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Do you know the digital library? University Library of Bolzano User Survey 2005 Results


Do you know the digital library? University Library of Bolzano User Survey 2005 Results Overall description Aim Knowledge, use, how to promote electronic resources ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Do you know the digital library? University Library of Bolzano User Survey 2005 Results

Do you know the digital library? University
Library of Bolzano User Survey 2005 Results
Overall description
  • gtgt Aim
  • Knowledge, use, how to promote electronic
  • User Satisfaction
  • gtgt Main target group
  • Internal users (students, lecturers and staff of
    the Free University of Bolzano)
  • gtgt Method
  • Web-based survey
  • gtgt Period
  • 23rd May 2005 26th June 2005
  • gtgt Responses 334
  • gtgt Valid responses (sample) 295

The sample is representative of the university
population and of the relative segmentation
6,8 of the potential users (internal
external) 9,9 of the internal users
Internal users 2.952 (June 2005)
Participants overview
Students 74
Students 78
9 Lecturers
6 Other
11 Staff
11 Staff
11 Lecturers
Participants the students status
Participants Faculties overview
no answer 12,9
28,1 Economics
Education 41,7
5,4 Design and Art
9,5 Computer Science
2,4 Engineering
Participation in Faculties
not participated 87
Computer Science
not participated 91
13 participated
not participated 86
9 participated
12 participated
not participated 94
not participated 92
6 participated
8 participated
IT Literacy
Command of English
  • 86,8 of the users has a
  • passive command of the English language

  • Use and Knowledge

Have you ever used any online resources offered
by the University library?
no answer 3,7
If you have answered no, why have you never used
our online resources?
I dont know enough about them. 82,4
2,9 I dont need them.
If you have answered yes, how did you get to know
on my own
during a course which was organized by the library
the staff of the library pointed them out to me
from a colleague
no answer
During the last year
I was looking for information

when I was looking for information I
used the library
when I was looking for information I used
the online resources offered by the
Indicate the importance of the following
resources when you are searching for information
needed for a scientific paper (e.g. exam paper,
seminar paper)!
Importance of resources
  • Search engines, books and journals offered by the
    University library are very important,
  • Search engines for
  • - the students (95 of the category vs
    76,9 of the lecturers) and
  • - computer scientists (100 vs 93,8 of
    the designers).
  • Printed resources for
  • - students (92,2 vs 73,1 of
    lecturers) and
  • - pedagogues (94,2 vs 81,3 of
  • Online resources are less important for
  • - designers (43,8 of the category vs
    82,5 of the pedagogues).
  • Less important are external subject portals,
    especially for
  • - designers (18,8 of the category).

Essential databases
  • 21,4 Oxford English Dictionary
  • 18,6 Encyclopedia Britannica
  • 16,9 Datastream
  • 14,9 ACM Digital Library
  • 16,3 Psyndex
  • 14,6 Web of science
  • 13,9 WISO-net, Banche dati De Agostini
  • 13,2 Sociological Abstracts
  • 11,5 AIDA
  • 11,2 Lexis-Nexis
  • For Lecturers
  • 46,2 Web of science
  • 34,6 ACM Digital Library
  • 26,9 IEEE/IEE Electronical Library (IEL) Online
  • 23,1 Lexis-Nexis
  • 19,2 Oxford English Dictionary, Current
    Contents, JSTOR, CAB Abstracts
  • 15,4 Sociological Abstracts, AIDA, Juris data

Which of the following ways of searching for
e-journals do you know?
Do you know what SFX is?
If your answer was yes, did it help you?
Do you know SFX?
  • NO
  • 75,6 of the students vs 53,8 of the lecturers
  • 87,5 of the designers
  • 84 of the pedagogues
  • 76,9 of the computer scientists
  • 71,4 engineers
  • 54,2 of the economists

Did SFX help you?
  • YES
  • 85,7 of the staff
  • 58,3 of the lectures
  • 54 of the students
  • 72,2 of the pedagogues
  • 66,7 of the computer scientists
  • 52,8 of the economists
  • 0 of the designers and of the engineers

  • Promotion

In order to effectively promote the online
resources of the library, the following methods
are appropriate?
Information given by the teaching staff
Individually personalized sessions
Information given by the staff at the
circulation desk
Guided library tours
Information published on the webpages (UniNews,
library News, online guides ...)
Courses organized by the university library
Leaflets and handouts
Which promotion for different users?
  • E-mail personal contact at the desk are the
    best way to promote online resources.
  • Less efficient leaflets and handouts
  • Role of lectures less important for lecturers and
  • Importance for
  • 68 of the lecturers vs 82,5 of the students
  • 42,9 of engineers vs 87,8 of economists
  • Info on the Web less important for lecturers and
  • Importance for
  • 61,5 of the lecturers vs 81,5 of the staff and
    74,6 of students
  • 53,3 of the designers vs 89,3 of computer
  • Library courses less important for lecturers and
  • Importance for
  • 60 of the lecturers vs 74,6 of the students
  • 37,5 of the designers vs 78,8 economists
  • Leaflets and handouts less important for
    lecturers and pedagogues

