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National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek


National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek

National University of Uzbekistan named after
Mirzo Ulugbek "Computer science and
application of chemistry at the Master degree at
the Universities of Uzbekistan" Project TEMPUS
Tasis COCUZ http//

  • Data of project
  • Department of Informatics and Applied
    Programming NUU   Start date 1 September
    2005    Finish date September 31, 2008   In
    carrying out the project involved Professors
    -17 PhD, Associate Professors -8

  • University of Vienna (Austria)
  • Technical University of Munich (Germany)
  • DANUBE (Austria)
  • National University of Uzbekistan
  • Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute

  • Development of master's curriculum
  • Computer science with the application in
    chemistry at the Master degree at the
    Universities of Uzbekistan in view of the
    European experience. Introduction to the
    curriculum of new courses, read in the leading
    European universities taking into account
    advances in computer science, with application in
    chemistry. Develop training programs taught
    courses. Training for the reading of new courses,
    according to the curriculum.

  • Technical University of Munich -4 - University of
    Vienna -4 - National University of Uzbekistan
    -5 - Tashkent Chemical Technological University
    -4 and 7 associate professors from NUU and TCTI
  • Conducted 3 training workshops, where take
    part 43 students and 40 teachers

In the project involved 17 professors including
Had place 3 training schools and participated
in this training schools 43 students and 40
May 10-19, 2006 (Tashkent, NUU,TCTI, topic
Algorithm) December 4-14, 2006 (Tashkent,
NUU, topic Scientific Computing) November 20-30,
2007(Tashkent, NUU,TCTI, topic Visualization)
Institution 10-19 May 2006 4-14 December 2006
National University of Uzbekistan
Students 18 25
Teachers and employees 16 24
Karakalpakstan State University 2 3
Samarkand State University - 2
Andijan State University 2 -
Bukhara State University 2 2
Namangan State University 1 2
Navoi State University 1 1
Technological University of ALMA-ATA (Kazakhstan) 1 -
  • Scientific Computing
  • The theory of measurement, data collection and
    experimental design
  • Applied Mathematics in Science and Technology
  • Algorithms
  • Parallel computing
  • Visualization
  • Software development
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Chemistry and natural science foundation
  • Parallel Algorithms
  • Modeling in chemistry
  • Simulation and optimization of technological

Training materials including lecture notes for
new courses
  • Achieved results of the project
  • Established educational standards, curricula,
    teaching materials, which have passed the
    relevant examination and received official
    approval. (In NUU and TCTI second year is set to
    graduate in relevant specialties, and the total
    number of master's degrees, 36 students.)
  • In NUU and TCTI created new classrooms equipped
    with computers and office equipment purchased
    with funds allocated by the grant.
  • Retraining courses for specialists from the
    regions of the Republic
  • (5 universities - Namangan, Andijan,
    Ferghana, Samarkand, Karakalpakstan) and the
    Navoi Institute of Mountain metallurgical
    industrial complex
  • Teachers NUU (7 people) and TCTI (4 people) were
    trained in Vienna and in the Technical
    University of Munich

  • Teachers and graduate
  • - Navoi Pedagocical Institute
  • Navoi Mountain Metallurgical Institute,
  • Kazakh University of Technology,
  • Bukhara Technological Institute,
  • National University of Uzbekistan,
  • Andijan, Bukhara, Ferghana, Karakalpakstan,
    Samarkand State Universities were trained for
    several courses, read by European partners (poof.
    Veis H , Meyer H, H.J. Bundgards from Munich
    Technical University, Prof. Dikart I.,
    Liberzayt P., P. Wolfshan from University of
  • The benefits of the project is beyond doubt,
    since teachers and masters were able to -
    improve their skills - establish a friendly and
    working contact with the scientists of the Vienna
    and Munich Universities - get Teaching and
    Methodological material
  • Three students from National University of
    Uzbekistan and three students from Tashkent
    Chemistry Technological Institute studied and
    prepared their masters dissertation during four
    month at Munich Technical University.

