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Best Jobs and Work Careers -Enneagram Personality Types


Dr Mark Williams Ph.D. Professor of Applied Positive Psychology Shenzhen University Mobile: (0011 86 755) 13480129331 email: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Best Jobs and Work Careers -Enneagram Personality Types

Dr Mark Williams Ph.D. Professor of Applied
Positive Psychology Shenzhen University
     Mobile (0011 86 755) 13480129331 email web
  • Best Jobs and Work Careers -Enneagram Personality

9 Personality Strength Types
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Suggested Careers for Type 1
  • Ones often flourish in environments that are
    consistent, stable and with a good degree of
    structure. Where structure doesnt exist, they
    will be happy to create it! Your average one has
    an incredible ability to remember facts, useful
    information and have a good degree of seeing
    what is wrong and what needs to be fixed in a
    given situation. They will rarely make mistakes
    when it comes to details. Ones dont necessarily
    want to tear their hair out in the typical office
    job (which makes me wonder if life would be
    easier if I were a one!) While they will thrive
    at the office Ones can also make good
    entrepreneurs because they are so organized and
  • Anything where there are plenty of clear rules,
    opportunity of advancement, a pecking order, and
    consistent people to work with! Secretary,
    Administrative or Executive Assistant Manager
    (Mid or Upper-level) Accountant Financial
    Planner/Advisor Law Clerk/Paralegal Broker
    Urban Planner Attorney (1's make some of the
    most effective lawyers of all the types because
    of a keen attention to detail) Technical
    Director Computer Programmer
Suggested Careers for Type 2
  • One of the common misconceptions about twos is
    that they will flourish in helping professions.
    In reality, twos spend so much of their time
    thinking about how they can make others
    comfortable, that a career in such a field could
    possibly push them over the top! Twos dont need
    a career where they help people directly. They
    need to feel that they are helping indirectly, by
    working for a group that shares a cause they
    believe in. If you are a two, save the selfless
    behavior for outside the office. Youll be happy
    you did, as this enables you to separate your
    work life from your home life. 
  • Work for any non-profit organization, or a career
    working with volunteers are good for this type
    Teacher (especially middle school and below)
    Fashion designer Retail and salesperson
    Waiter/waitress/bartender Sous-Chef Graphic
    designer Firefighter Paramedic Caterer
    Wedding Planner Stay-at-home parent
Suggested Careers for Type 3
  • While it is true that threes enjoy professions in
    which they can rise to the top and run the show,
    what they really need is to feel admired and
    respected by their co-workers and peers. It is
    less important than you might think for a three
    to be uber-successful. Threes want to enjoy
    their jobs, like anyone else, but they also want
    to shine and make a contribution in their field.
    Getting employee of the month at a fairly menial
    job might be more important to a three than
    making a high salary but being ignored and taken
    for granted. They do, however, love to be around
    important and influential people.
  • A three will feel the best in a career with
    potential for promotion, advancement, a chance to
    shine, and a high salary ceiling
    Performer/Entertainer Agent (sports, travel,
    literary or insurance) Public Relations
    Director Attorney Executive Assistant Personal
    Assistant (but only to someone who
    is influential!) Gossip Columnist Salesperson
    Political Activist (or even a straight-up
    politician) Inspirational Speaker or Writer
    Life and Business coach
Suggested Careers for Type 4
  •  As stated in my earlier article about bad
    careers for the enneagram types, fours often have
    trouble finding meaningful work. There are good
    careers for a four, but since they are so
    idealistic, its never easy to find the right
    fit. Such an idealistic type is most suited to
    work with a great deal of flexibility and where
    there is some room for self-expression. They
    would be miserable in a stiff environment where
    every day was the same and there was no room for
    opinion or alternative suggestions to problem
  •  It is possible for a four to thrive in a variety
    of careers as long as self-expression and some
    degree of creativity is a possibility
    Psychotherapist Holistic Health Practitioner
    Yoga/Dance Instructor Masseuse Artist Writer
    Relationship/Couples Counselor Life Coach
    Crisis-line operator Missionary Web/Graphic
    Designer Actor/Musician
Suggested Careers for Type 5
  • Fives are similar to fours in many ways. They are
    deep, independent, and not mainstream. However,
    their range of interests trend more toward the
