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Unit Four Fashion


The Miss Fat South Africa contest is projected to reverse the culture of thinness ... Vocabulary Preparation: pop up to ... jeopardy ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Unit Four Fashion

Unit Four Fashion
  • A popular style of clothes,hair,etc.at a
    particular time or place
  • a popular way of behaving, doing an activity

Style-Suits are Back to Wall Street
  • I. Words Expressions
  • brokerage / ?????????? / the business of being a
    broker ???????? brokerage house (or firm) a
    company of brokers, or the place where they work
  • go / turn belly up to come to an end to fail
    ?? ?? ??
  • e.g. The whole project went belly up.
  • memo / ????? / a memorandum ???
  • khaki / ????? / a uniform made of khaki, a sturdy
    cloth ???????

  • sneaker / ?????? / a sports shoe usu. made of
    canvas and having soft rubber soles ??????????
  • staffer / ?????? / a member of a staff ?? ??
  • e.g. White House s
  • wardrobe / ????????? / garments considered as a
    group, esp. all the articles of clothing that
    belong to one person ????,????????????
  • e.g. everything needed for your winter/summer
  • fall all over oneself to to be specially eager to
    do or achieve sth. ????????
  • e.g. The oil firms fell over themselves to make
    big money.
  • He fell over himself to be nice to her.

  • cash in (on sth. ) to take advantage of or profit
    from sth. ???????? ??
  • e.g. The film studio is being accused of cashing
    in on the singers death.
  • sloppiness / ????????? / a lack of care or
    precision ????
  • e.g. Theres no excuse for in your work.
  • attire / ?????? / clothing dress ????
  • felt / ???? / a fabric of matted, compressed
    animal fibers, such as wool or fur, sometimes
    mixed with vegetable or synthetic fibers ?
  • old-timer / ?????????? / an elderly person one
    with rich experience ????

e.g. be dressed in formal evening attire
II. Spot Dictation
  • Broadcaster (There are) casually dressed
    employees at many banks and brokerage houses back
    to their closets. ABCs Dan Harris tonight on how
    the dress down policy is showing signs of going
    belly up.
  • Harris At Bear Stearns, the memo came out on
  • Interviewee It said that beginning
    __________(1), the dress down policy has been
  • Harris No more khakis no more open collar and
    _________(2) no more sneakers.

next week
  • Interviewee Were now _________(3) to dress
  • Harris Young staffers have __________(4) to buy
    a whole new wardrobe.
  • Staffer 1 Yeah, its going to cost a couple
  • Staffer 2 The first thought that ____________(6)
    my mind was, Oh God, Ill have to spend all this
    money again for suits.
  • Harris Retailers are falling all over themselves
    to help, ________(7) open late, serving wine and
    cheese, cashing in after a rough decade.
  • One Retailer Ah, yes, weve had a very rough
    decade. The decade changed dramatically in

little time
went through
dress code
  • Harris The dot-coms that ______(9) the casual
    trend have largely disappeared and so has the
    bull market. Perhaps it was easier to overlook
    sloppiness when the profits were ________(10).
    But now Wall Street firms from Bear Stearns to
    Lehmann Brothers to Deustche Bank are requiring
    that employee attire reflect a more serious,
    professional image. A ______(11) survey from an
    industry group finds that nationwide
    __________(12) of the big companies with a formal
    dress code reinstated the policy just within the
    past year. Once upon a time, all businessmen, and
    it was pretty much only men, wore suits and hats.
    At the BBC radio, the announcers dressed formally
    even though you couldnt see them.

rolling in
one in five
  • Carl Rubens The felt hat wearers still come in
    here, but its the old-timers now.
  • Harris Carl Rubens family has been selling mens
    hats for more than ___(13) years.
  • Rubens Its going to improve my sale of felt
    hats or brimmed hats. Its obvious, that has to
    happen. It has to happen. When you dress
    ______(14), you think better.
  • Harris And that may be, whether they admit it or
    not, part of Wall Streets logic. Perhaps you
    really do have to dress for _______(15). As
    Dilberts boss recently declared, I will keep
    changing the dress code until I find the clothing
    style that makes our profits go up!