  • In implementing the goals of the project as
    effective methods of training and retraining of
    teaching staff should use the opportunity to
    conduct joint winter and summer schools at the
    expense of the project

  • Necessary to ensure the participation of
    stakeholders in project management and
    implementation All stakeholders should actively
    participate in management and project
    implementation. Steering and strategic committees
    together to define the strategy and tactics of
    the project discussing the different sides of the
    implementation of the project. Necessary at the
    outset of the project to define a specific order
    prepared by the experts. We had a specific order
    of Uz-chimestry- industry, which held regular
    consultations with a view towards training.

  • Involving teachers and students in the process of
    reforming the educational process. In the
    process of reforming the curriculum needs to
    engage teachers and students from other
    universities.   Need to receive feedback on the
    program from the experts of the Academy of
    Sciences of Uzbekistan, universities and
    industry. Implement the interaction between the
    project teams by reading course for partner
    universities. For example, in our project,
    Professors Aripov M., Fayazov K.S, Yuldashev Z.K
    , Abdurakhimov B., Khaydarov A. giving
    lectures and study hours for students TCTI
    respectively, the following courses   Introductio
    n to Programming, Scientific Computing, Algorithms
    , Applied Mathematics in science and
    technology, Visualization, Software Engineering
    (Software Development).

  • Work to improve the skills of foreign
    languages Education and improving participants'
    knowledge of the project in English is one of the
    things the successful implementation of the
    project. Necessary to provide training for
    teachers and masters from specially selected for
    this purpose, a teacher, a good command of the
    terminology of the industry.    The National
    University of Uzbekistan in the project trained
    15 masters and 8 teachers.

  • .
  • Availability of teaching materials In order to
    spread the experience of teaching all students
    and teachers should be provided with abstracts of
    lectures and electronic course materials Need to
    plan for the acquisition of modern academic
    literature on the grant funds. Using the
    experience of European partners need to develop
    lecture notes.

  • Necessary from the beginning of the project to
    develop a strategy for disseminating results of
    the project, determine their future as consumers
    in the participating universities and outside the
    project consortium.   So in our project is
    planned to extend the results of the project, not
    only in universities but also in another
    universities of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan,
    Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The results were
    presented to future partners and customers in
    Alma-Aty Technological University (Kazakhstan),
    Kazakh partners planned as future partners to
    extend the experience

Possibility in stable improving
  • It is important setup understanding between the
    leadership of the university and executives
    project and get real support from management As
    a result of our project at the expense of NUU
    completely renovated space for a computer room
    area of ??112 m sq, consisting of two classrooms
    and is equipped with furniture, curtains, alarm
    is all necessary to accommodate the purchase of
    computers under the European standards. Installed
    a computer network designed to prepare master's

  • Implementation of the European experience
  • Through this project, many of the professors of
    the university working in this project learned
    new things that have arisen in the diagnostics of
    mathematics, computer science and applied
    sciences. Gone are the proper trial practice
    during visits to European research centers such
    as University of Vienna (Austria) and the
    Technical University of Munich (Germany), giving
    them invaluable practice for the teaching of
    relevant subjects. Project participants have
    succeeded in the European partners see the latest
    advances in computer science, information
    technology, applied mathematics and chemistry,
    which are directly used in these universities for
    teaching students. Because of this we can
    confidently say that the National University of
    Uzbekistan is at the forefront of training given

  • We use a financial grant opportunities for
    conducting field training for an invitation from
    the regions In order to reach a broad training in
    the new Graduate Program should be created to
    target courses for distance education as the most
    acceptable, relatively cheap option of training
    for our region
  • It should be particularly pay attention to
    language training at all levels, allowing for
    integration in informational community NEWS in
    advance work on the replication of the first
    stages of project implementation
  • From the beginning of the program we oriented
    to develop training materials for the Masters in
    three languages ??(Uzbek, Russian, English)

Thank you for your attention!