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SWWTP A Communication Strategy 2008 Onwards


... with some overarching branding and ... activities A more multi channel approach is required for ... Wales as a destination to fulfil interests no ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: SWWTP A Communication Strategy 2008 Onwards

SWWTPA Communication Strategy 2008 Onwards
  • 18th February 2008

  • Where SWWTP are today?
  • The opportunity
  • Strategic direction Some considerations
  • Strategic direction Comms planning approach
  • 2008 Communications recommendations
  • Appendix A Expert reviews of the sites

Where are we now Your brand
What is SWWTP?
  • Its a story of two halves
  • B2B and B2C

Today we have developed B2C brands with distinct
propositions defined by products they represent
Gardens green spaces
Literary and cultural heritage
Outdoor adventure activities
Literary attractions, galleries, craft outlets,
restaurants, trails, events and performances
Focus on driving local activities including -
Canoeing , Coasteering, Diving, Kayaking, Kite
surfing, Mountain biking, Sailing, Surfing,
Represent national park land, local
authority-owned parks and gardens and private
gardens and attractions.
Do we have a clear brand framework that defines
each consumer brand / site?
  • Tone and language
  • Personality
  • Look and feel
  • Imagery
  • Colour palette
  • Typography

Exploring potential current personalities and tone
Relaxing Inspiring Intelligent Considered
Energetic Hedonistic Cool Youthful Upbeat

Relaxing Breathtaking Slow pace
Where are we now Consumer perception
Is this consistent with consumer perceptions?
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Positive emotive responses to brands
  • Please indicate how positive or negative you feel
    about this web site in relation to each of the
    following statements

Total Sample 201
Today we have also developed B2B brand - with a
distinct proposition?
  • Do we have a clear brand framework for B2B brand?
  • Does this fit with (business) customer
  • How does this fit with B2C brands?

Where are we now Your partners views
Perceptions of your business audience
  • Vision
  • Co-ordinate, develop, market
  • Bring businesses together, maximise their
  • Co-ordinate regional activity
  • Secure regional funding
  • Support us
  • Market umbrella for SWW
  • Promote tourism
  • Liaise with companies and encourage tourism
  • Communicate SWW as an all year round destination
  • Role
  • Add value to existing campaigns, introduce new
  • Internet presence and marketing
  • Support individual regions and LA campaigns
  • Promote our marketing campaigns
  • Extend leads in shoulder season
  • Create campaigns
  • Partnership working together

Source Designate B2B brand research, Dec 2007
A clear relationship between your brand portfolio?
The Opportunity Your Brand
Strengthening your corporate brand
  • Develop a brand proposition for SWWTP
  • Make it consistent and relevant to both audiences
  • Develop the brand values, attributes and story
    that will sit at the core of your business
  • Develop a consistent brand strategy
  • Identity and Experience

Understanding role for a corporate brand
  • Your corporate brand should align your
    diversified portfolio and bind all activity
  • Your family of brands should reflect the essence
    of the parent brand
  • It should guide vision, investment decisions and
    provide organisation integration / alignment
  • Optimise return on investment and facilitate
    maximum profit
  • Provide framework for creative development by all
    partners and stakeholders

What elements make up a strong brand?
Brand experience
Communications Partnerships Product development
Brand image
Tone Personality Look and feel
Proposition Your promise to customers
A classic brand architecture model
Brand Campaigns
Overall takeout Corporate brand proposition
Towards a corporate brand proposition
  • Core Values Connect, Support, Inspire, Inform
  • The proposition Broaden your horizons
  • Relevant to travel (landscape reference) as well
    as interest marketplace (about learning new
  • Refers to the potential reach and interaction
    that they can facilitate between interest

A consumer led business essential to compete in
todays markets
Top down
Broaden your horizons
Separate propositions to drive both business and
communication strategy Supplier led business
One core proposition to drive business and
communication strategy Consumer led business
Open all year OBG / AWAYWI / IW
Bottom up
What elements make up a strong brand?
Brand experience
Communications Partnerships Product development
Brand image
Tone Personality Look and feel
Broaden your horizons
Brand image and experience
  • Brand Image
  • Requires further work to develop the visual
    expression of your brand portfolio
  • Brand Image guidelines should be developed
  • Designate should be guardians for the image we
    choose to develop
  • Brand Experience
  • The rest of this presentation focuses on
    developing your brand experience
  • Bringing your brand to life through communication

Bringing your brand to life communication
  • Communication strategy that
  • Differentiates you in the market
  • Delivers and fulfils your brand proposition
  • Motivates consumers of today / tomorrow

The Opportunity Consumers needs of today /
Audience Insights - UK interest travel market (pg
Consumer leisure interest and holidays are both
growing markets
Leisure participation, by age and gender No. of
activities in twelve month period
Leisure participation Spend on UK leisure breaks
Source Mintel, British on holiday at home Dec
Trends driving this growth
  • Consumers demonstrating
  • Rise in experience centric needs over materialist
  • Need to be fulfilled and to learn
  • Need to be to relax and be entertained (pull not
    push, digital content revolution)
  • Need to be informed at click of button (google

Behaviours resulting Pro-am leisure
To get the most out of a leisure activity it is
worth learning as much as you can about it
  • A desire to improve will mean a deeper level of
    engagement with and knowledge about the activity.
  • People want to take interests to professional
  • Fragmentation of media content in niche areas has
    fuelled this (long tail)
  • Internet has connected people to real enthusiasts
    and experts, allowing to tap into this expertise
    communities of pro-ams
  • People want to make a contribution to whatever
    field they are inrise of the amateur!