Fashion-Clothes and Hairstyle
  • pattern checked (large or small) / striped
    (narrow or broad) / plain (all colors) / flora /
  • materials cotton/silk/woolen/linen/polyester(tere
    lyne??)/orlon(??)/cavern / nylon / gunny / velvet
  • tuxedo / casual outfit / overall / suit / shirt /
    blouse / sweater / jacket / skirt / dress /
    underwear / shorts / pants / slip / sock /
    stocking / jeans / two-pieces / jersey /
    high-heel / flat shoes / sneakers / leather shoes
    / gym-shoes / hair bow (ribbon) / cuff / sleeve /

  • Color dark (black, grey, greying, blond, brown,
    carrot-red, ginger???, red) hair
  • Shape curly (wavy, straight) hair
  • Length thick (thin) hair / long (medium, short)
  • let down/loose ones hair(????)
  • (hair) hangs loose(?????)
  • shoulder-length hair (???)
  • have a crew cut (????)
  • skinhead (totally balding) (??)
  • a perm (??) braid ones hair(????)
  • have ones hair done in a particular style(???)
  • wear ones hair braided in long pigtails(????????)

  • Style
  • Afro (of hair-style) very curly, thick and long,
    like the hair of some Black (???,????????,????????
  • dreadlocks hair worn in long curled strands, esp.
    by Rastafarians ????????
  • pony-tail womans or girls long hair drawn back
    and tied at the back of the head so that it hangs
    like a horses tail (???)????
  • tie ones hair back in a pony tail (????)
  • Her pony tail is swinging down over her face.
  • bun (esp. woman's) hair twisted into a tight knot
    at the back of the head (?????)??
  • wear ones hair in a tight bun (??)

Part A Botox on the High Street
  • ?. Vocabulary Preparation
  • pop up to appear or occur, especially when not
    expected ??????
  • e.g. Some difficulties have just popped up.
  • The menu pops up when you click twice on the
  • facelift / ????????? / an operation in which
    doctors remove loose skin from your face in order
    to make you look younger ?????? also
  • high street the main street of a town where most
    of the shops and businesses are ??????
  • e.g. high street banks/shops

  • injection / ????????? / an act of putting a drug
    into someones body using a special needle ????
    jectthrow eject, project, reject
  • e.g. get an give/administer sb. an
  • smooth out to make something even, level, or
    unwrinkled to get rid of something ?????
  • e.g. She raised her hand to smooth out her hair.
  • It took him one year to smooth out his accent.
  • enhance / ???????? / to improve or increase to
    make someone or something look better ??????
  • e.g. efficiency/security
  • ones reputation/confidence/beauty

the enhancement (n.) of sound quality
  • pilot / ??????? / to test a new idea, product,
    etc. on people to find out whether it will be
    successful ????
  • e.g. Practically all these devices for saving
    time and labor have been ed in the fifties.
  • toiletries / ?????????? / articles or substances
    used in washing, making oneself tidy, etc.
    ???????? e.g. for men ?????
  • consultation / ?????????????? / a meeting with a
    professional person, especially a doctor, for
    advice or treatment ????
  • e.g. be in full and direct with sb. over sth.
  • They want to enhance the cause of peace through
    s on difficult problems.

consult (v.) a dictionary / a time table / a
doctor about ones illness
  • impair / ?????? / to weaken or damage something
  • e.g. The accident ed his vision.
  • His age ed his chances of finding a new job.
  • cosmetic surgery medical operations that improve
    your appearance after you have been injured, or
    because you want to look more attractive
  • pharmacological / ???????????????? / of or
    relating to the scientific study of drugs and
    their use in medicine ????????
  • pharmacology ??????
  • pharmacological ????????

  • clinician / ???????? / a doctor who treats and
    examines people, rather than one who does
    research ????
  • an outpatient clinic(???) ???
  • iron out to work out or to get rid of ????
  • e.g. iron out a contract
  • Therere still a few details that need ironing
  • wrinkle / ?????? / a small line or fold,
    especially on the skin owing to age, worry,
    tiredness, etc. ????
  • e.g. He still wore the s of anxiety on his
  • Her face cracked into a million pleased s.

