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Email Archive


Email Archive & Management Solution * Legal discovery, for example, has definitely come to the forefront in the past couple of years as the courts have held that ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Email Archive

Email Archive Management Solution
Email The new Filing Cabinet
  • Traditional Mail
  • Invoices
  • Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Notifications
  • Marketing
  • Contact Information
  • Plus New Mail
  • Discussions
  • Negotiations
  • Working documents
  • Historical record

Business Users consider over 50 of email
to be important or critical.
Employees are struggling to find a solution
  • Keeping everything
  • Deleting everything
  • Moving emails to their individual computers and
    trying to organize them into folders
  • Printing hardcopies
  • Asking IT to find deleted emails
  • And they still cant find what theyre looking

Demands on IT infrastructure are increasing
  • Increased load on mail server
  • Increased storage needs
  • Increasing demands on IT staff time

And theres no end in sight.
  • Companies are losing
  • important business information
  • Information becomes difficult or impossible to
  • Data becomes inaccessible to the organization
  • Files can be lost or misplaced

And if you cant find it, you cant use it.
What is Email Archiving?
  • In its simplest form
  • Retaining a copy of all inbound, outbound and
    internal email messages

What is Email Archiving?
  • In its best form
  • Providing a system to efficiently keep a copy of
    all inbound, outbound and internal email messages
  • Adding the ability for end users to quickly and
    easily search their own archives
  • Adding the ability for administrators (HR,
    Legaletc.) to quickly and easily search the
    entire archive

How is Archiving Different from Backups?
  • Backups are only a snapshot in time
  • Difficult to retrieve emails in a timely manner
  • Date range search often requires restoring
    multiple backups
  • No guarantee all emails are contained in backups

Why should I Archive Email?
Information Retention
  • 70 of an average organizations
  • intellectual property resides in email
  • messages and attachments.
  • ESG Research 2005

Legal Discovery
  • FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure)
  • Adopted in December 2006
  • Require production of all requested electronic
    information within 90 days
  • Completeness and cost
  • Nothing deleted, lost, or changed
  • If all your email is in the archive, you
    shouldnt have to do desktop discoveries
  • Timeliness
  • You can search across your entire archive and
    export all emails to a file in about a minute

Williams v. Taser International, Inc. (N.D. Ga.
June 4, 2007)
  • Taser implies that because it has elected to hire
    and train only a single technology
  • employee, and because it has chosen to retain
    only a handful of attorneys to
  • conduct document review, it is somehow relieved
    from its obligations to timely
  • respond to Plaintiffs discovery requests. That
    is not the case. Rather, the Court
  • expects that Taser will make all reasonable
    efforts to comply with its discovery Orders
  • including, if necessary, retaining additional IT
    professionals to search electronic
  • databases and adding additional attorneys to
    perform document review.

Best Buy Stores vs. Developers Diversified Realty
  • Developers Diversified said that they did not
    have the resources
  • to find all the required materials. In response,
    court ordered them
  • to produce materials from 345 backup tapes in 28
    days at an
  • estimated cost of nearly 500,000 not including
    attorney fees

So lets just delete everything!
  • Some organizations choose to implement aggressive
    anti-retention policies to delete the evidence
  • The evidence is rarely deleted
  • Every email has a sender and at least one
  • You only have control over your copy
  • Users will always find a way to keep their email
  • PSTs, USB, email to external email account
  • Attorneys know this and will want to do desktop
    discoveries to catch all the emails
  • This creates lots of wonderful surprises
  • Do you really want to be the only one in court
    without copies of your own emails?
  • It is very expensive to do desktop discoveries
  • Desktop discoveries disrupt your staff
  • Can you really do business with only X days of
  • If all your email is in the archive, you
    shouldnt have to do desktop discoveries

Reduce IT Load
  • Reduced storage requirements
  • Faster backups
  • Faster and easier to locate specific emails
  • Mail server performs better
  • Reduce backup time and cost
  • Easier to find lost emails
  • No more restoring from backups to find that lost

Improved Productivity
  • Give your users access to their own archives
  • How long would it take you to do a full text
    search, including inside attachments, using your
    email client?
  • Defender takes about one second
  • Eliminates need for underground archives (users
    creating managing desktop folders to store old
  • Implement retention policies instead of mailbox
    size limits
  • No more managing exceptions
  • Users arent forced to stop working to clean out

Improved User Behavior
  • Give your users access to their own archives
  • Users currently have the impression that they can
    just delete email and it will go away
  • They tend to send things they shouldnt
  • Most will think twice about what they send in
    email if they know it is being archived!
  • Present it as a productivity tool
  • Stop problems before they occur

  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • State regulations
  • FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure)

  • Give the end user better service
  • Reduce the load on IT department
  • Protect valuable business information
  • Meet compliance standards

The ArcMail Solution
How it works
Easy to Install
  • Everything you need in one network appliance
  • 500GB 12TB of on-board disk storage
  • Server Operating System
  • Database Management System
  • Archiving Software
  • Nothing to install on mail server or desktop
  • Journaling configuration on mail server
  • Web based user interface

Easy to Manage
  • Emails archived immediately and automatically
  • Secure data storage
  • RAID fault tolerance with hot swap drives
  • Individual email cant be deleted or changed
  • Built-in media independent backup and roll-off
  • Active Directory compatibility
  • User level security to prevent unauthorized mail
  • Daily status and real-time exception reporting

Easy to Use
  • Web based interface
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to learn
  • Launch from Outlook or web Browser
  • Fast search capability
  • Indexed searches on standard email fields (to,
    from, subject, date, etc.)
  • Indexed full-text search on email and attachment
  • Wildcard search
  • Multiple retrieve options
  • View mail directly in Defender
  • Open and save attachments directly from Defender
  • One click restore to send email to inbox or
    export files

Email Archive Management Solution