Proportion who agree or strongly agree, by age
Source nVision Research/Taylor Nelson
Sofres Base 1,230 adults 16, UK, 2006
Behaviours resulting Desire for creativity
Proportion concerned about being a creative person
  • People keen to express themselves good for
    brands to provide a platform and recognise this
  • Leisure providers should ensure this is a central
    part of the experience
  • Brands should utilise this pool of creative
    consumer talent
  • Creative leisure activities will see growth
    arts, music, photography

"For this item, please tell me whether you find
you are concerned about it at allBeing a
creative person"
Source nVision Research/Taylor Nelson
Sofres Base 1000 adults aged 16, UK
Behaviours resulting hobby holidays
  • Experience based holidays - time well spent
  • Increasing number of short breaks - different
    holiday types and excuses to go away (for the
    tenth time this year)
  • Rise in group holidays, changing holiday group
  • Rise in activity holidays - nearly half of
    consumers state that they wish to learn a new
    skill while on holiday. Within the past five
    years, overseas activity holidays have enjoyed
    37 growth (Mintel 2005)

Total Sample 201
Interest inspired travel is a smart strategy ever
more relevant for today's consumer
  • Interest based communication strategy complements
    consumer trends in our two key markets
  • Domestic holidays Interests hobbies

Establishing an Interest led communication
  • What are the key areas of interests that resonate
    and motivate the UK population?
  • Who goes on an interest led holiday? What are
    their needs and behaviours?
  • What is the role of interests in travel decision
    making behaviour and how can we optimise
    communications in this context?

Exploring key areas of interest two sources
  • Product driven

Consumer driven
UK population interests
Partner product offerings
Exploring key areas of interest product driven
Product driven
Consumer driven
UK population interests
Partner product offerings
Focus on fulfilling current tourist products on
offer Support and build on visit Wales and LA
Exploring key areas of interest consumer driven
  • Product driven

Consumer driven
UK population interests
Partner product offerings
Widen appeal and cross sell opportunities Resonate
with consumers Drive brand as modern Maintains
competitiveness and differentiation Flexibility As
sist tourism development new product offerings
There are some key interest areas SWWTP do not
currently cover
  • Please tell us, if any, which of the following
    are you interested in?

Food, Films, Books, Music, Photography.
Total Sample 201
Food, Photography, Music, Golf.
Total Sample 201
Which interests should you invest in?
  • Some interests are wide reaching, some are niche
  • Which ones provide the best returns?
  • How do you decide which ones are optimum within
    our current resources?

Increasing number of people trialling new
  • Increasing affluence
  • Increasing mobility
  • Growth in technology use
  • Increasing access to goods and services through
    which we can pursue our interests
  • our free time has become vastly more productive
  • But
  • many of us come in and out of interest markets

A growing number of us are looking for new
leisure activities
Proportion who agree or strongly agree that they
always look out for new experiences, dread being
bored, and like trying lots of different leisure
Source nVision Research Base 1,000 adults 16,
UK, 2006
Depending on your profile, some have many
passions interests - and some only a few
Typical range of portfolio
Older, lower SG
Typical range of passions
Younger / Family, lower SG
Older, higher SG
Younger, higher SG
Source Changing Lives nVision Base 1,000
adults aged 16, UK
Extending reach to interested avoid downfalls
of targeting the passionate niche
  • The passionate The interested
  • Nature 4.2m 7.7m
  • Garden / Home 4m 7.4m
  • Cycling 3.5m 10.7m
  • Art 2.2m 5.6m
  • Average market size 3.5m 7.8m

Definitions Passionate - Very interested,
actively or regularly engaging in Interested -
Fairly interested and occasional involvement in
Source TGI April 06 Mar 07 Base UK Adult
Where is the opportunity for SWWTP?
  • Passionate or interested?
  • Depth or breadth?
  • Increase number of sites we have or broaden the
    scope of the ones we have?
  • How do we do that without sacrificing their focus?

Interest distributions
Interest distribution interest clusters
Lifestyle attitudes interest clusters
Demographic profile of our clusters
  • Cluster 2
  • C2DE
  • 10k under
  • 45-64 yrs
  • PT or not work
  • SW / Yorkshire / Midlands
  • No kids
  • Married
  • Own home
  • Cluster 3
  • AB
  • 20-30k plus
  • 35-54yrs
  • FT or PT work
  • South / London / East
  • Some kids
  • Married
  • Own home
  • Cluster 4
  • C1C2
  • 20-30k plus
  • 20-35 yrs
  • FT work
  • NE / Scotland / Wales and west
  • Kids
  • Some married
  • Own or Rent

Can supply the niche without limiting your
Interest attitude led
Cluster 2 Onebiggarden
Cluster 4 Aswildasyouwantit
Cluster 3 Inspirationalwales
Interest category led
The opportunity deliver your brand proposition
  • Broaden your horizons
  • Interest attitude led clusters
  • Suggest new interests (campaigns)
  • Platform to build LT relationship
  • Widen your reach
  • Enrich deepen the experience
  • Build strong attitudinal brands