He d his brow in concentration. His face d in a
grin. The wind d the water with waves.
?. Notes
  • Botox / ??????? / the short form for Botulinum
    Toxin Type A, a substance that makes muscles
    relax, which can be injected into the skin around
    someones eyes to make the lines disappear and
    the skin look younger and more attractive
  • Hollywood / ???????? / a part of Los Angeles in
    California where films are made, often used to
    refer to the film industry in general ??????

  • Boots Group PLC (formerly the Boots Company) one
    of the best known retail names in the UK,
    providing health beauty products and advice
    that enhance personal well-being. Boots
    Healthcare International is a leading UK maker of
    over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, and it sells OTC
    drugs in some 130 countries worldwide. Boots
    Contract Manufacturing is one of Europes largest
    suppliers of private-label toiletries and
    cosmetics. ????(??)

?. Exercise
  • Listen to the news report and fill in the blanks
  • Darren Jordon If youre feeling a bit tired
    around the eyes, how about popping up the shops
    for a 1 _________ facelift? The high street
    chain Boots is offering Botox injections for 200
    a go. But critics say the treatment is a medical
    procedure, which can have 2__________ .
  • Nicola Carslaw Anti-wrinkle injections. Clinics
    can charge up to 500 for a single treatment,
    with an effect that lasts just 3___________ _.
    An injection of Botulinum Toxin Type A to smooth
    out the lines. Enhancing our lips and our eyes is
    now the most 4_________ ____ of cosmetic
    treatment here in the UK. In the US last year,
    there were 1.6 million injections.

side effects
a few months
popular form
  • We could well be catching up with them,
    especially if Botox is now 5 _________ on the
    high street, because new cosmetic treatments are
    now being piloted at 6__________ of Boots. When
    you go to buy your toiletries, you can also book
    in for Botox, or lip enhancement, or facial
  • Man 1 She will have a, a consultation, um, with,
    er, one of the, er, the experts that deliver the
    treatment. Um, theyll ask for a full
    7_______________, er, theyll talk to you about
    what the treatment involves, er, what you might

medical history
  • Nicola Carslaw Experts say there can be side
    effects like headaches, and 8________ could
    impair facial movements. They believe cosmetic
    surgery on the high street is 9_____________ .
  • Man 2 Botox is an active pharmacological agent.
    And I think it needs to be given by clinicians,
    but in a 10___________________ .
  • Nicola Carslaw But is there demand?
  • Man 3 I think were beautiful enough.
  • Woman 1 Yes.
  • Woman 2 No. Maybe when Im 45, not quite yet.
  • Nicola Carslaw If the Boots experiment works,
    then like those Hollywood stars, you too can pay
    to iron out those wrinkles, not just in an
    expensive clinic, but on your high street. Nicola
    Carslaw, BBC News.

a step too far
clinical environment
Part B Promising eBay Entrepreneurs
  • ?. Vocabulary Preparation
  • entrepreneur / ????????????? / someone who starts
    a new business or arranges business deals in
    order to make money, often in a way that involves
    financial risks ??????
  • online auction a type of website in which you can
    sell things to the person who offers you the
    highest price ????
  • subscriber / ??????????? / someone who pays
    money, usually once a year, to receive copies of
    a newspaper or magazine, or to have a service

sell sth. by/at
to Readers Digest
  • Jaguar / ???????? / a famous type of British car
    that is large and very comfortable ?????
  • sluggish / ??????? / moving or reacting more
    slowly than normal inactive ???????????
  • e.g a person / stream / mind
  • a economy
  • pool table a six-pocket billiards table on which
    pool is played ??????
  • garage sale a sale of used furniture, clothes,
    etc. from peoples houses, usually held in or
    near someones garage ??????????

