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SIMVaC Project Retrospective Summary (Retrospective held on 16 Sept 2005)


build a better sense of community. During the SIMVaC retrospective... 'Big Picture' Impressions ... Other Impressions? Thanks. to everyone who participated ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: SIMVaC Project Retrospective Summary (Retrospective held on 16 Sept 2005)

SIMVaCProject Retrospective Summary(Retrospectiv
e held on 16 Sept 2005)
  • Mary Lynn Manns
  • With special thanks to
  • Heather Nelson, NEMAC research student

What is SIMVaC?
  • (Feb04) A proposal to the University of North
    Carolina in Response to the Initiative for
    Computational Science, Computer Science, High
    Performance Computing and Information Systems
  • Scientific Innovations in Numerical Modeling,
    Digital Visualization, and High-speed
    Connectivity in Western North Carolina
  • Partnering institutions UNC-Asheville,
    UNC-Charlotte, A-B Tech
  • 600,000 (over 2 years)
  • 11 different projects

What is a Project Retrospective?
  • A retrospective is an opportunity for the
    participants to learn how to improve. The focus
    is on learningnot fault-finding.
  • Norm Kerth

Why retrospectives?
  • Learning and development do not necessarily occur
    as a result of the experience itself but as a
    result of reflection explicitly designed to
    foster learning and development. B. Jacoby
  • For many of the team members, this will be the
    first time they consciously think about the
    processes they use. N. Kerth
  • wisdom comes from our ability to understand the
    relationship between an individuals work and
    that of the entire team. I have seen whole-team
    reflection explain, discover, and teach so much.
    I believe that there is no better way to improve
    a teams performance and quality. N. Kerth

Reflect and find a better way
  • Here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now,
    bump, bump, bump, bump, on the back of his head,
    behind Christopher Robin. It is, as far as he
    knows, the only way of coming downstairs, but
    sometimes he feels that there is another way, if
    only he could stop bumping for a moment and
    think of it.
  • A. A. Milne
  • Winnie the Pooh

The purpose of a retrospective is learning, which
allows a team to
  • correct (sometimes recurring) mistakes
  • gather data for overall assessment
  • create more accurate complete reports
  • prepare for future projects
  • identify and document lessons learned
  • build a better sense of community

During the SIMVaC retrospective
  • Information was gathered with techniques
  • Set the stage
  • Prime Directive
  • Ground rules
  • Look at the big picture
  • Define Success
  • Artifacts Contest
  • Look at the details
  • Create timeline and mine it
  • Plan for the future

TimelineWhat did it show us?
  • We had a slow start but the work is accelerating
  • There are many different things going on
  • We are missing part of the story
  • We are learning as we go
  • Collaboration is happening

Define SuccessI wish we could do that over again
the very same way.Why couldnt you respond
  • Summary of Issues
  • Money, Budget
  • Management
  • Cohesiveness of Project
  • Group Interaction
  • Content of Project
  • Resources (time, experience, etc.)
  • The Future

Major Errors Costs
  • We seem to be addressing most of these
  • slow start-up
  • involvement of students
  • communication missed opportunities
  • delay lack of experience
  • inclusion of a minority institution

Big Picture Impressions
  • The individual projects are doing good things but
    the overall goals are not clear
  • What are the research goals?
  • How can we improve this in future projects?
  • There are strong collaborations but not a general
    cohesiveness in the complete team.
  • We need a better understanding of the work UNC-C
    is doing.
  • We should start considering how we can leverage
    SIMVaC into future projects.

Other Impressions?
Thanksto everyone who participated in theSIMVaC
retrospective!For more informationMary Lynn
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