Strategy Going Forward Some issues to iron out
An interest attitude led communication strategy
A summary of the key issues so far
  • Brand Proposition
  • Targeting Strategy Interest based attitudes

A reminder of your business objectives
  • Connect consumer groups to local products and
  • Deliver value of traffic (relevant interests) to
    local products / partners
  • Shift perception of Wales as a destination to
    fulfil interests no matter who you are
  • Showcase and facilitate use of modern marketing
    techniques to engage consumers and deliver an
    interest based strategy

And your brief for this project
  • Review of communication activity since launch and
    make recommendations going forward
  • Establish effectiveness and relevance of current
    communication strategy in todays marketplace
  • Evaluate value of SWWTP role in the decision
    making process (against Visit Wales and LA /

Some further issues to discuss
  • 1. Your role in the decision making process
  • 2. Your brand role - balance of content and
  • 3. Budget split - interests live on and off line

Your organisations role in decision making
  • Visit Wales
  • Local Authorities Private sector
  • Sell Wales
  • Get it onto the consideration list for a
  • domestic break
  • Sell Wales
  • Get it onto the consideration list for
  • interest / hobby engagement
  • Sell specific destinations
  • Leisure activities
  • Accommodation / Travel

Communication focus has to date been on ideas
for interest based activities in Wales
  • Interest
  • Interest Hol
  • Interest Hol UK
  • Interest Hol UK Wales

To optimise budgets, communication and site
strategy has placed SWWTP on the latter part of
the DM ladder
This places SWWTP at the planning phase of travel
  • A narrow window in the planning stage so how
    can we add the most value in terms of quality and
    quantity of leads?

Travel Experience
Visit Wales
Local Authorities and Attractions
And what are consumers looking for at the
planning stage?
Solutions for them, their group and the other half
Easy route to lots of specialist operators
Real life experiences from people like me
Benefits of tailor made versus value of package
Expertise Not just content from anyone but from
those in the know
Easy to search, track and compare. Shopping
basket of options to refer back to.
Source Mintel Activity holidays 2005, Cycling
2007, Forrester Online Travel 2007
Greater interest based communication could evolve
and upstream SWWTP role further
Travel Experience
  • Adding interest based user generated content for
    example could enhance richness of site and engage
    interests outside of travel
  • But how does this fit alongside our objective of
    delivering traffic to partners?

Your brand role a difficult balance to get right
engage interests build a relationship
drive travel sales push traffic through
Remember SWWTP Broaden Horizons
The opportunity highlights a position in the
market for both you and your partners
Interest attitude led
Portal led strategy should place SWWTP here
Your partners websites are operating in the long
tail part of the market here
Interest category led
Behaving as a portal and not a travel retailer or
tour operator
  • SWWTP plays role like Amazon in managing the long
  • Help introduce new interests to consumers
    (something we know they are after)
  • with staggered communication campaigns as oppose
    to new site launches
  • Help drive product / tourism development in
  • Help facilitate wider networks and communities
    link experts and experiences with those wanting
    to learn
  • deliver your brand role of broadening

Up-streaming SWWTP to an interest based portal
  • But if we are looking to inspire, we need
    consumers to find us before they even know what
    they are looking for
  • We need to understand how consumers engage in
    hobbies and interest related activities
  • A more multi channel approach is required for
  • Our content should be pushed out to reach
    consumer earlier in their travel planning

Interests live off and on line Influences on
communication come from many sources
  • Media

Interest / hobby / activity I love to go cycling
Friends communities
The importance of WOM communication must work
to drive this
To summarise issues around business objectives
  • 1. Your role in the decision making process
  • To achieve business objectives and deliver your
    brand proposition you must upstream your
    communications in the DM process. Move outside
    of planning into inspiration and sharing stages
    of travel funnel.
  • 2. Your brand role - balance of content and
  • SWWTP opportunity is to behave as a portal
    facilitating niche interest groups both within
    and outside of travel
  • 3. Budget split - interests live on and off line
  • Although a vital part of our communications we
    must think beyond online space

Strategy Going Forward Communications Planning
Communication objectives
  • Find your interest audience
  • Build a credible voice for SWWTP brands in
    interest markets
  • Engage in dialogue, get to know your interest
  • Facilitate further interaction in interest

Interpreting the communication objectives for
your consumer audience
Target both the passionate and interested Connect
to existing interest communities
  • Find your interest audience
  • Build a credible voice for SWWTP brands in
    interest markets
  • Engage in dialogue, get to know interest audience
  • Facilitate further interaction in interest

Push content out into marketplace Find and
utilise core community members
Two way communication platforms Recommendation
Interpreting the communication objectives for
your business audience
  • Find your interest audience
  • Build a credible voice for SWWTP brands in
    interest markets
  • Engage in dialogue, get to know your interest
  • Facilitate further interaction in interest
  • Utilise and work with partners customer bases
  • Utilise experts and the passionate operating in
    business you represent
  • Provide platforms for contact and discussion with
  • Insight programme to build consumer profile and
    aid NPD (need and behaviour tracking)

Finding your audience
  • Community review How they engage in their
  • Three cluster groups
  • TGI - media consumption
  • Social media review
  • Events and partner location and review

Targeting the passionate and interested widen
your communication potential
Couch potatoes
Source Forrester Research
Engaging interest communities widen your reach
communication model
  • Building a credible voice, engage in dialogue and
    facilitate interaction
  • Extend reach - push out as well as pull in
  • Engage in interests beyond your site, at all
    stages of decision making

Conceptual model - currently
  • SWWTP is, in reality a network facilitator, not a
  • It has variable access to the key ingredients
    available to create an environment which can
    connections and conversations which will enrich
    customer experience and engagement.
  • Ingredients
  • People with different interests (in three groups)
  • Technological enabling of people to have an
    unmediated dialogue on a 11 or 1 to many basis
    in real time.
  • Sharing of multimedia files
  • Pushing of inspiration content

Conceptual model - currently
  • Websites sit in an upstream position in the
    customer journey. Here they act as an aggregator
    or intermediary of information orientated around
    interest profiles. Each site brokers access to
    its stakeholders by using a combination of search
    browse tools.