  • bid / ??? / to offer to pay a particular price
    for goods, especially in an auction ????
  • e.g. What am I bid for the vase? (????)
  • ????????
  • I bid for 2000 for it.
  • A French company will be bidding for the
  • the ropes all the things someone needs to know to
    do a job or deal with a system ????
  • show sb. / know / learn the ropes to show sb. /
    know / learn how a particular job should be done
  • e.g. Youre supposed to show the ropes to the new

  • sit with to be accepted, liked, or supported by
    someone to be suitable for someone ????????
  • e.g. How did his plan sit with his supporters?
  • All his toughness does not sit well with
  • memorabilia / ????????????? / things that you
    keep or collect because they are connected with a
    famous person, event, or time ???
  • outfit / ??????? / to provide someone or
    something with a set of clothes or equipment,
    especially ones that are needed for a particular
    purpose ????
  • e.g. The ship was outfitted with a 12-bed

  • ringmaster / ?????????? / the person who
    introduces the performers and animals in a
  • beetle / ?????? / an insect with a round hard
    back which is usually black ?????
  • e-commerce / ????????? / the activity of buying
    and selling goods and services and doing other
    business activities using a computer and the
    Internet ????

?. Notes
  • eBay a successful online auction website founded
    in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar with the domain name of
    eBay.com, at which people from all around the
    world buy and sell goods and services. eBay
    generates revenue from sellers, who pay a two to
    seven percent premium on each item, and from

  • Adam Ginsberg one of the top sellers on eBay, CEO
    of zBilliards, and author of the book The zWay to
    eBay which details advanced selling strategies on
    eBay ??????
  • Steve Osunsami an ABCNEWS correspondent who
    reports for World News Tonight With Peter
    Jennings since 1998 and contributes to Nightline,
    Good Morning America, ABCNEWS radio and other
    ABCNEWS broadcasts ???????

?. Exercise
  • Listen to the news report and choose the best the
    answer to the following questions.
  • 1. How many people now make a living by using
  • A. 69,000,000.
  • B. 800,000.
  • C. 150,000.
  • D. 600.

  • 2. Which one of the four people listed below is
    regarded as a power seller in the world of
  • A. Adam Ginsberg.
  • B. Steve Osunsami.
  • C. Michael Bonko.
  • D. Meg Witman.
  • 3. How was eBay perceived by the public when it
    first started its online business years ago?
  • A. It was a big warehouse.
  • B. It was a big shopping center.
  • C. It was an ice cream parlor.
  • D. It was a flea market.

  • 4. Why arent Michael and Maggie Bonko now in no
    rush to look for work?
  • A. They can still manage to maintain a good
    living on savings.
  • B. They can make a living selling movie
    memorabilia on eBay.
  • C. They have saved thousands of dollars by
    doing their purchasing through eBay.
  • D. They are busy opening an ice cream parlor on
  • 5. Why did Al Dawley, the former ringmaster, sell
    things on eBay?
  • A. To keep his house.
  • B. To operate a family business.
  • C. To outfit an ice cream parlor.
  • D. To fund his retirement.

Part C The Miss Fat South Africa Contest
  • ?. Vocabulary Preparation
  • pageant / ???????? / public entertainment
    consisting of a procession of people in costume,
    or an outdoor performance ?????????
  • e.g. a beauty ????
  • turmoil / ???????? / great disturbance, agitation
    or confusion ????
  • e.g. His mind was in (a) . The city is in (a)
  • catwalk / ???????? / raised narrow footway along
    a bridge, over a theatre stage, etc. ????????

e.g. a wall a majority of
  • wafer-thin / ?????????? / extremely thin very
    thin ??????
  • glamour / ?????? / attractive or exciting quality
    which someone has, and which seems out of reach
    to others ?????
  • extravaganza / ??????????????? / entertainment
    with elaborate and colourful costumes, scenery,
    etc. ??????????????
  • cleavage / ????????? / the hollow between a
    womans breasts that can be seen above the low
    neckline of a dress ????
  • chieftain / ????????? / the leader or head of a
    group, especially a tribe or clan ??????

e.g. an actress with a glamorous actress Do
you think theres in the advertising business?
?. Notes
  • South Africa a country in southern Africa south
    of Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. Until the
    1990s, the country was ruled by an all-white
    government. In 1994 the African National
    Congress, led by Nelson Mandela, won South
    Africas first fully democratic election and
    became the government. South Africas best-known
    products are gold and diamonds. ??
  • Mike Lee ABCNEWS Correspondent based in London,
    reporting for World News Tonight and other
    programs ???