  • Satisfaction

Indicate if you agree with the following
In general Im satisfied with the collection of
books at the library.
In general Im satisfied with the collection of
journals at the library.
In general Im satisfied with the online
resources offered by the library.
Being abel to access the online resources at
home is very important for me.
The online resources are well presented.
The online resources are easy to use.
It would be important to be able to
simultaneously search different resources.
With the help of the library staff it was easier
for me to find and use the appropriate resource.
When having problems with online resources, I was
able to solve them on my own.
  • Good level of satisfaction with
  • Books
  • 88,9 of the students vs 70,8 of the lecturers
  • 100 of the engineers vs 81,3 of the designers
  • Online resources
  • Journals
  • 85,7 of the students vs 58,3 of the lecturers
  • 100 engineers vs 68,8 of the designers
  • Access from home
  • 87,8 of the students vs 80 of the lecturers
  • 100 of the computer scientists vs 66,7 of the
  • Situation more critical with the following
  • It would be important to be able to
    simultaneously search different resources
  • especially for 89,3 of the staff vs 81,5 of the
    students and 66,7 of the lecturers
  • and 88,5 of the computer scientists vs 33,3 of
    the engineers

In your opinion, which of the following factors
interfere with the possibility of accessing
online resources or conducting efficient research?
A slow internet connection
Not enough computers available
The opening hours of the library
No internet access at home
It takes too long to consult all the appropriate
Not enough IT knowledge.
Lecturers are not motivating me to use the
online resources
The offer is not well structured
The library offers too much.
Not enough foreign language abilities
Its too complicated to use the online resources
I dont know whats really important for me
The online resources offered are not relevant for
my research or field of study
  • Directions

45 of the library budget is spent on online
resources. In your opinion, it should be
Whats missing?
Keine (4) / I find the offered resources already
satisfactory (2) No idea (2) / Kann ich nicht
beantworten (3) / Elsevier, Kluwer, Blackwell,
Springer / Elsevier/Kluwer/Blackwell/-Life
Sciences Dictionary like mayer's /
English-Italian dictionary / Online dictionary
Italian-German Alle deutsch- und
englischsprachigen pädagogischen
Datenbanken Datenbanken für Unterrichtspraxis /
Didattica delle lingue Everything Firmenbuch,
economics / Steuerrecht General things Giornali
di scienze matematiche More journals of
linguistics-languages / More literature
linguistics Old years of journals as there are no
hard copies at all Philosophical and Political
studies Più risorse in italiano PsychLit /
Westlaw / Physical review letters, A,B,C,D
economics or general knowledge Specialized
resources on computer science papers Wurde noch
nicht über elektronische Ressourcen informiert /
Kenne keine Web of Science is fundamental for
research in Life Sciences. Would it be possible
to get access (even if limited) to previous years
than 1990? Bidoc, andere pädagogische Datenbanken
vgl. http//
Other comments
  • I already attendee a course about researching
    here but if you do not use the databases
    regularly you forget how do it efficiently.
    (Student Economics)
  • Utilizzo poco le risorse elettroniche, ritengo
    più importante che la biblioteca arricchisca la
    sua collezione di libri contattando i docenti e
    chiedendo suggerimenti sui testi da comprare.
    Pochi docenti li richiedono spontaneamente
    (Student Education)
  • È necessaria uninformazione chiara e
    strutturata, e non solo propagandistica (Student
  • Offer more information (flyer...) (Student
    Design) / Do seminars to explain things
    (Student Education) / Library tour compulsory for
    first year students, do it during one lesson
    (Student Computer Science) / Es sollte uns
    mitgeteilt werden, dass es die Möglichkeit gibt,
    in Datenbanken zu recherchieren (Student
  • The online sources are too complex to understand
    altogether, but some are a great help which too
    little students appreciate (Student Economics)
  • for my research I like it more to read in "real"
    books and magazines... although I 'd like to get
    to now more about the online resources (how to
    use, what about, etc.) (Student Design)

  • Stop spamming me with the change of opening
    hours of the university library (Staff)
  • I want to bring my bag inside the library!
  • Es bräuchte mehr Computer!
  • If somebody is suggesting a book, s/he should be
    informed if the book is going to be buyed yes or
  • Moreover, when returning a book to the checkout
    system, the system should not only print the
    strange number but also the title of the book
    (this work in Brixen, but not in Bozen).
  • Opening hours (no ponte days, 7 days open)
  • I want to bring my bag inside the library!
  • Trovo stupida l'idea di mettere online i
    materiali per gli esami. Stampare da PC è più
    costoso che fare fotocopie e inoltre è molto
    spesso è impossibile stampare dall'università o
    dalla biblioteca. Le stampanti si inceppano o non
    stampano, sono vecchie e poche per il numero di
    studenti così come pochi sono i PC.
  • I think that the library has got many good books
    but often i just don't find them.
  • Chat per comunicare in tempo reale con altri
    studenti e se possibile con professori

  • Thanks to everyone who helped us to improve our