Conceptual model - potentially
  • To evolve the current model we must focus on
    SWWTP acting as facilitator for a community in
    which there sit three constituencies, who
    participate in dialogue with each other on a 11
    or 12 basis (B2C and B2B).
  • Conversations happen in real time and arent
    directly managed by SWWTP, but there are
    incentives introduced to increase the firing rate
    of dialogue (during an initial phase of building
    critical mass and perhaps based on seasonal
  • The site pushes content towards people based on
    a concept of ambient findability. This will
    communicate to the user a sense of everything I
    need is in the place I need it to be, before I
    even knew I was looking.
  • A good example of this is Amazons
    recommendation function. This tells consumers
    performing searches that People who bought X,
    also bought Y.

Conceptual model - potentially
Recommendations Communications Plan 2008/2009
1. Audience planning
  • Develop a profile for each audience
  • Demographics and attitude
  • Online media consumption (TGI)
  • Social media communities
  • Deliverable detailed audience profile and
  • Date mid March
  • Cost Included in initial proposal

2. Develop the site propositions
  • Refine 3 site propositions in line with
    attitudinal interest groups
  • Create individual site guidelines
  • tone of voice
  • visual guidelines
  • content etc.
  • 3. Inline with the marketing and site
    development strategy in the following pages
  • Deliverable Guidelines documentation for each
  • Date end March
  • Cost Planning included in initial proposal,
    Creative 5k

3. Content strategy
  • Identify communications strands to work across
    all 3 sites to
  • Focus content provision from partners and plan
  • Ensure content is relevant and appealing to
    consumer segments
  • Streamline content and communications planning
    across the campaigns

Campaign Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Rejuvenate Open Air Change Cosy
AWAYWI Mates breaks, beach parties. Trying new activities with friends
ISWW Festivals and celebrations outside. Appreciating the purity of the light and crystal clear thoughts
OBG Escaping the crowds, finding space amidst colour and vibrancy of summer
3. Proposed Summer campaign
  • Open Air
  • Summer is all about getting outside and making
    use of the long daylight hours.
  • Open air spans all 3 campaigns and has a
    different meaning for each audience sector
  • Taking inspiration from the great out doors,
    SWWs best asset
  • Engages with the Consortia for content
  • Engages with other 3rd Party campaigns like Visit
    Wales, Wales 1000 things, Visit Britain, RHS etc
  • Seeding and content gathering managed by
    Designate with support from SWWTP

3. Open Air
  • All about getting out with your friends, trying
    new experiences, fun and a party atmosphere.
  • Consortium or partners will provide offers and
    ideas/ examples of fun in the open air that could
    be housed on the site and pushed out to engage
    with this audience.
  • The audience can upload and engage with the sites
    to make their own memories of SWW wild times
  • The great open air debate, could be big air
    for kite surfers and surfers, fast air for MTB
    which is the best experience? Using big names in
    the industry to blog and comment about the best
    type of air, wild air rating on the sites and
    linked with wind report widgets available to

3. Open Air
  • ISWW
  • Festivals and events happen outside in summer
    far more inspiring than indoor events
  • Understanding the appreciation of the region in
    one of its best seasons, the light is pure, the
    views are incredible and culture is not hard to
  • Consortia partners will promote festivals and
    events through the sites that are pushed out to
    the audience
  • Collaboration or packages are encouraged between
    members i.e. Tenby Blues Festival promotion could
    offer ISWW users 10 off at St Brides or a
    private jazz session at the event to enable
    targeted music and specialist jazz and blues
    interest sites

3. Open Air
  • OBG
  • Escaping the crowds of summer holiday resorts,
    getting off the beaten track
  • Utilising nature blogs, comments, from National
    Park workers, head gardeners etc. to highlight
    some of the wonders that lie in wait in open and
    exposed areas of SWW
  • Challenging the audience to push themselves
    further up the garden path and discuss the
    rewards of going that little bit further
  • Skills and knowledge base for the audience to
    expand their knowledge of whats out there to be
    found in the wide open green spaces in SWW.
    Google maps highlighting new blooms, unusual
    planting, great walks for getting fit

3. Content Strategy
  • Deliverables
  • Annual theme suggestions
  • Support in preparing for Consortia sessions
  • Date Qly
  • Cost Included in ongoing fees

4. Redeveloping sites Consortium
  • Develop a framework for working with partners to
    provide relevant themed content
  • Next Consortium meeting in June Proposed
    workshop to work with the partners on potential
    ideas for coming quarters Autumn, Winter, Spring
    engage them more in the campaigns
  • The role of www.swwtp-consortium.co.uk will
    evolve and develop so the consortium members can
    interact with the campaigns, process ideas and
    content rather then be a recipient of information
  • The consortium members will be encouraged to
    provide content for the sites, offers, videos,
    blogs, reviews for their relevant campaign, this
    information will be pushed out into appropriate
    websites etc

