized on the _______,And said, 'Granny, burn that!You terrible Old Woman of _______!'   ?????? ??????? ?? ????,?????? ?????? ???????.???????? ?? ??"???, ??????? ????!??, ??????? ?????? ?? ????"
There was a Young Lady whose ____,Was so long
that it reached to her ___So she hired an Old
Lady,Whose conduct was steady,To carry that
wonderful ______.
How to Write a Limerick
  • When you write a limerick, make sure that it has
    the same AABBA rhyme pattern.
  • Make sure it also has the same 3 DUMS, 3 DUMS, 2
    DUMS, 2 DUMS, 3 DUMS rhythm pattern, too.
  • Ideas for new limericks can come from almost
    anywhere. For example, your town, country, or any

Here are five simple steps to writing a limerick
1. An easy way to get started is to pick a boys or girls name that has one syllable (like Bill, Tim, Dick, Sue, or Jill). There once was a fellow (or young girl) named ____(pick an easy name with one syllable). Well pick Jill. So the first line is There once was a young girl named Jill.
  • 2. Now make a list of words that rhyme with the
  • last word in the first line - in this case, Jill.
  • Your list of rhyming words might include
  • hill, drill, pill, skill, bill, will, and ill.
  • 3.Now write the second line. Heres an example
  • Who feared the sight of a drill.
  • (the first and second lines contain 3 DUMS or

  • 4. Now think of an interesting story.
  • What could happen to someone scared of a drill?
  • You might have an interesting story if Jill had
  • to go to the dentist. So, the third and fourth
    lines can be She brushed every day. So, her
    dentist would say, (2 DUMS or beats in each
  • 5. Now you need to go back to the first line and
    end the poem. Heres an example
  • Your teeth are quite perfect, young Jill.

  • Heres the poem we just wrote
  • There once was a young girl named Jill.
  • Who was feared the sight of a drill.
  • She brushed every day
  • So her dentist would say,
  • Your teeth are so perfect, young Jill.
  • Now try it yourself!

St. Valentines Day
  • There once came feeling called love,
  • And it sweetly touched my heart
  • I felt like an angel
  • And didnt think of a danger
  • I wish you all know this love.

Thank you very much for your hard work!