  • Johannesburg / ?????????????? / the largest city
    in South Africa, and a centre for business and
    industry. Before the end of racial segregation
    practiced in the country, black people were not
    allowed to live there, and had to live in
    townships outside the city. ?????

?. Exercise
  • Listen to the news report and decide whether the
    following statements are true or false.
  • 1. In the past, the whites and the blacks
    wouldnt compete together in a South African
    beauty contest.
  • 2. The Miss Fat South Africa contest is more
    welcomed by the locals.
  • 3. Old-generation Africans prefer women with
    bigger bodies to women with smaller bodies.

Beauty pageants used to reflect the racial
turmoil here separate contest for whites and for
they used to look for certain assets in a
woman, one of them being having a bigger body.
They used to regard women with fuller figures as
strong, able to look after their families
Many women have embraced western fashion and
lifestyle as a fast track out of poverty.
  • 4. The western ideas of beauty are resisted
    strongly by a majority of African women.
  • The Miss Fat South Africa contest is projected to
    reverse the culture of thinness sweeping the
    fashion world there.
  1. It seems unlikely that the Miss Fat South Africa
    contest will reverse the culture of thinness
    sweeping the fashion world here.

Key 1. True 2. False 3. True 4.
False 5. False
Part D New Trends in the Ad Industry
  • ?. Vocabulary Preparation
  • risqué / ???????? / slightly rude and shocking,
    especially because concerned with sex
    ????????????? e.g. a joke
  • imagery / ????????? / the use of words or
    pictures to describe ideas or actions in poems,
    books, films, etc. a set of mental pictures or
    images ???????? e.g. a poetic satellite
  • upsetting / ????????? / unhappy and worried
    because something unpleasant or disappointing has
    happened ????????????

an experience / some situation
Jeopardize (v.) ones career/life/fortune
  • jeopardy / ???????? / the risk of harm, loss or
    destruction danger ????
  • e.g. put sb./sth. in
  • His life/The whole organization is in .
  • invisible / ????????? / that cannot be seen
    hidden from sight ?????????? vs. visible
  • lucrative / ?????????? / bringing in plenty of
    money profitable ???????

a man / differences / stars to the naked
a business/contract/market
  • push the envelop to try to go beyond the normal
    limits of something ????????
  • pull in to attract or draw to win or gain
  • e.g.
  • The film has pulled in large audiences.
  • I reckon hes pulling in (earning) over

?. Notes
  • Glenn van Zutphen a producer and anchor for CNN
    International, where hes involved in many
    aspects of bringing daily and breaking news to
    air ?????
  • Jan Hopkins the former CNNs financial news
    reporter based in New York. Jan Hopkins recently
    changed careers after nearly 25 years in
    television and is now Managing Director, Client
    Communications, at Citibank Private Bank in New
    York. ?????

  • Antony Wright chief strategy and planning officer
    for North America at Ogilvy Mather Worldwide
    (??????), a Top Ten advertising agency network
  • Nicole Kidman (1967-) a famous American and
    Australian actress and also singer. Kidmans most
    professionally successful year was 2001, with her
    Oscar-nominated performance in Moulin Rouge and
    well-received star turn in a horror film, The
    Others. She won the 2002 Academy Award for Best
    Actress for her performance as Virginia Woolf in
    The Hours. ?????

  • Brad Pitt (1963-) an American film actor. He was
    nominated for an Academy Award as Best Supporting
    Actor for his performance in the 1995 film Twelve
    Monkeys. Pitt married actress Jennifer Aniston on
    July 29, 2000. ?????
  • Jennifer Lopez (1970-) a well-known Puerto
    Rican-American actress, singer, designer, dancer,
    and fashion icon. She was born and raised in the
    Bronx, New York. On November 18, 2003, she
    released her fifth album, Reel Me, which included
    a DVD having all her music videos from her first
    video If You Had My Love to her last one Baby I
    Love You. ??????