4. Offers rewarding collaboration
  • Encourage partners (accommodation and attraction
    providers) to put together interest packages and
    special offers
  • Offers which demonstrate partners working
    together will be given higher profile on the site
    and the offers will be pushed through gadgets,
    widgets and feeds, activity, even transport if
    working with a third party

4. Redeveloping sites - Consortia
  • Deliverable Requirements document and associated
    scope for developing sites
  • Date To launch at June Consortia
  • Cost See detailed budgets

5. Acquisition Strategy
  • Search optimisation will remain the primary
    acquisition strategy, with some budget retained
    for PPC as currently
  • If we broaden our terms to be around attitudinal
    interest we will reach new audiences
  • But we will use user generated content
  • To increase search profile
  • Provide calls-to-action around key interests
  • By pushing content to social file sharing sites
    which will draw people back to our sites

5a. Search Strategy
  • Monthly SEO maintenance focusing on the areas
    that will benefit the website the most at the
    particular time, tied to the seasonal editorial
    calendar and new functionality / content as it
    comes on stream.
  • Initially we would concentrate on re-optimising
    the whole site to produce a more long tailed
    search oriented around more clearly developed
    attitudinal interest profiles.
  • The next stage would be to utilise social media
    networks to create a buzz about each site and
    generate long term links. Social media sites have
    proven to be the best source recently for
    creating organic links that can benefit the
    website relatively quickly. It is one of the
    safest ways to generate links to the website that
    contain long term strength much more beneficial
    than a costly (and frowned-upon) exercise of
    buying links that only last for a short term.

5b. Content Strategy push and pull
  • Content (text, video, and photography) will be
    composed of blogs, video, user feedback, and
  • We need to create an initial critical mass. And
    to do this, partners will need to contribute.
    Their incentive will be a greater promotional
    platform on each site and a point of presence
    closer to potential customers.
  • This content will create a more real-time feeling
    to the Website (which will increase search
    visibility), but it will, subject to
    functionality rollout, be pushed using feeds,
    gadgets and widgets to opted-in consumers and
    other consumers who find the widgets in widget
    sharing sites. Partner videos will be posted on
    file sharing sites and SWWTP should also have a
    Flickr account whch
  • A social bookmarking widget will be implemented
    early to encourage visitors to tag the site.
    This will promote higher social search
    visibility, long tail opportunity, and pull
    browsers back into the site.
  • As the critical mass grows, we will seed and
    build links back to this content in social
    networks relevant to each site and audience
    profile, using the search optimisation

5c. Facebook feeding the network
  • Build a SWWTP group for each of the three
  • SWWTP would develop a list of Facebook friends
  • Eachs sites Facebook widget would be made
    available via the group and take a content feed
    from its respective Website

5d. Contra deals opportunities for
complementary branded content
  • Consider how we can use branded content to
    support our sites
  • Link to relevant third party sites to drive
    traffic in exchange for their branded content
    being used on our sites
  • Videos could be sponsored, in return for
    interesting content (see example on

Acquisition Strategy
  • Deliverables
  • Search Plan
  • PPC Plan
  • Date mid March
  • Cost See detailed budget breakdown

Improving the Consumer Sights
Improving the sites - Consumer
  • No requirement to rebuild the sites to reflect
    these attitudinal interest groups (although ISWW
    may need more extensive refining of the
  • Develop existing sites to incorporate UGC
  • Priorities would be
  • Providing more opt-in opportunities for customers
  • Closer point of presence for partners and SWWTP
    closer to customers allowing for more
    opportunities for conversion
  • More flexible use of push and pull mechanisms
  • Opportunity to use richer media formats to bring
    to life each proposition
  • Promotion of collaboration between partners
  • Use media technologies demonstratively to show
    SWWTP practices what it preaches
  • Promote real-time media models to
  • Engage potential customers more
  • Promote visibility and search engine rankings
  • Increase credibility and authenticity of offering

Incentivise content provision
  • Users get prizes for the best content submitted
  • Share a commentary on your favourite walk
  • Send us a picture of you favourite view
  • Send us some footage of your action adventures
  • Other users vote on the best prizes for the
  • Partners get incentivised for rich content
    through greater exposure on site

Site development 1 SWWTP feed, gadget / widgets
  • A gadget or widget for a users desktop, in their
    I-Google, Facebook, their MySpace, WordPress or
    other blog which provides useful information
    and/or multimedia.
  • Seasonal messages revolving around themes
  • Weather report
  • Offers from partners and packages from partners
    working together
  • Active events calendar (add to my calendar) and
  • Latest UGC / reviews / photos / videos
  • Benefits
  • exposure widgets can be embedded in high traffic
    websites, such as social networks, and gain
    additional exposure from their directories
  • stickiness once installed or downloaded, widgets
    usually have a dedicated area where they stay
  • virality widgets can easily move from user to
    user and platform to platform
  • Rationale
  • immediacy / removes layers of communication on
    the customer journey.
  • point of presence for both partners and SWWTP
    upstream - in closer proximity to consumers.
  • Incentivises partners to contribute (competition
    in the partner community).
  • Introduces concept of utility into
    functionality. Ill use stuff that is
    interesting, important and useful to me that I
    dont have to go looking for.
  • Promotes real time and evolving message
    aspect of each brand.
  • Research (Forrester) shows that
    entertainment-led travellers (31 of total
    market are more susceptible to last minute
    offers and cross selling. (SouthWest Airlines in
    the US increased revenue by 150m with its
    ding gadget)
  • Increases retention / provides data for
    conversion research.