    cerebral rather than the emotional. Fives love
    science and technology of all kinds, and a career
    in one of these fields would definitely be
    optimal. Fives also have the gift of being able
    to work independently, which is critical in
    research positions, which they would also enjoy.
    Long hours of study and alone-time with something
    gripping and engaging will appeal to this type.
    More extroverted types would shy away from and/or
    become bored with some of these positions. Fives
    can really make a difference in the world through
    pioneering (and sometimes isolating) research!
  • Science and technology are areas where Fives will
    thrive Risk-Management Advisor (financial)
    Chemical or Electrical Engineer Architectural
    Drafter/Engineer Astronomer Physicist
    Environmental Planner Game Designer Medical
    Researcher College Professor Software Designer
    Technical Support Web Developer/Designer/Database
Suggested Careers for Type 6 
  • I have read a lot about phobic/counterphobic
    sixes in various enneagram books and I must say
    that its hard to buy into the hype. A
    counterphobic six is really just a mood they
    might go through on a bad day. And certainly when
    considering a career, a six should think about
    who they really are, which is friendly,
    adaptable, cautious, meticulous, loyal and a
    great team player. By nature, they are not
    daredevil lawbreakers and, in the long run, would
    not be happy in occupations with high risk, no
    matter how counterphobic they may be feeling!
  • There are plenty of great careers for sixes,
    providing there are plenty of jobs available
    Paralegal Elementary School Teacher Child-Care
    Worker Administrative Assistant/Secretary
    Credit/Loans Officer or Counselor
    Escort/Security Guard Financial Aid Counselor
    Public Notary Actuarial Scientist Health and
    Safety Inspector Banker Technical Support
    Insurance Underwriter
Suggested careers for Type 7
  •  One place you will not find a happy seven is in
    an office on a beautiful summer day. In fact, you
    might not find a happy seven in an office on a
    nasty, stormy day either. They are more likely to
    be out there chasing the storm, taking pictures
    of it. But only for a week or two when they will
    happily go by the title storm-chaser. Sevens
    change direction, focus, and career so often that
    its difficult to even write this section for
    them. Unlike the other types, a career for a
    seven is often just a passing fancy that will
    change from one moment to the next, like the
  • A seven will do well in self-employment or a
    fun job of some kind Small Business Owner
    (multiple businesses are often good) Tour/
    Travel/ Adventure guide Travel-Writer
    Artist/Musician Food Critic Comedian Park
    Ranger Professional Athlete Photographer
    Professional Gambler DJ Nightclub Owner Cruise
    Ship Entertainer
Suggested Careers for Type 8
  • Eights love to be successful, but what they need
    even more is autonomy. Like sevens, eights hate
    being told what to do, and love coming up with
    their own answers to problems. Eights are natural
    leaders because they are willing to shoulder the
    responsibility and make the decisions that others
    are reluctant to make. They are also dead honest
    because they are unafraid of criticism. This
    gives them a lot of integrity, and they can be
    trusted on the job. This trait makes them awesome
    candidates for managerial positions.
  • A good career for an eight allows for plenty of
    scope to make decisions and make a difference in
    the world Event Coordinator Financial Advisor
    Career Counselor Organizational Psychologist
    CEO/CFO/CAO (any size company) Marketing
    Manager Director of Sales Restaurant
    Owner/Manager Politician Healthcare
    Administrator Market Strategist Advertising
    Executive President of the World
Suggested Careers for Type 9
  • When you ask a young nine what they want to be
    when they grow up, he may give you an answer
    like, myself or I dont care. Dont be
    surprised. Nines often arent career oriented,
    especially at younger ages. Sometimes they are so
    laid-back about life that they can be content
    anywhere. That doesnt mean that they will be
    happy with or succeed at any old job, but it does
    mean that this type has some career flexibility.
    Its important that a nine do something
    productive so they dont end up sitting around
    all day and letting life pass them by.
  • The more stress-free the career, the better.
    Product Tester Electronics/Automotive
    Salesperson Retail Clerk Delivery Driver
    School Counselor Teacher/Professor Animal
    Trainer/Veterinarian Film Editor
    Musician/Musical Instructor(9's almost
    universally love music) Writer Clothing
    Designer Artist Clinical Psychologist
Best jobs of the 21st Century
  • Healthcare
  • Administration
  • Nursing
  • Physical health
  • Dentistry
  • Mental health
  • Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • New Technologies (nanotechnology)

