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Rock music research \m/


Rock music research \m/ ... They are known for there psychedelic rock music in the 60s and 70s . Sid Barret the lead man died in 2006 by mental illness. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Rock music research \m/

Rock music research \m/
Depicted here are 3 legends of rock music Slash
from guns and roses and velvet revolver the one
and only Kurt Cobain and the unmistakeable Jimi
A Blast from the past \m/
This part of the research is about old rock bands
covering magazines as we are doing a project on
magazines I thought it would be appropriate some
of these bands could be seen as the pioneers of
the rock genre those that have paved the way for
the young pretenders so this is basically a short
homage to them
This magazine is about a classic rock band called
Pink Floyd. They are known for there psychedelic
rock music in the 60s and 70s . Sid Barret the
lead man died in 2006 by mental illness. Pink
Floyd is one of the most successful psychedelic
rock bands in history.
This magazine is about Guns and Roses. The band
formed in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California in
1985. The band has sold more than 100 million
albums worldwide. including over 46 million in
the United States.
Whats the first song you think of when you think
nirvana.... Smells like teen spirit? I'm guessing
90 of people think of that song but this band
was so much more then that they were ridiculously
underrated especially when they have such rock
anthems such as lithium and serve the servants
heart shaped box and many more the band consisted
of the unmistakeable Kurt Cobain who tragically
took his own life and was known to be fighting
some demons Dave Grohl who many people would know
as the lead singer of the foo fighters and
finally Krist Novoselic. Nirvana did something
that not many groups have done they carried a
whole social movement on their backs people known
as the grungers were mostly if all nirvana fans
now that nirvana is gone the grunge genre and
movement is certainly dead.
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Radiohead are known for their unique brand of
rock music they are one of the few bands that are
able to adapt to the times as they have recently
released their album called in rainbows which
you can download for free and pay what you think
the album is worth which gives you the option of
just not paying at all Radiohead know this which
means not only do they have complete confidence
in the product that they are putting out for the
millions of fans out there but to them its not
about the money but about the music Radiohead
could be seen as one of those bands that have
never really sold into the idea of
commercialism. The amazing thing about Radiohead
is that this is a band that to many had reached
the pinnacle after the real breakthrough album
Pablo Honey which has been followed by great
albums such as The Bends. They somehow find a way
to create classics that survive through the ages
like Creep Karma Police and My Iron Lung three
Radiohead songs that are highly recommended
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What can I say about Oasis... A band that never
shuns itself from controversy in fact probably
thrives and feeds of it. A family band consisting
of the two Gallagher Brothers are a journalists
money maker as they always seem to want to pick a
fight with someone. In the 1990s Oasis had a
well documented war with Blur another band full
of egos and maybe would have done a lot better
if that wasnt the case. Oasis absolutely blew
Blur out of the water and then they shot to fame
all around the world with great songs like
Champagne Supernova (a personal favourite of
mine) wonderwall which has become a timeless
anthem along with don't look back in anger.
Trouble however was never far behind the
mancunians as they got into other high profile
spats for example with Robbie Williams and Jay z
. However it was the Gallagher's combustible
nature which ended up being the reason for their
separation as prior to a gig they got into a
fight and since the 29th of August 2009 the band
has been no more a sad way to end a truly
memorable band
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Guns and Roses
The one Glam Rock band that everyone wanted to
be a part of they epitomise the rock star Guns
and Roses are considered in some circles to be
the best rock band of all time The band formed in
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California in 1985 led by
frontman and co-founder Axl Rose has gone through
numerous line-up changes and controversies since
its formation the current lineup comprises
vocalist Rose, guitarists Ron Thal, DJ Ashba and
Richard Fortus, bassist Tommy Stinson, drummer
Frank Ferrer and keyboardists Dizzy Reed and
Chris Pitman. I told you everyone wanted to be in
Guns and roses. Guns and roses have come up with
songs that have just become synonymous with the
rock genre sweet child o mine to name a few .
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The Arctic Monkeys
The Arctic Monkeys are personally my favourite
band EVER! I am a huge arctic monkeys fan every
British rock fan can remember the time when top
of the pops was still on and they said a band
called arctic monkeys was number one as we all
watched in intrigue to see what the boys from
Sheffield had to offer and we were not
disappointed with what came out I bet you look
good on the dance floor was an instant tune and
still gets played on the radio to this day, the
arctic monkeys came out with tune after tune
fluorescent adolescent then mardy bum then
brainstorm the plaudits just came flooding in and
the great thing about the arctic monkeys is they
modify their sound with every album and they
still remain as great as ever you could say that
they owe their fame to the social networking site
MySpace which helped sky rocket their careers but
to be fair a band with half the talent of the
arctic monkeys should be stars as well as having
a cult following they are acknowledged for their
talent across genres even with dizzee rascal
writing a song with them called temptation greets
you like your naughty friend. There most resent
album Humbug is in true arctic monkeys fashion
succeeding and succeeding well.
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Muse the rock group from Dover was given the nick
name the new Radiohead now weather that is seen
as a burden of or compliment its hard to tell
especially with Muse whos first two albums
Absolution and Origin Of Symmetry were absolutely
brilliant it came with tunes like Bliss and
Stockholm Syndrome but did they peak to
early? Muse tried to modify their sound they
still are a big band who as built a reputation
on their amazing live performances but as the
albums came the less rocky they became a
mixture of pop and electro. Their new album The
resistance is more the newer Muse then the older
but fans like myself are waiting for the old Muse
sound to come back as its missed.
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Are they rock are they pop?... Who knows. But one
thing is for sure is that they are a very popular
band their first album RIOT! Was a complete
success. And that album skyrocketed their careers
and now our transatlantic cousins are as popular
here as they are in America. There newest album
Brand new eyes is also a success however to many
Paramore have given into commercialism which to
many hardcore rock fans is a criminal offence, as
their songs seem to feature in every twilight
film and since then they have had the dreaded
twilight fans all over them fans that dont
really know about the band but assume that they
can call themselves a fan because a Paramore song
was on a twilight film. Even though this has
helped their popularity it has alienated the real
Paramore fans as there seems to be a rift between
the two.
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Lost Prophets
Does this band have one bad song? A lost Prophets
fan is always guaranteed quality I struggle to
think of one bad record that the lost prophets
and yet they do not get the recognition that they
truly deserve. Lost Prophets new album The
Betrayed flew straight to number one and yet
there wasn't even a murmur when it happened their
previous album called Liberation Transition was
a classic featuring songs like Rooftops and A
Town Called Hypocrisy. But it always seems the
case that great bands are never really truly
appreciated in their time.
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Enter Shikari
Enter Shikari is a new British band which have
hit England with a storm their mix of screamo
rock techno and generic rock has gathered many
fans. Even though to many Enter Shikari is a new
band they are in the process of their third album
their first two being Take To The Skies and
Common Dreads. Enter Shikari will definitely
succeed in England but I'm not sure about America
because what Enter Shikari sound is like has
never really succeeded in America Enter Shikari
can be described as maybe to Ballsy for America
. Enter Shikari have songs that will
automatically get you to sing along such as
Solidarity and Juggernaughts WATCH THIS SPACE
Enter Shikari will be the break out band they
have a new song Thumper and a new album around
the corner
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Biffy Clyro
The Scottish bands new album Only revolutions has
taken England by storm with songs like Golden
Rule and Captain. This is Biffy Clyros second
album and lets hope they haven't peaked and they
continue giving us quality albums like this. I
honestly think this was the best British Rock
album of 2009. check it out.
The End