  • Richard Gere (1949-) one of Americas foremost
    actors and one of the most successful sex symbols
    of the 1980s and early 1990s. His romantic
    characters in Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride,
    where he created box-office chemistry with Julia
    Roberts, impress the audiences most. In 2003, he
    earned a Golden Globe for Best Actor for the
    musical movie Chicago. ????
  • Leo Burnett one of the worlds leading
    advertising agencies. It has always been
    recognized as among the very best at building
    iconic brands for clients. (??)????????
  • IBM the worlds largest computer company, based
    in the US, which produces both hardware and
    software, especially for business users. IBM is
    sometimes informally called Big Blue.

?. Exercise Open-ended Discussion
  • 1. Why does a top-selling product in one country
    not sell that well in another country?
  • 2. Do you think sexual imagery should be used in
  • 3. How much can a celebrity help to promote a
    product in advertising?
  • 4. Should a global company like IBM use the same
    advertisements around the world?
  • 5. What is your comment on the issue of
    advertising in Chinas media?

  • Why does a top-selling product in one country not
    sell that well in another country?
  • Do you think sexual imagery should be used in

Because itll be restricted by different notions
about value and culture. Sometimes it may be
taboo in another country.
It depends. Sometimes sexual appeal can attract
more customers in some countries while it will
offend conservative people in some locations.
  • 3. How much can a celebrity help to promote a
    product in advertising?
  • Should a global company like IBM use the same
    advertisements around the world?

Star power counts in promoting a product. Thats
why quite a lot of super stars are highly-paid to
appear in advertising.
Its unwise to use the same ad around the world.
Though its money-saving in advertising, it will
lose the market in some places offended by the
sexual imagery.
  • What is your comment on the issue of advertising
    in Chinas media?
  • Some are westernized with a modern flavor while
    others are traditional to represent our typical
    Chinese culture. The way of assimilating western
    cultures should be encouraged in ad, but some
    risqué imagery should be banned because itll
    will expose our children to more vulgarity and
    sex through the most popular media.

Part E Odd Fashion
  • ?. Vocabulary Preparation
  • push / ??? / to try to sell more of a product by
    advertising it a lot to promote ??????
  • e.g. The interview gave him a chance to his
    latest movie.
  • ostrich / ?Cstr?tF / a large African bird with
    long legs, that runs very quickly but cannot fly
  • stilt / ????? / one of two poles which you can
    stand on and walk high above the ground ????
  • e.g. a circus performer on ?????????

  • pocketbook / ????????? / a small notebook a
    purse or womans handbag ??????????
  • ketchup / 5ketFEp / a thick cold red sauce made
    from tomatoes that you put on food ?????
  • lapel / ?????? / the part of the front of a coat
    or jacket that is joined to the collar and folded
    back on each side ??
  • swimsuit / 5swIms?ut / a piece of clothing worn
    for swimming (?)???
  • underwear / 5QndEw?E / clothes that you wear next
    to your body under your other clothes ???

?. Notes
  • Town Country a lifestyle guide for the affluent
    market. Features focus on fashion, beauty,
    travel, design and architecture as well as
    individuals accomplishments and contributions to
    society ??????
  • Neiman Marcus a renowned specialty retail chain
    established in 1907. It has been an
    internationally recognized innovator in fashion
    and merchandise. ?????????
  • Sergio Rossi, the Italian designer of the world's
    sexiest shoes ?????

  • Celine / ??????? / the French fashion designer
    brand of luxury womens ready-to-wear, handbags
    and accessories ??
  • the New York Times a serious daily newspaper
    which is produced in New York City. It is sold
    everywhere in the US and in many other countries,
    and people in the US often just call it the
    Times. ????
  • Gianni Versace (1946-1997) a world-wide famous
    fashion designer from Italy. Versace was murdered
    on July 15, 1997, outside his Miami, Florida
    mansion by his gay lover Andrew Cunanan. Gianni
    Versaces sister, Donatella Versace, took over
    his business after his death. ?????

  • Louis Vuitton manufacturer and retailer of luxury
    gifts, handbags and accessories, and leather
    luggage. In 1854, Louis Vuitton, the young
    trunk-maker founded the company Louis Vuitton in
    Paris, France after he enjoyed the ultimate honor
    of becoming Empress Eugenies favorite
    specialist. ????
  • Dolce Gabbana (DG) was founded in 1982 by
    Domenico Dolce (1958, Palermo) and Stefano
    Gabbana (1962, Milan). DG became well known when
    one of their shirts was endorsed in the movie
    Truth Or Dare In Bed With Madonna. They aim at
    the young generation, both in style and price
    with the philosophy for the real woman. ???????