Site development 2 SWWTP TV
  • A virtual TV station (powered by YouTube).
    Content from
  • SWWTP, Partners, Customers, and potential
  • Editors pick - other (carefully moderated)
    content from YouTube which might be relevant /
  • Content could be integrated into the SWWTP
  • The TV station would have different channels,
    oriented around the interest profiles and
    segmentation of each brand.
  • There would be a video wall of most popular
    videos to which users would click from the home
  • Rationale
  • Establishes SWWTP brands as more progressive.
  • Allows opportunities to push richer content.
  • Provides an open platform for partners to promote
    their businesses based on the strength of their

Implementation Allow i) attraction owners and
ii), in time, users to embed their own videos.
Incentivise this with competitions which could
ask different attraction providers to vote for
each others videos. For example rate this
video (care should be taken not to encourage
dangerous behaviour). This system should also be
moderated. Youtube could host the videos.
Site development 3 from the expert guest blog
  • Blog platform which would be advertised to
    partners or guest sponsors (in return for
    promotional linking) tying in with each key theme
    throughout the year.
  • E.g.
  • Gardening tips
  • My weekend walk
  • Wildlife / birdwatching
  • Wild food gathering
  • Content from Forestry Commission
  • Equipment / safety / where to get the best
    thrill tips from the inside
  • Entertainment / food on the go for active sports
  • Curators of museums and sites of heritage
  • Directors of festivals
  • Clear provenance and personal experience engage
    the customer to provide a more authentic message
    brand gains credibility.
  • Provides a platform to partners in which their
    business will be promoted if youve got a good
    idea (around our key theme) then well give you
    a platform to shout about it.
  • Blog content can be pushed to widgets.
  • Promotes SEO visibility.

Site development 4 Google maps mash-up
  • Integrate Google Maps as an interactive search,
    results and product push tool,.
  • Allow users to search, select a primary point of
    interest (POI) and then switch on or off a
    theme, activity, accommodation location or
    additional lifestyle product category and show
    distances from that point of interest.
  • Allow users to get directions. In future we
    could even plan a multipoint road trip to take
    away in a PDF, printout, GPS in-car navigation
  • E.g. - Show me
  • places to stay / eat./ attractions within 10
    miles of this place Show me all the events on a
    map which are happening this date range and with
    this theme.
  • Offers
  • Other things to do aside from my interest
    profile (OBG/IW/AWAYWI), which might appeal to me
    (e.g. someone who is kayaking one day may wish to
    go walking and looking around a historic location
    the next day).
  • Additionally, in time
  • Show whos talking bloggers etc.
  • Show video content taken near here.
  • Rationale
  • Provides better visual representation
  • Provides real time element
  • Mashable
  • Creates opportunity for slicing and dicing based
    on customer interest and with more entry points
  • Opportunities for cross-selling between SWWTP

Site development 5 UGC rating I went here
  • UGC functionality which allows registered users
    to review / upload video / link to photos (on
    Facebook or Flickr) of their activity.
  • Incentivised in some way to encourage people to
    upload content
  • site runs a competition with registered users
  • partners and accommodation providers are given a
    token of some type a flyer, card, or other
    type of handout which advises all guests to
    contribute in return for a competition for
    something relevant to the audience.
  • Rationale
  • Creates better SEO ranking.
  • Provides personal experience.
  • Can tap in to broader customer community of
    attraction and accommodation providers for

Site development 6 social bookmarking
  • Add to del.icio.us / digg / redd.it etc.
  • Rationale
  • Increases search visibility
  • Improves utility to users
  • Shows good practice

Site development 7 widgetised events calendar
  • Events calendar rebuilt with ability to feed the
    gadget / widget and provide microformat add to
    my calendar functionality.
  • All events would be mashable with a Google map
    by geolocation and date.
  • This could provide show me events near this
    place on this date range capability.
  • Rationale
  • Atomises and widgetises content to make it
    available in real time and with greater utility.
  • Pushes content to opted-in customers where it can
    be acted upon.

Site development 8 Consortium site members area
  • Provision of area in which partners can do the
  • Find other partners to collaborate with in
    creation of offers and content.
  • Regular magazine-style editorial, reviewing and
    recommending themed activities or common areas of
    interest - a regular publishing cycle using
    blogging software. Partners encouraged to
  • Editorial content as focal point for discussion
    debate of local issues, creating buzz-worthy
    content worth linking to. Partner area/discussion
  • Rationale
  • Promote community aspect
  • Encourage collaboration on offers and other
  • The medium is the message we need to practice
    what we preach with partners.
  • A simple extension of the current implementation
    used as a channel through which through the plan
    and contributions from partners are managed.

Site development 9 Ambient search and tag cloud
  • Revised site search which remembers the most
    popular searches and recommends results with
    ambient findabilty based on what other users
    searched on users who looked at X also looked
    at Y
  • A tag cloud to show most popular searches.
  • Link with social bookmarking.
  • Rationale
  • Enhances richness of search - makes it more
    human, more intelligent, evolving.

