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Songhai Empire


Songhai Empire Songhai had two extrodinary leaders both of them were muslims. There names were sunni Ali and Askia Muhammad. Sunni Ali rule began in 1464 and lasted ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Songhai Empire

Songhai Empire
  • Songhai had two extrodinary leaders both of them
    were muslims. There names were sunni Ali and
    Askia Muhammad. Sunni Ali rule began in 1464 and
    lasted almost 30 years. Sunni Ali built a vast
    empire by military conquest. Sunni ali built a
    proffesional army that had a riverboat fleet of
    war canoes and a mobile fighting force
    on horseback. He expanded songhai into an empire
    through his skill as a military commander and his
    aggressive leadership. Sunni made his first major
    triumph when he captured the city of Timbuktu,
    which had been an important part of Mali's
  •          After Sonni death in 1492 his son became
    ruler but was soon over thrown because of a major
    revolt from a muslim named Askia Muhammad. During
    his 37-year rule, askia Muhammad proved to be an
    excellent administrator. He set up an efficient
    tax system and chose able officials. Sunni ali,
    appointed officials to serve as ministers of the
    treasury, army, navy, and agriculture.

Songhai Religion
  • Songhia followed a religion of islamic. Islam
    began to spread in songhai some time in the 11th
    century when the ruling of Za or Dia dynasty
    first accepted it. It was a prosperous reign
    because of its booming trade with Goa. Muhammad 
    was a fervent Muslim he replaced native Songhay
    administrators with Arab Muslims in order to
    Islamicize Songhay society.
  •         While the urban centers of Songhai were
    dominated by Islam and Islamic culture, the
    non-urban areas were not Islamic. The large
    majority of the Songhay people around 97
    followed traditional African religions.

Songhai Economy
  • The songhai empire traded with independent gold
    fields.They also traded with the nigerians and
    merchants. The trade consisted of gold, salt and
    slaves. This was also called the Trans-Sahara
    Trade. The empire was known for its production of
    protical crafts and religious artificats.
  •       In songhai Empire the upper classes in
    society converted to Islam while lower classes
    often continued to follow traditional religions.
    Askia Muhammad set up an efficient tax system and
    chose able officials.

Songhai Culture Contribution
  • Songai Contributions
  • -Mohammed (the second ruler of Songhai) developed
    a system of "Discipline government".
  • -This government seperated goverment officials
    into many sub groups.
  • -Today we imitate this system, with departments
    of finance, agriculture, and law.... which were
    also the divisions that were made by Mohammed
  •  -Perhaps the most important contribution to
    society from the Songhai empire is the existance
    of the great Sankore University. At the time,
    Sankore primarily the worlds foremost university,
    hosting illustrious alumni including the Greek
    philosipher aristotle (who studied law), and the
    great West African philosopher, astronamer,
    teacher, and Arabic Grammarian Ahmad Baba

End of Songhai Empire
  •          Despite its wealth and learning, the
    Songhai Empire lacked modern weapons. The chinese
    had invented gunpowder in the ninth century. In
    1591, a Moroccan fighting force of several
    thousand men equipped with gunpowder and cannons
    crossed the Sahara and invaded Songhai.
  •        The moroccan troops quickly defeated the
    Songhai warriors, who were armed only with swords
    and spears. The collapse if the Songhai empire
    ended a 1,000-year period in which powerful
    kingdoms and empires ruled the central region of
    West Africa.

Songhai Empire (1275-1591AD)
  •       Songhai empire centered on the middle Niger
    River in what is now central mali. It also
    extended to Atlantic Coast and into Niger. Songhi
    empire was also one of the largest empires in
    west Africa, stretching all the way to Cameroon.
  •      The Songhai Empire had focused on the Niger
    River so they use the Niger River in their
    everyday life. They use the river for water and
    also used the soil around the river to grow rich
    and worthy crops. So farming was a big thing for
    them. Songhai empire is now located in the
    western Sudan in Africa. Songhai was one of the
    largest African Empires in history.