  • Script- Odd Fashion
  • Andy Rooney The editor of Town and Country,
    Pamela Fiori, sent me a copy of the March issue
    of her magazine because it had a review of my
    book. Naturally, I was pleased, and I got looking
    through the magazine. I must lead a sheltered
    life because none of the women in the ads look
    like anyone I know. No one sits around looking
    like this in the places I go either. I doubt very
    much that shes read my book. One of the best
    things American women have done for themselves in
    the past 30 years is start wearing shoes they can
    actually walk in. Now, heres a pair of shoes
    Neiman Marcus is pushing that seems like a step
    backwards. This is a 650-dollar pair of ostrich
    stilts by Sergio Rossi. Ive never known an
    ostrich, but I wouldnt feel comfortable wearing
    a pair of shoes made out of any bird. Celine is
    apparently the name of a company that

  • makes pocketbooks. Does looking at this woman
    make you want to go out and buy a pocketbook?
    Some of the models dont seem very happy in their
    work here at all. The women they use to sell
    clothes, of course, are among the few who
    wouldnt look bad without any. They advertise
    clothes for men in Town and Country too. If I
    have time at lunch, I may go out and buy one of
    these for myself sells for 2,400 dollars.
    Wouldnt you hate to spill ketchup on the lapel
    of this? Ive never seen a guy put his hand in
    his pocket like this either, except in an ad for
    a suit. The New York Times has its own fashion
    section. Its sort of The Times swimsuit edition,
    188 pages of fashion and sex. This is the cover
    here. I guess shes the average Times reader.
    This is a Versace ad. What would you say if you
    were at a party

  • and got introduced to someone like this?
    Ohhelloumwhat do you think we should do about
    Iraq? Or did I already ask you that? Shes on
    her hands and knees selling Louis Vuitton
    pocketbooks. It looks as though she dropped a
    quarter. This dress was designed by Dolce and
    Gabbana. Im surprised it took two people to
    design a dress this small. Of course, the less a
    dress covers, the more it costs. I dont see a
    lot of women lying down during my average day,
    but women are lying in all sorts of strange
    positions in fashion magazines. And its funny
    the underwear theyre trying to sell here too,
    because when they show women wearing dresses,
    half the time it doesnt look as though theyre
    wearing any underwear. Theres big money in
    fashion for both men and women, even thought the
    best most of us can do with clothes is hide how
    funny we look naked.

Supplementary Listening
  • Words Expressions
  • afoot / ????? / being prepared or progressing
  • e.g. Changes were but we had no idea what they
    would turn out to be.
  • flaunt / ????? / to exhibit ostentatiously or
    shamelessly ??,????
  • e.g. He didnt believe in ing his wealth.
  • locker room a room at a sports club, etc for
    changing in, with lockers for clothes, etc

  • maestro / ???????? / a master in the arts, esp.
    a great musical composer, conductor or teacher
  • fedora / ??????? / a soft felt hat with a fairly
    low crown creased lengthwise and a brim that can
    be turned up or down ?????
  • frock / ???? / a long, loose outer garment, as
    that worn by artists and craftspeople(?????????)??
  • spats / ????s / special pieces of cloth worn in
    former times by men above their shoes and
    fastened with buttons ??

  • heaps / ????? / much very extremely ??????
  • e.g. She loves him . Hes better.
  • Theres (n.) of time/fun. Therere of
  • credentials / ??????????? / qualities,
    achievements, etc that make one suitable
    qualifications ?? ????
  • e.g. to examine ones s ????
  • He has all the s for the job.
  • She will first have to establish her leadership
  • sarong / ?????? / a long strip of cotton or silk
    cloth worn as a skirt tucked in at the waist or
    under the armpits ??

inflation/corruption Disease was . / Gossip
has run .
  • rampantly / ?????????? / wildly unrestrainedly
    ???????? (adj. rampant)
  • heterosexual / ??????????????? / feeling sexually
    attracted to people of the opposite sex
    ????????? (homosexual gaylesbian)
  • conspire / ????????? / to join or act together
    combine ??,????
  • e.g. Everything d to make her life a misery.
  • beaded / ?????? / covered with beads ??????
  • endorse / ??????? / to say in an advertisement
    that one uses and approves of ?????????
  • e.g. I wonder how many celebrities actually use
    the products they .