(optional) Site development 10 youre the
  • A place where people can share their own
    recommendations and attach them to locations and
    attractions so that they can be used and rated by
    other users.
  • My big garden - favourite places, gardens, trails
    uploaded via a form and plotted to a Google Maps
    interface which people could share and other
    users could rate.
  • My action best places to go for Kayaking,
    Mountain Biking, kitesurfing. Again, plotted on a
    Google map.
  • My inspiration. Provide opportunity for people
    to be creative, write, share knowledge or upload
  • Rationale
  • Increases search visibility
  • Improves utility to users
  • Shows good practice
  • Grows the community
  • Adds to content which can be widgetised

(optional) Site development 11 Partners and
accommodation providers content managed profile
  • This would provide accommodation providers with
    the opportunity to keep up to date things which
    were happening at their place.
  • Rationale
  • SEO rankings improve if content is dynamic.
  • Credibility / personal touch.

Next Steps
  • Agree comms plan and associated budgets
  • Audience planning
  • Development of propositions brand identity
  • Technical development plan
  • Site development / design
  • Implementation of site developments
  • Content collection through partners
  • Briefings with partner agencies (spannerworks,
    Qube, AW media)

APPENDIX ASWWTP Campaign Sites - Expert Review
This Presentation
  • The objective of this review is to identify key
    areas for improvement, and potential
    opportunities for innovation in SWWTP online
    communications, specifically the main campaign
  • www.aswildasyouwantit.co.uk
  • www.onebiggarden.co.uk
  • www.inspirationalwales.co.uk

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Strategic overview
Current situation conceptual model
  • Websites sit in an upstream position in the
    customer journey. Here they act as an aggregator
    or intermediary of information orientated around
    interest profiles. Each site brokers access to
    its stakeholders by using a combination of search
    browse tools.

Current situation analysis i
  • Your Websites are far from Web 2.0 - they were
    built in 2005, so this isnt surprising. A lot
    happens on the Web in 2 years.
  • They have to change significantly if you are to
    keep pace with peoples needs and behaviours.
  • The key building ingredients for Social
    Networking to work
  • Arent being mixed properly.
  • Are missing in places.
  • This is a bit like Web 2.0 primordial soup
    needed for life.
  • But its not just about the Websites. Its a
    bigger picture. Its about the role the Websites
    play in the overall customer journey.

Current situation analysis ii
  • SWWTP is, in reality a network facilitator, not a
  • It has variable access to the key ingredients
    available to create an environment which can
    connections and conversations which will enrich
    customer experience and engagement.
  • Ingredients
  • People with different interests (in three groups)
  • Technological enabling of people to have an
    unmediated dialogue on a 11 or 1 to many basis
    in real time.
  • Sharing of multimedia files
  • Pushing of inspiration content

Executive Summary
Executive Summary i
  • Where information with value to potential users
    is stored in a database or lower in the site, the
    sites functionality is reliant on pull
    mechanisms to get this content to the user. This
    leaves SWWTP in a passive, rather than active
    promotional state.
  • There are clear opportunities to include Web 2.0
    technologies to knit together (or mash up)
    categories of interest, geo-location, dates,
    media files, content rating and accommodation
    feedback. This could extend to user generated
    content (UGC) and partner generated content,
    which for the latter could include video and
    photography hosted onsite or offsite. Video is
    especially appropriate for Wild West Wales.

Executive Summary ii
  • All sites are, apparently, very static. Its not
    clear how often each site changes but when they
    do, these changes arent obvious. Again, more
    intelligent push mechanisms could be used to
    deliver content dynamically.
  • Often, interesting content is buried. The
    exposition of key selling points about Wales is
    reliant on textual description, which will not
    sell the benefits as strongly as other forms of
    interactive media EG. video, pictures,
  • The selected scenery-centric imagery used across
    the sites is appealing, but variable in quality
    and restricted in volume. Wales is an
    aesthetically pleasing location, so theres a lot
    of raw material out there that could be
    exploited. To see how rich imagery can enhance
    not only the quality of a site, but bring real
    focus to the subject, see www.visitwales.co.uk as
    a good example.

Usability overview
  • Inconsistencies in the placement of various
    interactive tools.
  • Placement on the page breaks with convention
    specifically, search and newsletter sign-up
  • More attention needed to highlight benefits of
    key interactive features and tools. EG. trip
    planner, newsletter sign up, special-offer
  • Customer journey drops-out when an enquiry is
    made. SWWTP loses opportunity to follow up
    potential bookings with a welcome back alert,
    which is becoming the convention for eliciting
  • No UGC. Simply adding the functionality to
    accommodate this wont be enough, and relevant
    management processes should be set up.

Accessibility overview
  • There are a number of issues that need to be
    addressed in order to make these sites fully
  • The HTML has been compromised by previous
    attempts to make the site accessible after
    initial build.
  • By using Flash consistently inline with
    progressive enhancement, we can solve a number of
    aesthetic and accessibility issues.