Business Professional Services Financial
Services (Banking, Securities, Accounting)
Best jobs of the 21st Century
  • Business Professional Services
  • Financial Services (Banking, Securities,
  • Human Resources
  • Law
  • Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Sale Marketing
  • Food Services
Worst jobs of the 21st Century
  • Manufacturing Journalism Radio Announcers
    Travel Agents
  • 10-09-2007
  • Fisherman Taxi Driver Cowboy Construction
    Worker Dancer Lumberjack
  • (Based on salary, stress, number of hours,
    working conditions and security)

The workers at the highest risk are those at all
skill levels who do routine work!
Salaries in the USA
  • The medical profession continues to dominate the
    top end of our list of the 25 best- and
    worst-paying jobs in America. The top nine places
    are occupied by various sorts of medical
    specialists, with anesthesiologists topping the
    heap, followed by surgeons and orthodontists.
  • Chief executives, at No. 10, and airline pilots,
    at No. 11 (up three places from the previous
    year, despite what ails airlines), break the
    medical cartel, but only temporarily. The next
    five places are back in the well-scrubbed hands
    of doctors and dentists.
Salaries in the USA
  • Even the lawyers don't make an appearance until
    No. 17, down one place from the previous year.
  • At the other end of the scale are low- or
    no-skill jobs in services such as restaurants,
    hotels and leisure businesses. The lowest paid of
    all? People who cook, prepare and serve in
    fast-food joints, followed by dishwashers,
    busboys and the folks who shampoo your hair.
High Demand Careers
  • Medical doctor
  • Lawyer of any type
  • Dentist technician
  • Accountants of any type
  • Nurses of any type
  • Myotherapist
  • Relocation counselor
  • Retirement counselor
  • Leisure consultant
  • Robot technician
  • Certified medical worker
  • Information broker
  • Job developer
  • Bionic Electron Tech.
  • Computational linguist
  • Fiber optic technician
  • Physics atomic engineer
  • Image consultant
Average Australian Salary 94,539
  • Mining, Oil Gas 146,875
  • Executive / Corporate Strategy 128,673
  • Engineering 122,592
  • Scientific 114,612
  • Construction, Building Architecture 111,728
  • Primary Industry 99,541
  • IT Telecommunications 98,465
  • Marketing 89,073
  • Banking Financial Services 88,569
  • Legal 87,752

Average Australian Salary 94,539
  • Accounting 87,149
  • Human Resources Recruitment 86,224
  • Sales 85,001
  • Manufacturing 84,469
  • Medical Healthcare 81,744
  • Property Real Estate 81,624
  • PR Communications 80,221
  • Media, Advertising, Arts Entertainment 79,607
  • Insurance and Superannuation 77,212
  • Government Defence 75,999

Average Australian Salary 94,539
  • Logistics, Transport Supply 68,106
  • Automotive 67,656
  • Trades and Services Positions 66,440
  • Education and Training 63,292
  • Community, Sport Leisure 60,050
  • Graduate 58,830
  • Customer Service Call Centre 58,072
  • Hospitality, Travel and Tourism 57,214
  • Retail 57,057
  • Admin/Office Support 54,293

Top Paying Jobs in USA
  • Surgeon 181,850
  • Anesthesiologist 174,610
  • OB/GYN 174,610
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeon 169,600
  • Internist 156,790
  • Prosthodontist 156,710
  • Orthodontist 153,240
  • Psychiatrist 151,380
  • Chief Executive Officer 140,880
  • Engineering Manager 140,210
  • Pediatrician 140,000
  • Family or general practitioner 137,980
Top Paying Jobs in USA
  • Physician/surgeon, all other 137,100
  • Airline Pilot 134,090
  • Dentist 132,660
  • Podiatrist 111,130
  • Lawyer 110,590
  • Dentist, any other specialist 106,040
  • Air Traffic Controller 100,430
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Marketing Manager 100,020
  • Natural Sciences Manager 97,560
  • Sales Manager 96,950
  • Astronomer 96,780