Fashion Icon of Footballer
  • Hala Gorani Theyve styled their hair into the
    ever-attractive mullets theyve long considered
    a track suit acceptable attire for an evening
    out. Yes, the professional footballer has
    _________ (1) enough fashion crimes to join the
    eleven at Alcatraz. But wait, there is a change
    afoot. __________ (2), footballers are making the
    transition from flaunting all style rules to
    actually setting the _____ (3). There is a
    revolution ________ (4) in locker rooms around
    the world.

going on
  • Midfield visionary, dead-ball maestro,
    millionaire Spice-guy, and ____________ (5) man
    in Britain, thats David Beckham for you.
    Football, but also fashion icon.
  • Beckham My ______________ (6) fedora, frock
    coat, baggy pants, spats, its very cool.
  • Master of Ceremony Please welcome the face of
    Police, David Beckham.
  • GQ Magazine editor Dylan Jones heaps praise on a
    man whose style credentials include wearing
    sarongs, diamond earrings, and even his wifes
    underwear. Yet he says Beckham has taken the
    footballer image further than ___________ (7),
    right up into the league of movie stars and
    ____________ (8).

favorite picture
anyone else
super models
  • Dylan Jones(Editor, GQ) I think because hes a
    family man, you know, hes _______________ (9) in
    Britain, as well as being considered the
    best-dressed man in Britain. Hes kind of
    rampantly heterosexual, so I think that all those
    things conspire to allow him to play with his
    image to such an extent that he ___ (10) be more
    extreme. He can cover himself in baby oil on the
    cover of GQ. He can wear black painted
    fingernails, and big fedoras, and beaded boxer
    shorts, which most footballers if you say could
    not do because it wouldnt really _______ (11)
    their image.

the most famous
fit with
  • Gorani Beckhams image on and off the pitch won
    him a million dollar deal with Police. In a year
    and a half, the sunglasses brand ___ (12) its
    turnover increase threefold, proving a model like
    Beckham is ____________ (13).
  • Jones Theyre ________ (14) up-market, talented,
    stylish, mediamedia-friendly, mediated
    individuals. And in terms of Qudos there is no
    greater Qudos at the moment, than getting a
    sportsman to endorse your product.

worth the price
  • While definitely the richest, Beckham is not the
    first fashion role model British football has
    produced. Back in the sixties, another Manchester
    United player wearing the same No. 7-jersey
    enjoyed iconic style-status __________________
  • Jones George Best was the first sexy footballer.
    He was flash, had long hair, very extravagant. He
    was a ladies man. He was a drinker. He was a
    playboy. He had real style, and real flair.
    However, he was a bit of the Jack-the-lad, and
    unfortunately didnt particularly _______ (16)
    his image or his income particularly well.

outside the stadium
  • The ______ (17) of fashion with football came
    with Italia 1990 and the spread of satellite
    television. The game became a major
    ______________________ (18), turning its best
    players into a fitter version of Hollywood stars.
    David Ginola was one of the first onto the
    fashion A-list.
  • Ginola Ive been involved in football for 17
    years now, and I saw all the different levels,
    and I remember ten years ago football wasnt
    _______ (19). You know, today you can see players
    everywhere. You know, designing clothes,
    designing sunglasses, designing cars,
    _________________ (20). So I think, pretty much
    football now

commercial proposition
that big
designing anything
Projects Choose a project
  • 1. In China more women are now undergoing
    cosmetic surgery to project a better image. Make
    a survey about this issue and present your
    findings in class, considering public opinion,
    the cost, the side effects, and other factors.
  • 2. Make a survey into public attitudes toward
    advertising. Present your findings in class.
  • 3. How does the public look at the prospect of
    e-commerce in China? Make a survey and present
    your findings in class.
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