Good points
  • Accessibility / compliance
  • Site map
  • Good bread-crumbing
  • Good anchoring and messaging on the home page
  • Clean design and layout which isnt crowded
  • Some good clustering of relevant special offers
    in the things to do sections

A Typical User Journey on a travel website
  • BOOK

Routes into the SWWTP sites - Search Engines
  • First port of call for most online users
    researching holiday destinations.
  • More effort should be made to target
    accommodation related keywords and phrases to
    ensure that the sites appear in customer search
    results at the earliest opportunity in their
  • The sites feature prominently for key phrases
    that include West Wales rather than just
    Wales. This excludes potential searches where
    the search phrase is not more geographically
  • Google advertising addresses some natural search
    limitations, however, a long term strategy should
    focus on optimising the sites around the most
    popular terms. We suggest a more thorough
    benchmarking exercise.
  • Search results for more specific phrases such as
    mountain biking holidays in Wales should be
    directed to specific landing pages within the
    site, rather than the homepage, otherwise the
    target website context does not match the search

Routes into the SWWTP sites - Search Engines
  • Basic tests on sample keyword phrases
  • attractions west wales holiday west wales
  • Rank 14 http//www.onebiggarden.com Rank
  • Rank 15 http//www.inspirationalwales.com
  • Link from other sites
  • Backlinks 8 - http//www.onebiggarden.com
  • Backlinks 6 - http//www.inspirationalwales.com
  • Backlinks 6 - http//www.aswildasyouwantit.com

Routes into the SWWTP sites - Networks
  • Sites should provide referrals to one another,
    and actively acknowledge a relationship, with
    some overarching branding and global navigation.
    EG. Part of the South West Wales Tourism
  • The small number of websites directing traffic to
    the sites suggests a strategy to generate links
    from third party sites would be worth pursuing.
  • Both free and paid for directories are a good
    source of links, as are blogs if you can provide
    content worth linking to or the right kind of

Key areas, pages functionality
  • Search Facility
  • Special Offers
  • Newsletter Sign Up
  • Contact Us
  • Trip Planner
  • Interactive Maps
  • Region Pages
  • Accommodation Providers Operators
  • Whats On

Search Facility
  • Issue 1
  • There is inconsistent placement on lower pages.
    Users often return to the home page or a search
    function as a safety device. Changing
    placement and features available to the user
    upsets the users flow.
  • Recommendation
  • Keep the tool consistent in placement and layout
    throughout the whole site, however deep the

Search Facility
  • Issue 2
  • Placing search facilities on the right-hand side
    of the page is unconventional. This may affect
    usability as the natural comfort factor for
    users of travel sites is on the top left of the
  • Recommendation
  • Move the tool to the top left hand side of the

Search Facility
  • Issue 3
  • Drop-down menu population doesnt derive its
    content categorisation from the underlying
    dataset its searching, so it allows searches
    that return no results. This is frustrating for
    the user.
  • Recommendation
  • Introduce AJAX technology dynamic population of
    possible search results into the menu structure
    good examples include www.autotrader.co.uk and


Special Offers
  • Special offers are not pushed effectively from
    top level. Content is buried behind menu item on
    higher-level page hidden behind search tool
    with unclear labeling on right-hand side of lower
  • The special offers page could be more inviting if
    the text was balanced out with images.
  • Recommendation
  • Provide better labeling and introduce a
    promotional panel into which special offers are
  • This should also be set up as an Atom or RSS

Newsletter Sign Up
  • No benefits are pushed to the homepage.
  • The browser label also shows Brochure request
    for this page, which is misleading and should be
  • Because the sign up for special offers form
    appear through each site on the right-hand side,
    this starts to get clumsy when the user arrives
    at the newsletter sign up page, as two forms are
  • Recommendation
  • Consider one form with check boxes for various
    subscriptions to make it clear to the user what
    is available, and to avoid misleading the user as
    to whats being signed up to.

Contact Us
  • There should be some indication of the timeframe
    for response, and also the type of response a
    user will receive. There is a lost opportunity
    here to acquire structured and/or rated feedback
    about the site. Recommendation
  • Introduce a short textual description and
    consider introduction of drop-down menus

Trip Planner
  • Functionality, benefits and features are not
    promoted clearly or effectively. If you go
    directly to the Trip Planner before visiting any
    accommodation/attractions you are simply asked to
    sign up this is confusing and diverts the user
    from a typical customer journey.
  • The form itself is straightforward but could be
    more visually appealing with simple instructions
    instead of being so text heavy.
  • The PDF should not open in the same window, but
    should instead be offered up as a download to
    provide a smoother user experience.

Interactive Maps
  • Buried too low in the site, should be a high
    level search tool. Example of this functionality
    put to good use in a more prominent placement
  • Colourful icons encourage the user to click but
    dont always deliver.
  • Static hard-coded to the attraction providers.
    No opportunity to update the map with new

Interactive Maps
  • Recommendation
  • Integrate mash-up functionality
  • Facilitate mash up intelligent real time
    queries of
  • Flickrs photo library with points of interest on
    the map
  • a custom database of photos for partners and
    visitors to accommodations and attractions
  • Accommodate UGC, even video, EG.
  • http//www.leedstravel.info/cdmf-webserver/jsp/le
  • Allow users to get directions, and plan a
    multipoint road trip to take away in a PDF,
    printout, GPS in-car navigation device. See how
    Wales in Style mashes-up with Google (next

(No Transcript)
Region Pages
  • Abundance in rich ,textual descriptions, but
    lacking in zesty supporting visuals.
  • Needs key pull-out or takeaway information,
    lacking stressing or emboldening of text.
  • No ambient findability of information in a
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